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This is a list of notable discrete event simulation software.

Open Source[edit]

Name Language Type Last Updated License Description
CPN Tools BETA Application February 1, 2015 (v4.0.1)[1] GPLv2 A tool to analyse logistics/queuing models in all types of applications.
DESMO-J Java Library November 30, 2015 (v2.5.1c)[2] Apache 2.0 A framework for discrete-event simulation in Java, supporting hybrid event/process models and providing animation in 2D and 3D.
Facsimile Scala Library April 29, 2009[3] LGPLv3 A discrete-event simulation/emulation library.
JaamSim Java Application October 4, 2016[4] Apache 2.0 Simulation software with drag-and-drop user interface and interactive 3D graphics.
PowerDEVS C++ Application September 18, 2013 (v933)[5] AFL, GPLv2 An integrated tool for hybrid systems modeling and simulation based on the DEVS formalism.
Ptolemy II Java Library December 17, 2014 (v10.0.1)[6] BSD A software framework supporting experimentation with actor-oriented design.[6]
SIM.JS JavaScript Library January 16, 2012 (v0.26)[7] LGPL SIM.JS is a general-purpose Discrete Event Simulation library written entirely in JavaScript. Runs in browser and a GUI-based modeling tool is supported.
Simula Simula Language June 1, 1967 A programming language designed specifically for simulation.
SystemC C++ Library March 23, 2014 (v2.3.1)[8] SystemC Open Source License A set of C++ classes and macros which provide an event-driven simulation kernel.


Software Publisher Description Last Updated
AnyLogic The AnyLogic Company A graphical general purpose simulation tool which supports discrete event, system dynamics and agent-based modeling approaches. May 25, 2015[9]
Care pathway simulator SAASoft Ltd. A discrete event simulation program specifically designed for service industries e.g. healthcare. Unknown
Enterprise Dynamics INCONTROL Simulation Solutions A simulation software platform. May 24, 2016[10]
ExtendSim Imagine That Inc. A general purpose simulation software package. February 13, 2015[11]
FlexSim FlexSim Software Products, Inc. A discrete event simulation software with a drag-and-drop interface for modeling simulations in 3D. September 6, 2016[12]
GoldSim GoldSim Technology Group LLC Combines system dynamics with aspects of discrete event simulation, embedded in a Monte Carlo framework. September 21, 2015[13]
GPSS Various A discrete event simulation language. Different implementations are available through vendors. Various
MS4 Modeling Environment RTSync Corporation A general purpose DEVS methodology based software environment for discrete event and hybrid models. July 23, 2015[14]
NetSim TETCOS Network Simulation software with built-in development environment August 26, 2016[15]
Plant Simulation Siemens PLM Software Software that enables the simulation and optimization of production systems and processes. May 19, 2016[16]
ProModel ProModel, Inc. A discrete-event simulation tool that also allows modeling of continuous processes. June 1, 2014[17]
ProcessModel ProcessModel, Inc. A discrete-event simulation software for simulation of strategic situations. December 19, 2016[18]
Simcad Pro CreateASoft, Inc Dynamic discrete and continuous simulation software. Visual interface with no coding environment. August 11, 2016[19]
SimEvents MathWorks Adds discrete event simulation to the MATLAB/Simulink environment. September 14, 2016[20]
Simio Simio LLC. An object oriented discrete event and agent based simulation software June 1, 2016[21]
SIMUL8 SIMUL8 Corporation Object-based simulation software March 22, 2016[22]

Further reading[edit]

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