List of defunct airlines of Canada

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This article is about defunct airlines of Canada. For current airlines of Canada, see List of airlines of Canada.

This is a list of defunct airlines of Canada.

Airline Image IATA ICAO Callsign Hub airport(s) or
De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Mk1, 30000 Island Air AN0255011.jpg Parry Sound Harbour 2000? - ?, charter rental & leasing Service air operator based in Parry Sound, Ontario using de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver
Aeropro APO AEROPRO Québec City Jean Lesage 1998 - 2010
Air 500 Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise (MU-2B-60), Air 500 AN0145743.jpg BRM BOOMERANG 1988 - 2007
Air Alliance Air Alliance Beech 1900D C-GAAV (4399486841) (2).jpg 3J AAQ LIAISON Québec City Jean Lesage 1988 - 1999, to Air Nova
Air Atlantic Air Atlantic BAe 146-200 Haafke.jpg 9A ATL Saint John 1985 - 1998, feeder airline for Canadian Pacific Airlines and later Canadian Airlines International
Air Baffin BFF AIR BAFFIN Iqaluit 1990 - 1997, now Air Nunavut
Air BC Air BC 146-200.jpg Vancouver 1980 - 2002, to Air Canada Jazz
Douglas DC-8-55(F) C-FCWW ACS Canada, Montreal - Mirabel International, August 1987. (5535763548).jpg Montréal–Mirabel 1986 – 1988, reincarnated in 1997 as International Cargo Charter and operating until 2003
Air Canada Tango Air Canada Tango A320.jpg AC ACA Montréal–Trudeau 2001 - 2004, name retained as a type of fare on its regular Air Canada services
Air Club International Air Club 747-128 C-GCIS.jpg Montréal–Mirabel 1993 - 1998, charter airline with flights to Europe
Air Fecteau Senneterre 1936-1967, sold to Quebecair
Air Gaspé Sept-Îles 1951 - 1986, became a subsidiary of Quebecair in 1973
Air Mikisew Air Mikisew Logo 2.svg V8 AURORA Fort McMurray 1961 (as Contact Air) - 2011, grounded in 2010 and permanently closed by 2011
Air Nova Air Nova De Havilland Canada Dash 8.jpg QK ARN NOVA Halifax Stanfield 1986 - 2001, merged into Air Canada Jazz
Air Ontario Air Ontario Convair 580 new livery.jpg GX ONT ONTARIO London 1987 - 2001, to Air Canada Jazz
Air Satellite Cessna402C-FFAP09.jpg 6O ASJ SATELLITE Baie-Comeau 1968 - 2008, to Exact Air
De Havilland Canada DHC-6-200 Twin Otter, Air Schefferville AN0078745.jpg Schefferville
Air Southwest Chilliwack 1983 - 2005
Airspeed Aviation Abbotsford 1986 - 2009, sold to Orca Airways
Airtransit DHC-6 CF-CSV 6.jpg Victoria STOLport,
1973 - 1975, a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Canada
Alberta Citylink British Aerospace BAe-3112 Jetstream 31, Alberta Citylink AN0136961.jpg ABK ALBERTA CITYLINK Medicine Hat 1996 - 2004, owned by Bar XH Air
AllCanada Express C-FACX B727-27(F) ACE All Canada Express YVR 16JUL01 (6925637050).jpg CNX CANEX Toronto Pearson 1992 - 2005
Alta Flights ALZ Edmonton International 1986 - 2014, to Sunwest Aviation
Arctic Sunwest Charters FASY Arctic Sunwest DH5C Buffalo.jpg ARCTIC SUNWEST Yellowknife 1989 - 2013, bought by the Ledcor Group of Companies and aircraft re-branded as Summit Air
Austin Airways Austin Airways DHC-6-300.jpg AAW Timmins/Victor M. Power 1934 - 1987, to Air Ontario
Baxter Aviation Baxter Aviation Beaver 2006 Ben W Bell.jpg 6B Nanaimo Harbour 1985 - 2007, sold to West Coast Air
BCWest Air Abbotsford 2007 - 2008, ended in October 2008 due to unresolved shareholder dispute
Canada 3000 Airbus A310-304, Canada 3000 AN0181735.jpg 2T CMM ELITE Toronto Pearson 1988 - 2001, formerly Canada 2000; Canada 3000 Cargo sold to Cargojet and 2005 revival failed
Canada West Airlines Edmonton International 2002 - 2004
Canadian Airlines Canadian Airlines2.jpg CP CDN CANADIAN Calgary 1987 - 2001, to Air Canada
