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This is an incomplete list of professional racing cyclists, sorted alphabetically by decade in which they won their first major race.[1]

Cyclists by country[edit]

Cyclists by decade[edit]

Before the 1880s[edit]

  • Adolphe Clément (1855–1928) was a racer and manufacturer of bicycles, pneumatic tyres, motorcycles, automobiles, aeroplanes and airships.
  • James Moore

Of the 1880s[edit]

Of the 1890s[edit]

Of the 1900s[edit]

Of the 1910s[edit]

Fritz Schallwig, the German cyclist in 1915-1916

Of the 1920s[edit]

Of the 1930s[edit]

Of the 1940s[edit]

Of the 1950s[edit]

Of the 1960s[edit]

Of the 1970s[edit]

Of the 1980s[edit]

Of the 1990s[edit]


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