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As a result of the water supply crisis during the severe 1997–2009 drought State governments around Australia began building desalination plants that purify seawater using reverse osmosis technology. Many of these plants have included in their overall cost the building of renewable energy sources such as wind farms.

Australia's first working desalination plant was the Kwinana plant in Perth, and was completed in November 2006. A second plant on the Gold Coast began operations in February 2009. The Kurnell Desalination Plant in Sydney was opened on 28 January 2010.[1]

List of desalination plants[edit]

In use[edit]

Plant Capacity (per day) Percent of water supply Location Completion
Gold Coast Desalination Plant 125 megalitres 27% of South East Queensland Queensland (Tugun) 28°09′25″S 153°29′49″E / 28.157°S 153.497°E / -28.157; 153.497 2009
Perth Seawater Desalination Plant 130 megalitres 17% of Perth Western Australia (Kwinana) 32°12′11″S 115°46′23″E / 32.203°S 115.773°E / -32.203; 115.773 2006
Sydney Desalination Plant 250 megalitres 15% of Sydney New South Wales (Kurnell) 34°01′30″S 151°12′18″E / 34.025°S 151.205°E / -34.025; 151.205 2010
Victorian Desalination Plant 410 megalitres 33% of Melbourne Victoria (Wonthaggi) 38°35′17″S 145°31′34″E / 38.588°S 145.526°E / -38.588; 145.526 2012
Southern Seawater Desalination Plant 270 megalitres 20% of Perth Western Australia (Binningup) 33°07′44″S 115°42′11″E / 33.129°S 115.703°E / -33.129; 115.703 2012
Adelaide Desalination Plant 270 megalitres 50% of Adelaide South Australia (Port Stanvac) 35°05′49″S 138°29′02″E / 35.097°S 138.484°E / -35.097; 138.484 2012

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Plant Capacity (per day) Upgradable Capacity (per day) Location Notes
Point Paterson Desalination Plant 15 megalitres (123 upgradable) South Australia project canceled
Onslow Desalination Plant 2 megalitres (Undecided) Western Australia (Onslow)

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