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This is a list of disbarments affecting notable lawyers.

Name Jurisdiction Date disbarred Date reinstated Reason/Details
Spiro T. Agnew Maryland 1973 No contest plea to bribery and tax evasion.[1]
James Alexander New York 1735 1737 Retaliatory measure for defending John Peter Zenger from sedition.[2]
F. Lee Bailey Florida and Massachusetts 2001 Misconduct while defending Claude Duboc.[3] Filed for reinstatement in Massachusetts in 2005, but has not yet[when?] been reinstated.[citation needed] Applied for reinstatement in Maine in 2013, and approved by a judge of the state's Supreme Judicial Court, but decision appealed by the state Board of Bar Examiners, requiring a rehearing by the entire court. Case heard by the full court on January 14, 2014;[4] the court announced on April 10 that it had voted 4–2 to deny Bailey admission.[5]
Tommy Burnett Tennessee 1990 2003 Convicted of multiple felonies as a result of the Operation Rocky Top political corruption investigation.[6]
Thomas J. Capano Delaware 2001 November 15 Convicted of murder.[7]
Laurence Canter Tennessee 1997 In part for unethical practices in marketing legal service (i.e. through spamming).[8]
Marc Stuart Dreier New York 2009 October 8 Violation of New York's insider trading statute and General Business Law[9]
Ed Fagan New York 2008 December Failed to pay court fines and fees in Holocaust Case[10]
Ed Fagan New Jersey 2009 January Convicted for stealing money from Holocaust survivors.[11]
Stanley Hilton California State Bar 2012 Misconduct[12]
Alger Hiss Massachusetts 1952 1975 Convicted of perjury[13]
Abraham J. Isserman New Jersey 1954 1961 Contempt of court during Foley Square trial
Kwame Kilpatrick Michigan 2008 Pleaded No contest to one count of assaulting a police officer and guilty to two felony obstruction of justice charges.[14]
Egil Krogh Washington 1975 1980 Convicted of conspiracy to violate civil rights of Daniel Ellsberg[15]
Lewis Libby District of Columbia 2008 March 20 Convicted of four of five felony counts of obstruction of justice, perjury, and making false statements to a grand jury and federal investigators, in United States v. Libby, pertaining to the Plame affair and related CIA leak grand jury investigation.[16]
Lewis Libby Pennsylvania 2008 December 10 Reciprocal with District of Columbia.[17]
Marvin Mandel Maryland 1982 October 29 1989 July 6[18] Mail fraud and racketeering.[19]
C. Vernon Mason New York 1995 Price gouging, theft, and abandoning clients.[20]
John N. Mitchell New York 1975 July 3 Perjury[21]
Michael D. Murphy Texas, Louisiana 1984, 1985 [22][23]
Mike Nifong North Carolina 2007 Prosecutorial misconduct while prosecuting the Duke lacrosse case.[24]
Richard Nixon New York 1976 August 9 Obstruction of justice related to Watergate.[25]
Fred Phelps Kansas 1979 July 20 Conduct during his lawsuit against court reporter Carolene Brady.[26]
Fred Phelps United States federal courts 1989 (ceased practicing) Already excluded from Kansas state courts by his disbarment, Phelps agreed to cease practicing in federal courts as part of the settlement for a 1985 disciplinary complaint by nine federal judges.[27]
Thomas Porteous Louisiana 2011 January Voluntarily surrendered his state law license after being impeached by the US Senate on December 8, 2010.[28]
Michael E. Reiburn New York 1935 Disbarred for unethical practices,[29] later for the same case sentenced to five years in prison for fraud.
Mitch Skandalakis Georgia 2005 Convicted of making a false statement to an FBI investigator.[30]
Joel Steinberg New York 1987 First Degree Manslaughter[31]
Lynne Stewart New York 2005 Convicted in Federal Court of aiding terrorists and defrauding the U.S. government.[32]
Jack Thompson Florida 2008 Found guilty of 27 counts of professional misconduct, including verbal harassment and intimidation[33][34]


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