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The following is a list of deaths due to injuries sustained in boxing. In February 1995, it was estimated that "approximately 500 boxers have died in the ring or as a result of boxing since the Marquess of Queensberry Rules were introduced in 1884."[1] 22 boxers died in 1953 alone.[1]

The list is incomplete; many other boxers not listed here have died as a consequence of injuries sustained in a contest.

Date of fight Name Nationality Opponent Opponent's nationality Details
14 Dec 1894 Andy Bowen  United States Kid Lavigne  United States 27-year-old Bowen hit his head on the wooden canvas when Lavigne knocked him down in the 18th round. Bowen never regained consciousness and died the following morning.[2]
13 Dec 1926 Daniel Marshall  United Kingdom Joshua Lloyd-Doyle  United Kingdom Died one day following his first professional fight due to injuries sustained.
1 Jun 1928 Tosh Powell  United Kingdom Billy Housego  United Kingdom 20-year-old Welsh boxer Powell collapsed during the third round of his bout with London fighter Housego. Powell was taken to the Liverpool Royal Infirmary, where he died of a brain hemorrhage on 2 June.[3]
25 Aug 1930 Frankie Campbell  United States Max Baer  United States Campbell was knocked unconscious in the ring and died hours later in the hospital. Doctors discovered that his brain had been knocked loose from the connective tissue inside his head.
10 Feb 1933 Ernie Schaaf  United States Primo Carnera  Italy Suffered a knockout loss in the 13th round and immediately fell unconscious. He would go into a coma, and was rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery where he ultimately died four days later.[4]
8 May 1933 Jack Holland  United States Tony Marullo  United States 24-year-old Holland, a college football star and artist's model, died of a cerebral hemorrhage after losing in six rounds to Marullo in New Orleans. He collapsed while leaving the ring and died in a hospital the following morning.[5][6]
17 Mar 1936 Tony Scarpati  United States Lou Ambers  United States Died in hospital without regaining consciousness after his knockout by Lou Ambers in the seventh round of their fight. When Scarpati fell, his head struck the ring floor. Although surgeons operated to relieve pressure resulting from the concussion, he failed to regain consciousness.[7]
30 Jan 1937 Tony Marino  United States Carlos Quintana  Panama 26-year-old Marino collapsed at the end of an eight-round bout with Quintana in Brooklyn, New York City. The ringside doctor diagnosed a brain concussion. Marino never regained consciousness, dying two days later at Wyckoff Heights Hospital in Brooklyn.
16 Jul 1940 Peter Asero  United States Pete Muscarnera  United States Seemingly on his way to victory by knocking out Muscarnera to the count of nine in the first round, Asero suffered a knockout in the fourth round. He never revived. Heart attack was given as the cause of death by the Athletic Commission.[8]
24 Jun 1947 Jimmy Doyle  United States Sugar Ray Robinson  United States Died 17 hours after being knocked out.[1]
15 Aug 1947 Glenn Newton Smith  United States Sam Baroudi  United States Knocked out in the 9th round and never regained consciousness.[9]
2 Feb 1948 Sam Baroudi  United States Ezzard Charles  United States Killed by a punch from a future heavyweight champion.[9]
21 Apr 1948 Jackie Darthard  United States Bert Lytell  United States Collapsed after six rounds of fighting and died after being taken to a hospital. Death ultimately ruled to be the result of a brain hemorrhage caused by an undiagnosed injury from a match five months earlier.[10]
29 Sep 1948 Felix Amado Gomez  Dominican Republic Bobby McQuillar  United States "McQuillar hit him with a crushing right hand that sent Kid Dinamita to the canvas. The bell saved him. But he was unable to come out for the ninth round. He was carried out of the ring, and five hours later, on a hospital operating table, he died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Kid Dinamita was 22 years old."[11]
