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This is a list of documentary films found here on Wikipedia that is arranged in alphabetical order. The earliest documentary listed is Fred Ott's Sneeze (1894), which is also the first motion picture ever copyrighted in North America. The term documentary was first used in 1926 by filmmaker John Grierson as a term to describe films that document reality. For other lists, see Category:Documentary films by country and Category:Documentaries by topic.


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
1 More Hit 2007 Shauna Garr Shauna Garr, John A. Causey III and Landon Taylor [1]
4 2007 Tim Slade Joanna Buggy and Tim Slade [2]
4 Little Girls 1997 Spike Lee Spike Lee and Sam Pollard [3]
6th Marine Division on Okinawa, The 1945 N/A United States Marine Corps [4]
9/11: Press for Truth 2006 Ray Nowosielski John Duffy [5]
10 MPH 2007 Hunter Weeks Hunter Weeks and Josh Caldwell [6]
10 Questions for the Dalai Lama 2006 Rick Ray Rick Ray and Sharon Ray [7]
11th Hour, The 2007 Nadia Conners and Leila Conners Petersen Chuck Castleberry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brian Gerber and Leila Conners Petersen [8]
12th & Delaware 2010 Rachel Grady
16 Days in Afghanistan 2008 Anwar Hajher Mithaq Kazimi [9]
51 Birch Street 2005 Doug Block Doug Block and Lori Cheatle [10]
80 Blocks From Tiffany's 1983 Gary Weis Gary Weis [11]
102 Minutes that Changed America 2008 N/A Nicole Rittenmeyer [12]
911: In Plane Site 2006 William Lewis Dave vonKleist and William Lewis [13]


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
ABC Africa 2001 Abbas Kiarostami
Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story 2006 Patty Kim and Chris Sheridan Patty Kim and Chris Sheridan [14]
About Baghdad 2004 Sinan Antoon, Bassam Haddad, Maya Mikdashi, Suzy Salamy and Adam Shapiro Incounter Productions [15]
A Brony Tale 2014 Brent Hodge Brent Hodge & Lauren Bercovitch and Morgan Spurlock Hodgee Films
An Act of Conscience 1997 Robbie Leppzer Turning Tide Productions [16]
Adam Clayton Powell 1989 Richard Kilberg
Africa 2013 Katrina Bartlam Hugh Pearson [17]
Age of Stupid, The 2009 Franny Armstrong Lizzie Gillett [18]
Agee 1980 Ross Spears
Agronomist, The 2003 Jonathan Demme Edwidge Danticat
Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer 1994 Nick Broomfield and Joan Churchill Riete Oord [19][20]
Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer 2003 Nick Broomfield Jo Human
Air Force, Incorporated 2006 Enrique Piñeyro Enrique Piñeyro [21]
Alaska Wilderness Lake 1971 Alan Landsburg
Aliens of the Deep 2005 James Cameron and Steven Quale James Cameron and Andrew Wight [22][23]
All Aboard! Rosie's Family Cruise 2006 Shari Cookson Shari Cookson [24]
All in This Tea 2007 Les Blank and Gina Leibrecht Les Blank and Gina Leibrecht [25]
Alone across Australia 2004 Ian Darling and Jon Muir Ian Darling and Jon Muir [26]
Amarillo by Morning 1997 Spike Jonze
America's Heart and Soul 2004 Louis Schwartzberg Vincent Ueber [27]
America: Freedom to Fascism 2006 Aaron Russo Aaron Russo and Richard Whitley
American Fugitive: The Truth About Hassan 2006 Jean-Daniel Lafond Nathalie Barton
American Beer 2002 Paul Kermizian Paul Kermizian [28]
American Bellydancer 2005 Jonathan Brandeis Jonathan Brandeis [29]
American: The Bill Hicks Story 2009 Matt Harlock, Paul Thomas [30]
American Dream 1990 Barbara Kopple Arthur Cohn and Barbara Kopple [31]
American Hardcore 2006 Paul Rachman Steven Blush and Paul Rachman [32]
American Harmony 2008 Aengus James Aengus James and Colin King Miller [33]
American Jobs 2004 Greg Spotts Greg Spotts [34]
American Movie 1999 Chris Smith Sarah Price [35]
American Pimp 1999 Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes and Kevin J. Messick [36]
American Scary 2006 John E. Hudgens Sandy Clark
American Zeitgeist 2006 Rob McGann Rob McGann
American Ruling Class, The 2005 John Kirby Libby Handros [37]
Amy 2015 Asif Kapadia James Gay Rees, George Pank and Paul Bell
Anderson Platoon, The 1967 Pierre Schoendoerffer
Andrew and Jeremy Get Married 2004 Don Boyd Clare Boyd and Don Boyd
Animal World, The 1956 Irwin Allen Irwin Allen [38]
American Opera, An: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever! 2007 Tom McPhee Tom McPhee [39]
Anne Frank Remembered 1995 Jon Blair Jon Blair [40]
Answering the Call: Ground Zero's Volunteers 2006 Lou Angeli Bunny Dubin [41]
Antonia: A Portrait of the Woman 1974 Judy Collins, Jill Godmilow
Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence 2007 Andrew Goldberg Andrew Goldberg
Anvil! The Story of Anvil 2008 Sacha Gervasi
Arakimentari 2004 Travis Klose Jason Fried [42]
Are the Kids Alright? 2003 Ellen Spiro Karen Bernstein
Aristocrats, The 2005 Paul Provenza Paul Provenza and Peter Adam Golden [43]
Arlington West: The Film 2006 Peter Dudar and Sally Marr Peter Dudar and Sally Marr [44]
Art Is... The Permanent Revolution 2012 Manfred Kirchheimer Manfred Kirchheimer [45]
Artie Shaw: Time Is All You've Got 1986 Brigitte Berman
At Night, They Dance 2011 Isabelle Lavigne and Stéphane Thibault
Atomic Ed and the Black Hole 2002 Ellen Spiro Karen Bernstein [46]
Audience of One 2007 Michael Jacobs Michael Jacobs, Zach Sanders, Matt Woods [47]
Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life 1997 Michael Paxton


