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Map of diplomatic missions in the State of Palestine

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Palestine, covering missions accredited to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and/or the State of Palestine, depending on what level of recognition the sending state has accorded. As Israel controls most of the territory claimed by the PNA as constituting the State of Palestine, most missions to the latter are officially termed Representative Offices due to Israel not recognizing a Palestinian state, although a wide variety of nomenclature is employed.

This listing only includes missions accredited directly to Palestine/the PNA or resident in the Palestinian Territories.

Most diplomatic missions to Palestine/the PNA are resident in Ramallah, although a few countries also maintain offices in Gaza and Jerusalem. 40 countries and the European Union at present have missions in the Palestinian Territories.

Representative Offices/Missions[edit]

Foreign relations of Palestine:
  Embassy to the State of Palestine, non-resident
  Representation Offices to the Palestinian National Authority, Ramallah and Gaza
  Representation Office to the Palestinian National Authority, Ramallah
  Representation Office to the Palestinian National Authority, Gaza
  Other mission type to the PLO or Palestinian National Authority, non-resident
  Consulate-General to Jerusalem, or Consulate-General to Jerusalem and the Palestinian National Authority in Jerusalem

Resident in Ramallah unless otherwise noted.

Non-resident embassies[edit]

Residents in Cairo, Egypt, unless otherwise noted:

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