List of decapod crustaceans of Dominica

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Guinotia dentata, Emerald Pool, Dominica
Atlantic ghost crab (Ocypode quadrata), Calibishie, Dominica

Thirty-two species of decapod crustaceans have been recorded in Dominica, an island nation in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles. They include eighteen species of true crabs (infraorder Brachyura); one species of hermit crab and one species of porcelain crab (infraorder Anomura); and eleven species of freshwater shrimp (infraorder Caridea).

Infraorder Anomura (hermit crabs and porcelain crabs)[edit]

Family Coenobitidae
Family Porcellanidae

Infraorder Brachyura (true crabs)[edit]

Family Gecarcinidae
Family Grapsidae
Family Ocypodidae
Family Plagusiidae
Family Portunidae
Family Pseudothelphusidae
Family Sesarmidae
Family Varunidae

Infraorder Caridea (shrimp)[edit]

Macrobrachium carcinus specimen from Dominica
Family Atyidae
Family Palaemonidae