List of defunct airlines of Canada

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This is a list of defunct airlines of Canada.

Airline Image IATA ICAO Callsign Hub airport(s) or
De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Mk1, 30000 Island Air AN0255011.jpg Parry Sound Harbour 2000? - ?, charter rental & leasing Service air operator based in Parry Sound, Ontario using de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver
Aeropro APO AEROPRO Québec City Jean Lesage 1998 - 2010; still operates as maintenance facility in Quebec City
Air 500 Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise (MU-2B-60), Air 500 AN0145743.jpg BRM BOOMERANG Toronto Pearson 1988 - 2007
Air Alliance Air Alliance Beech 1900D C-GAAV (4399486841) (2).jpg 3J AAQ LIAISON Québec City Jean Lesage 1988 - 1999, to Air Nova
Air Atlantic Air Atlantic BAe 146-200 Haafke.jpg 9A ATL Saint John 1985 - 1998, feeder airline for Canadian Pacific Airlines and later Canadian Airlines International
Air Baffin BFF AIR BAFFIN Iqaluit 1990 - 1997, now Air Nunavut
Air BC Air BC 146-200.jpg ZX ABL AIR COACH Vancouver 1980 - 2002, to Air Canada Jazz
Douglas DC-8-55(F) C-FCWW ACS Canada, Montreal - Mirabel International, August 1987. (5535763548).jpg Montréal–Mirabel 1986 – 1988, reincarnated in 1997 as International Cargo Charter and operating until 2003
Air Canada Tango Air Canada Tango A320.jpg AC ACA Montréal–Trudeau 2001 - 2004, name retained as a type of fare on its regular Air Canada services
Air Club International Air Club 747-128 C-GCIS.jpg CLI AIR CLUB Montréal–Mirabel 1993 - 1998, charter airline with flights to Europe
Air Fecteau Jg AFH FECTO Senneterre 1936-1967, sold to Quebecair
Air Gaspé Sept-Îles 1951 - 1986, became a subsidiary of Quebecair in 1973
Air Labrador Air Labrador Beech 1900D.jpg WJ LAL LAB AIR Goose Bay 1948 - 2017 Regional, charters. Merged with Innu Mikun Airlines to form Air Borealis.[1]
Air Mikisew Air Mikisew Logo 2.svg V8 AURORA Fort McMurray 1961 (as Contact Air) - 2011, grounded in 2010 and permanently closed by 2011
Air Nova Air Nova De Havilland Canada Dash 8.jpg QK ARN NOVA Halifax Stanfield 1986 - 2001, merged into Air Canada Jazz
Air Ontario Air Ontario Convair 580 new livery.jpg GX ONT ONTARIO London 1987 - 2001, to Air Canada Jazz
Air Satellite Cessna402C-FFAP09.jpg 6O ASJ SATELLITE Baie-Comeau 1968 - 2008, to Exact Air
De Havilland Canada DHC-6-200 Twin Otter, Air Schefferville AN0078745.jpg ASF SCHEFF Schefferville 1981-2004
Air Southwest ASW AIR SOUTHWEST Chilliwack 1983 - 2005
Airspeed Aviation SPD SPEEDLINE Abbotsford 1986 - 2009, sold to Orca Airways
Airtransit DHC-6 CF-CSV 6.jpg Victoria STOLport,
1973 - 1975, a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Canada
Alberta Citylink British Aerospace BAe-3112 Jetstream 31, Alberta Citylink AN0136961.jpg ABK ALBERTA CITYLINK Medicine Hat 1996 - 2004, owned by Bar XH Air
AllCanada Express C-FACX B727-27(F) ACE All Canada Express YVR 16JUL01 (6925637050).jpg CNX CANEX Toronto Pearson 1992 - 2005
Alta Flights ALZ Edmonton International 1986 - 2014, to Sunwest Aviation
Arctic Sunwest Charters FASY Arctic Sunwest DH5C Buffalo.jpg ARCTIC SUNWEST Yellowknife 1989 - 2013, bought by the Ledcor Group of Companies and aircraft re-branded as Summit Air
Astoria Airlines S3 AOI Astoria Montréal–Trudeau 1995, very short-lived airline operating in the summer of 1995
Austin Airways Austin Airways DHC-6-300.jpg AAW Timmins/Victor M. Power 1934 - 1987, to Air Ontario
Baxter Aviation Baxter Aviation Beaver 2006 Ben W Bell.jpg 6B Nanaimo Harbour 1985 - 2007, sold to West Coast Air
BCWest Air Abbotsford 2007 - 2008, ended in October 2008 due to unresolved shareholder dispute
Canada 3000 Airbus A310-304, Canada 3000 AN0181735.jpg 2T CMM ELITE Toronto Pearson 1988 - 2001, formerly Canada 2000; Canada 3000 Cargo sold to Cargojet and 2005 revival failed
Canada West Airlines Edmonton International 2002 - 2004
Canadian Airlines Canadian Airlines2.jpg CP CDN CANADIAN Calgary 1987 - 2001, to Air Canada
