List of currently active United States military watercraft

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The United States military has numerous types of watercraft, operated by the Navy, including Naval Special Warfare Command and Military Sealift Command, as well as the Coast Guard, Army and Air Force

Commissioned ships (USN)[edit]

Aircraft carriers[edit]

USS Nimitz, the lead ship of her class of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, known as 'supercarriers'.

Amphibious assault ships[edit]

Wasp class amphibious assault ship takes aboard a Landing Craft Utility

Amphibious command ships[edit]

Amphibious transport docks[edit]

Attack submarines[edit]

Seawolf-class submarine

Ballistic missile submarines[edit]

Classic frigate[edit]


USS Leyte Gulf (Ticonderoga class)


Dock landing ships[edit]

Expeditionary mobile base[edit]

(sub-variant of the expeditionary transfer dock)

Guided missile submarines[edit]

Littoral combat ships[edit]

Mine countermeasures ships[edit]

Submarine tenders[edit]

Technical research ship[edit]

  • USS Pueblo (AGER-2) – currently[when?] held captive by North Korea. Still in commission, but not counted as part of the deployed combat fleet.

Non-commissioned ships (MSC)[edit]

(List includes "Support" and "Ready Reserve Force" ships)

USNS Bridge (Supply class)

Cable repair ships[edit]

Cargo and replenishment ships[edit]

USNS Big Horn (Henry J. Kaiser-class oiler)

Crane ships[edit]

Expeditionary transfer dock[edit]

High speed vessels[edit]

Stand-alone vessels;

Hospital ships[edit]

The USNS Comfort hospital ship

Landing craft[edit]


Salvage ships[edit]

Surveillance, intelligence and survey vessels[edit]

Tug boats[edit]

Special Warfare and Coastal Riverine Force (NSW)[edit]

Surface craft[edit]

Small Unit Riverine Craft

Swimmer delivery vehicles[edit]

Cutters (USCG)[edit]

USCG Legend-class cutter

Patrol ships[edit]

Patrol boats[edit]


Stand-alone vessels;


Support craft (US Army)[edit]

Logistics support vessel[edit]

Landing craft[edit]

Tug boats[edit]

Support craft (USAF)[edit]

Tug boats[edit]

Recovery craft[edit]

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