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As of October 1, 2020, there were 2,553 death row inmates in the United States.[1] The number of death row inmates changes frequently with new convictions, appellate decisions overturning conviction or sentence alone, commutations, or deaths (through execution or otherwise).[2] Due to this fluctuation as well as lag and inconsistencies in inmate reporting procedures across jurisdictions, the information in this article may be out of date.


Ethnicity of defendants on death row[edit]

  • White: 1,076 (42.15%)
  • African-American: 1,062 (41.60%)
  • Hispanic: 343 (13.44%)
  • Asian: 47 (1.84%)
  • Native American: 24 (0.94%)
  • Unknown: 1 (0.04%)[1]

Comparatively, the U.S. population is 61% non-Hispanic white, 18.1% Hispanic or Latino, 13.4% African-American, 5.8% Asian, 1.3% Native American, and 2.7% mixed (per U.S. Census Bureau 2018).

Gender of defendants on death row[edit]

  • Male: 2,502 (98.00%)
  • Female: 51 (2.00%)[1]

Comparatively, 50.8% of the U.S. population is female, and 49.2% is male (USCB 2018).


  • 69.75% have less than a high school diploma or GED.[3]

Comparatively, 12.19% of U.S. adults have less than a high school diploma or GED.[3]

Mental illness[edit]

  • It has been estimated that over 10% of death row inmates have a mental illness.[4]

Comparatively, it is estimated that 4.2% of American adults have a serious mental illness.[5]

Time on death row[edit]

  • Median time, in years, a death row prisoner has been awaiting execution: 7[3]
  • Average time, in years, between imposition of a death sentence and execution: 12[3]
    • For 2020: 22 years on average between offense and execution.

Later found innocent or exonerated[edit]

  • 1.6% of death row prisoners since 1972 have been formally exonerated and released.[6]

List of death row inmates by jurisdiction[edit]


  • Currently on death row: 46 (as of May 5, 2021)[7]
  • Total number executed: 50 (1927–2021)[8]

Due to the high number of federal death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Crime Time on death row Notes
Jorge Avila-Torrez Murdered a Navy Petty Officer in Virginia. 7 years, 15 days Avila-Torrez was later linked to the murders of two girls in his hometown of Zion, Illinois.
Len Davis Conspiracy to violate civil rights through murder. 25 years, 49 days (Since initial death sentence)
15 years, 230 days (since re-sentencing after his initial sentence was overturned)
Davis was an officer in the New Orleans Police Department. He ordered a drug dealer to kill a 32-year-old woman, Kim Groves, who had witnessed Davis abuse a suspect and filed a brutality complaint. He was also convicted of witness tampering (which was later thrown out) and, subsequent to his first death penalty sentence, of two drug trafficking charges.
Marvin Gabrion Kidnapping and murder of 19-year-old Rachel Timmerman of Cedar Springs, Michigan. 19 years, 90 days (Since initial death sentence)
8 years, 17 days (since re-sentencing after his initial sentence was overturned)
Gabrion had previously raped Timmerman on August 7, 1996, and two days before the trial she went missing.

The murder took place in Michigan, which does not have the death penalty, but the body was found in Manistee National Forest, which is federal land. On appeal, his defense team argued that they should consider any reasonable doubt they have that the murder took place outside of the forest before being moved into the forest after death, which would make him ineligible for the death penalty.

Jurijus Kadamovas Ransom-related kidnapping and murder of five people. 14 years, 94 days Kadamovas and co-defendant Iouri Mikhel were sentenced to death for the ransom related kidnappings and murders of five people. The men allegedly demanded a total of more than $5.5 million from relatives and associates, and received more than $1 million from victims' relatives. Prosecutors said the victims were killed regardless of whether the ransoms were paid. The bodies were tied with weights and dumped in a reservoir near Yosemite National Park.
Iouri Mikhel Ransom-related kidnapping and murder of five people. 14 years, 94 days See above entry for Jurijus Kadamovas, Mikhel's accomplice.
Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. Rape and murder of Dru Sjodin in Grand Forks, North Dakota. 14 years, 265 days Crossed state lines into Minnesota, making this a federal case.
Dylann Roof Perpetrator of the Charleston church shooting on June 17, 2015, which killed nine African Americans. 4 years, 155 days American mass murderer and white supremacist who, during a prayer service at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, sat down with his future victims for approximately 45 minutes before pulling out a Glock 41 .45-caliber handgun. Among those people who were killed was the senior pastor, state senator Clementa C. Pinckney.

Roof is the first person on death row for federal hate crimes.[citation needed]

Gary Lee Sampson Three counts of murder during the course of a carjacking or kidnapping in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 17 years, 173 days (Since initial death sentence)
4 years, 156 days (since re-sentencing after appeal)
Prosecuted under federal law that allows for the death penalty in the course of a carjacking or kidnapping. Sampson plead guilty and during the trial for sentencing, received a death sentence for the two murders in Massachusetts and life for New Hampshire killing. The initial sentence was thrown out due to jury misconduct.
Kaboni Savage Twelve counts of murder in aid of racketeering and one count of retaliating against a witness by murder. 8 years, 11 days Philadelphia drug kingpin, sentenced to death for the Firebombing of a house where a federal witness lived, killing six people.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Boston Marathon bombing which killed three people and injured 264 runners and spectators.[9] 5 years, 355 days Kyrgyz-American, Islamic terrorism[10] inspired lone wolf who, along with his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, perpetrated the attack. Tamerlan later died to critical injuries and massive blood loss during a shootout with police on April 19, 2013. On July 31, 2020, Tsarnaev's death sentence was overturned on appeal. He remains in prison on several active life sentences while awaiting a retrial of the penalty phase of his trial, in front of a new jury, to determine if his death sentence will stand.[11][12][13]
Alejandro Umaña Murdered two brothers at a family restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina. 10 years, 322 days High-ranked member of the MS-13 gang and the first MS-13 member sentenced to the federal death penalty.


  • Currently on death row: 4[14]
  • Total number executed: 135 (1916 to present)[14]
Name Crime Time on death row Notes
Hasan Karim Akbar[15] (born Mark Fidel Kools) Hand grenade and shooting attack killing two commissioned officers and injuring eleven other servicemen in Kuwait on March 23, 2003. 16 years, 44 days
Ronald Adrin Gray Rape and murders of multiple women at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, from December 15, 1986, to January 6, 1987. 32 years, 350 days On November 26, 2008, a federal judge issued a stay of execution stopping the planned December 10 execution. Gray is the military's longest serving death row inmate.
Nidal Malik Hasan[16] Fort Hood shooting on November 5, 2009. 7 years, 290 days Convicted on thirteen counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder.
Timothy B. Hennis[17] Triple murder by stabbing of a North Carolina woman and two of her children in 1985. 11 years, 60 days Previously convicted in 1986 by the State of North Carolina, retried and acquitted in 1989, and widely reported as exonerated; recalled to active duty for military court martial (as he had been in the U.S. Army at the time of the murders) under separate sovereignty (see Double jeopardy).


  • Currently on death row: 169 (as of May 28, 2021)[18]
  • Total number executed: 67 (1976–present)

Due to the high number of Alabama death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Derrick Dearman 2016 Citronelle homicides. 2 years, 245 days
Shonelle Jackson Murder during the commission of a robbery. 20 years, 27 days
Courtney Lockhart Kidnapped and murdered 18-year-old Auburn University freshman Lauren Burk. 10 years, 104 days
Devin Moore Murdered two police officers and a dispatcher. 15 years, 251 days
Cuhuatemoc Hinricky Peraita Killed a fellow inmate in 1999. 19 years, 225 days Peraita was originally serving life without parole for his involvement in the murders of three Popeyes restaurant workers in 1994. He was the accomplice of Robert Melson, who was executed for these murders in 2017.
Kerry Spencer Killed three Birmingham police officers in 2004. 15 years, 264 days Spencer shot all three officers to death and testified that he acted alone. However, his alleged accomplice, Nathaniel Woods, was sentenced to death also. Woods was executed in 2020 in a highly publicized and controversial execution.

