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This is a list of disk operating systems in which the acronym DOS is used to form their names. Many of these are simply referred to as "DOS" within their respective communities.

MS-DOS / IBM PC DOS compatible systems[edit]

  • MS-DOS (since 1981), Microsoft operating system based on 86-DOS for x86-based personal computers
  • IBM PC DOS (since 1981), OEM version of MS-DOS for the IBM Personal Computer and compatibles, manufactured and sold by IBM from the 1980s to the 2000s
  • DR-DOS (since 1988), MS-DOS-compatible operating system originally developed by Digital Research
  • ROM-DOS (1989), MS-DOS clone by Datalight
  • PTS-DOS (since 1993), MS-DOS clone developed in Russia by PhysTechSoft
  • FreeDOS (since 1998), open source MS-DOS clone

Other x86 disk operating systems[edit]

  • 4680 OS, an IBM operating system based on FlexOS 286 by Digital Research
  • 4690 OS, an IBM operating system based on FlexOS 386 by Digital Research
  • 86-DOS (a.k.a. QDOS, created 1980), an operating system developed by Seattle Computer Products for its 8086-based S-100 computer kit, heavily inspired by CP/M
  • Concurrent DOS (a.k.a. CDOS, Concurrent PC DOS and CPCDOS) (since 1983), a CP/M-86 and MS-DOS 2.11 compatible multiuser, multitasking DOS, based on Concurrent CP/M-86 developed by Digital Research
  • Datapac System Manager, a successor of Multiuser DOS by Datapac Australasia
  • DOS Plus (since 1985), a PC DOS and CP/M-86 compatible multitasking operating system for early x86-based personal computers, based on Concurrent PC DOS 4.1/5.0 by Digital Research
  • FlexOS, a modular distributed real-time multitasking operating based on Concurrent DOS 286 by Digital Research
  • Multiuser DOS (a.k.a. MDOS), a PC DOS and CP/M-86 compatible multiuser multitasking operating system based on Concurrent DOS by Digital Research
  • NetWare PalmDOS, a successor of DR DOS 6.0 specifically tailored for early mobile and palmtop PCs by Novell
  • Novell DOS, a multitasking successor of DR DOS 6.0 by Novell
  • OpenDOS, a successor of Novell DOS by Caldera
  • REAL/32, a real-time successor of Multiuser DOS by Intelligent Micro Software

Disk operating systems for other platforms[edit]

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