19 Sep 1949 Archie Kemp  Australia Jack Hassen  Australia Kemp was carried from the ring on a stretcher and did not regain consciousness, dying of a cerebral haemorrhage. Referee Joe Wallis refused to stop the fight.[12]
22 Feb 1950 Lavern Roach  United States Georgie Small  United States Lavern sustained a fatal head injury during the match and died the next day due to a subdural hemorrhage.[13]
20 Dec 1950 Sonny Boy West  United States Percy Bassett  United States West suffered from inter-cerebral hemorrhage resulting from a cerebral concussion and died the following day.[14]
12 Dec 1954 Ed Sanders  United States Willie James  United States Complained of headaches early in the day. Lost consciousness in the 11th round. Died after a long surgery to relieve bleeding in the brain.[15]
9 Apr 1961 Charlie Mohr  United States Stu Bartell  United States Mohr, a middleweight college boxer for the University of Wisconsin–Madison, died of a brain hemorrhage nine days after his NCAA Tournament bout with Stu Bartell of San Jose State University. Mohr fell to the canvas after a punch to his left temple and went into a coma in the locker room. His death has been credited with resulting in the NCAA's termination of the sport.[16]
15 May 1961 Harry Campbell  United States Al Medrano  United States 23-year-old Campbell, a 1960 Olympic boxer, collapsed after the final bell of the tenth round of his bout with Medrano. He never regained consciousness, despite brain surgery.[17]
24 Mar 1962 Benny Paret  United States Emile Griffith  United States See Benny Paret vs. Emile Griffith III; Paret died of brain injuries 10 days later.[1][18]
21 Mar 1963 Davey Moore  United States Sugar Ramos  Mexico Moore collapsed in the dressing room after the fight, and died 75 hours later.[1][18]
11 Mar 1969 Ulrich Regis  Trinidad and Tobago Joe Bugner  United Kingdom Regis died four days after the fight following surgery to remove a blood clot.[1][18]
2 Feb 1972 Mick Pinkney  United Kingdom Jim Moore  United Kingdom Pinkney was knocked out in the fifth round and died after choking on his own blood.[1]
19 Jul 1978 Angelo Jacopucci  Italy Alan Minter  United Kingdom Jacopucci did not collapse in the ring; he and Minter met for a meal after the fight. Jacopucci then fell into a coma and died.[19] As a result of this, European title fights were limited to 12 rounds.[1][18]
23 Nov 1979 Willie Classen  United States Wilford Scypion  United States Died following the fight.[1][18]
9 Jan 1980 Charles Newell  United States Marlon Starling  United States Died after being knocked out in the 7th round.[18]
20 Jun 1980 Cleveland Denny  Guyana Gaétan Hart  Canada Died 16 days after being knocked out.[18]
19 Sep 1980 Johnny Owen  United Kingdom Lupe Pintor  Mexico Owen was knocked out and died six weeks later without regaining consciousness.[1][18]
7 May 1982 Andy Balaba  Philippines Hi-Sup Shin  South Korea Died of injuries sustained in the fight.[18][20][21]
14 Jun 1982 Young Ali  Nigeria Barry McGuigan  Ireland Collapsed in the ring, fell into a coma, and died from a blood clot two days later.[19][18]
13 Nov 1982 Kim Duk-koo  South Korea Ray Mancini  United States Kim died four days after the fight, as a result of a subdural hematoma, which filled his skull with 100 cubic centimetres of blood. As a result of this, world championship fights were limited to 12 rounds.[1][18]
1 Sep 1983 Francisco Bejines  Mexico Alberto Dávila  United States Died of brain injuries, despite surgery to remove a blood clot and relieve pressure on his brain.[1][18]
29 May 1985 Shawn Thomas  United States Chris Calvin  United States Died of head injuries.[1][18]
2 Nov 1985 Jacob Morake  South Africa Brian Mitchell  South Africa Died of head injuries.[1][18]
29 Nov 1985 Gerardo Derbez  Mexico Jorge Vaca  Mexico Knocked out and fell into a coma; died from brain injuries.[1][18]
14 Mar 1986 Steve Watt  United Kingdom Rocky Kelly  United Kingdom Died of brain injuries.[1][18]
27 Feb 1987 Jean-Claude Vinci  France Lionel Jean  France Vinci lost the fight on points, and died 30 minutes later.[1][18]
14 Jun 1988 Brian Baronet  South Africa Kenny Vice  United States Fell into a coma after being knocked out and died 3 days later.[1][18]