American Samoa[edit]

  • Currently on death row: 0
  • Total number executed: 0 (1949–present)

Capital punishment exists as a punishment in American Samoa, an unincorporated territory of the United States, but does not have a prescribed method of execution. No executions have been imposed or performed since the territory gained self-governance in 1949; the last executions occurred in the late 1930s, when the island was under the control of the United States Navy.[19]


  • Currently on death row: 115 (as of April 24, 2021)
  • Total number executed: 140 (1800–2014)[20]

Due to the high number of Arizona death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
John Allen Murder of his wife's cousin, Ame Deal. 3 years, 210 days See Samantha Allen's entry below.
Sammantha Allen Murder of her cousin, Ame Deal. 3 years, 10 months and 7 days On July 12, 2011, police officers were called to ten-year-old Ame Deal's home, where she was found dead in a small foot locker, having suffocated. Ame lived with a number of relatives, including her aunt and legal guardian, Cynthia Stoltzmann. Allen was Stoltzmann's daughter. The family first told the police officers that Ame was playing hide-n-seek and locked herself in the trunk the night before, after the adults went to sleep. During interrogation, Sammantha and her husband John confessed to locking Ame in the trunk as a form of punishment, because she took a popsicle without permission.[citation needed]
Wendi Andriano Murder of her husband Joe. 16 years, 174 days During the early morning hours of October 8, 2000, Wendi Andriano bludgeoned her 33-year-old husband Joe to death with a bar stool and stabbed him in the neck with a thirteen-inch knife in the couple's Ahwatukee, Arizona apartment. His autopsy revealed that he had sustained 23 blows to the skull, and traces of sodium azide were also found in his system.[21]
Approximately one hour before Joe's murder, his wife Wendi had called 911 at the behest of a co-worker, claiming that her terminally ill husband was dying. When paramedics arrived however, Wendi turned them away, stating that Joe had a do-not-resuscitate order, and that his wish was to die. Paramedics left the scene. One hour later, Wendi called 911 again, reporting that she had stabbed and beaten her husband to death in self-defense. She also made claims that her husband was physically and psychologically abusive toward her. However, being that Joe was weak from chemotherapy and the sodium azide poisoning, he was unable to defend himself. Wendi was charged with murder.[21]
Frank Jarvis Atwood Abducted and murdered Vicki Lynne Hoskinson. 34 years, 37 days
Jason Eugene Bush Murdered 29-year-old Raul Flores and his 9-year-old daughter, Brisenia, in Arivaca, Arizona, during a home invasion. 10 years, 69 days Had ties with the Aryan Nations, a white supremacist group. Convicted for four murders in total, and two suspected killings in 1997, was sentenced to die and received 78 years for other crimes just one month after his death sentence.
Richard Djerf Murder of the Luna family. 25 years, 23 days Djerf and Albert Luna, Jr. met and became friends while working at a Safeway supermarket. In January 1993, Luna burgled Djerf's apartment. Djerf told police he suspected Luna, but they took no action. In September of that year, Djerf entered the Luna home and killed Luna's father, mother, and two siblings over the course of several hours.[22]
Shawna Forde Murdered 29-year-old Raul Flores and his 9-year-old daughter, Brisenia, in Arivaca, Arizona, during a home invasion. 10 years, 3 months and 23 days On May 30, 2009, Forde was active in the Minuteman movement, a grassroots anti-illegal immigration group that would station themselves along the U.S. southern border and keep watch for Mexicans crossing the border illegally and alert the Border Patrol. Forde allegedly boasted of robbing drug dealers to finance the movement. Prosecutors alleged Forde and her associates entered the trailer disguised as government officials looking for fugitives. No drugs were found in the trailer.[23] Albert Gaxiola, who participated in the May 30, 2009 murders, received life without parole plus 54 years.[24]
Mark Goudeau Series of rapes and murders. 9 years, 196 days Goudeau is a serial killer and rapist, referred to as the Baseline Killer by law enforcement and media prior to his identification. Goudeau is believed to have committed nine counts of first degree murder (eight women and one man), in addition to fifteen sexual assaults on women and young girls, eleven counts of kidnapping, and a number of armed robberies.[25][26]
Charles Michael Hedlund Murdered two people in separate burglaries. 27 years, 319 days His half-brother and co-defendant, James McKinney, is also on death row.
James Erin McKinney Murdered two people in separate burglaries. 27 years, 326 days His half-brother and co-defendant, Charles Hedlund, is also on death row.
Preston Strong Murdered a family of six in 2005. 4 years, 39 days Strong was already serving a life sentence for murdering a physician when he was sentenced to death.


  • Currently on death row: 30 (as of November 21, 2020)[27]
  • Total number executed: 200 (1913–2017)[28]

Due to the high number of Arkansas death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Zachary Holly Abducted, raped and strangled 6-year-old Jersey Bridgeman. 6 years, 18 days


  • Currently on death row: 703 (as of June 1, 2021)[29]
  • Total number executed: 722 (1700–2006)[20][30]

Due to the high number of California death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of Crime Time on Death Row Notes
Isauro Aguirre Tortured and murdered 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez. 3 years, 193 days Pearl Fernandez was sentenced to life without parole.
Rodney Alcala Five murders committed between 1977 and 1979. 11 years, 76 days Alcala's victim count is unknown. He has been convicted of 7 homicides. Some sources estimate the number to be as high as 130.[31]
Rosie Alfaro Murder of 9-year-old Autumn Wallace. 28 years, 335 days Alfaro was the first woman sentenced to death by gas chamber and the first woman in Orange County, California to get the death penalty.
Alejandro Avila Kidnap, rape and murder of 5-year-old Samantha Runnion. 16 years, 29 days
Hector Ayala Murdered three men during an attempted robbery of an automobile body shop. 31 years, 196 days
Ronaldo Ayala Convicted of the same crimes as his brother Hector. 32 years, 125 days
Richard Delmer Boyer Murdered an elderly couple in 1982. 36 years, 182 days He was about to be released by the police when he admitted to committing the crime.
Luis Bracamontes Shot and killed Sacramento County sheriff's deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County detective Michael Davis Jr. in October 2014. 3 years, 50 days
Vincent Brothers Murdered his wife, mother-in-law and three children. 13 years, 260 days In 2003, Vincent Brothers drove from Columbus, Ohio to Bakersfield, California nonstop to murder his family. He then drove back to Columbus and then flew back to California to find his family murdered. He was on trial two years later and convicted on all counts.
Albert Greenwood Brown Abduction, rape, and murder of 15-year-old Susan Louise Jordan. 39 years, 104 days Brown posed as a jogger and dragged Jordan, who was on her way to school, into the woods, where he then strangled her with her shoelace. Brown then made numerous calls to the Riverside Police Department and the Jordan residence. One of Brown's subsequent calls was recorded by a police officer. "Hello, Mrs. Jordan, Susie isn't home from school yet, is she? You will never see your daughter again. You can find her body on the corner of Victoria and Gibson." Brown was arrested after witnesses identified his license plate number. In his residence, police found Susan's books, a newspaper article about the case, and a Riverside telephone book bookmarked to the page of the Jordan home. Brown was late to work on the day she disappeared, a bloody jogging suit was found in his locker and Brown's shoes were matched to footprints from the crime scene.

Prior to his arrest for Jordan's murder, he was previously convicted of molesting an 11-year-old and a 14-year-old girl. The latter of which he was on parole for at the time of Jordan's murder.

He was scheduled to be executed in 2010, but as the sodium thiopental in the prison's inventory was about to expire, the execution was suspended.

David Carpenter Murder of four women and one man in 1979–1980 on hiking trails near San Francisco, California. 36 years, 343 days Carpenter is known as the Trailside Killer. He is suspected in the murders of at least two other women and he's also been reinstated two other murders which had been overturned by the California Supreme Court in 1995. In 2009, DNA evidence from another murder victim, Mary Frances Bennett, was identified as matching Carpenter's. He is the oldest death row inmate in California.
Dean Carter Raped and strangled four women in April 1984. 31 years, 127 days
Steven David Catlin Poisoned two of his wives and his adoptive mother. 30 years, 339 days
Doug Clark Rape, murder, necrophilia, seven female victims, six convictions. 38 years, 82 days Along with accomplice Carol M. Bundy known as the Sunset Strip Killers.
Cynthia Coffman Murders of four women from October to November 1986. 31 years, 287 days Along with her boyfriend James Marlow, who was also sentenced to death, Coffman admits to committing the murders, but insists she suffered from battered-woman syndrome.
Kevin Cooper Axing and stabbing of Douglas and Peggy Ryen, their daughter Jessica, and their son Joshua's friend Christopher Hughes. 36 years, 24 days 8-year-old Joshua had his throat cut, but survived the attack.

