List of defunct banks of the Netherlands

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This page exists to list banks from the Netherlands about which we have only the barest information.


  • 1921: Founded.
  • 1947: Liquidated.

See "Conflict of Laws: Refugee Government Property Conservation Decrees in the Courts of the United States, Robert D. Ulrich, Michigan Law Review, Vol. 41, No. 4 (Feb., 1943), pp. 706-713" for a discussion of the U.S. court case Amstelbank, N. V. v. Guaranty Trust Co. of N. Y., N. Y. L. J., Nov. 29, 1941, p. 1728, col. 6, 7 (Sup. Ct.).

Bank voor Nederland en de Koloniën[edit]

  • Head office: Amsterdam
  • 1914: Founded.
  • 1926: Liquidated.

Amsterdamsche Goederenbank[edit]

  • Head office: Amsterdam (1940-1954).
  • Successor to: Amsterdamsche Liquidatiekas (1888-1940).
  • Possibly merged with or acquired by Escomptobank in 1954.


  • 1857: The Nederlandsch Indische Escompto Maatschappij is founded in Batavia (Jakarta).
  • 1949: The bank changes its name to Escomptobank.
  • 1960: The government of Indonesia nationalizes the bank's local operations and changes the name there to Bank Dagang Negara. The successor bank in the Netherlands becomes Nedesco Bank en Nederlandse Overzee Bank.
  • 1969: Nederlandse Overzee Bank merges with R. Mees & Zoonen (est. 1720) and Hope & Co. (est. 1734) to form Mees & Hope Bank.
  • 1975: Algemene Bank Nederland acquires Mees & Hope.