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This is a list of diplomatic missions in Boston, Massachusetts (and surrounding environs of "Greater" or "Metro-Boston"). These countries have established a resident consular presence to provide diplomatic and trade representation.



Both Italy and Japan have their consulates in the Federal Reserve Bank Building in Boston.
Country Headed by Address Neighborhood
 Brazil[1] Glivania de Oliveira, Consul-General 175 Purchase Street, 02110 Downtown
 Canada[2] Patrick G. Binns, Consul-General 3 Copley Place, Suite 400 Back Bay/South End
 Cape Verde[3] Pedro Graciano de Carvalho, Consul-General 607 Boylston Street, 4th Floor Back Bay
 Colombia[4] Monica Pinzon Bueno, Consul-General 31 Saint James Avenue, Suite 960 Back Bay
 Dominican Republic[5] Dominico Cabral Abad, Consul-General 20 Park Plaza, Suite 601 Back Bay
 El Salvador[3] José Edgardo Alemán Molina, Consul-General 46 Bennington Street East Boston
 France[6] Fabien Fieschi, Consul-General 31 St. James Avenue, Suite 750 Back Bay
 Germany[7] Ralf Horlemann, Consul-General Three Copley Place, Suite 500 Back Bay/South End
 Greece[8] Ifigenia Kanara, Consul-General 86 Beacon Street Back Bay/Beacon Hill
 Haiti[9] Emmanuelle Dupiton, Acting Consul General 545 Boylston Street, Suite 201 Back Bay
 Ireland[10] Breandán Ó Caollaí, Consul-General 535 Boylston Street, 5th Floor Back Bay
 Israel[11] Shai Bazak, Consul-General 20 Park Plaza, Suite 1020 Back Bay
 Italy[12] Giuseppe Pastorelli, Consul-General 600 Atlantic Avenue, 17th Floor Financial District
 Japan[13] Akira Muto, Consul-General 600 Atlantic Avenue, 22nd Floor Financial District
 Mexico[14] Daniel Hernandez-Joseph, Consul-General 55 Franklin St, 1St Fl Financial Distrcit
 Peru[15] Mariano García-Godos, Consul General 20 Park Plaza, Suite 511 Back Bay
 Portugal[3] Paulo Cunha Alves, Consul General 699 Boylston Street, One Exeter Plaza, 7th Floor Back Bay
 Spain[16] Position Vacant 31 St. James Avenue, Suite 905 Back Bay
 Turkey[3] Murat Lütem, Consul General 31 St. James Avenue, Suite 840 Back Bay
 Venezuela[17] Omar Sierra, Consul-General 545 Boylston Street, Suite 301 Back Bay


The city of Cambridge is located very close to downtown Boston, directly across the Charles River.

Country Headed by Address Neighborhood
  Switzerland[18] Dr. Felix Moesner, CEO, Consul 420 Broadway Mid-Cambridge
 United Kingdom[19] Susie Kitchens, Consul-General One Broadway Kendall Square


The city of Newton is a suburban community which borders the western side of the Boston neighborhoods of Allston-Brighton.

Country Headed by Address
 South Korea[3] Song-jun Ohm, Consul-General One Gateway Center, 2nd Floor

Honorary consulates[edit]

All honorary consulates are in Boston proper unless otherwise indicated.

Source: Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment[3]

Missions and representative offices[edit]

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