Escaped several times from custody in Pennsylvania and from the minimum security section of California Institution for Men in Chino.

Tiequon Cox Shot four relatives of former NFL player Kermit Alexander. 35 years, 38 days Cox was a noted member of the Rollin' 60 Crips.
Kerry Lyn Dalton Tortured and killed Irene 'Melanie' Louise in 1988. 26 years, 22 days
Joseph Danks Strangled his 67-year-old cellmate to death in 1990. 28 years, 73 days Was serving a life sentence for the murders of six transients in Koreatown, Los Angeles in January 1987.
Richard Allen Davis Kidnap and murder of 12-year-old Polly Klaas. 24 years, 313 days His criminal record fueled support for passage of California's "three-strikes law".
Skylar Deleon Murder of Thomas and Jackie Hawks. 12 years, 65 days Deleon was judged separately from Kennedy.
Sonny Enraca Gang member who shot and killed actor Dedrick D. Gobert and another man during a fight in 1994. 22 years, 33 days He also shot and paralyzed Gobert's girlfriend during the altercation.
Pedro Espinoza Murder of Jamiel Shaw II. 9 years, 33 days
Richard Farley Shot and killed seven people and wounded four others. 29 years, 148 days Laura Black, a former coworker Farley had been stalking for four years prior to his rampage, was shot unconscious, but she survived.
Wayne Adam Ford Confessed to killing four women in 1997 and 1998. 14 years, 317 days Ford was arrested after he walked into the Humboldt County Sheriff Department in Eureka, California in November 1998 with a woman's severed breast in his pocket.

He is thought to have killed others.

Rickie Lee Fowler Perpetrator of the Old Fire which killed six people. 9 years, 137 days The fire caused at least $1.2 billion in damages.
Glenn Helzer Cult leader who murdered five people in 2000. 16 years, 93 days His brother, Justin, was also sentenced to death, but he committed suicide in 2013.
Ivan Hill Nine murders committed between 1979 and 1994. 14 years, 85 days Hill dumped his victims' corpses along the East-West Highway, known as "California State Route 60", earning him the nickname The 60 Freeway Killer.
Eric Houston Perpetrator of the Lindhurst school shooting which killed four people and injured ten others. 27 years, 266 days
Ryan Hoyt Kidnapped and shot Nicholas Markowitz in 2000. 19 years, 196 days Jesse James Hollywood, orchestrator of Nicholas' murder, is serving life without parole.
Michael Hughes Raped and strangled at least four women between 1986 and 1993. 8 years, 347 days In 1998, Hughes was originally sentenced to life without parole.
Emrys John Murder of Jan Pawel and Quiana Jenkins Pietrzak. 7 years, 302 days Co-defendant of Kesaun Sykes and Tyrone Miller.
John Kennedy Murder of Thomas and Jackie Hawks. 12 years, 44 days Kennedy was judged separately from Deleon.
Randy Steven Kraft Rape, torture, mutilation and murder of a minimum of sixteen young men. 31 years, 197 days In a series of killings spanning between 1972 and 1983, the majority of his crimes were committed in California. He is suspected of having raped and murder other 51 boys and young men.
Gunner Lindberg Stabbed a Vietnamese immigrant 22 times. 23 years, 174 days
Timothy Joseph McGhee Serial killer from 1997 to 2003, killed twelve people. 12 years, 156 days McGhee was a Toonerville Rifa 13 gang member of Scottish and Mexican descent from the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. He is alleged to have been responsible for at least 12 homicides between 1997 and 2001, three of which led to convictions. McGhee is also suspected of at least 10 attempted murders, four of which led to convictions.
Charles "Chase" Merritt Perpetrator of the McStay family murders. 1 year, 144 days
Andrew Mickel Shot Red Bluff police officer David Mobilio. 16 years, 47 days
Tyrone Miller Murder of Jan Pawel and Quiana Jenkins Pietrzak. 7 years, 330 days Co-defendant of Kesaun Sykes and Emrys John.
Michael Morales Raped, hammered and stabbed Terri Winchell. 37 years, 349 days Morales' cousin, Richard Ortega, hired him to murder Winchell, Ortega's lover's girlfriend. Richard Ortega was sentenced to life without parole.

Morales' original execution date of February 21, 2006, was postponed as a result of two court-appointed anesthesiologists withdrawing from the procedure.

Joseph Naso Drugged, raped and strangled four women between 1977 and 1994. 7 years, 200 days
Charles Ng Serial killer in 1985. 21 years, 349 days Ng is believed to have raped, tortured and murdered between 11 and 25 victims with his accomplice, Leonard Lake, at the latter's cabin in Calaveras County, California, in the Sierra Nevada foothills 150 miles east of San Francisco.
Raymond Lee Oyler Perpetrator of the Esperanza Fire which killed five firefighters. 12 years, 9 days
Gerald Parker Raped and murdered five women in their homes. 22 years, 137 days A sixth woman was also attacked by Parker. She survived, but her baby was delivered stillborn.
Scott Peterson Murder of his pregnant wife Laci Peterson and unborn child, Conner. 16 years, 90 days
Cleophus Prince Jr. Burglarized several homes and murdered six women, one of whom he raped. 27 years, 221 days
David Allen Raley Murdered a woman and attempted to murder her friend. 33 years, 21 days Raley worked as a security guard at the Carolands mansion in Hillsborough, San Mateo County, where he kidnapped and attacked both women.
Angelina Rodriguez Murdered her fourth husband by antifreeze poisoning. 17 years, 143 days In jail she attempted to hire a fellow inmate to murder a witness who tried to testify against her. She is also suspected of suffocating her infant daughter with a pacifier.
Ramon Salcido Murdered his wife, two of his three daughters, his mother in-law, her two daughters, and his work supervisor. 30 years, 179 days
Wesley Shermantine At least four murders committed from 1984 to 1999. 20 years, 24 days One half of the Speed Freak Killers along with Loren Herzog, who committed suicide in 2012.
Morris Solomon, Jr. Raped and murdered six to seven sex workers between 1986 and 1987. 28 years, 264 days
Cary Stayner Strangled a woman and her daughter's friend from Argentina, and slit the daughter's throat in 1999. He beheaded another woman five months later. 18 years, 184 days Older brother of kidnapping victim Steven Stayner, abducted by child molester Kenneth Parnell.
William Suff Raped, stabbed, strangled and/or mutilated at least twelve sex workers between 1986 and 1991. 25 years, 225 days Suff and his ex-wife were previously convicted of beating their infant daughter to death.
Kesaun Sykes Murder of Jan Pawel and Quiana Jenkins Pietrzak. 6 years, 219 days Co-defendant of Emrys John and Tyrone Miller.
Regis Deon Thomas Three murders between 1992 and 1993. 25 years, 303 days Bloods gang member. Two of the victims were officers in the Compton Police Department.
Chester Turner Fifteen murders between 1987 and 1998. 13 years, 340 days (first death sentence)

6 years, 353 days

(second death sentence).

