List of diplomatic missions in Monaco

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Diplomatic missions in Monaco

This page lists diplomatic missions resident in Monaco. At present, the Principality hosts 2 embassies. Due to the renegotiation of the treaty governing relations between the French Republic and Principality of Monaco, the latter is now able to receive and send ambassadors in its own right rather than being restricted to conducting solely consular relations with other countries.[citation needed] Monaco is consequently in the process of establishing full diplomatic relations with other countries and grants accreditation to new ambassadors on a regular basis.[citation needed] Some countries, while accrediting an ambassador from Paris, conduct day-to-day relations and provide consular services from Consulates General in nearby French cities, such as Marseille or Nice, or utilize Honorary Consuls.


La Rousse/Saint Roman



Honorary Consulates[edit]

La Colle
La Condamine
Les Révoires
Monte Carlo
Saint Michel
La Rousse/Saint Roman

Non-resident embassies[edit]