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There are various formal and informal subdivisions of London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Postal Geography[edit]

18 Postcode sectors in (7 postcode areas) cover the borough: IG11 7, 8, 9 and 0; RM5 2; RM6 4, 5 and 6; RM7 0; RM8 1, 2 and 3; RM9 4, 5 and 6; RM10 7, 8, 9. All of RM8 and RM9 are wholly within B&D and for practical purposes so is all of RM10. The other areas extend into neighbouring boroughs (Newham, Redbridge and Havering). All sectors of IG11 [4 sectors], RM6 [3], RM8 [3], RM9 [3] and RM10 [3] are at least partly in B&D.

The Post Towns Barking, Dagenham, and Romford each cover part of the borough (and beyond).

(In fact the borough also extends into LONDON E6 2--, but this is negligible as the area comprises a roundabout and slip roads with no residences or businesses.)


This is a list of 13 'Neighbourhoods' without defined boundaries.

Map all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap 
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Barking and Dagenham within Greater London
Neighbourhood Post town Postcode Area/District/Sector Coordinates OS grid ref
Barking BARKING IG11 51°32′10″N 0°04′37″E / 51.536°N 0.077°E / 51.536; 0.077 (Barking) TQ440840
Barking Riverside BARKING IG11 0 51°31′16″N 0°06′32″E / 51.521°N 0.109°E / 51.521; 0.109 (Barking Riverside) TQ464823
Becontree DAGENHAM RM 51°32′53″N 0°08′31″E / 51.548°N 0.142°E / 51.548; 0.142 (Becontree) TQ485855
Becontree Heath DAGENHAM RM 51°33′47″N 0°09′07″E / 51.563°N 0.152°E / 51.563; 0.152 (Becontree Heath) TQ493871
Castle Green DAGENHAM RM 51°31′59″N 0°07′19″E / 51.533°N 0.122°E / 51.533; 0.122 (Castle Green) TQ472837
Chadwell Heath ROMFORD RM6 51°34′30″N 0°08′38″E / 51.575°N 0.144°E / 51.575; 0.144 (Chadwell Heath) TQ485885
Creekmouth BARKING IG11 0 51°31′08″N 0°05′56″E / 51.519°N 0.099°E / 51.519; 0.099 (Creekmouth) TQ457820
Dagenham DAGENHAM RM 51°32′20″N 0°08′31″E / 51.539°N 0.142°E / 51.539; 0.142 (Dagenham) TQ485845
Dagenham Riverside DAGENHAM RM 51°31′16″N 0°08′46″E / 51.521°N 0.146°E / 51.521; 0.146 (Dagenham Riverside) TQ489824
Marks Gate ROMFORD RM6 51°35′35″N 0°08′38″E / 51.593°N 0.144°E / 51.593; 0.144 (Marks Gate) TQ485905
Rush Green ROMFORD RM7 51°33′43″N 0°10′16″E / 51.562°N 0.171°E / 51.562; 0.171 (Rush Green) TQ505870
Thames View BARKING IG11 0 51°31′44″N 0°06′14″E / 51.529°N 0.104°E / 51.529; 0.104 (Thames View) TQ460831
Upney BARKING IG11 9 51°32′26″N 0°05′56″E / 51.540469°N 0.098814°E / 51.540469; 0.098814 (Upney) TQ456844

Note that 'Barking' and 'Dagenham' are the names both of post towns and of Neighbourhoods in this table.

Character areas[edit]

These 11 "character areas" were proposed in Barking & Dagenham Council's 'Issues and Options' report on page 50 (list) and 51 (map).[1] The character area names are unique within the list.

"We would appreciate your feedback on what you think the different places are in Barking and Dagenham. To help with this we’ve attempted to define what we think are the eleven places that make up the borough. Becontree; Becontree Heath; Barking Riverside/Thames View; Barking Town Centre; Chadwell Heath; Dagenham East; Dagenham Riverside; Faircross, Leftley and Eastbury; Goodmayes; Marks Gate; Rush Green."

The omission of Upney - an old place name and the name of a London Underground station - from this list is noteworthy.

Strategic sub-areas[edit]

These 7 'strategic sub-areas' are on a map published by Barking & Dagenham Council in September 2019:

Barking & The Roding; Becontree Heath & Rush Green; Becontree; Chadwell Heath & Marks Gate; Dagenham Dock & Beam Park; Dagenham East & The Village; Thames & Riverside

Similar (if not identical) areas were subsequently used, albeit with some names modified, in the council's Draft Local Plan 2019-2034:[2]

1: Barking Town Centre and the River Roding *

2: Thames Road, Barking Riverside and Castle Green

3: Dagenham Dock, Beam Park and the Ford Stamping Plant **

4: Becontree

5: Chadwell Heath and Marks Gate

6: Becontree Heath and Rush Green

7: Dagenham East and Dagenham Village

* The September 2020 consultation version of the local plan[3] lists sub-area 1 above as: 'Barking, the River Roding'

** in August 2021 Peabody started consulting on their plans to redevelop the Ford Stamping Plant site: The development has been dubbed 'Dagenham Green'.[4]

Electoral wards and polling districts[edit]

The borough is divided into wards - these 17 from 2010: Abbey, Alibon, Becontree, Chadwell Heath *, Eastbrook *, Eastbury, Gascoigne, Goresbrook, Heath *, Longbridge, Mayesbrook, Parsloes, River *, Thames, Valence, Village * and Whalebone * wards. Each ward is represented by three Councillors.