Canadian Airways Fairchild 71C.JPG Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson 1926 - 1941, established as Western Canadian Airways, purchased by Canadian Pacific Airlines
Canadian Colonial Airways Animal. Mr Thomas & his Seeing Eye Dog BAnQ P48S1P06211.jpg Montreal 1929 - 1942, reformed as Colonial Airlines
Canadian Pacific Air Lines Boeing 747-217B C-FCRA CP TOR 270775 edited-2.jpg CP CPC EMPRESS Vancouver 1942 - 1987, also known as CP Air, to Canadian Airlines International, the callsign is still used by Canadian North
Canadian Regional Airlines Canadian Regional F-28.jpg KI CDR CANADIAN REGIONAL Calgary 1993 - 2000, to Air Canada Jazz
Cherry Red Airline Prince Albert (Glass Field) 1928 - 1932
Canjet Boeing 737-201-Adv, CanJet Airlines AN0144018.jpg C6 CJA CANJET Halifax 2002 - 2015
City Express De Havilland Canada DHC-8-102 Dash 8, City Express AN1423595.jpg Peterborough 1971 - 1991, founded as Air Atonabee 1971
Colonial Airlines News. Travellers to South America BAnQ P48S1P13826.jpg Montreal 1942 - 1956, formed from Canadian Colonial Airways sold to Eastern Air Lines
Corporate Express Corporate Express Saab 340-A (2849437671).jpg CPB PENTA Calgary 1975 - 2009, closed
Eastern Canada Air Lines Moncton 1936 - 1938, closed
Eastern Provincial Airways Eastern Provincial Airways Boeing 737-200 Rioux.jpg 156 - PV PV PROVINCIAL Gander 1949 - 1987, to Canadian Airlines International
Eldorado Radium Silver Express Eldorado Radium Silver Express -b.jpg Edmonton/Blatchford Field,
Port Radium
1935 - 1970s?, to Eldorado Aviation which ceased operations in 1982
Fecteau Transport Aerien De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Mk1, Air Tunilik AN1605752.jpg Senneterre 1936 - 1973, renamed as Air Fecteau
First Nations Transportation C-46-First Nations Transportation,.jpg Gimli 2003 - 2009
Fortunair FX FXE AIR FUTURE Montreal, Toronto 1994 - 1995
Globemaster Air Cargo G5 Edmonton/St. Albert 2003 - 2004
Great Lakes Airlines Sarnia Chris Hadfield 1958 - 1983, to Air Ontario
Greyhound Air Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson 1996 - 1997
Harmony Airways Harmony Airways Jet.jpg HQ HMY HARMONY Vancouver 2002 - 2007
Douglas DC-8-52, Holidair AN0999265.jpg STP STAMPEDE Edmonton 1998 - 1999
C-FICB A300B4-203F ICC Air Cargo YVR 27AUG00 (5670553713).jpg CIC Montréal–Mirabel 1998 - 2002, also listed as ICC International Cargo Charter
Hawkair C-FCJE landing in Vancouver.jpg BH BHA HAWKAIR Terrace and Kitimat 1994 - 2016, Regional airline, scheduled passenger service and charters. On November 18, 2016, Hawkair declared bankruptcy, had all assets seized for liquidation, and permanently suspended operations.[2]
Innu Mikun Airlines Goose Bay Regional airline, charters. A joint partnership between Innu Development Limited Partnership and Provincial Airlines. Merged with Air Labrador in 2017 to form Air Borealis.[1]
Intair Fokker 100 (F-28-0100), Intair AN0230667.jpg ND INT INTAIR Toronto Pearson 1989 - 1991, established by City Express as a successor to Skycraft Air Transport
Inter-Canadien Inter-Canadian F100.jpg ND ICN INTER-CANADIEN Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1986 - 1999, to Canadian Airlines International
Jetsgo Fokker 100 C-GKZC Jetsgo TOR 20.09.04R edited-2.jpg SG JGO JETSGO Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau 2001 - 2005, entered bankruptcy protection
Keystone Air Service Keystone Air Service BE20 C-FSPN.jpg KEE KEYSTONE Winnipeg/St. Andrews 1985 - October 2015, operating certificate suspended, shut doors and liquidated assets[3]
Knighthawk Air Express Dassault Falcon (Mystere) 20D, Purolator Courier (Knighthawk Air Express) AN1496637.jpg 4I KNX KNIGHT FLIGHT Calgary 1993 - 2005
Lamb Air Curtiss C-46 Lambair.jpg The Pas 1934 - 1981
Latham Island Airways Yellowknife Water c.1973 - 1991, to Air Tindi
Prince Albert (Glass Field) 1930 - 1947, to Norcanair (Saskatchewan Government Airways)
