List of diplomatic missions in Kenya

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This is a list of diplomatic missions in Kenya. There are currently 95 embassies/high commissions in Nairobi and three consulates in Mombasa.[1]

Honorary consulates are not listed below.

Diplomatic missions in Kenya

Diplomatic missions in Nairobi[edit]

Embassies and High Commissions[edit]

Permanent missions to the United Nations Office at Nairobi[edit]

Other missions or delegations[edit]

  1.  European Union (Delegation)
  2.  Somaliland (Representative Office)


Consular missions[edit]



Accredited embassies and high commissions[edit]

Resident in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia[edit]

Resident in Pretoria, South Africa[edit]

Resident in other cities[edit]

Future missions[edit]

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