List of diplomatic missions of Barbados

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Location of (some) diplomatic missions of Barbados:
  Embassy or High Commission

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Barbados, excluding honorary consulates. The Caribbean island of Barbados has a modest diplomatic presence. Barbados has thirteen missions and consulates located abroad, with many of these missions accredited to other countries. There are four missions in the US, two in Canada and one each in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, China, Cuba, Brazil, and Venezuela. There is also a network of honorary consulates in several cities across the world, including: Asia, Africa, Oceania, and both North and South America.[1] These honorary consuls work in close contact with Barbados' thirteen missions and consulates.


Embassy of Barbados in Washington, D.C.



High Commission of Barbados in London

Barbados Tourism Authority[edit]

The tourism authority of the Barbados Ministry of Tourism also maintains offices in the following locations.[2]

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