List of discrete event simulation software

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This is a list of notable discrete-event simulation software.


Software Publisher Description Last Updated
AnyLogic The AnyLogic Company A general purpose multimethod modeling tool. Combines agent-based, system dynamics, and discrete event modeling. May 4, 2021[1]
Arena (software) Rockwell Automation A discrete event simulation program that also allows modeling of continuous processes. August 28, 2019[2]
Care pathway simulator SAASoft Ltd. A discrete event simulation program specifically designed for service industries e.g. healthcare. Unknown
Enterprise Dynamics INCONTROL Simulation Solutions A simulation software platform to model and analyze virtually any manufacturing, material handling and logistics challenge. July 18, 2018[3]
ExtendSim Imagine That Inc. A general purpose simulation software package. September 6, 2019[4]
DELMIA Dassault Systemes Part of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform of Dassault Systemes June 7, 2019[5]
FlexSim FlexSim Software Products, Inc. A discrete event simulation software with a drag-and-drop interface for modeling simulations in 3D. January 21, 2022[6]
GoldSim GoldSim Technology Group LLC Combines system dynamics with aspects of discrete event simulation, embedded in a Monte Carlo framework. September 21, 2015[7]
GPSS Various A discrete event simulation language. Different implementations are available through vendors. Various
Micro Saint Sharp Alion Science A general purpose discrete event modeling tool that uses a drag and drop interface and the C# programming language. May 20, 2019[8]
MS4 Modeling Environment RTSync Corporation A general purpose DEVS methodology based software environment for discrete event and hybrid models. July 23, 2015[9]
Plant Simulation Siemens PLM Software Software that enables the simulation and optimization of production systems and processes. May 3, 2019[10]
Simcad Pro CreateASoft, Inc Discrete event simulation software. On-The-Fly model changes while the simulation is running. Visual interface with no coding environment. Includes VR and Physics engine. August 11, 2016[11]
SimEvents MathWorks Adds discrete event simulation to the MATLAB/Simulink environment. September 14, 2016[12]
SIMUL8 SIMUL8 Corporation Object-based simulation software January 22, 2019[13]
VisualSim Mirabilis Design Inc. Model-based system architecture exploration of electronics, embedded software and semiconductors based on timing, power consumption and functionality June 11, 2017
WITNESS Lanner Group Ltd. Discrete event simulation with VR available on desktop and cloud May 8, 2018

Open Source[edit]

Name Language Type Last Updated License Description
CPN Tools BETA Application February 1, 2015 (v4.0.1)[14] GPLv2 A tool to analyse logistics/queuing models in all types of applications.
DESMO-J Java Library November 30, 2015 (v2.5.1c)[15] Apache 2.0 A framework for discrete-event simulation in Java, supporting hybrid event/process models and providing animation in 2D and 3D.
Facsimile Scala Library April 29, 2009[16] LGPLv3 A discrete-event simulation/emulation library.
PowerDEVS C++ Application September 18, 2013 (v933)[17] AFL, GPLv2 An integrated tool for hybrid systems modeling and simulation based on the DEVS formalism.
Ptolemy II Java Library December 17, 2014 (v10.0.1)[18] BSD A software framework supporting experimentation with actor-oriented design.[18]
SIM.JS JavaScript Library January 16, 2012 (v0.26)[19] LGPL SIM.JS is a general-purpose Discrete Event Simulation library written entirely in JavaScript. Runs in browser and a GUI-based modeling tool is supported.
SimPy Python Library April 15, 2020 (4.0.1)[20] MIT SimPy is a process-based discrete-event simulation framework based on standard Python.[21]
Simula Simula Language June 1, 1967 A programming language designed specifically for simulation.
SystemC C++ Library November 15, 2018 (v2.3.3)[22] Apache 2.0 A set of C++ classes and macros which provide an event-driven simulation kernel.

Further reading[edit]

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