List of dams and reservoirs in Japan

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Below is a list of dams and reservoirs in Japan. As a nation of islands and narrow, steep valleys, dams play a vital role in Japanese society as they are constructed primarily to control floods, supply water and generate hydroelectric power. The tallest dam in Japan is the 186 m (610 ft) high Kurobe Dam. The largest dam by structural volume in the country is the Tokuyama Dam with 13,700,000 m3 (17,900,000 cu yd) of rock-fill. Tokuyama also creates Japan's largest reservoir with a water volume of 660,000,000 m3 (540,000 acre·ft). Some of the dams are listed below by prefecture.

Dams by prefecture[edit]

Aichi Prefecture[edit]

Shintoyone Dam

Aomori Prefecture[edit]

Yomasari Dam

Fukui Prefecture[edit]

Itoshiro Dam

Fukuoka Prefecture[edit]

Jinya Dam

Fukushima Prefecture[edit]

Okutadami Dam

Gifu Prefecture[edit]

Tokuyama Dam

Gunma Prefecture[edit]

Ueno Dam

Hiroshima Prefecture[edit]

Asari Dam


Tokuyama Dam

Hyōgo Prefecture[edit]

Sengari Dam

Ibaraki Prefecture[edit]

Ishikawa Prefecture[edit]

Yoshinodani Dam

Iwate Prefecture[edit]

Isawa Dam

Kagawa Prefecture[edit]

Fuchu Dam

Kagoshima Prefecture[edit]

Tsuruda Dam

Kanagawa Prefecture[edit]

Miyagase Dam

Kōchi Prefecture[edit]

Nagase Dam

Kyoto Prefecture[edit]

Amagase Dam

Mie Prefecture[edit]

Hinachi Dam

Miyagi Prefecture[edit]

Naruko Dam

Miyazaki Prefecture[edit]

Tsukabaru Dam

Nagano Prefecture[edit]

Minamiaiki Dam
Nagawado Dam
Ōmachi Dam

Nara Prefecture[edit]

Asahi Dam

Niigata Prefecture[edit]

Agekawa Dam
Okumiomote Dam

Ōita Prefecture[edit]

Hakusui Dam

Okayama Prefecture[edit]

Takasegawa Dam

Okinawa Prefecture[edit]

Okukubi Dam

Osaka Prefecture[edit]

Teragaike Reservoir

Saga Prefecture[edit]

Hokuzan Dam

Saitama Prefecture[edit]

Shinsui Dam

Shiga Prefecture[edit]

Odsuchi Dam

Shimane Prefecture[edit]

Kijima Dam

Shizuoka Prefecture[edit]

Hatanagi No.2 Dam

Tochigi Prefecture[edit]

Kurobe Dam

Tokushima Prefecture[edit]

Kawaguchi Dam


Shiromaru Dam

Tottori Prefecture[edit]

Matanoagawa Dam

Toyama Prefecture[edit]

Komaki Dam

Yamagata Prefecture[edit]

Yokokawa Dam

Yamaguchi Prefecture[edit]

Simajigawa Dam

Yamanashi Prefecture[edit]

Fukashiro Dam

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