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Chhattisgarh, a state of India, has 27 administrative districts.

Map Chhatisgarh state and districts (Stand 2007)

At the time of separation from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh originally had 16 districts. Two new districts: Bijapur and Narayanpur were carved out on May 11, 2007[1] and nine new districts on Jan 1, 2012. The new districts have been created by carving out the existing districts to facilitate more targeted, focused and closer administration. These districts have been named Sukma, Kondagaon, Balod, Bemetara, Baloda Bazar, Gariaband, Mungeli, Surajpur and Balrampur[2]


A district of an Indian state is an administrative geographical unit, headed by a district magistrate or a deputy commissioner, an officer belonging to the Indian Administrative Service. The district magistrate or the deputy commissioner is assisted by a number of officials belonging to different wings of the administrative services of the state.

A superintendent of Police, an officer belonging to Indian Police Service is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining law and order and related issues.

Administrative history[edit]

Before Indian independence, present-day Chhattisgarh state was divided between the Central Provinces and Berar, a province of British India, and a number of princely states in the north, south, and east, which were part of the Eastern States Agency.

The British province encompassed the central portion of the state, and was made up of three districts, Raipur, Bilaspur, and Durg, which made up the Chhattisgarh Division of the Central Provinces. Durg District was created in 1906 out of the eastern portion of Raipur District.

The northern portion of the state, comprising present-day Koriya, Surajpur,Surguja, Jashpur, and Raigarh districts, was divided among the six princely states of Chang Bhakar, Jashpur, Koriya,Surajpur, Raigarh, Surguja, and Udaipur. To the east the states of Nandgaon, Khairagarh, and Kawardha comprised parts of present-day Rajnandgaon and Kawardha districts. In the south, the state of Kanker comprised the northern portion of present-day Kanker District, and the state of Bastar included present-day Bastar and Dantewada districts and the southern part of Kanker District.

After Indian Independence, the princely states were merged with the Central Provinces and Berar to form the new state of Madhya Pradesh. Present-day Chhattisgarh comprised seven districts of Madhya Pradesh. The former states of Kanker and Bastar formed the new Bastar District, the states of Surguja, Korea, and Chang Bhakar formed the new Surguja District, and the states of Nandgaon, Khairagarh, and Kawardha formed the new Rajnandgaon District.

In 1998, the seven districts that make up present-day Chhattisgarh were reorganized to form 16 districts. Dantewada and Kanker districts were split from Bastar; Dhamtari District was split from Raipur; Janjgir-Champa and Korba districts were split from Bilaspur; Jashpur District was split from Raigarh; Kawardha District was formed from parts of Bilaspur and Rajnandgaon; Koriya and Surajpur District was split from Surguja; and Mahasamund District was split from Raipur.

On November 1, 2000 these 16 districts were split from Madhya Pradesh to form the new state of Chhattisgarh.[3] Two New Districts Are Added Afterwards. On January 1, 2012 Chhattisgarh Government announced 9 New Districts. Total No. of Districts in Chhattisgarh is now 27.

Districts of Chhattisgarh[edit]

Following the creation of new districts in 2012, Chhattisgarh consists of 27 districts.[2][4][5][6][7]

Code District Headquarters Population (2001) Area (km²) Density (/km²) Official website
Balod Balod - - -
Baloda Bazar Baloda Bazar - - -
Balrampur Balrampur - 3806.08 -
BA Bastar Jagdalpur 1,302,253 14,968 87
Bemetara Bemetara - - -
Bijapur Bijapur 229,832 6,555 39
BI Bilaspur Bilaspur 1,993,042 8,270 241
DA Dantewada Dantewada 719,065 17,538 59
DH Dhamtari Dhamtari 703,569 3,383 208
DU Durg Durg 2,801,757 8,542 328
Gariaband Gariaband - - - -
JA Jashpur Jashpur 739,780 5,825 127
JC Janjgir-Champa Naila Janjgir 1,316,140 3,848 342
Kondagaon Kondagaon - - -
KB Korba Korba 1,012,121 6,615 153
KJ Koriya Baikunthpur 585,455 6,578 89
KK Kanker Kanker 651,333 6,513 100
KW Kabirdham Kawardha 584,667 4,237 138
MA Mahasamund Mahasamund 860,176 4,779 180
Mungeli Mungeli - - - -
Narayanpur Narayanpur 110,800 6,640 20
RG Raigarh Raigarh 1,265,084 7,068 179
RN Rajnandgaon Rajnandgaon 1,281,811 8,062 159
RP Raipur Raipur 3,009,042 13,083 230
SJ Surajpur Surajpur 2,570,867 15,765 125
SK Sukma Sukma 249,000 5,635.79 49
SU Surguja Ambikapur 1,970,661 15,765 125

Bastar Division:

Durg Division:

Raipur Division:

Bilaspur Division:

Surguja Division:


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