MacKenzie Air Services The Bellanca Aircruiser known as the 'Eldorado Radium Silver Express' -- that serviced Port Radium.jpg Edmonton/Blatchford Field 1932 - 1942, to Canadian Pacific Airlines
Maestro 5G SSV SKYTOUR Québec City Jean Lesage 2006 - 2007
Maritime Central Airways DC-4 CF-MCB Maritime Central MAN 1956.jpg Moncton 1941 - 1963, Nordair was a subsidiary
Millardair Douglas C-47A CF-WTV Millardair TOR 27.07.75 edited-5.jpg MAB MILLARDAIR Toronto Pearson 1962 - 1990, continued as aircraft maintenance and servicing firm Millard Air Incorporated (Millardair MRO) 1990-2012
NAC Air HMR HAMMER Thunder Bay 2000 - 2008, North American Charters was 100% First Nations owned
Nationair Nationair DC-8-63.jpg NX NXA NATION AIRWAYS Montréal–Mirabel 1986 - 1993, owned by Nolisair
Newfoundland Airways Gander 1948 - 1983, to Air Labrador
Nolisair Montréal–Mirabel 1984 - 1993, as parent company of Nationair
Norcanair CF-WAE Bristol 170 Mk.31M Norcanair (7642313822).jpg Prince Albert (Glass Field) 1947 - 1987, early 1990s, 2001 - 2005, originally M&C Aviation then Time Air
Nordair Lockheed L1049H CF-NAM Nordair MAN 02.07.66 edited-2.jpg ND NDR NORDAIR Montréal–Trudeau,
1947 - 1987, acquired by Canadian Pacific Airlines then merged into Canadian Airlines and Inter-Canadien
NorOntair De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Twin Otter, NorOntair AN1634008.jpg NOA NORONTAIR Sault Ste. Marie 1971 - 1996, airline operations of Ontario Northland Transportation Commission
North Canada Air Prince Albert (Glass Field) 1930 - 1965, see also M&C Aviation, Time Air
NWT Air NWT Air Lockheed Electra at Vancouver Airport in August 1983.jpg NV NWT TERRITORIAL Yellowknife 1960 - 1997, to First Air
Odyssey International Odyssey International Boeing 757 JetPix.jpg OL ODY ODYSSEY Toronto Pearson 1988 - 1990, name, aircraft and some employees were merged with Nationair, and operated as a separate division of Nolisair for a short period of time
Ontario Central Airlines NUN NUNASI Kenora 1947 - 1991?, became Nunasi-Central Airlines in 1984 and then to Nunasi-Northland Airlines in 1987
Ontario Express 9X OEL PARTNER Toronto-Pearson 1980s - 1998, to Canadian Airlines
Orca Airways C-GPAP Pa.31-350W Navajo Chieftain Orca Air YVR 21JUL13 (9339147668).jpg ORK ORCA Vancouver 2005 - 2018 Scheduled passenger service, charters[4]
Pacific Western Airlines CF-PWH DC-3 Pacific Western YVR 15NOV66 (5550494571).jpg PA PWA Vancouver 1946 - 1987, to Canadian Airlines
Pat Bay Air Pat Bay Air C185.jpg Victoria Water 2005 - 2015, Floatplane charters[5]
Peace Air Peace River 1962 - 2007
Pem-Air PD OEM PEM-AIR Pembroke 1970 - 2002
Powell Air Powell Air Convair 440-62.jpg PWL POWELL AIR Powell River 1975 - 1987, merged with Air BC to form Pacific Coastal Airlines
Pronto Airways WEW PRONTO Prince Albert (Glass Field) Scheduled passenger service.[6] Now part of West Wind Aviation.[7]
Beech 99 Airliner, Prince Edward Air AN0994530.jpg CME COMET Charlottetown 1989 - 2010, operational control was transferred to SkyLink Express
Quebecair Express QO QAE Québec City Jean Lesage 2003 - 2005
Quebecair Fairchild F-27 CF-QBZ Quebecair Dorval 25.03.71 edited-2.jpg QB QBA QUEBECAIR Montréal–Trudeau 1946 - 1987, began as Rimouski Airlines, acquired by CP Air 1986 and consolidated within Canadian Airlines 1987
Queen Charlotte Airlines Emerging professions- travel (8347827095).jpg Vancouver Water 1946 - 1955, sold to Pacific Western Airlines
QuikAir Q9 Calgary 2001 - 2006
Roots Air 6J SSV SKYTOUR Toronto Pearson 2000 - 2001, part of Roots Canada, ceased operations when ownership acquired by Air Canada
Royal Aviation Royal Aviation 727-200 C-GRYP.jpg QN ROY ROY Montréal–Trudeau 1991 - 2001, acquired by Canada 3000
Saskatchewan Government Airways Prince Albert (Glass Field) 1947 - 1965, to Norcanair
Sealand Helicopters SEA SEALAND St. John's Merged to form CHC Helicopter in 1987
Skycraft Air Transport Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante, Skycraft Air Transport AN1662193.jpg Oshawa 1977 - 1989, reincarnated in 1989 and operating until 1994.
