List of defunct graphics chips and card companies

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During the 1980s and 1990s a relatively large number of companies appeared selling primarily 2D graphics cards and later 3D. Most of those companies have subsequently disappeared, as the increasing complexity of GPUs substantially increased research and development costs. Many of these companies subsequently went bankrupt or were bought out. Intel and VIA Technologies remain as producers of primarily integrated solutions, while Matrox targets niche markets. Amongst the notable discrete graphics card vendors, ATI Technologies — acquired by AMD in 2006 and since renamed to AMD — and NVIDIA are the only ones that have lasted.

Defunct graphics chip makers[edit]

These companies designed graphics chips and cards.

Defunct graphics card makers[edit]


The following companies are still in operation, but no longer design PC graphics chips:

  • Acer Laboratories Incorporated - focusing on design and manufacturing of integrated circuits for the personal computer and embedded systems
  • Cirrus Logic - sold its video chip assets
  • Hercules - no longer manufactures graphics cards
  • IIT Corp - reverted to a video-conferencing solutions company, and then later a VOIP service provider
  • PowerVR - focusing on mobile graphics technologies
  • Realtek - no longer makes graphics chips
  • Silicon Integrated Systems (SIS) - sold its video chip assets to XGI
  • Texas Instruments - withdrew from the computer market
  • UMC - became a custom-only fab and discontinued all of its standard products in the late 1990s
  • XGI - focusing on embedded and mobile applications