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This is a list of defunct Philippine Basketball Association teams, both regular and guest.

Defunct franchises[edit]

Team Years active Overall win-loss record Win % Championships Acquired by
7-Up 1975-1977 0 Filmanbank 2011-2014 0 NLEX*
Barako Bull Energy 2002-2015 0 Phoenix Petroleum*
Barako Bull Energy Boosters 2000-2011 3 (2011)
Carrier/Quasar/Fiberlite 1975-1976 0 none
CDCP/Galleon 1980-1981 0 none
Crispa 1975-1984 13 Shell
Great Taste/Presto/Tivoli/CFC/N-Rich 1975-1992 6 Sta. Lucia
Filmanbank 1978-1979 0 CDCP/Galleon
Manhattan/Country Fair/Sunkist/Winston 1983-1984 0 none
Manila Beer/Beer Hausen 1984-1986 0 none
Mariwasa/Galerie Dominique 1975-1983 0 none
Pop Cola/Sunkist/Diet Sarsi/Swift 1990-2001 4 Coca-Cola/Powerade
Coca-Cola/Powerade 2002-2012 2 GlobalPort*
Shell 1985-2005 4 Welcoat/Rain or Shine*
Sta. Lucia 1993-2011 2 Meralco*
Tanduay (Elizalde group) 1975-1987 3 Purefoods*
Tanduay (Tan group) 1999-2001 0 Air21/Barako Bull (2011)
Tefilin 1980-1981 0 none
Toyota 1975-1983 9 Manila Beer/Beer Hausen
U/Tex 1975-1982 2 Country Fair

*Acquiring team still active


These are the franchise acquisitions of present PBA teams (present to oldest):

  • Alaska
  • Blackwater
  • Ginebra
  • Columbian
  • GlobalPort → Powerade → Pop Cola
  • Meralco → Sta. Lucia → Great Taste/Presto
  • NLEX → Air21/ → Red Bull/Barako Bull (2000)
  • Rain or Shine → Shell → Crispa
  • Phoenix Petroleum → FedEx/Air21/Barako Bull → Tanduay (1999)
  • Star → Tanduay (1987)
  • San Miguel
  • TNT

These are the franchise acquisitions of defunct PBA teams (oldest to latest):

  • 7-Up → Filmanbank → Galleon
  • U/Tex → Country Fair
  • Toyota → Manila Beer/Beer Hausen

All records of a franchise are dropped when it is acquired by a new company, except for:

  • The TNT franchise: Before the start of the 1996 season, Frederick Dael took over as the new president of Pepsi Cola Products Philippines, Inc. As such, a change in marketing priority took effect and they are mulling to disband the PBA franchise. To prevent the team in disbanding, Luis, "Moro" Lorenzo, chairman of PCPPI, intended to sell the PBA franchise to Duty Free Philippines, a company he also owned, for one peso (P1) to retain its ownership. Should Duty Free will disband the PBA franchise, it will be returned to Pepsi.[1] The sale was rejected by the Board of Governors on a special meeting on January 5 since Duty Free was not majority-owned by Lorenzo.[2]

After the All-Filipino Cup, PBA Board of Governors approved the ownership transfer of the franchise from Pepsi Cola Products Philippines, Inc. to Lapanday Holdings Corporation, a holding company of the Lorenzo family. This will enable the Lorenzos to market and use a different brand for their PBA team. Pagemark Philippines, Inc., a company under Lapanday Holdings and Pilipino Telephone Corporation (PILTEL) were tasked to find a new name for the team. After negotiations, the team was rechristened as the Mobiline Cellulars.[3]

Since the Lorenzos still owned the team through their holding company, the records of the Pepsi team were retained.

  • The Purefoods/B-Meg/San Mig Super Coffee franchise: When the Ayala Corporation sold its Purefoods unit to San Miguel Corporation, the records of the Ayala-owned team were carried over to the San Miguel-owned team. The Purefoods name was used by the SMC group until 2009, when the team was renamed as the B-Meg Llamados, a poultry feed product. The team then carried the San Mig Super Coffee name, another product under San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. At the start of the 2014–2015 season, they changed to Purefoods Star Hothots.
  • The Coca-Cola/Powerade franchise: After the San Miguel Corporation sold its majority share of the Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines back to the Atlanta-based The Coca-Cola Company in 2006, the franchise was retained by the new owners. The Coca-Cola name was used until 2010. The team was renamed as the Powerade Tigers from the 2010–11 until the 2011–12 seasons.
  • The Tanduay franchise: originally owned by the Elizalde Group is one of the founding teams of the league. The team was disbanded in 1987 and the PBA franchise was sold to Purefoods. When Tanduay, now owned by Lucio Tan, entered the league again in 1999, the lineage of the Elizalde Group-owned team from 1975 to 1987 were retained.

Air21 Express and Barako Bull Energy records[edit]

A unique situation regarding the Air21 Express' team records occurred before the start of the 2011–12 season when the Lina Group of Companies acquired the Redbull/Barako Bull franchise from Photokina Marketing Corporation (along with the "Barako Bull" brand). This team was renamed as the Clickers at the same time, the Air21 Express team, which has been with the league since 2002 has been renamed "Barako Bull Energy". After the dismal performance of during the Philippine Cup, the Lina Group decided to rename the team as Air21 Express.

While the two franchises (Barako Bull and Air21) have switched names since 2012, the team is considered as a new team, at the same time, the team records and transaction history of the FedEx/Burger King/Air21 Express before 2011 were kept by the new Barako Bull team. The lineage, team records and championships of the RedBull/Barako Bull team from 2000 to 2011 were not acquired by either or Air21/Barako Bull, although it's transaction history from trades were carried over by the team, as it has been the case for the Shell-Welcoat, Sta. Lucia-Meralco and Powerade-GlobalPort franchise purchases.

To create a distinction between the 2002–2011 FedEx/Burger King/Air21 and the franchises, the former is abbreviated as "AIR21" and the latter as "AIR21X" in the official PBA annual, "Hardcourt". In some instances, the team records of the FedEx/Burger King/Air21 franchise is "shared" with the franchise. An example is the jersey retirement of Vergel Meneses, although he played for the old FedEx/Air21 franchise, his jersey was retired for the team.

Guest teams[edit]

Graphical timeline[edit]

Phoenix Fuel Masters NLEX Road Warriors Columbian Dyip Blackwater Elite GlobalPort Batang Pier Air21 Express Meralco Bolts Rain or Shine Elasto Painters Powerade Tigers Barako Bull Energy Barako Bull Energy Boosters (2000–11) Sta. Lucia Realtors Pop Cola Panthers TNT KaTropa Star Hotshots Alaska Aces (PBA) Shell Turbo Chargers Manila Beer Brewmasters Barangay Ginebra San Miguel U/Tex Wranglers Toyota Super Corollas Tanduay Rhum Masters San Miguel Beermen Great Taste Coffee Makers Crispa Redmanizers

Key: Red = founding franchises; yellow = 1970s; blue = 1980s; orange = 1990s; green = 2000s; purple = 2010s

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