13 Aug 1988 Daniel Thetele  South Africa Aaron Williams  South Africa Collapsed without regaining consciousness and died.[1][18]
4 Mar 1989 David Thio  Ivory Coast Terrence Alli  United States Knocked out and died 10 days later.[1][18]
17 Aug 1990 Pat Stone  Australia Gary Wills  Australia Died of brain injuries the day after the fight.[1]
27 May 1991 Patrick Mdiniso  South Africa Mongezi Mbadu  South Africa Died after being knocked unconscious.[1][22]
17 Nov 1991 Clive Sikwebu  South Africa Ndoda Mayende  South Africa Died nine days after being knocked out.[1][22]
1 Dec 1991 Minoru Katsumata  Japan Takashi Murata  Japan Died after being knocked out in the 10th round.[1] It was his first professional fight.[23]
20 Dec 1991 David Ellis  Chile Abdenago Jofré  Chile Ellis collapsed in the final round and died 9 days after.[24]
26 Apr 1994 Bradley Stone  United Kingdom Richie Wenton  United Kingdom Died from a blood clot.[1][19][18]
22 Jul 1994 Robert Wangila  Kenya David Gonzalez  United States Died after an operation to remove a blood clot from his brain.[1][18]
6 May 1995 Jimmy Garcia  Colombia Gabriel Ruelas  Mexico Died 13 days later, due to a blood clot on the brain.[18]
13 Oct 1995 James Murray  United Kingdom Drew Docherty  United Kingdom Murray collapsed in the final round and died on 15 October 1995 due to brain injuries.[19][18]
13 Dec 1997 Felix Bwalya  Zambia Paul Burke  United Kingdom Was knocked down three times in the final rounds; died 9 days later.[18] While in a coma, he was found to have had malaria in his bloodstream. The autopsy report stated the cause of death was cardiorespiratory failure, severe blunt force trauma to the head, and bronchopneumonia in his right lung.
12 Sep 1999 Randie Carver  United States Kabary Salem  Egypt Carver was headbutted repeatedly during the early rounds. He lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital. Carver died two days later from blunt head trauma.[25]
20 Oct 2000 Bobby Tomasello  United States Steve Dotse  Ghana Tomasello collapsed in his dressing room after a 10-round draw. He fell into a coma from which he never awoke, dying five days later.[26]
30 Mar 2001 Muhammad Alfaridzi [ID]  Indonesia Khongtawat Sorkiti  Thailand Alfaridzi fell into coma after Sorkiti knocked him out on the eighth round, and died three days later of bleeding in the left side of his brain.[27]
26 Jun 2001 Beethaeven Scottland  United States George Khalid Jones  United States Jones hurt Scottland in the tenth, and Scottland dropped to the canvas and was counted out having not risen to his feet.[2] Scottland had to be helped from the ring and fell into a coma, dying from his injuries on July 1, 2001.
23 Jun 2002 Pedro Alcázar  Panama Fernando Montiel  Mexico Alcazar was declared healthy by ringside doctors, with no visible signs of any trauma. He collapsed in his hotel room the following day, and died in hospital.[28]
18 Jul 2003 Brad Rone  United States Billy Zumbrun  United States He turned around to walk to his corner following the 1st round when he collapsed, dying instantly. An autopsy later revealed Rone had died of a heart attack.[29]
2 Apr 2005 Becky Zerlentes  United States Heather Schmitz  United States

On April 2, 2005, Zerlentes was participating in the Colorado State Boxing Senior Female Championships at the Denver Coliseum in Denver, Colorado. She was knocked out in the third round by her opponent, Heather Schmitz, fell unconscious, and never regained consciousness. Zerlentes is the first woman known to have died of injuries sustained during a sanctioned boxing match in the United States. According to the Denver County coroner, the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.[30][31]

1 Jul 2005 Martín Sánchez  Mexico Rustam Nugaev  Russia After the fight, a commission inspector noticed Sánchez walking strangely. He was rushed to a local hospital where he underwent emergency surgery for a subdural hematoma. He died the following morning.[32]
17 Sep 2005 Leavander Johnson  United States Jesús Chávez  Mexico Johnson collapsed in the locker room following the fight and was taken to hospital where he was placed in a medically induced coma following surgery to correct a subdural hematoma. He died on 22 September 2005.[33]
