List of diplomatic missions in Malaysia

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Map of diplomatic missions in Malaysia

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Malaysia. At present, the capital city of Kuala Lumpur hosts 96 embassies and high commissions. Several other countries accredit ambassadors from other capitals. This listing excludes honorary consulates.

Embassies/High Commissions[edit]

Kuala Lumpur

  1. ^ Currently banned due to Kim Jong-nam murder cases.[1]

Representative Offices[edit]

Consulates General and Consulates[edit]

George Town[edit]

Johor Bahru[edit]

Kota Bharu[edit]

Kota Kinabalu[edit]



Accredited Embassies and High Commissions[edit]

Listed by city of residence.

Former Embassies[edit]

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  1. ^ "Kim Jong-nam crisis: North Korea and Malaysia ban each other's citizens from leaving". 7 March 2017.