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This list of design awards is an index to articles about notable awards given for design. It excludes architecture, fashion and motor vehicle design, but includes industrial design.


Country Award Sponsor Notes
Canada Award for Excellence in Book Design Alcuin Society Excellence in book design[1][2]
Canada Graphex Society of Graphic Designers of Canada Best examples of visual communication design[3]
United States Good Design Award Museum of Modern Art Good Design (from 1950 to 1955)[4]
United States Miller Prize Exhibit Columbus Exploration of architecture, art, design, and community[5]
United States Cased American Institute of Graphic Arts Celebrating the best in contemporary design through case studies[6][7]
United States Type Design Awards Type Directors Club Excellence in typeface design[8]
United States American Prize for Design Chicago Athenaeum Distinguished designer in the fields of industrial design, visual communication and graphic design[9]
United States Andrea M. Bronfman Prize for the Arts Charles Bronfman Israeli decorative artist working in ceramics, glass, textiles or jewellery[10]
United States Apple Design Awards Apple Inc. Best and most innovative Macintosh and iOS software and hardware produced by independent developers
United States Art Directors Club Hall of Fame Art Directors Club of New York Significant contributions to art direction and visual communications
United States Chrysler Design Award Chrysler Achievements of individuals in innovative works of architecture and design which significantly influenced modern American culture
United States Coin of the Year Award Krause Publications Numismatic design, artistic vision and craftsmanship
United States Curry Stone Design Prize Curry Stone Foundation Innovative excellence in humanitarian design
United States Design Icon Award World Market Center Las Vegas Interior or furniture designer who has made a significant contribution to the industry
United States Edison Award Edison Awards Honoring excellence in innovation
United States Frederic W. Goudy Award Rochester Institute of Technology Outstanding practitioner in the field of typography
United States Good Design Award Chicago Athenaeum various categories
United States Housewares Design Awards HomeWorld Business Recognize design innovation as one of the major drivers for housewares industry growth
United States International Design Awards Farmani Group Visionaries and emerging talent in architecture, interior, product, graphic and fashion design
United States International Design Excellence Awards Industrial Designers Society of America Fostering business and public understanding of the importance of industrial design excellence to the quality of life and economy
United States L Prize United States Department of Energy Spur lighting manufacturers to develop high-quality, high-efficiency solid-state lighting products to replace the common incandescent light bulb
United States National Design Awards Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Recognizing design in USA to educate and promote excellence, innovation, and lasting achievement
United States Phil Kaufman Award Electronic System Design Alliance Recognize individuals for their impact on electronic design by their contributions to electronic design automation (EDA)
United States The Earth Awards Earth Awards Global search for creative solutions designed for the 21st century

Asia and Oceania[edit]

Country Award Sponsor Notes
Australia Australian Good Design Awards Industrial Design Council of Australia National design awards for industrial design[11]
Australia Greenpeace Design Awards Greenpeace Australia Pacific Innovative and creative individuals whose work best reflects environmental concerns in a visually striking and iconic way[12]
India NCPEDP MphasiS Universal Design Awards National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People / Mphasis Individuals and organisations doing exemplary work towards the cause of accessibility and thus ensuring a life of equality and dignity for persons with disabilities[13][14]
Japan Good Design Award Japan Institute of Design Promotion Product that can bless and enrich society and people's lives through its design[15]
Japan Mainichi Design Prize Mainichi Shimbun Outstanding Japanese designers (since 1952)[16]
Singapore Singapore Jewellery Design Award Singapore Jewellery association Competition among art school students[17]
South Korea K-Design Award DESIGNSORI Product, communication, transportation, space and service design[18]