18 Mar 2006 Kevin Payne  United States Ryan Maraldo  United States Payne underwent surgery after suffering a brain injury during the fight. He died the following day.[34]
31 Mar 2007 Lito Sisnorio  Philippines Chatchai Sasakul  Thailand Sisnorio sustained brain injuries during the fight and died the next day in hospital. The fight was deemed controversial, as Sisnorio's role in the fight was not officially sanctioned by the Philippine Games and Amusement Board.[35]
25 Dec 2007 Choi Yo-sam  South Korea Heri Amol  Indonesia Choi collapsed while still in the ring after the bout, and was rushed to the Soonchunhyang University Hospital immediately after the fight in order to undergo emergency brain surgery. He died on 3 January 2008 after being removed from his ventilator.[36]
15 Oct 2008 Daniel Aguillón  Mexico Alejandro Sanabria  Mexico Aguillón was punched in the jaw in the last minute of the 12th round of the super featherweight bout for the Central American title by his opponent Sanabria. He fell unconscious on the floor and was taken to a hospital, but never recovered.[37]
30 Apr 2009 Benjamín Flores  Mexico Al Seeger  United States Flores suffered a brain injury during the fight. He died from his injuries on 5 May 2009.[38]
18 Jul 2009 Marco Antonio Nazareth  Mexico Omar Chávez  Mexico Nazareth collapsed in the ring and had to be taken to the local hospital, where he underwent a three-hour surgery to treat a cerebral hemorrhage. He died four days later.[39]
20 Nov 2009 Francisco Rodriguez  Mexico Teon Kennedy  United States Rodríguez immediately collapsed, losing consciousness while waiting for an official decision. He was rushed to a hospital for emergency brain surgery and died 2 days later.[40]
17 Jul 2010 Bae Ki-suk  South Korea Jung Jin-ki  South Korea 23-year-old Bae underwent five hours of brain surgery following the fight. After the operation, his body temperature, blood pressure and pulse returned to almost normal, but he remained unconscious and died four days after the bout.
5 Dec 2011 Roman Simakov  Russia Sergey Kovalev  Russia 27-year-old Simakov died of brain injuries after collapsing in the ring.[41]
31 Mar 2012 Muhammad Afrizal  Indonesia Irvan Barita Marbun  Indonesia 30-year-old Afrizal began vomiting an hour after the bout and fell unconscious with a hemorrhage. He died four days after brain surgery to remove a blood clot.[42]
28 Mar 2013 Michael Norgrove  United Kingdom Tom Bowen  United Kingdom 32-year-old Norgrove collapsed in Round 5, and died on 6 April without regaining consciousness.[18]
19 Oct 2013 Francisco Leal  Mexico Raul Hirales  Mexico 26-year-old Leal went into a coma after suffering a KO loss to Raul Hirales. He was taken from the ring on a stretcher and brought to a hospital in Los Cabos. He was then transferred to Laz Paz, and later brought to a hospital in San Diego, where he died. He had a record of 20-8-3 with 13 KOs.[43]
20 Dec 2013 Tesshin Okada  Japan Masafumi Kamiyama  Japan 21-year-old Okada, suffered a fourth-round TKO in professional debut. He collapsed after the fight, and was rushed to hospital to undergo surgery for acute subdural hematoma. He died 17 days later on 6 January 2014[44]
14 Mar 2015 Braydon Smith  Australia John Vincent Moralde  Philippines 23-year-old Smith lost a 10-round unanimous points decision to Moralde in Toowoomba, Australia. He lost consciousness 90 minutes later at Toowoomba Hospital, and died after spending two days in a medically induced coma at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane.[45]
14 Nov 2015 David Acevedo  Nicaragua Nelson Altamirano  Nicaragua 23-year-old Acevedo died a week after lapsing into a coma, following an 8th-round TKO loss against Nelson Altamirano in Managua, Nicaragua.
29 Sep 2016 Mike Towell  United Kingdom Dale Evans  United Kingdom 25-year-old Towell was knocked down in the 1st round and again in the 5th prior to the stoppage, he was carried from the ring on a stretcher and taken to hospital. He died late the following day of severe cerebral hemorrhage.[18] Towell had taken a break from fighting due to severe migraines several weeks before his fatal fight.
