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In the Harz mountains there is a higher than average number of dams with their associated reservoirs. The reason is that the Harz is one of the regions with the heaviest rainfall in Germany and so its water power was utilised very early on. The first dam (on the Upper Harz Ponds) was built in order to drive water-powered pumps and stamp mills used in the mines.

At the present time the Harz reservoirs provide hydro-electricity, drinking water and flood protection, particularly when the snows melt in spring.

The following is a list of dams in the Harz:

In addition, according to the definition of a dam, 30 of the Upper Harz Ponds (Teiche) also count as dams in the Harz. These elements of the Upper Harz Water Regale belong to the oldest working dams in Germany.

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