First sentenced for the murders of ten women and the unborn child of one of them. Then sentenced again for the other four murders.
Billy Ray Waldon Shooting of a woman during a robbery in which he also set the home on fire, killing her daughter inside. Two weeks later, he shot a man who was working on a car. 29 years, 99 days Creator of the constructed language Poliespo.
Marcus Wesson Mass shooting of nine of his children. 15 years, 316 days Wesson's victims were his own children, fathered by incestuous relationships with his daughters and nieces, as well as the children by his wife.
David Westerfield Kidnapped and murdered 7-year-old Danielle van Dam. 18 years, 149 days
Daniel Wozniak Murder of PFC Samuel Eliezer Herr and his friend, Juri Kibuishi. 4 years, 254 days Killed two people in an attempt to fund his 2010 wedding and honeymoon. A jury deliberated for 1 hour 14 minutes before recommending the death penalty, one of the shortest death penalty deliberations in Orange County history.[32]


  • Currently on death row: 329 (as of May 28, 2021)[33]
  • Total number executed: 412 (1800–2020) [20][30]

Due to the high number of Florida death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Lucious Boyd Kidnapped, raped and stabbed a 21-year-old woman with a screwdriver. 18 years, 358 days He is a suspect in at least ten other homicides, rapes and disappearances.
Tiffany Cole Kidnapped and buried an elderly couple alive. 13 years, 100 days Two of Cole's companions, Michael Jackson and Alan Wade, were also sentenced to death. Another companion, Bruce Nixon, was sentenced to 45 years after testifying against Cole and leading police to the couple's bodies.
Daniel Conahan Kidnapped, raped, tortured and strangled a 21-year-old man, tied him to a tree, then removed his genitals. 22 years, 124 days Conahan is also a suspect in the deaths of twelve other men.
Rory Enrique Conde Strangled six sex workers, including a male crossdresser, then had anal sex with their corpses. 21 years, 99 days
Mesac Damas Murder of his wife and five children at their home. 3 years, 230 days He was given six death sentences for each murder.
Labrant Dennis Beat and shot his ex-girlfriend and Miami Hurricanes linebacker Marlin Barnes in 1996. 22 years, 113 days
Donald Dillbeck Attempted to steal a car and stabbed the driver repeatedly in 1990. 30 years, 91 days Dillbeck was sentenced to life in prison in 1979 for shooting a deputy. He escaped from prison in June 1990.
Noel Doorbal Murdered and dismembered a Hungarian couple during an extortion kidnapping. 22 years, 333 days Changes to capital punishment laws have helped Doorbal, who in 2017 had his death sentence overturned. In case Miami prosecutors seek the death penalty again, he will be tried by a jury.
Wayne C. Doty Murder of fellow inmate Xavier Rodriguez in 2013. 8 years, 10 days (first death sentence; overthrown)

3 years, 30 days (second death sentence)

Originally sentenced to death for the murder of Harvey Horne II in 1996, the Florida Supreme Court threw out the sentence in 2016, but was retried and received a new one in 2018.
Paul Durousseau Raped and strangled seven women, two of whom were pregnant. 13 years, 183 days German authorities suspect he may have killed several local women when he was stationed there with the U.S. Army during the early 1990s.
Franklin Delano Floyd Murder of Cheryl Ann Commesso. 18 years, 204 days Commesso was working as an exotic dancer in Florida when she disappeared in 1989. Floyd, whose wife worked with Commesso, was a prime suspect in her disappearance. Floyd's wife, Sharon Marshall (aka Suzanne Sevakis), died soon after in a mysterious hit-and-run incident and their son, Michael, was put into foster care. In September 1994, Floyd kidnapped and murdered Michael; his body has never been found and was presumably eaten by wild dogs on Interstate 35. Floyd is also the prime suspect in the death of Sharon. It was discovered that his wife Sharon was raised as his daughter and is herself a kidnap victim of Floyd's. Floyd was convicted of Commesso's murder after photos of her beaten body were found in Floyd's vehicle.
Kevin Foster Shot a high school music teacher. 23 years, 28 days Two of Foster's accomplices were sentenced to life without parole. Another was sentenced to 32 years.
Leonard Gonzalez Murders of Byrd and Melanie Billings. 10 years, 117 days
Gary Michael Hilton Kidnapped, robbed, murdered and dismembered Cheryl Dunlap at Apalachicola National Forest. 10 years, 54 days He was also sentenced to life in prison in Georgia for the murder of Meredith Emerson, and was sentenced in North Carolina to four life sentences for the murders of John and Irene Bryant. Hilton is also suspected of having murdered Judy Smith.
Jerone Hunter Bludgeoned six people to death. 14 years, 266 days Hunter and accomplice Troy Victorino were both sentenced to death for the crime. The crime was the bloodiest mass murder in Volusia County history.
Eddie James Strangled a girl and raped her corpse, and repeatedly stabbed her grandmother. 25 years, 300 days James was living with the family of the victims at the time.
Michael King Kidnapped, raped and murdered Denise Amber Lee. 11 years, 283 days
Daniel Lugo Murdered and dismembered a Hungarian couple during an extortion kidnapping. 22 years, 333 days
Renaldo McGirth Murder of Diana Miller and attempted murder of James Miller. 13 years, 40 days Crime occurred in 2006 with McGirth being sentenced to death in 2008. He became the youngest person on death row in Florida at the time of his sentence.
Dontae Morris Killed five people, including two police officers, in Tampa between May and June 2010. 7 years, 15 days
Phillup Partin Murder of 16-year-old hitchhiker Joshan Ashbrook. 12 years, 195 days
Glen Edward Rogers Stabbed Tina Marie Cribbs to death. 23 years, 338 days Rogers was also sentenced to death in California for strangling and burning Sandra Gallagher, and is suspected to having murdered other three women in Ohio, Mississippi and Louisiana. Considered by investigators in Los Angeles County as a possible alternative suspect to O.J. Simpson in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, but no concrete proof as of 2020.
Randy Schoenwetter Murders of Ronald Friskey and his daughter Virginia. 17 years, 191 days At the time of his sentencing, he became the youngest person on death row.
Nelson Serrano Shot execution-style four people in 1997. 13 years, 353 days Serrano is the oldest death row inmate in Florida.
Donald James Smith Kidnapped, raped, and murdered 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle. 3 years, 43 days
Joseph P. Smith Kidnapped, raped, and murdered 11-year-old Carlie Brucia. 15 years, 91 days
Troy Victorino Bludgeoned six people to death. 14 years, 266 days Victorino and accomplice Jerone Hunter were both sentenced to death for the crime. The crime was the bloodiest mass murder in Volusia County history.
Tommy Zeigler Quadruple murder of Eunice Zeigler, Perry and Virginia Edwards, and Charlie Mays. 44 years, 347 days

(first death sentence)

31 years, 301 days

(second death sentence)

Zeigler's case has been focus of controversy, since he's been denied bloodstain DNA analysis in 2013 and 2016, and Touch DNA analysis in April 2017.

Zeigler was scheduled to be executed on October 22, 1982. However, the U.S. District Court in Jacksonville stayed the execution due to new evidence. Zeigler was then scheduled to be executed on May 20, 1986, but it was again stayed by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal due to inadequate representation.


  • Currently on death row: 40 (as of January 4, 2021)[34]
  • Total number executed: 1021 (1700–2020)[20][30]

Due to the high number of Georgia death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
David Homer Edenfield Raped and murdered 6-year-old Christopher Barrios Jr. 11 years, 251 days Edenfield is the oldest inmate on death row in Georgia.
Tiffany Moss Murdered her stepdaughter, 10-year-old Emani Moss. 2 years, 45 days Moss is the only woman on death row in Georgia.
Lyndon Fitzgerald Pace Robbed and killed at least four elderly women between 1988 and 1989. 25 years, 99 days
Reinaldo Rivera Abducted, raped, and killed four women between 1999 and 2000. 17 years, 114 days


  • Currently on death row: 8[35]
  • Total number executed: 29 (since 1864)[35][36]
Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Azad Haji Abdullah[35][37] Murder by arson of his wife and attempted murder of their four children in Boise on October 5, 2002. 16 years, 203 days
Thomas Eugene Creech[35][38] Murder by beating of a fellow inmate on May 13, 1981. 45 years, 81 days

(first death sentence)

38 years, 164 days

(second death sentence)

Previously on Idaho's death row; in 1977 the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Idaho's previous death penalty on his appeal.

Has been scheduled to be executed multiple times for different crimes, but none could be carried out.

