List of diplomatic missions in Armenia

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Diplomatic missions in Armenia

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Armenia. There are currently 33 embassies and 30 consulates in Yerevan. 67 other countries have accredited embassies outside Armenia.

Embassies in Yerevan[edit]

Embassy of Poland in Yerevan
Embassy of China in Yerevan
Embassy of Kazakhstan in Yerevan
Embassy of Syria in Yerevan
Embassy of Switzerland in Yerevan
Honorary Consulate of Indonesia in Armenia

Other posts in Yerevan[edit]


Consulate-General in Gyumri[edit]

Honorary Consulates in Gyumri[edit]

Honorary Consulates in Yerevan[edit]

Non-resident Embassies[edit]

Resident in Moscow, otherwise Noted.

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