List of dams and reservoirs in Bulgaria

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This is a list of reservoirs in Bulgaria:

Note: In Bulgaria, a dam (Bulgarian язовир) is often used to refer the body of water, rather than the structure. It signifies that the body of water is man-made instead of natural.

Image Reservoir Area (km2) Volume (m3) Province
Cigov chark2.jpg Batak 21.07 310,000,000 Pazardzhik Province
Яз.Бели Искър.JPG Beli Iskar 0.85 15,300,000 Sofia Province
Belmeken dam.jpg Belmeken 4.5 144,000,000 Pazardzhik Province
BryagovoDam.JPG Bryagovo Plovdiv Province
Yazovir dospat 40.jpg Dospat 22 448,220,000 Pazardzhik Province, Smolyan Province
Dushantsi Dam 4.jpg Dushantsi 13,000,000 Sofia Province
Golyam Beglik Dam 7.jpg Golyam Beglik 4.1 62,100,000 Pazardzhik Province
Iskarreservoir2.JPG Iskar 30 673,000,000 Sofia City
Ivaylovgrad Reservoir.jpg Ivaylovgrad 15.0 188,000,000 Kardzhali Province
Kamchia-reservoir.jpg Kamchia 9.6 233,550,000 Burgas Province
Kardzhalidam.jpg Kardzhali 16.07 497,200,000 Kardzhali Province
Koprinka dam.jpg Koprinka 11.2 140,000,000 Stara Zagora Province
Malko sharkovo dam.jpg Malko Sharkovo 55,000,000 Yambol Province
Lake-mandrensko-dinev.jpg Mandra 38.84 Burgas Province
Ognqnovo-dam-lake.jpg Ognyanovo 32,000,000 Sofia City
Ogosta-dam-and-Vrachanski-Balkan.jpg Ogosta 23.6 506,000,000 Montana Province
Pasarelreservoir.JPG Pasarel Reservoir Sofia City
Pchelina Pernik Province
Pyasachnik dam7.jpg Pyasachnik 9.1 103,000,000 Plovdiv Province
Dam-Shiroka-Poliana.jpg Shiroka Polyana 4.0 24,000,000 Pazardzhik Province
Studena-dam-2.jpg Studena Pernik Province
Dam-studen-kladenetz.JPG Studen Kladenets 25.6 489,000,000 Kardzhali Province
Ticha 15.jpg Ticha 18.7 311,000,000 Shumen Province
Topolnitsa Dam 157.JPG Topolnitsa 4.1 137,000,000 Pazardzhik Province, Sofia Province
Tsonevo.jpg Tsonevo 23.9 185,000,000 Varna Province
Vucha PAN-HDR.jpg Vacha 4.97 226,120,000 Smolyan Province
Yovkovtsi 25.6 92,179,000 Veliko Tarnovo Province
Zhrebchevo dam.jpg Zhrebchevo 22.4 400,000,000 Stara Zagora Province

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