Timothy Alan Dunlap[35][39] Fatally shot a Soda Springs bank teller during a robbery on October 16, 1991. 29 years, 55 days Also sentenced by Ohio for murdering his girlfriend.[40]
James Harvey Hairston[35][41] Robbed and shot an elderly Downey couple on January 6, 1996. 24 years, 225 days Denied retrial in 2010.[42][43]
Erick Virgil Hall[35][44] Rape and murder of two women on September 24, 2000 and one in 2003. 16 years, 317 days
Gerald Ross Pizzuto, Jr.[35][45] Beat to death a Marsing woman and her nephew in July 1985. 35 years, 44 days Denied retrial in 2010.[42][43]
Jonathan Daniel Renfro[35][46][47] Shot dead Coeur d'Alene Police Sgt. Greg Moore on May 5, 2015. 3 years, 244 days
Robin Lee Row[35][48] Murder by arson of her husband and their two children in February 1992. 27 years, 195 days Only woman on Idaho's death row; housed at the Pocatello Women's Correctional Center.


  • Currently on death row: 8 (November 21, 2020)[49]
  • Total number executed: 151 (1800–2009)[20]
Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Joseph Edward Corcoran Fatally shot his brother, his future brother-in-law, and two of his brother's friends. 21 years, 292 days Corcoran was living with his brother, sister, and his sister's fiancé. He became enraged when he heard his brother, future brother-in-law, and two of his brother's friends talking about him. After putting his 7-year-old niece in an upstairs bedroom to protect her, he loaded his semiautomatic rifle and killed them.

He then went to a neighbor's house and asked them to call the police.[50]

Corcoran suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and has had ongoing issues with delusions and auditory hallucinations. When asked why he was not pursuing post conviction relief, he stated: "I want to waive my appeals because I am guilty of murder. I should be executed. [51]

William Clyde Gibson Rape and bludgeoning of Christine Whitis. 7 years, 215 days Whitis was a family friend who had come to his New Albany home to console Gibson after his mother's death.[50]Gibson has pleaded guilty to three murders. After he was arrested for Whitis' murder, police excavated Gibson's yard to recover the body of Stephanie Kirk, a 35-year-old Charlestown woman who disappeared in 2012. He also admitted to fatally stabbing Karen Hodella of Port Orange, Florida, in October 2002.

He is known for his signature handlebar mustache.[52][53]

Eric D. Holmes Murder of Theresa Blosl and Charles Ervin. 28 years, 80 days Holmes was fired from his job at Shoney's Restaurant after an argument with co-worker Amy Foshee. At closing on the day of his firing, Holmes waited in the parking lot with Michael Vance. Holmes and Vance attacked Foshee and two managers as they exited the building, stabbing them multiple times, and stealing the bank deposit money. The restaurant managers, Theresa Blosl and Charles Ervin, died; Foshee survived.

Vance was tried separately and sentenced to 190 years.[50]

Kevin Isom Shot his wife and his two stepchildren dead. 8 years, 98 days The crime was in response to learning his wife was planning to leave him.

He then barricaded himself in the family's apartment and shot at police officers attempting to take him into custody.[50]

Isom's defense attorney argued that a death sentence was inappropriate given the emotional state of his client, who suffered an extreme emotional disturbance from losing his job and then being left by his wife. However, the prosecution pointed out that he was extremely abusive and unfaithful to his wife and drove her away.[54]

Michael Dean Overstreet Raped, strangled and shot 18-year-old Kelly Eckart. 20 years, 318 days Kelly Eckart, an 18-year-old freshman at Franklin College, was last seen on September 27, 1997 after leaving work. The next morning, her car was found abandoned in a rural area, with its lights on and keys in the ignition. She was found in a ravine in Brown County four days later. She had been shot and strangled. Semen found on the body was matched to Overstreet.

He suffers from schizoaffective disorder and suffered hallucinations as a child. He was discharged from the marines on the basis of mental illness.[50]

A judge determined Overstreet was not competent to be executed in November 2014. The Indiana Attorney General chose not to appeal the decision. He remains on death row indefinitely.[55]

Benjamin Ritchie Shot officer William Toney in the chest.[50] 18 years, 242 days Ritchie was involved in a police chase after he was spotted driving a stolen vehicle. The chase ended when he crashed the vehicle and proceeded on foot before shooting Toney.

Ritchie suffers from a number of cognitive and emotional disorders. He has bipolar disorder and a non-specified cognitive disorder. The cause of the physiological defect was not identified, but experts speculated that several past serious head injuries, his mother's heavy use of drugs and alcohol during pregnancy, his own history of drug use, and a history of abuse throughout his childhood were to blame.[56]

Roy Lee Ward Rape and stabbing of a 15-year-old girl in her home. 18 years, 178 days Her 14-year-old sister was sleeping upstairs when she heard the screams of her sister. She called 911. Police found Ward still in the home when they arrived.

Ward's first conviction was overturned in 2004 on the basis that pretrial publicity tainted the jury pool. He was again convicted and sentenced to death.

Ward has been diagnosed with a number of psychiatric disorders including exhibitionism, antisocial personality disorder, and ADHD.[57]

Jeffrey A. Weisheit Murder by arson of the two children of his girlfriend, 8-year-old Alyssa and 5-year-old Caleb Lynch. 7 years, 338 days After his arrest, Weisheit admitted stuffing a dish towel in Caleb's mouth and using duct tape to bind his arms behind his back. Two flares were found near the boy's body. Autopsies revealed the children were alive when the fire was set. He told police he did it because Caleb was misbehaving on the night before the fire.[58]Weisheit suffers from bipolar disorder.[50]


Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Reginald Carr Five random brutal crimes committed from December 7 to 14, 2000. 18 years, 211 days (first death sentence)

5 years, 145 days

(second death sentence)

After the Kansas Supreme Court overturned his death sentence, the United States Supreme Court reinstated it on January 20, 2016.
Jonathan Carr Convicted of the same five murders as his brother Reginald. 18 years, 211 days (first death sentence)

5 years, 145 days

(second death sentence)

After the Kansas Supreme Court overturned his death sentence, the United States Supreme Court reinstated it on January 20, 2016.
Scott Cheever Murder of Sheriff Matt Samuels in January 2005. 13 years, 142 days
Kyle Trevor Flack Shot two men, and a mother and daughter on May 1, 2013. 5 years, 27 days
Sidney Gleason Murder of Miki Martinez and Darren Wormkey in February 2004. 14 years, 290 days (first death sentence)

5 years, 145 days

(second death sentence)

After the Kansas Supreme Court overturned his death sentence, the United States Supreme Court reinstated it on January 20, 2016.
James Kraig Kahler Murders of his wife Karen, his two daughters, Lauren and Emily, and his wife's grandmother, Dorothy Wight. 9 years, 246 days
Gary Kleypas 1996 rape and murder of Carrie Williams in Pittsburg, Kansas. 23 years, 95 days

(first death sentence)

12 years, 193 days (second death sentence)

The Kansas Supreme Court, in its review of his case, found serious errors with the state's death penalty statute and ordered that the penalty phase of his trial be redone. The sentence was overturned in 2001. In 2008, he was sentenced to death again.
John E. Robinson, Sr. Capital murder convictions for the murders of Izabel Lewicka and Suzette Trouten and first degree murder in the case of Lisa Stasi, who disappeared in 1985. 18 years, 144 days In 2005, he admitted responsibility for five additional homicides across the river, at trial in Kansas City, Missouri, in a deal to receive multiple life sentences without possibility of parole and avoid more death sentences.
Justin Thurber Kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered 19-year-old college student Jodi Sanderholm in 2007.[60] 12 years, 86 days In October 2017, he appealed death sentence with arguments whether he is developmentally disabled. The judge rejected the defense's request for a hearing on whether Thurber is developmentally disabled, ruling that the defense hadn't presented enough evidence to warrant a hearing.[61]


  • Currently on death row: 26[62]
  • Total number executed: 427 (as of 2008)[20]

Due to the high number of Kentucky death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Ralph Baze Shot two police officers at his home. 27 years, 130 days He sued the Kentucky State Department of Corrections on the grounds that execution by lethal injection using the cocktail prescribed by Kentucky law constitutes cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment. The United States Supreme Court heard the case but rejected his challenge by a vote of 7–2. See Baze v. Rees
Victor Dewayne Taylor Kidnapped, robbed and shot two 17-year-old Trinity High School students. 35 years, 22 days Taylor's cousin, George Wade, was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Shawn Windsor Stabbing deaths of his estranged wife and their son. 14 years, 209 days


  • Currently on death row: 67 (as of November 25, 2020)[63]
  • Total number executed: 659 (1700–2010)[20]

Due to the high number of Louisiana death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Henri Broadway Involved in the murder of police officer Betty Smothers. 25 years, 129 days The murdered police officer was the mother of Warrick Dunn, a former NFL running back. Broadway's accomplice, Kevan Brumfield, was initially sentenced to death also, but was resentenced to life on July 20, 2016, as he was ruled too intellectually disabled and therefore ineligible for execution.
Antoinette Frank Murdered three people at a restaurant where she worked as a security guard. 25 years, 237 days Was a New Orleans police officer.
Michael Owen Perry Murdered his parents, two of his cousins, and his 2-year-old nephew. 35 years, 157 days Following the murders, he fled the state, leaving behind a list of five other intended targets, including Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and musician Olivia Newton-John. He was arrested on his way to murder O'Connor. Perry is Louisiana's longest serving death row inmate.


