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The following is a list of demoparties, past and present. A demoparty is an event that gathers demosceners[1] and other computer enthusiasts to partake in competitions[2] of demos (short audio-visual presentations of computer art).

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(Note: Year ranges might include years when the party wasn't organized, but was organized both before and after.)

Party name Location Years Description
7DX Party Istanbul, Turkey 2002–2013 7DX is an annual demoparty that has been held since 2002 in Turkey. It is Turkey's first demo party that consists of demo-oriented competitions.
Alternative Party Helsinki, Finland 1998– An alternative party visited mostly by demo scene veterans.
Arok Party Ajka, Hungary 1999– 8-bit party, held each summer.
Art Engine São Paulo, Brazil 2012 The second Brazilian demoparty ever organized.
Assembly Helsinki, Finland 1992– One of the longest-running demo parties in the world. Associated with Boozembly.
Bizarre Etten-Leur, Netherlands 1994–2000 First PC demo party in The Netherlands. 1994 in Nijmegen, rest in Etten-Leur.
Blockparty Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2007–2010 During its run, the largest stand-alone demo party in the United States.
Breakpoint Bingen, Germany 2003–2010 Formerly the world's largest "scene-only" demoparty, successor of the Mekka & Symposium party series. Followed by Revision.
Chaos Constructions Saint Petersburg, Russia 1999– The largest demoparty in ex-Soviet countries, successor of the Enlight parties.
Coven Adelaide, Australia 1995–2001 Started at Adelaide Uni then later changed venues to Ngapartji Multimedia Centre. Organised by local groups POP and FTS.
Datastorm Gothenburg, Sweden 2010– Amiga/C64 copy party.
DemoJS Paris, France 2011– The only demoparty strictly focused on open web technologies.
Demosplash Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 2011– Hosted by the Carnegie Mellon University Computer Club.
DiHalt Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 1999– Second largest demoparty in Russia (after Chaos Constructions).
DreamHack Jönköping, Sweden 1994– World's largest LAN-party, with demo events.
Evoke Köln, Germany 1997– Demoparty organized by Digitale Kultur
Forever Horna Suca, Slovakia 2000– 8-bit party, C64, Spectrum and Atari
Function Budapest, Hungary 2003–
Gardening Patras, Greece 1995–1997 First demoparty in Greece.
The Gathering Hamar, Norway 1992– Norway's largest demoparty, which later became more of a LAN/game-party.
Hackerence Härnösand, Sweden 1989–2000 Organized by the youth club ComUn (Computer Union).
Horde Udine, Italy 2007– A result of a split from the computer event Codex Alpe Adria to focus on demo scene only. It currently is the only 100% pure demo scene event in Italy.
Icons Artparty Helsinki, Finland 2007, 2008, 2012– Demoparty and a festival of electronic art.
Kindergarden Haga, Norway 1994– The oldest, still running, pure demoparty in the world.
Mekka & Symposium Fallingbostel, Germany 1996–2002 One of the most respected demoparties. Part of the organizing staff went on to create Breakpoint.
Movement Ashkelon, Israel 1995–1998 The yearly demo party of the demoscene in Israel.
NAID Longueuil, Quebec, Canada 1995–1996 The first, and to date, largest demoparty in North America.
Nordlicht Bremen, Germany 2012– First pure demoscene party in Bremen since the Siliconvention in 1997.
Nullarbor Perth, Australia 2005–
NVScene San Jose, California, USA 2008, 2014, 2015 Held in conjunction with Nvision (an nVidia conference) in 2008.
Pilgrimage Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 2003–2005
PixelJam Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2011– Runs concurrently with Notacon.
QBParty Sulysap, Hungary 2015– On the first weekend after 10th May in each year.
Revision Saarbrücken, Germany 2011– The world's largest "scene-only" demoparty, successor of the Breakpoint party series.
Rewired Hasselt, Belgium 2008– The only annual demoparty in Belgium.
Saturne Party Paris, France 1993–1997
Somewhere in Holland Nijmegen, Netherlands 1993, 1995 Demoparty in The Netherlands.
Sundown Exeter, UK 2005– The first UK-based party since 1999.
Syntax Party Melbourne, Australia 2007– Melbourne's biggest and (currently) only demoparty.
The Party Aars, Denmark 1991–2002 One of the oldest and largest parties; abandoned by the demoscene in its final years due to lack of support.
The Ultimate Meeting Griesheim, Germany 1999– One of the biggest German demoparties, initially thought as a warm-up meeting for The Party. It finally moved to the same date as The Party when it was clear that The Party became obsolete.
VIP Lyon, France 1999– Organized by PoPsY TeAm, this is the only pure demoscene party still ongoing in France.
Wired Mons, Belgium 1994–1998
X Someren, Netherlands 1995– Commodore 64 party, currently held every second year. Last one was on October 24–26, 2014.