List of diplomatic missions of Eritrea

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Diplomatic missions of Eritrea

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Eritrea. Eritrea is a comparatively young country that has tense relations with some of its neighbours, especially Ethiopia. Eritrea has relatively good relations with Djibouti and improving relations with Sudan and Yemen. It has a limited number of diplomatic missions around the world.

On 17 August 2007 the Eritrean government was ordered by the United States Department of State to shut down the consulate in Oakland, California which served a community of 7,000 in the San Francisco Bay Area. This action was in retaliation for restrictions imposed by the Eritrean government on the travel of US diplomats in Eritrea, interference with the diplomatic pouch and other irregularities.[1]



Embassy of Eritrea in Washington, D.C.



Embassy of Eritrea in Berlin
Embassy of Eritrea in London


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