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List of disk partitioning software

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This is a list of utilities for performing disk partitioning.


Name Developer Licensing Maintained? Platform Last version release date
DFSee Jan van Wijk Proprietary software Yes DOS, Linux, macOS, OS/2, Windows NT family October 6, 2021
Disk Director Acronis Proprietary software No Windows March 4, 2023
DiskGenius Eassos Proprietary software Yes Windows August 1, 2023
Disk Utility Apple Proprietary software Yes macOS
diskpart Microsoft Proprietary software Yes Windows NT family
fdisk (FreeDOS) Brian Reifsnyder Free software Yes FreeDOS
fdisk (Microsoft) Microsoft Proprietary software No MS-DOS, Windows
fdisk (OS/2) IBM Proprietary software Yes OS/2
fdisk (Unix-like) util-linux project Free software Yes Unix-like
FIPS Arno Schäfer Free software No MS-DOS
GNOME Disks Red Hat Free software Yes Linux
GNU Parted CLI-only (GUIs: Gparted, QtParted) The GParted Project Free software Yes Linux
GParted (GUI for GNU Parted) The GParted Project Free software Yes Linux (Live CD is independent) March 28, 2022
gdisk (GPT fdisk) Roderick W. Smith Free software Yes Linux, macOS, Windows July 5, 2018
KDE Partition Manager Volker Lanz Free software Yes Linux
Logical Disk Manager Microsoft Proprietary software Yes Windows NT family
MiniTool Partition Wizard MiniTool Solution Freeware Yes Microsoft Windows August 15, 2023
ntfsresize Szabolcs Szakacsits Free software Yes Linux
Parted Magic Parted Magic LLC Proprietary software Yes Linux
Partition Commander VCOM Products Proprietary software No Windows
PartitionMagic Symantec Proprietary software No Windows May 5, 2004
Hard Disk Manager(Partition Manager) Paragon Proprietary software Yes Windows March 10, 2015
Partition Master EaseUS Proprietary software Yes Windows October 14, 2021
QtParted (GUI for GNU Parted) Vanni Brutto Free software No Linux
Ranish Partition Manager Mikhail Ranish Freeware No MS-DOS, PC DOS, DR-DOS or FreeDOS
Solaris format utility Sun Microsystems Proprietary software No Solaris