  • Currently on death row: 39[64]
  • Total number executed: 372 (1800–2012) [20]

Due to the high number of Mississippi death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Willie Cory Godbolt Fatally shot eight people in a killing spree in Lincoln County, Mississippi, including police officer William Durr. 1 year, 107 days Godbolt was given four death sentences and six life sentences plus 40 years.
Willie Jerome Manning Murder of Jon Steckler and Tiffany Miller. 26 years, 218 days Manning was sentenced to death for two separate double murders. One of these convictions was overturned but he remains on death row for the other one.


  • Currently on death row: 20 (as of June 1, 2021)[65]
  • Total number executed: 371 (1800–2020) [20]

Due to the high number of Missouri death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Marcellus Williams Murdered St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Felicia Gayle. 19 years, 291 days Williams was scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on August 22, 2017, but a last minute stay of execution was issued by Governor Eric Greitens.

He still sits on death row, but investigations are still on-going and new findings are being looked into.

Craig Michael Wood Kidnapped, raped, and murdered 10-year-old Hailey Owens. 3 years, 154 days


  • Currently on death row: 2[66]
  • Total number executed: 74 (1800–2006)[20]
Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
William Jay Gollehon[66] Murder by bludgeoning of an inmate during a riot in 1991. 29 years, 90 days
Ronald Allen Smith[66] Kidnap and murder by shooting of two Native American men in the fall of 1982. 38 years, 84 days Only Canadian on death row in the United States.[67]


  • Currently on death row: 12[68][69]
  • Total number executed: 41 (1862–2018)[20]
Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Roy Ellis Abducted 12-year-old Amber Harris, beat her to death, and threw her body into a ravine. 12 years, 128 days
Jorge Galindo Shooting of five people in a failed bank robbery. 16 years, 216 days Gabriel Rodriguez was sentenced to five terms of life imprisonment.
Anthony Garcia Two separate double murders in March 2008 and May 2013. 2 years, 273 days
Jeffrey Hessler Kidnapped, raped and murdered a teenage girl. 16 years, 27 days
Nikko Allen Jenkins Shot four people in August 2013. 4 years, 15 days
John Lotter Murdered three people including Brandon Teena. 25 years, 113 days Days prior, Teena had reported to police that Lotter and his accomplice Tom Nissen had beat and raped him upon discovering he was transgender.
Raymond Mata Murdered and dismembered his ex-girlfriend's son. 21 years, 13 days
Jose Sandoval Shooting of five people in a failed bank robbery. 16 years, 134 days
Patrick Schroeder Strangled his cellmate to death in April 2017. 3 years, 13 days Schroeder was already serving a life sentence for murder at the time.
Marco Torres Shot two men, with one of the victims also being strangled and bound. 11 years, 136 days
Aubrey Clifton Trail Killed and dismembered 24-year-old Sydney Loofe. 5 days His accomplice, Bailey Boswell, is due to face sentencing in 2021 and could also be sentenced to death; becoming the first woman to receive the death penalty in Nebraska.
Erick Fernando Vela Shooting of five people in a failed bank robbery. 14 years, 153 days


  • Currently on death row: 76[70]
  • Total number executed: 71 (1863-2006)+[71]
Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
James Biela Kidnap, rape and murder of Brianna Denison. 11 years, 18 days
Zane Floyd Shot four employees during a mass shooting in a supermarket. 20 years, 337 days Floyd is scheduled to be executed on July 26, 2021.[72]

New Hampshire[edit]

  • Currently on death row: 1 (2014)
  • Total number executed: 24 (1700–1939)[20]

Note: On May 30, 2019, the state Senate voted to override Governor Chris Sununu's veto on a bill that abolished the state's death penalty 16–8. Since the veto had previously been overridden by the state House of Representatives, the bill immediately became law and repealed capital punishment, replacing it with life in prison without the possibility of parole. The law was not applied retroactively and the one person on death row at the time of abolition remains there.

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Michael "Stix" Kiser Addison[73] Murder by shooting of on-duty police officer Michael Briggs on October 16, 2006. 12 years, 178 days Only death row inmate in New Hampshire due to the subsequent abolition of capital punishment in the state.

North Carolina[edit]

  • Currently on death row: 136[74]
  • Total number executed: 822 (1608–2006)[20]

Due to the high number of North Carolina death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Blanche Taylor Moore Poisoned her boyfriend with arsenic. 30 years, 147 days Moore has also been linked to the deaths of her father, mother in law, and first husband.
Henry Louis Wallace[75] Raped and killed nine women between 1990 and 1994. 21 years, 64 days Known also as "The Taco Bell Strangler". Wallace confessed to the murders of eleven women.


  • Currently on death row: 134 (as of May 5, 2021)[76]
  • Total number executed: 483 (1700–2018)[20][30]

Due to the high number of Ohio death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
George Brinkman Killed a female friend, her two daughters, and an elderly couple who he was friends with in June 2017. 2 years, 168 days (first death sentence)

1 year, 236 days (second death sentence)[77]

First sentenced when he admitted to committing the Royalton murders, then sentenced again for the Lake Township murders.
Shawn Grate Murdered five women from 2006 to 2016. 3 years, 13 days[78] An initial execution date was set upon conviction for September 13, 2018, but the execution was stayed due to a pending appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court.
Anthony Kirkland Raped, strangled and burned the bodies of four females between 2006 and 2009. 11 years, 74 days[79] Kirkland previously served sixteen years for the beating, choking and burning murder of his girlfriend. He was handed two death sentences, plus two sentences of seventy years to life.
Michael Madison Kidnapped, raped, strangled and mutilated three women in 2012 and 2013. 5 years, 1 day[80]
Austin Myers Orchestrated the murder of 18-year-old Justin Back. 6 years, 240 days[81] Mosley, who murdered Back, was sentenced to life in prison. Myers became the youngest inmate on death row in Ohio at the time of his sentence.
Donna Roberts Shot her ex-husband in order to collect his life insurance. 17 years, 353 days[82] Roberts is currently the only woman on Ohio's death row.
Christopher Whitaker Kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered 14-year-old Alianna DeFreeze. 3 years, 80 days
James D. Worley Abducted and murdered 20-year-old Sierah Joughin. 3 years, 56 days[83] The murder prompted the creation of Ohio Senate Bill 231 'Sierah's Law', a statute that provides for a searchable database of felons living in the state, who are convicted of specific violent offenses.


  • Currently on death row: 46 (As of December 1, 2019)[84]
  • Total number executed: 230 (1800–2015)[20]

Due to the high number of Oklahoma death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Richard Glossip Commissioning the murder of Barry Van Treese. 23 years, 13 days

(first death sentence; overturned)

16 years, 291 days

(second death sentence)

Justin Sneed, the man who murdered Van Treese, agreed to plead guilty and testified against Glossip, so that he received a sentence of life without parole.

The case is controversial as Sneed was at the time a methamphetamine addict and possibly a mythomaniac.

