List of decommissioned ships of the Finnish Navy

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This is a list of former vessels of the Finnish Navy.


Coastal defence ships[edit]


Vetehinen-class submarines[edit]

Vesikko-class submarines[edit]

Saukko-class submarines[edit]

AG-class submarines[edit]


Mine warfare[edit]


Ruotsinsalmi-class minelayers[edit]

Teplokhod-class minelayers[edit]

Also known as minelaying boats or T-class boats.

Pukkio-class minelayers[edit]

Requisitioned minelayers[edit]


Rautu-class minesweepers[edit]

SM-class minesweepers[edit]

Ahven-class minesweepers[edit]

Kuha-class minesweepers (1941)[edit]

Kuha class minesweepers (1974)[edit]

  • Kuha 22 (22)
  • Kuha 25 (25)

Kiiski class minesweepers[edit]

  • Kiiski 2 (522)

A-class minesweepers[edit]

DR-class minesweepers[edit]

Former United States Army Design 257-A 74-foot tugs.[1]




Patrol/ASW vessels[edit]

Kiisla-class patrol boats[edit]

Escort vessels[edit]

Fast attack craft[edit]

Tuima class missile boats[edit]

Helsinki class missile boats[edit]

Torpedo boats[edit]

Sisu class motor torpedo boats[edit]

Isku class motor torpedo boats[edit]

Syöksy class motor torpedo boats[edit]

'V class' motor torpedo boats[edit]

Dark class fast patrol boat[edit]

Patrol boat[edit]

H class motor torpedo boats[edit]

J class motor torpedo boats[edit]

T class motor torpedo boats[edit]

R class patrol boats[edit]

Motor patrol boats[edit]

Nuoli class motor gunboats[edit]


School ships[edit]

Connection vessels[edit]

Surveillance ships[edit]


Hauki class transports[edit]

Kampela class transports[edit]

Kala class transports[edit]

Lohi class transports[edit]

Valas class transports[edit]

  • Valas (897)
  • Vahakari (121)
  • Mursu (98)

Training ships[edit]

Heikki class training ships[edit]

  • H3 (683)

Lokki class training ships[edit]

  • Lokki (57)

Command launches[edit]

Askeri class command launch[edit]

  • Viiri

Träskö class command launch[edit]

  • Alskär (993)
  • Torsö (894)

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