Skyservice Skyservice.a320.750pix.jpg 5G SSV SKYTOUR Toronto Pearson 1986 - 2010, differs from existing Skyservice Business Aviation - same owners
Skyxpress Airline KLO KLONDIKE Calgary 2000s? - 2008
Sonicblue Airways VL Vancouver 1982 - ceased operations 2006
Southern Frontier Airlines Calgary 1980s? - ?, to Time Air
Starratt Airways Hudson, Kenora District 1932 - 1942, to Canadian Pacific Airlines
Swanberg Air C-GPSI Canadair Challenger CL.601 Swanberg Air (7675679526).jpg Grande Prairie 2000 - 2011, ceased due to death of founder Sylvan Swanberg
Time Air Time Air Dash 7 at Calgary Airport.jpg KI TAF TIME AIR Lethbridge 1966 - 1993, to Canadian Regional Airlines
Trans-Canada Air Lines Lockheed L1049C CF-TGC TCA LAP 12.09.54 edited-2.jpg Montréal/Saint-Hubert 1937 - 1965, now Air Canada
Trans-Provincial Airlines Prince Rupert ? - 1993, sold to Harbour Air
Transair Transair Boeing 707-351C at Edmonton.jpg TZ TTZ Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson 1947 - 1979, started as Central Northern Airways, renamed Transair 1956; sold to Pacific Western Airlines in 1979
Trinity Helicopters B206 C-GENT.jpg Yellowknife ? - 2013, bought by the Ledcor Group of Companies and rebranded as Summit Helicopters
Triton Airlines DRC St. John's 1993 - 1994
Vacationair Boeing 737-200 Maiwald.jpg VN VAC VACATIONAIR Toronto 1988 - 1990, initiated by Gray Coach Lines
Val Air VK Montréal–Trudeau 2003 - 2004
Vision Airways Corporation V6 VSN VISION Timmins/Victor M. Power ? - 1994
Vistajet VJT VISTA Ottawa,
1997 - 1997
Wardair Boeing 707-396C CF-ZYP Wardair LGW 21.06.70 edited-2.jpg WD WDA WARDAIR Edmonton International 1952 - 1990, started as Polaris Charter Company at Yellowknife in 1946, acquired by Canadian Airlines
West Coast Air West Coast Air De Havilland Canada DHC-6-100 Twin Otter C-FGQH 2 (8027526497).jpg 8O YWZ COAST AIR Vancouver Harbour Floatplanes, scheduled passenger service, charters[8] Harbour Air Seaplanes of Vancouver acquired West Coast Air and consolidated the two airlines' terminal and services on March 31, 2010. All aircraft were transferred to Harbour Air Seaplanes, the West Coast Air name dropped and the Harbour Air brand painted on the aircraft.
C-FVQE Fairchild F.27F West-Ex Cargo YVR 06SEP02 (8274703138).jpg Vancouver ? 1994 - 2006
Winnport C-FKFO B727-25F Winnport Cargo YVR 01SEP00 (6635416971).jpg Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson 1998 - 2002, Winnipeg-based air cargo company flying to China, renamed as Cargojet Airways
World-Wide Airways Montreal-Dorval 1947 - 1966; founded by Donald McVicar (1915-1997) a former RAF pilot[9]
Worldways Canada Limited Worldways Canada Douglas DC-8 at London Gatwick Airport in June 1983.jpg WG WWC Toronto-Pearson 1973 - 1991; registered in Nova Scotia in 1985.
Zip Boeing 737-217-Adv, Zip Air AN0276019.jpg 3J WZP ZIPPER Calgary 2002 - 2004, operations return to regular Air Canada routes
Zoom Airlines C-GTDX B757-28A Zoom MAN 04AUG08 (6590684867).jpg Z4 OOM ZOOM Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier 2002 - 2008, named acquired for new XPO Airlines 2009

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