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During the dot-com/internet bubble of the late 1990s and early 2000, the proliferation of many dot-com start-up companies created a secondary bubble in the telecommunications/computer networking infrastructure and telecommunications service provider markets. Venture capital and high tech companies rushed to build next generation infrastructure equipment for the expected explosion of internet traffic. As part of that investment fever, Network processors were seen as a method of dealing with the desire for more network services and the ever increasing data-rates of communication networks.

It has been estimated that dozens of start-up companies were created in the race to build the processors that would be a component of the next generation telecommunications equipment. Once the internet investment bubble burst, the telecom network upgrade cycle was deferred for years (perhaps for a decade). As a result, the majority of these new companies went bankrupt.

As of 2007, the only companies that are shipping network processors in sizeable volumes are Cisco Systems, Marvell, Freescale, Cavium Networks and AMCC.

OC-768/40Gb Routing[edit]

  • ClearSpeed - left Network processor market, reverted to supercomputing applications
  • Propulsion Networks - defunct
  • BOPS - left Network processor market, reverted to DSP applications

OC-192/10Gb Routing[edit]

OC-48/2.5Gb Routing[edit]

Gigabit Ethernet Routing[edit]

OC-12 Routing[edit]

Access Products[edit]

VOIP products[edit]

Traffic Managers[edit]

Packet Classifiers[edit]

Switch Fabrics[edit]

  • Abrizio - acquired by PMC-Sierra, product line discontinued
  • Stargen - left Networking market for Computer Server market

Security products[edit]