27 May 2017 David Whittom  Canada Gary Kopas  Canada Whittom suffered from a brain hemorrhage and was rushed to Saint John Regional Hospital the next morning to have part of his skull removed. He spent the next 10 months in a medically induced coma before passing away on 16 March 2018, aged 39.[46]
16 Jun 2017 Tim Hague  Canada Adam Braidwood  Canada 34-year-old Hague was knocked down five times in the first two rounds, and died two days later after being taken off of life support.[47]
24 Feb 2018 Scott Westgarth  United Kingdom Dec Spelman  United Kingdom 31-year-old Scott Westgarth defeated Dec Spelman. Westgarth was knocked down just before the end of the fight and collapsed in the locker room. Westgarth was rushed to a nearby hospital and died.[48]
5 Nov 2018 Christian Daghio  Italy Don Parueang  Thailand 49-year-old Christian Daghio was knocked to the canvas twice in the final round of his WBC Asia title fight against Don Parueang on 26 October. After his second knockdown, Daghio was immediately treated by medical staff inside the ring. He was subsequently taken to hospital in Bangkok, where he spent two days in a coma before passing away.[49]
19 Jul 2019 Maxim Dadashev  Russia Subriel Matías  Puerto Rico The match went to 11 rounds after stoppage from Dadashev's trainer. 28-year-old Dadashev collapsed while being transported to the hospital where he underwent emergency brain surgery. He was placed into a coma, before dying three days after the fight due to cerebral edema caused by sustained hits to the head.[50][51]
25 Jul 2019 Hugo Alfredo Santillan  Argentina Eduardo Javier Abreu  Uruguay According to ringside reports, the 23-year-old Santillan's nose began bleeding in the fourth round of this fight on 20 July. Santillan passed out as the judges were announcing the draw. After being admitted to the hospital, he had swelling of the brain and successive kidney failure. As the swelling worsened, it affected the functioning of the rest of his organs and he never regained consciousness. Santillan underwent surgery for a clot in his brain, and twice went into cardiorespiratory failure before he died of cardiac arrest. He suffered a heavy loss a month earlier in Germany against Artem Harutyunyan, which triggered the German boxing federation to protectively ban Santillan until 30 July. His regular coach Orlando Farias knew about this ban and did not coach him in this fight.[52][53]
21 Sep 2019 Boris Stanchov  Bulgaria Ardit Murja  Albania It was initially reported that 21-year-old Isus Velichkov collapsed during a match with Ardit Murja after suffering a cardiac arrest. It was later revealed that Stanchov was using the boxing license of his cousin Velichkov. According to Bad Left Hook, Stanchov had been fighting under his name for the past year, and was also stepping into the ring using Velichkov's medicals. The tragedy struck in the fifth round of his scrap in Albania after being caught with a jab. He had appeared wobbly on his feet in the moments before hitting the canvas. The fight was immediately waved off, and the referee and medical teams rushed into the ring.[54]
12 Oct 2019 Patrick Day  United States Charles Conwell  United States 27-year-old Day was knocked down three times in his fight with Conwell. The final knockdown that stopped the fight was particularly brutal, as Day's head violently bounced on the canvas. Seeing the way Day fell, the referee immediately stopped the fight. Day was rushed to a hospital, where he began to suffer seizures, and shortly after fell into a coma. Doctors then performed emergency brain surgery. Four days later on 16 October 2019, Day died from what was described as traumatic brain injury.[55] Following his death, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn said the sport needed to become safer.[56]
16 Apr 2021 Rashed Al-Swaisat  Jordan Anton Vinogradov  Estonia 18-year-old Alswaisat was knocked out in a preliminary-round light-heavyweight bout with Vinogradov at the AIBA Youth World Championships in Kielce, Poland. He was treated in the ring and taken to a hospital in Kielce, where he died ten days later on 26 April 2021.[57]
28 August 2021 Jeanette Zacarías Zapata  Mexico Marie Pier Houle  Canada 18-year-old Zapata was knocked down after a series of uppercuts at the end of the fourth round against Houle at the GVM Gala International in Montreal on 28 August 2021. Zapata seemed to suffer a seizure after the fight was stopped, and was taken to the hospital, where she would die on 3 September 2021.[58][59]
7 January 2022 Arest Saakyan  Russia Igor Semernin  Russia 26-year-old Russian-Armenian boxer Arest Saakyan was knocked down in the last 8th round of bout at the Kings of Ring in Togliatti on 26 December 2021. He died 10 days later.[60]
5 June 2022 Simiso Buthelezi  South Africa Siphesihle Mntungwa  South Africa 24-year old South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi began punching aimlessly in a different direction after Siphesihle Mntungwa was knocked into the ropes by Buthelezi. The referee stopped the fight, and Buthelezi was transported to hospital where a brain bleed was discovered. Buthelezi was placed into a medically induced coma from which he never woke up, as he died two days later.


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