List of diplomatic missions in Belgium

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Map of diplomatic missions in Belgium

This page lists diplomatic missions resident in the Kingdom of Belgium. This listing excludes honorary consulates.

At present, the capital city of Brussels hosts 183 embassies. Brussels is unique in that it is not only the seat of the Belgian Government, but also of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Commission, which is the executive wing of the European Union to which countries accredit representatives. Thus, a country can send up to three ambassadors to Brussels, one to the King of the Belgians, Philippe of Belgium, one to NATO and one to the EC. Some missions serve all three functions, while other countries open separate offices for each.



Representative Offices and Delegations[edit]

Consulates General/Consulates[edit]




Missions to the European Union[edit]

Missions to the European Union
in some cases co-located with Belgium embassy and/or Mission to NATO

Missions to NATO[edit]

Missions to NATO
in some cases co-located with Belgium embassy and/or Mission to EU

Accredited ambassador or embassies[edit]

Countries without an embassy in Belgium and without accreditation to Belgium[edit]

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