Canadian Airways Fairchild 71C.JPG Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson 1926 - 1941, established as Western Canadian Airways, purchased by Canadian Pacific Airlines
Canadian Colonial Airways Animal. Mr Thomas & his Seeing Eye Dog BAnQ P48S1P06211.jpg Montreal 1929 - 1942, reformed as Colonial Airlines
Canadian Pacific Air Lines Boeing 747-217B C-FCRA CP TOR 270775 edited-2.jpg CP CPC EMPRESS Vancouver 1942 - 1987, also known as CP Air, to Canadian Airlines International, the callsign is still used by Canadian North
Canadian Regional Airlines Canadian Regional F-28.jpg KI CDR CANADIAN REGIONAL Calgary 1993 - 2000, to Air Canada Jazz
Cherry Red Airline Prince Albert (Glass Field) 1928 - 1932
Canjet Boeing 737-201-Adv, CanJet Airlines AN0144018.jpg C6 CJA CANJET Halifax 2002 - 2015
City Express De Havilland Canada DHC-8-102 Dash 8, City Express AN1423595.jpg Peterborough 1971 - 1991, founded as Air Atonabee 1971
Colonial Airlines News. Travellers to South America BAnQ P48S1P13826.jpg Montreal 1942 - 1956, formed from Canadian Colonial Airways sold to Eastern Air Lines
Corporate Express Corporate Express Saab 340-A (2849437671).jpg CPB PENTA Calgary 1975 - 2009, closed
Eastern Canada Air Lines Moncton 1936 - 1938, closed
Eastern Provincial Airways Eastern Provincial Airways Boeing 737-200 Rioux.jpg 156 - PV PV PROVINCIAL Gander 1949 - 1987, to Canadian Airlines International
Eldorado Radium Silver Express Eldorado Radium Silver Express -b.jpg Edmonton/Blatchford Field,
Port Radium
1935 - 1970s?, to Eldorado Aviation
Fecteau Transport Aerien De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Mk1, Air Tunilik AN1605752.jpg Senneterre 1936 - 1973, renamed as Air Fecteau
First Nations Transportation C-46-First Nations Transportation,.jpg Gimli 2003 - 2009
Fortunair FX FXE AIR FUTURE 1994 - 1995
Globemaster Air Cargo Edmonton/St. Albert 2003 - 2004
Great Lakes Airlines Sarnia Chris Hadfield 1958 - 1983, to Air Ontario
Greyhound Air Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson 1996 - 1997
Harmony Airways Harmony Airways Jet.jpg HQ HMY HARMONY Vancouver 2002 - 2007
Douglas DC-8-52, Holidair AN0999265.jpg STP Edmonton 1998 - 1999
C-FICB A300B4-203F ICC Air Cargo YVR 27AUG00 (5670553713).jpg CIC Montréal–Mirabel 1998 - 2002, also listed as ICC International Cargo Charter
Hawkair C-FCJE landing in Vancouver.jpg BH BHA HAWKAIR Terrace and Kitimat 1994 - 2016, Regional airline, scheduled passenger service and charters. On November 18, 2016, Hawkair declared bankruptcy, had all assets seized for liquidation, and permanently suspended operations.[1]
Intair Fokker 100 (F-28-0100), Intair AN0230667.jpg ND INT INTAIR Toronto Pearson 1989 - 1991, established by City Express as a successor to Skycraft Air Transport
Inter-Canadien Inter-Canadian F100.jpg Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1986 - 1999, to Canadian Airlines International
Jetsgo Fokker 100 C-GKZC Jetsgo TOR 20.09.04R edited-2.jpg SG JGO JETSGO Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau 2001 - 2005, entered bankruptcy protection
Keystone Air Service Keystone Air Service BE20 C-FSPN.jpg KEE KEYSTONE Winnipeg/St. Andrews 1985 - October 2015, operating certificate suspended, shut doors and liquidated assets[2]
Knighthawk Air Express Dassault Falcon (Mystere) 20D, Purolator Courier (Knighthawk Air Express) AN1496637.jpg 4I KNX KNIGHT FLIGHT Calgary 1993 - 2005
Lamb Air Curtiss C-46 Lambair.jpg The Pas 1934 - 1981
Latham Island Airways Yellowknife Water c.1973 - 1991, to Air Tindi
Prince Albert (Glass Field) 1930 - 1947, to Norcanair (Saskatchewan Government Airways)