From the 2010 General election, the 6 wards indicated by * were in Dagenham & Rainham Constituency, with 3 wards from LB Havering, and the remaining 11 were in Barking constituency.

From 27 October 2020 until 31 May 2021 the Electoral Commission consulted on ward boundary changes to take effect from the 2022 elections.[5] The council has proposed[6] to continue having 51 Councillors, but to increase the number of wards to 19. The 17 wards named above would be kept, though with changed boundaries, and two new wards - Roding and Creekmouth - each with 2 members - would be added. Eastbrook, Gascoigne, Heath, and Parsloes wards would become 2 member wards. The estimated borough-wide electorate at the time of the change will be 17,4322, equivalent to 3418 electors per Councillor. The proposed changes entail each ward boundary being drawn so that the electors per Councillor is within 10% of that borough average.[7][8]

The Boundary Commission's decision in August 2021 [9] has the following 19 wards:

Abbey [2], Alibon [2], Barking Riverside [n], Beam [n], Becontree [2], Chadwell Heath, Eastbrook & Rush Green [2] [n], Eastbury, Gascoigne, Goresbrook, Heath [2], Longbridge, Mayesbrook, Northbury [n], Parsloes, Thames View [2] [n], Valence, Village, and Whalebone.

[2] = Two member wards - 6 off. The other 13 are three member. Total remains at 51 Councillors.

[n] = New ward name - 5 off. 3 lost Ward names - Eastbrook, River, Thames

The boundary changes would mean, when implemented as expected, that Goresbrook and Parsloes wards will each straddle the boundary between the two parliamentary constituencies that cover the borough.

The borough is divided into 66 polling districts, each denoted by a two letter code. There is a map here

BT Telephone Exchange Areas[edit]

Barking, Dagenham and Goodmayes (in the London Telephone Region - 020 numbers) and Romford (01708) cover the borough between them.

'Nextdoor' Neighbourhoods[edit]

Social networking site Nextdoor (formerly Streetlife) [10] divides B&D into these 51 neighbourhoods. Numbers added for ease of reference.

01 Andrews Corner-Winding Way, 02 Barking Park & Faircross, 03 Barking Riverside, 04 Barking Town Centre, 05 Beam Valley & The Leys, 06 Becontree & Parsloes, 07 Becontree Station, 08 Broad Street, 09 Central Park, 10 Chadwell Heath, 11 Chequers, 12 Dagenham Dock, 13 Dagenham East, 14 Dagenham Heathway, 15 Dagenham Park, 16 Dagenham Village, 17 East Castle Green (see 49), 18 Eastbrook, 19 Five Elms, 20 Freshwharf, 21 Frizlands Lane, 22 Gascoigne, 23 Goresbrook Village, 24 Great Fleete, 25 Greatfields, 26 Harts Lane, 27 Heathway, 28 Leftley Estate-Mayesbrook Park, 29 Longbridge Road, 30 Marks Gate, 31 Mayesbrook, 32 Martins Corner, 33 North Becontree Heath (see 39), 34 North Eastbury (see 40), 35 North Valence (see 41), 36 Oxlow Lane-Hunters Hall Road, 37 Rippleside, 38 Scrattons Farm Estate, 39 South Becontree Heath (see 33), 40 South Eastbury (see 34), 41 South Valence (see 35), 42 St George's-Osborne Square, 43 Thames View, 44 The Fiddlers, 45 The Triangle, 46 Upney Lane, 47 Valence Circus, 48 Waverley Gardens, 49 West Castle Green (see 17), 50 Westbury, 51 Whalebone Lane South.

Controlled Car Parking Zones[edit]

As at October 2021 these do not cover the whole borough, but several of them are being expanded (depending on the outcome of consultations).[11] 26 zones are listed here in alphabetical order of their short code. The information is derived from Ringgo[12] and the location codes range from 27000 - 27061, non continuously. Not all of the zones are known to be in actual use.

Barking Town Centre AM, Barking Town Centre B, Becontree BEC, Barking Town Centre C, Chadwell Heath CH, Barking Town Centre D, Dagenham East DE, Barking Town Centre E, Barking Town Centre ES, Barking Town Centre F, Barking Town Centre FG, Barking Town Centre G, Gascoigne Estate GE, Barking Town Centre H, Barking Town Centre HR, Heathway HW, Barking Town Centre I, Barking Town Centre J, Barking Town Centre K, Barking Town Centre L, Lancaster Avenue LA, Longbridge Academy LB, Millard Terrace MT1, Barking RC, Barking Thames View TH, Barking Town Centre TV, Upney UP.