List of de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter operators

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List of de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter operators
C-FCSX Government Of Canada, Department Of Transport de Havilland Twin Otter (DHC6) 03.JPG
A Canadian Government Twin Otter in 2005

The Twin Otter was and is used by dozens of airlines and militaries around the world, and was produced in three main series (100, 200, 300) until 1988. As of 2006, over 40 years after design and manufacturing work on the original DHC-6 began, more than 500 of this aircraft were still flying. In that year Viking Air purchased the type certificate for the DHC-6 and announced its intention to offer a new build Series 400 Twin Otter.

Current civil operators[edit]

281 Twin Otters were in airline service in 2016 with 26 new aircraft on order: 112 in North/South America, 106 in Asia Pacific & Middle East (16 orders), 38 in Europe (10 orders) and 25 in Africa.[1]

World Airliner Census 2016[1]
Operator in service
[400 Viking]
Air Madagascar 3
Air Seychelles 2 [4]
Airkenya Aviation 3
Regional Air Services 1
SonAir 8
Star Aviation 2
Tunisavia 2
Air Born 2
Air Calin 2
Air Kiribati 1
Air Loyaute 3 (2)
Air Moorea 2 (2)
Air Vanuatu 2
AIRFAST Indonesia 3 [4]
Aviastar Mandiri 6
Blue Bird Aviation 2
Daily Air (2)
Dimonim Air 2
Fiji Link 3
First Flying Co Ltd [1]
Maldivian 7
MASwings [6]
Meiya Air (5)
Nepal Airlines 2
Polynesian Airlines 3
Solomon Airlines 2
Southwest Air 1
Spirit Avia Sentosa 3
Tara Air 3 [1] (3)
Trans Maldivian Airways 40 [3] (2)
Trigana Air 2
AeroGeo [6] (4)
Aurora [2]
Chukotavia [4]
European Coastal Airlines 4
Isles of Scilly Skybus 4
Loganair 1 [2]
Nordic Seaplanes 1
Norlandair 3
SeaBird Airlines [6]
Zimex Aviation 10 [1]
Aerolinea de Antioquia 2
Aerovias DAP 1
Air Antilles Express 2
Air Inuit 7
Air Labrador 5
Air Panama 2
Air Tindi 5
Aklak Air 1
Alberta Central Airways 2
ARM Aviacion 2
Berry Aviation 3
Blue Wing Airlines 2
Cayman Airways Express 2
Grand Canyon Airlines 15
Gum Air 2
InterCaribbean Airways 1
Kenn Borek Air 11
NatureAir 2
North Wright Airways 2
Osprey Wings 2
Provincial Airlines 6
Seaborne Airlines 2
Servicios Aereos de Los Andes 1
South Nahanni Airways 1
Summit Air Charters 3
SVG Air 7
Transportes Aereos Petroleros (TAPSA) 1

Historical civil operators[edit]

Loganair Twin Otter in British Airways Livery at Barra Airport

♠ original operators

Former operators are listed where possible.

 Antigua and Barbuda
Twin Otter taking off from a gravel airstrip near Sila Lodge at Wager Bay (Ukkusiksalik National Park, Nunavut, Canada)
Air BC Twin Otter being beached
Westcoast Air Twin Otter
 Cape Verde
 Cayman Islands
 People's Republic of China
Twin Otter operated by Nature Air from Costa Rica
 Costa Rica
 Dominican Republic
Ethiopian Airlines Twin Otter
 East African Community
Air Iceland Flugfelag Islands Twin Otter
Air Hokkaido Twin Otter
  • Montserrat Aviation Services - former operator
 Netherlands Antilles
 New Zealand
 Papua New Guinea
 Puerto Rico
 São Tomé and Príncipe
Twin Otter in the Seychelles
 Solomon Islands
 Sri Lanka
 Turks and Caicos Islands
 United Kingdom
 United States
Grand Canyon Airlines Twin Otter with enlarged windows

Military and government operators[edit]

Including police users.

Canadian Armed Forces Twin Otter
Chilean Air Force Twin Otter
 Malaysia[citation needed]
Norwegian Air Force Twin Otter
  • Presidencia de la República del Paraguay - one DHC-6-200 (1968–1989), aircraft transferred to the Paraguayan Air Force in 1989
  • Paraguayan Air Force[2]
Peruvian Air Force Twin Otter 300
Peruvian Air Force Twin Otter 400
US Air Force UV-18B (Twin Otter)
 United States
  • Ordered by Vietnamese Navy, delivery expected 2012-2014[11]



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