MacKenzie Air Services The Bellanca Aircruiser known as the 'Eldorado Radium Silver Express' -- that serviced Port Radium.jpg Edmonton/Blatchford Field 1932 - 1942, to Canadian Pacific Airlines
Maestro 5G SSV SKYTOUR Québec City Jean Lesage 2006 - 2007
Maritime Central Airways DC-4 CF-MCB Maritime Central MAN 1956.jpg Moncton 1941 - 1963, Nordair was a subsidiary
Millardair Douglas C-47A CF-WTV Millardair TOR 27.07.75 edited-5.jpg Toronto Pearson 1962 - 1990, continued as aircraft maintenance and servicing firm Millard Air Incorporated (Millardair MRO) 1990-2012
NAC Air HMR HAMMER Thunder Bay 2000 - 2008, North American Charters was 100% First Nations owned
Nationair Nationair DC-8-63.jpg NX NXA NATION AIRWAYS Montréal–Mirabel 1986 - 1993, owned by Nolisair
Newfoundland Airways Gander 1948 - 1983, to Air Labrador
Nolisair Montréal–Mirabel 1984 - 1993, as parent company of Nationair
Norcanair CF-WAE Bristol 170 Mk.31M Norcanair (7642313822).jpg Prince Albert (Glass Field) 1947 - 1987, early 1990s, 2001 - 2005, originally M&C Aviation then Time Air
Nordair Lockheed L1049H CF-NAM Nordair MAN 02.07.66 edited-2.jpg ND NDR NORDAIR Montréal–Trudeau,
1947 - 1987, acquired by Canadian Pacific Airlines then merged into Canadian Airlines and Inter-Canadien
NorOntair De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Twin Otter, NorOntair AN1634008.jpg NOA NORONTAIR Sault Ste. Marie 1971 - 1996, airline operations of Ontario Northland Transportation Commission
North Canada Air Prince Albert (Glass Field) 1930 - 1965, see also M&C Aviation, Time Air
NWT Air NWT Air Lockheed Electra at Vancouver Airport in August 1983.jpg Yellowknife 1960 - 1997, to First Air
Odyssey International Odyssey International Boeing 757 JetPix.jpg OL ODY ODYSSEY Toronto Pearson 1988 - 1990, name, aircraft and some employees were merged with Nationair, and operated as a separate division of Nolisair for a short period of time
Ontario Central Airlines NUN NUNASI Kenora 1947 - 1991?, became Nunasi-Central Airlines in 1984 and then to Nunasi-Northland Airlines in 1987
Ontario Express 9X OEL PARTNER 1980s - 1998, to Canadian Airlines
Pacific Western Airlines CF-PWH DC-3 Pacific Western YVR 15NOV66 (5550494571).jpg PA PWA Vancouver 1946 - 1987, to Canadian Airlines
Pat Bay Air Pat Bay Air C185.jpg Victoria Water 2005 - 2015, Floatplane charters[3]
Peace Air Peace River 1962 - 2007
Pem-Air PD OEM PEM-AIR Pembroke 1970 - 2002
Powell Air Powell Air Convair 440-62.jpg PWL POWELL AIR Powell River 1975 - 1987, merged with Air BC to form Pacific Coastal Airlines
Beech 99 Airliner, Prince Edward Air AN0994530.jpg CME COMET Charlottetown 1989 - 2010, operational control was transferred to SkyLink Express
Quebecair Express QO QAE Québec City Jean Lesage 2003 - 2005
Quebecair Fairchild F-27 CF-QBZ Quebecair Dorval 25.03.71 edited-2.jpg QB QBA QUEBECAIR Montréal–Trudeau 1946 - 1987, began as Rimouski Airlines, acquired by CP Air 1986 and consolidated within Canadian Airlines 1987
Queen Charlotte Airlines Emerging professions- travel (8347827095).jpg Vancouver Water 1946 - 1955, sold to Pacific Western Airlines
QuikAir Q9 Calgary 2001 - 2006
Roots Air 6J SSV SKYTOUR Toronto Pearson 2000 - 2001, part of Roots Canada, ceased operations when ownership acquired by Air Canada
Royal Aviation Royal Aviation 727-200 C-GRYP.jpg QN ROY ROY Montréal–Trudeau 1991 - 2001, acquired by Canada 3000
Saskatchewan Government Airways Prince Albert (Glass Field) 1947 - 1965, to Norcanair
Sealand Helicopters Sealand Helicopters AS332.jpg SEA SEALAND St. John's Merged to form CHC Helicopter in 1987
Skycraft Air Transport Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante, Skycraft Air Transport AN1662193.jpg Oshawa 1977 - 1989, reincarnated in 1989 and operating until 1994.
