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The State of Palestine has a network of diplomatic missions accredited to countries that recognise the partially recognised state, predominantly in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. In addition there are several delegations and other representative offices that represent the Palestinian Authority to other states and multilateral organisations, of which their agents may be accorded some degree of recognition similar to what is proscribed to other diplomats.

Diplomatic missions (red) and other representative offices (yellow) of Palestine
Foreign relations of Palestine:
  State of Palestine embassy
  State of Palestine embassy, non-resident
  Palestine (PLO) embassy
  Palestine (PLO) embassy, non-resident
  Palestine (PLO) general delegation
  Palestine (PLO) general delegation, non-resident
  Palestine (PLO) other mission type



Palestinian Embassy in Buenos Aires
Palestinian Special Mission in Bogotá



Mission of Palestine in London
Embassy of Palestine in Moscow
Embassy of Palestine in Stockholm
Embassy of Palestine in Warsaw


Multilateral organisations[edit]

  • Cairo (Permanent Mission to the Arab League)[13]
  • Geneva (Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations)[47]
  • New York City (Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations)[9]
  • Paris (Permanent Observer Mission to UNESCO)[13]
  • Vienna (Permanent Mission)[9]

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