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The following is a list of teams that no longer compete in the National Basketball League.

Club Years in NBL History
Bankstown Bruins 1979–1985 Became the West Sydney Westars for the seasons, 1986–1987. Currently play in the Waratah League.
Brisbane Bullets 1979–2008 Handed back licence to the NBL, due to financial and ownership reasons.
Canberra Cannons 1979–2003 Celebrated their 20th Anniversary in 1998 as one of only four foundation clubs left in the league. The club only lasted a few more years, becoming the Hunter Pirates for the 2003/04 season and moving from Canberra to Newcastle.
City of Sydney Astronauts 1979–1981 Became the Sydney Supersonics for the seasons, 1982–1987.
Coburg Giants 1980–1986 Became the North Melbourne Giants for the seasons, 1987–1998.
Devonport Warriors 1983–1984
Eastside Melbourne Spectres 1987–1991 Originally known as the Nunawading Spectres, from 1979–1986. Merged with the Southern Melbourne Saints to form the South East Melbourne Magic for the seasons, 1992–1998.
Forestville Eagles 1981 Left NBL in 1982 and formed the basis of the Adelaide City Eagles.[1] Currently play in the Premier League.
Frankston Bears 1983–1984
Geelong Cats / Supercats 1982–1996 Became the Geelong Supercats for the seasons, 1988–1996. Currently play in the SEABL.
Glenelg Tigers 1979 Finished last in the inaugural season and never competed in the NBL again.
Gold Coast Rollers 1990–1996 Originally known as the Gold Coast Cougars and competed in the NBL as the Rollers. Currently compete in the QBL.
Gold Coast Blaze 2007–2012
Hobart Devils 1983–1996 Became the Hobart Tassie Devils for the seasons, 1988–1995. But changed back to "Hobart Devils" for the 1996 season.
Hunter Pirates 2004–2006 Acquired the licence from the Canberra Cannons and competed for several seasons before once again being relocated, this time as the Singapore Slingers.
Launceston Casino City 1980–1982 Joined the NBL in 1980. Won a championship in 1981. Finished 5-21 in 1982 and left the NBL.
Newcastle Falcons 1979–1999 One of the foundation clubs in the NBL that celebrated their 20th Anniversary in 1998. Unfortunately the club only lasted one more year in the league afterwards.
North Melbourne Giants 1987–1998 Originally known as the Coburg Giants for the seasons, 1980–1986. Merged with the South East Melbourne Magic to form the Victoria Titans for the seasons, 1998–2002.
Nunawading Spectres 1979–1986 Became the Eastside Spectres for the seasons, 1987–1991. Currently play in the SEABL.
Singapore Slingers 2006–2008 Becoming the first Asian team to enter the NBL they chose to withdraw form the competition due to international flight costs to Australia and New Zealand.
South Dragons 2006–2009 Took up the vacant licence after the demise of Victoria Giants, South Dragons were season champions in 2008/2009 but elected to not enter a team in season 2009/10, citing dissatisfaction with the management of the league.
South East Melbourne Magic 1992–1998 Formed from a merger between the Eastside Melbourne Spectres and the South Melbourne Saints. Merged with North Melbourne Giants to form the Victoria Titans for the seasons, 1998–2002.
Southern Melbourne Saints 1991 Originally known as the Westside Melbourne Saints for the seasons 1987–1990. Merged with the Eastside Spectres to form the South East Melbourne Magic for the seasons, 1992–1998.
St Kilda Saints 1979–1986 Became the Westside Saints for the seasons, 1987–1990.
Sydney Supersonics 1982–1987 Originally known as the City of Sydney Astronauts for the seasons, 1979–1981. Merged with the West Sydney Westars to become the Sydney Kings for the 1988 season.
Victoria Giants 2002–2004 Created after the Victoria Titans went into financial administration.
Victoria Titans 1998–2002 Formed from a merger between the South East Melbourne Magic and the North Melbourne Giants. Became the Victoria Giants for the seasons, 2002–2004.
West Adelaide Bearcats 1979–1984 Left the NBL following the 1984 season and merged with the Adelaide 36ers. Currently play in the Premier League.
West Sydney Razorbacks 1998–2008 Became known as the Sydney Spirit in 2008.
West Sydney Westars 1986–1987 Originally known as the Bankstown Bruins from 1979–1985. Merged with the Sydney Supersonics to form the Sydney Kings for the 1988 season.
West Torrens Eagles 1980 Became known as the Forestville Eagles in 1981.
Westside Melbourne Saints 1987–1990 Originally known as the St Kilda Saints for the seasons, 1979–1986. Became the South Melbourne Saints for the 1991 season.

Defunct teams by relations[edit]

1979–1985 1986–1987 1988–2007/08
Bankstown Bruins West Sydney Westars Sydney Kings (rejoined NBL in 2010/11)
1979–1981 1982–1987
City of Sydney Astronauts Sydney Supersonics
1998/99–2007/08 2008/09
West Sydney Razorbacks Sydney Spirit
1980–1986 1987–1998 1998/99–2001/02 2002/03–2003/04
Coburg Giants North Melbourne Giants Victoria Titans Victoria Giants
1979–1986 1987–1990 1991 1992–1998
St Kilda Saints Westside Melbourne Saints Southern Melbourne Saints South East Melbourne Magic
1979–1986 1987–1991
Nunawading Spectres Eastside Melbourne Spectres

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