Alton Alexander Nolen Attacked two Vaughan Foods employees, beheading one and critically wounding the other. 3 years, 181 days The attack followed a well-publicized series of beheadings carried out by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
Kevin Ray Underwood Murder of 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin. 13 years, 72 days


  • Currently on death row: 35 (April 17, 2019)[85]
  • Total number executed: 124 (1800–1997)[20]

Due to the high number of Oregon death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Randy Lee Guzek Murdered Rod and Lois Houser during a burglary. 10 years, 362 days Mark Wilson, accomplice who shot Rod and Donald Cathey, who was also involved in the robbery, are serving life sentences. Guzek has had three death sentences overturned.
Gary Haugen Murder of fellow prison inmate, David Polin. 9 years, 208 days[86] He was serving a previous life sentence for murder of Mary Archer, his former girlfriend's mother.

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber placed a moratorium on all executions for the duration of his term as 37th governor,[87] which has upset the victims of Haugen[88] and Gary Haugen himself[89][90] It is estimated that the case of Gary Haugen cost Oregon tax payers over $1.2 million, according to the Statesman Journal.[91]

Christian Longo Stabbed his wife and smothered his three children. 18 years, 59 days
Dayton Leroy Rogers Murder of six women in Molalla, Oregon. 5 years, 210 days Rogers had been sentenced to death three times, but the Oregon Supreme Court vacated each one of the veredicts until he was sentenced to die for a fourth time on November 2015. He was dubbed the 'Molalla Forest Murderer' because of the dumpsite just outside the city.
Bruce Turnidge Woodburn bank bombing which killed Oregon State Trooper Bill Hakim and Woodburn Police Captain Tom Tennant. 10 years, 174 days[92] Woodburn Police Chief Scott Russell had been severely injured and lost a leg to the blast. He required twenty-nine surgeries but was able to return to work after receiving a prosthetic leg.
Joshua Turnidge Convicted of the same crimes as his father Bruce. 10 years, 174 days[92]


  • Currently on death row: 115 (April 1, 2021)[93]
  • Total number executed: 1043 (1608–1999)[20]

Owing to the high number of Pennsylvania death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
George Banks Killed thirteen and wounded other in 1982. 37 years, 357 days On May 12, 2010, Banks was declared incompetent to be executed.
Richard Baumhammers Racially motivated crime spree on April 28, 2000 in Pittsburgh, killing five and paralyzing one. 20 years, 34 days Baumhammers was given five death sentences plus 112 years.
Arthur Jerome Bomar Jr. Murder of Aimee Ellen Willard by beating her to death. 22 years, 192 days He is also suspected to have murdered Maria Cabuenos to steal her car, since he had thrown out his own at a junkyard. Willard's DNA was found on the latter, which pointed out Bomar's culpability.
Eric Frein State police attack and manhunt — September 2014. 4 years, 40 days
Melvin Knight Tortured and murdered mentally disabled Jennifer Daugherty. 8 years, 288 days The other four members of The Greensburg Six received long prison sentences, ranging from thirty years to life without parole. Knight appealed his sentence, but on November 15, 2018 his appeal was denied.
Richard Andrew Poplawski Shot and killed three Pittsburgh police officers on April 4, 2009. 9 years, 351 days
Harvey Miguel Robinson Serial killer who killed three women. 26 years, 197 days Initially sentenced to death for all three murders. The death sentences for the first two murders were later changed to life sentences.
Christopher Roney First-degree murder for the shooting death of police officer Lauretha Vaird. 24 years, 183 days
Ricky Smyrnes Tortured and murdered mentally disabled Jennifer Daugherty. 8 years, 106 days Smyrnes appealed the death sentence, and his execution was delayed in July 2017.

South Carolina[edit]

  • Currently on death row: 37[94]
  • Total number executed: 683 (1700–2011)[20]

Due to the high number of South Carolina death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Quincy Allen Killed four people between July and August 2002. 16 years, 85 days
Steven Bixby Shot and killed Abbeville County Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Daniel Wilson and State Constable Donald Ouzts. 14 years, 113 days Rita Bixby, Steven's mother, was given two life sentences, while his dad Arthur Bixby was found mentally incompetent to stand trial, and subsequently committed to a mental facility.
Stephen Stanko Murdered his girlfriend Laura Ling, and library patron Henry Lee Turner. 14 years, 300 days He also raped and violently assaulted Ling's daughter, who survived the attack.
James William Wilson, Jr. Shot dead two 8-year-old students and wounded another seven, a teacher and a gym coach. 32 years, 34 days

South Dakota[edit]

  • Currently on death row: 1[95]
  • Total number executed: 20 (1877-2019)[95]
Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Briley Piper Torture and murder of Chester Allan Poage. 20 years, 146 days

(first death sentence; overturned)

9 years, 319 days (second death sentence)[96]

Piper committed the crime along with two other men.

Elijah Page was sentenced to death and executed by lethal injection in 2007, becoming the first person executed in South Dakota in over sixty years.

Darrell Hoadley was sentenced to life in prison.


  • Currently on death row: 49[97]
  • Total number executed: 134

Due to the high number of Tennessee death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages are listed in this article. A full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Lemaricus Davidson Raped, tortured, and murdered Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. 11 years, 227 days His four accomplices were also sentenced but only Davidson received a death sentence.
Jessie Dotson Shot his brother, brother's girlfriend and two other adults, and fatally stabbed his nephews, aged 4 and 2. 10 years, 245 days Three other children were found seriously injured at the house. Dotson received six death sentences for the crime.
Pervis Tyrone Payne Allegedly murdered an acquaintance and her 2-year-old daughter. 33 years, 118 days Payne was scheduled to be executed on December 3, 2020, but was granted a temporary reprieve.
Christa Pike Murdered Job Corps student Colleen Slemmer by crushing her skull with asphalt. 25 years, 76 days Two of Pike's accomplices were also sentenced; Tadaryl Shipp was given life without parole plus 25 years, while Shadolla Peterson was sentenced to probation after testifying against her. In 2001, Pike and Natasha Cornett attempted to strangle fellow inmate Patricia Jones with a shoestring; Jones survived.


  • Currently on death row: 202 [98]
  • Total number executed: 1,326 (1800-2021)[20]

Due to the high number of Texas death row inmates, only prisoners with Wikipedia pages or part of a criminal enterprise with a separate Wikipedia page are listed in this article. The full list is externally linked:

Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Donald Bess Rape and murder of 20-year-old Angela Samota. 10 years, 260 days The murder occurred in 1984 and went unsolved until the 2000s. DNA evidence surfaced and charges were brought against Bess, who was subsequently tried and received the death penalty.
Linda Carty Abduction and murder of 25-year-old Joana Rodriguez to steal her newborn son. 19 years, 99 days Prosecutors alleged that Carty orchestrated the crime, which was committed by three masked men who abducted Rodriguez and her son. Rodriguez was later found dead in the trunk of a car. Her 3-day-old son was rescued from a car parked nearby. The other three men were arrested, but only Carty was prosecuted for capital murder.

She claims she was framed by drug dealers in response to her work as an informant and has appealed her conviction. Her appeals have been unsuccessful and the appeal procedure has been exhausted.

Barring the granting of clemency, she stands to become the first female British national to be executed since Ruth Ellis in 1955, and the first British black woman executed in more than a century.