Country Award Sponsor Notes
Budapest IDA Design Awards Farmini Group Awards for architectures, interior, product, fashion and graphic
Europe Design Management Europe Award Design Management Europe Management and successful implementation of design in processes and strategies to achieve business goals[19][20][21]
Europe European Design Award Ico-D Outstanding work in the communication design field[22]
Denmark Danish Design Award Danish Design Centre All design disciplines, with focus on form, function and value creation[23]
Denmark Finn Juhl Prize Wilhelm Hansen Foundation Special effort in the field of furniture design–with special reference to chairs[24]
Denmark The Index Project The Index Project Improvement of life worldwide, both in developed and developing countries[25][26][27]
Finland Kaj Franck Prize Design Forum Finland Finnish design[28]
Finland Fennia Prize Design Forum Finland, Fennia Group Good design grows global competition[29]
France Observeur du Design Agence pour la promotion de la création industrielle Design as a key factor in business competitiveness as well as economic, social and cultural innovation[30]
France Peugeot Concours Design Peugeot Designs for a car (2001 to 2008)[31]
France Prix Versailles World Prix Versailles Organization Creation of quality spaces in every inhabited area[32]
Germany German Design Award Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers in the German and international design sector
Germany IF Product Design Award International Forum Design Multiple disciplines
Germany Kind + Jugend Innovation Award Kind + Jugend trade fair Best overall baby product in the areas of design, safety, user-friendliness, degree of innovation, and quality of workmanship
Germany Red Dot Red Dot GmbH Product design, brand and communication design as well as design concepts
Italy Compasso d'Oro Associazione per il Disegno Industriale Acknowledge and promote quality in the field of industrial designs made in Italy
Netherlands Benno Premsela Prize Mondriaan Fonds A person who has played a stimulating role in the field of visual arts, design or architecture
Netherlands Dutch Design Awards Dutch Design Award Foundation Honor design initiatives and designers in the Netherlands
Netherlands Dutch Furniture Awards Dutch Furniture Awards Dutch furniture design (from 1985 to 1998)
Netherlands Gerrit Noordzij Prize Royal Academy of Art, The Hague Extraordinary contributions to the fields of type design, typography and type education
Netherlands Rotterdam Design Award Rotterdam Design Award Conceptual vision and performance in the field of the designer (from 1993 to 2013)
Nordic countries Forum AID Award Forum AID Architecture, Interiors, Design and Best Student Work
Norway National Norwegian Design Awards Visuelt Professionals working with visual communication in Norway (since 1993)
Scandinavia Lunning Prize Frederik Lunning Eminent Scandinavian designers (from 1951 to 1970)
Serbia Belgrade Design Week Belgrade Design Week festival Architecture, design, fashion, publishing, and new media
Serbia Mikser Festival Maja Vidaković Lalić Design, architecture, urban planning, new technologies etc. in Serbia
Spain IED Design Awards Istituto Europeo di Design People and projects that stand out within the design world
Sweden Excellent Swedish Design Swedish Society of Crafts and Design Professional design organizations and their producers (from 1983 to 2002)
Sweden Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize Röhsska Museum Active Nordic designer or craftsman

United Kingdom[edit]

Country Award Sponsor Notes
United Kingdom D&AD Awards D&AD Excellence in design and advertising[33]
United Kingdom British Inspiration Awards British Inspiration Awards Achievement in the creative industries of Britain[34][35]
United Kingdom Bicentenary Medal of the Royal Society of Arts Royal Society of Arts A person who, in a manner other than as an industrial designer, has applied art and design in great effect as instruments of civic innovation[36]
United Kingdom Brunel Award The Watford Group Visual design in railway architecture, graphics, industrial design and art, etc.[37]
United Kingdom Craft and design gold medal National Eisteddfod of Wales Excellence in Craft and Design[38]
United Kingdom ISTD International Typographic Awards International Society of Typographic Designers Current standards in typographic design[39]
United Kingdom James Dyson Award James Dyson Foundation Challenges young people to design something that solves a problem[40]
United Kingdom Kent Design Awards Kent County Council Design excellence in Kent
United Kingdom Loo of the Year Awards Loo of the Year Awards Best toilets in Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands
United Kingdom Millennium product Design Council British products and companies which show "imagination, ingenuity and inspiration" as well as "innovation, creativity and design"
United Kingdom Phillips Gold Medal Phillips Gold Medal Person who has contributed the most to British postage stamp design in recent years
United Kingdom Prince Philip Designers Prize Chartered Society of Designers Design career which has upheld the highest standards and broken new ground
United Kingdom Pub Design Awards Campaign for Real Ale Exceptional pubs in the UK that have been newly built/converted or have recently undergone building/conservation work
United Kingdom Royal Designers for Industry Royal Society of Arts Encourage a high standard of industrial design and enhance the status of designers
United Kingdom The Sir Misha Black Awards Design and Industries Association etc. Individuals and institutions, to honour them in their role within design education
United Kingdom Wood Awards Worshipful Company of Carpenters Working with wood in buildings and furniture (since 1971)

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