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This is a list of defunct consumer brands which are no longer made and usually no longer mass-marketed to consumers. Brands in this list may still be made, but are only made in modest quantities and/or limited runs as a nostalgic or retro style item.

A set of 6 white-on-red signs with white block text along the side of a road, reading in order "BIG MISTAKE", "MANY MAKE", "RELY ON HORN", "INSTEAD OF BRAKE", and, stylized, "Burma-Shave".
A set of signs promoting Burma-Shave, on U.S. Route 66





Food and beverages[edit]

Processing, distributing and retail companies[edit]

A PET milk advertisement from 1922


Pet food[edit]

Food items[edit]

Alcoholic beverages[edit]

An advertisement for Bunker Hill Breweries' Boston Club Lager

Breakfast cereals[edit]

Soft drinks[edit]

The demolished Silver Spring Soft Drinks plant

Heavy manufacturing and processing[edit]

Advertisement for McKaig-Hatch tools published in the April 1921 issue of Forging and Heat Treating


Professional services[edit]


Chain stores[edit]

Clothing and accessories[edit]

Consumer electronics and software[edit]

Home consumer products[edit]

The Instamatic 100, the first Instamatic sold in the United States


Toy manufacturers[edit]


Shipping and mass transportation[edit]

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