Raul Cortez Shot dead Rosa Barbosa, her nephew and two of his friends. 12 years, 130 days Eddie Williams is serving 20 years, and Javier Cortez, Raul's brother, was sentenced to four years in prison.
Edgardo Rafael Cubas Murdered two women and a 15-year-old girl, who had been kidnapped and raped. 17 years, 7 days Eduardo Navarro, an accomplice, was 15 at the time of the crimes but was tried as an adult.
Gabriel Hall Shot Edwin Shaar, Jr. and stabbed his wife Linda Shaar in the throat, who survived. 5 years, 248 days Hall's biological father, Eduardo Cañada, Sr., resident in the Philippines, is a convicted murderer.
Randy Halprin Murder of Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins during a robbery. 18 years, 2 days
Ronald Lee Haskell Murdered his ex-wife's sister, her husband and four of their children in Harris County. 1 year, 241 days Cassidy Stay was the lone survivor. She got shot, but played dead and informed police about Haskell.
Brittany Holberg Robbed and murdered 80-year-old A. B. Towery Sr. in his home. 23 years, 79 days The victim was struck with a hammer and stabbed nearly sixty times. The weapons used were a paring knife, a butcher knife, a grapefruit knife, and a fork. A lamp pole had been shoved more than five inches down the victim's throat.
Ali Irsan 2012 killings of his son-in-law, Coty Beavers, and Gelareh Bagherzadeh, a friend of his daughter. 2 years, 298 days
Melissa Lucio Alleged murder of her daughter. 12 years, 306 days Lucio was the first woman of Hispanic descent in Texas to be sentenced to death. A problematic conviction and rejected appeals led to her case being covered in the 2020 documentary The State of Texas vs. Melissa.
Patrick Murphy Murder of Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins during a robbery. 17 years, 206 days Murphy was the last member of the Texas Seven to be brought to trial, convicted, and sentenced to death.
Scott Panetti Murder of his father-in-law and mother-in-law. 25 years, 262 days Panetti had an extensive history of psychiatric hospitalization and was a diagnosed schizophrenic.
Rodney Reed Abduction, rape and murder of 19-year-old Stacie Stites. 23 years, 16 days
David Santiago Renteria Kidnapped and strangled 5-year-old Alexandra Flores. 17 years, 206 days

(first death sentence)

13 years, 47 days

(second death sentence)

Renteria was a convicted sex offender on probation at the time of Flores' murder.
Raymond Riles Robbery and murder of a Houston used-car salesman in 1974. 45 years, 130 days In 1985, he attempted suicide by setting his prison cell on fire. Riles is the inmate with the longest ongoing death sentence. He is considered ineligible to be executed due to mental illness.
Darlie Routier Murder of her two sons in 1996. 24 years, 129 days Routier's case has attracted the attention of wrongful conviction advocacy groups in recent years. She is currently in the process of raising funds to test evidence found at the scene for DNA.[99][100]
Víctor Saldaño Kidnapped and shot dead Paul Ray King. 24 years, 275 days He is the sole Argentine on death row in the United States. Jorge Chávez, co-defendant, is serving life imprisonment.
Juan Segundo Raped and strangled 11-year-old Vanessa Villa. 14 years, 119 days He was also linked to other three cold case murders committed between September 1994 and June 1995, all around Fort Worth. He was scheduled to die by lethal injection on October 10, 2018 at the Huntsville Unit, but the execution was stayed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on October 5, 2018, because of concerns about the methods used to detect intellectual disability in Texas.
Hank Skinner Bludgeoned his girlfriend with an ax handle, then stabbed her two sons. 26 years, 75 days
Walter Alexander Sorto Murdered two women and a 15-year-old girl, who had been kidnapped and raped. 17 years, 185 days
Andre Thomas Murdered his estranged wife, 4-year-old son, and 13-month-old daughter on March 27, 2004. 16 years, 44 days Currently residing in a psychiatric unit because of doubts about his mental health, since he removed his right eye on April 1, 2004, and then removed and consumed his left eye on December 9, 2008.
Charles Victor Thompson Murdered his girlfriend Dennise Hayslip and her lover, Darren Cain. 22 years, 40 days Thompson alleges that his death penalty conviction is unjust, stating he acted in self-defense as he had been shot by Cain. The killings could be viewed as a crime of passion which would exclude the capital murder sentence. He also alleges that Hayslip died a week later due to medical malpractice, and not the actual shooting.

He made headlines in 2005 by escaping from Harris County Jail in Houston after a parole meeting using a forged ID badge, and he was captured three days later.

Gustavo Tijerina Sandoval Shot United States Border Patrol agent Javier Vega Jr. 3 years, 9 days Ismael Hernandez Vallejo was given a fifty-year prison sentence. Both men were undocumented mexican citizens.
Faryion Wardrip Raped and murdered five women in the 1980s. 21 years, 217 days Wardrip was sentenced to 35 years in prison in 1986. He was released on December 11, 1997, but was sentenced to death on November 9, 1999 after he confessed to murdering Terry Sims. In December 2014, Wardrip's appeal was dismissed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.
Eric Lyle Williams Shot and killed three people in Kaufman County, including Criminal District Attorney Michael McLelland. 6 years, 178 days His wife and accomplice, Kimberly Irene Williams, was tried separately, and sentenced to 40 years in prison.
Jeffery Lee Wood Fatally shot gas station clerk Kris Keeran. 23 years, 103 days On January 2, 1996, Wood and Daniel Earl Reneau attempted to rob a Kerrville gas station. While he waited outside, Reneau shot Keeran dead because he denied to respond his requests. Jeff Wood's death row conviction has been regarded as controversial, as he was not present when Reneau shot Keeran. Reneau was executed on June 13, 2002.


  • Currently on death row: 7[101]
  • Total number executed: 50 (1800–2010)[20][102]
Name Description of crime Time on death row Other
Michael Anthony Archuleta[103] Rape, torture and murder of a Cedar City man on November 21, 1988. 31 years, 175 days Was assigned lethal injection as his method of execution.[103]
Douglas Stewart Carter[103] Stabbed and shot an elderly woman during a burglary of her Provo home on February 27, 1985. 35 years, 169 days Was assigned lethal injection as his method of execution.
Taberone Dave Honie[103] Rape and murder of his ex-girlfriend's mother on July 9, 1998. 22 years, 25 days Has selected firing squad as his method of execution.[104]
Troy Kell[103] Stabbed an inmate 67 times on July 6, 1994. 24 years, 310 days At the time, Kell was serving a life sentence in Nevada for the 1986 murder of 21-year-old James “Cotton” Kelly, who had been stalking 15-year-old Sandy Shaw, a long-time friend of Kell's. Has selected firing squad as his method of execution.[104]
Douglas Anderson Lovell Aggravated kidnapping and murder of Joyce Yost, in order to prevent her from testifying against him in a rape case. 27 years, 313 days

(first death sentence)

6 years, 74 days (second death sentence)

Lovell was originally sentenced to death for Yost's murder in 1993, but on appeal was allowed to withdraw his guilty plea and was granted a new trial. He was again convicted of the murder and sentenced to death in 2015.[105]
Ralph Leroy Menzies[103] Kidnapped and strangled a female gas station attendant in Kearns on February 23, 1986. 33 years, 83 days Has selected firing squad as his method of execution.[104]
Von Lester Taylor[103] Shooting of Kay Tiede and her mother Beth Potts near Beaver Springs, Summit County. 30 years, 21 days They also shot Tiede's husband, who survived, and attempted to set him on fire. Later they kidnapped their two daughters, but after a high-speed chase with the police, they were arrested. Edward Deli, his co-defendant, was sentenced to life in prison, but hasn't been paroled yet due to the judge's recommendation. Has selected lethal injection as his method of execution.


  • Currently on death row: 0[106]
  • Total number executed: 23 (1866–1992)

Jurisdictions without the death penalty[edit]

Twenty-three states have abolished capital punishment. Crimes committed in these states are still eligible for the death penalty if they are convicted in federal court for violation of certain federal crimes. Capital punishment has been abolished in both New Hampshire and New Mexico but only for new sentences. Prisoners who are already sentenced to death in those states remain on death row.

States and the date of abolition of capital punishment:

  1. Michigan (1846)
  2. Wisconsin (1853)
  3. Maine (1887)
  4. Minnesota (1911)
  5. Hawaii (1948; prior to statehood)
  6. Alaska (1957; prior to statehood)
  7. Vermont (1964; abolished for murder, retained for treason until 1972)
  8. Iowa (1965)
  9. West Virginia (1965)
  10. North Dakota (1973)
  11. Massachusetts (1984)
  12. Rhode Island (1984)
  13. New Jersey (2007)
  14. New York (2007)
  15. New Mexico (2009)
  16. Illinois (2011)
  17. Connecticut (2012)
  18. Maryland (2013)
  19. Delaware (2016)
  20. Washington (2018)
  21. New Hampshire (2019)
  22. Colorado (2020)
  23. Virginia (2021)


  1. Puerto Rico (1929)[107]
  2. Northern Mariana Islands (before 1970; prior to Commonwealth status) [108]
  3. Guam (1978) [109]
  4. Washington, D.C. (1981)
  5. United States Virgin Islands (1991)

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