Skyservice Skyservice.a320.750pix.jpg 5G SSV SKYTOUR Toronto Pearson 1986 - 2010, differs from existing Skyservice Business Aviation - same owners
Skyxpress Airline KLO KLONDIKE Calgary 2000s? - 2008
Sonicblue Airways VL Vancouver 1982 - ceased operations 2006
Southern Frontier Airlines Calgary 1980s? - ?, to Time Air
Starratt Airways Hudson, Kenora District 1932 - 1942, to Canadian Pacific Airlines
Swanberg Air C-GPSI Canadair Challenger CL.601 Swanberg Air (7675679526).jpg Grande Prairie 2000 - 2011, ceased due to death of founder Sylvan Swanberg
Time Air Time Air Dash 7 at Calgary Airport.jpg KI TAF TIME AIR Lethbridge 1966 - 1993, to Canadian Regional Airlines
Trans-Canada Air Lines Lockheed L1049C CF-TGC TCA LAP 12.09.54 edited-2.jpg Montréal/Saint-Hubert 1937 - 1965, now Air Canada
Trans-Provincial Airlines Prince Rupert ? - 1993, sold to Harbour Air
Transair Transair Boeing 707-351C at Edmonton.jpg TZ TTZ Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson 1947 - 1979, started as Central Northern Airways, renamed Transair 1956; sold to Pacific Western Airlines in 1979
Trinity Helicopters B206 C-GENT.jpg Yellowknife ? - 2013, bought by the Ledcor Group of Companies and rebranded as Summit Helicopters
Triton Airlines St. John's 1993 - 1994
Vacationair Boeing 737-200 Maiwald.jpg Toronto 1988 - 1990, initiated by Gray Coach Lines
Val Air VK Montréal–Trudeau 2003 - 2004
Vision Airways Corporation V6 VSN VISION Timmins/Victor M. Power ? - 1994
Vistajet VJT VISTA Ottawa,
1997 - 1997
Wardair Boeing 707-396C CF-ZYP Wardair LGW 21.06.70 edited-2.jpg WD WDA WARDAIR Edmonton International 1952 - 1990, started as Polaris Charter Company at Yellowknife in 1946, acquired by Canadian Airlines
C-FVQE Fairchild F.27F West-Ex Cargo YVR 06SEP02 (8274703138).jpg Vancouver ? - c2001
Winnport C-FKFO B727-25F Winnport Cargo YVR 01SEP00 (6635416971).jpg Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson 1998 - 2002, Winnipeg-based air cargo company flying to China, renamed as Cargojet Airways
World-Wide Airways 1947 - 1966
Worldways Canada Worldways Canada Douglas DC-8 at London Gatwick Airport in June 1983.jpg 1973 - 1991
Zip Boeing 737-217-Adv, Zip Air AN0276019.jpg 3J WZP ZIPPER Calgary 2002 - 2004, operations return to regular Air Canada routes
Zoom Airlines C-GTDX B757-28A Zoom MAN 04AUG08 (6590684867).jpg Z4 OOM ZOOM Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier 2002 - 2008, named acquired for new XPO Airlines 2009

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