† = Series

Beavers (1988) Roman Kroitor Stephen Low Takashi Yodono Stephen Low

Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Back of Beyond, The 1954 John Heyer John Heyer [48]
Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of 2015 Stephen Kijak Mia Bays [49]
Baghdad ER 2006 Jon Alpert Jon Alpert and Matthew O'Neill [50]
Bam 6.6 2007 Jahangir Golestan-Parast Jahangir Golestan-Parast [51]
Bangkok Girl 2005 Jordan Clark Jordan Clark [52]
Barefoot to Herat 2002 Majid Majidi Majid Majidi and Fouad Nahas
Baseball 1994 Ken Burns Ken Burns and Lynn Novick [53]
Battle for the Tiara 1998 Charley Lang and Eric Schiff Charley Lang and Eric Schiff [54]
Battle of San Pietro, The 1945 John Huston John Huston (uncredited)
Beatles: The First U.S. Visit, The 1994 Kathy Dougherty, Albert Maysles and Susan Frömke (as Susan Froemke) Susan Frömke (as Susan Froemke)
Beats of the Antonov 2014 Hajooj Kuka
Beautiful Losers 2007 Aaron Rose Rich Lim, Jon Barlow, Chris Green and Noah Khoshbin [55]
Before Stonewall, After Stonewall 1984–1999 Greta Schiller and John Scagliotti Greta Schiller, Robert Rosenberg, Janet Baus and Dan Hunt [56][57]
Before the Music Dies Andrew Shapter Joel Rasmussen
Before We Forget 2011 Jeremy Boo and Lee Xian Jie Hachisu [58][59]
Being Osama 2004 Mahmoud Kaabour and Tim Schwab Diversus Productions [60]
Bells from the Deep: Faith and Superstition in Russia 1993 Werner Herzog Lucki Stipetić
Best Boy 1979 Ira Wohl Only Child Motion Pictures
Best Friend Forgotten 2004 Julie Lofton RCD Entertainment [61]
Betrayal - Nerakhoon, The 2008 Ellen Kuras, Thavisouk Phrasavath
Beyond Belief 2007 Beth Murphy Beth Murph
Beyond Hatred 2005 Olivier Meyrou Christophe Girard and Katharina Marx
Beyond the Call 2006 Adrian Belic Adrian Belic
Beyond the Gates of Splendor 2004 Jim Hanon Kevin McAfee
Beyond the Heights 2015 Jawad Sharif Mirza Ali [62]
Bicycle Dreams 2009 Stephen Auerbach [63]
Big Brother and the Holding Co. With Janis Joplin: Nine Hundred Nights 2001 Michael Burlingame Toby Byron [64]
Big Dreamers 2007 Camille Hardman Camille Hardman and John Fink
Biggie and Tupac 2002 Nick Broomfield Nick Broomfield and Michele d'Acosta
The Big Melt 2013 Martin Wallace Crossover and Lone Star
Big One, The 1998 Michael Moore Kathleen Glynn
Bikes vs. Cars 2015 Fredrik Gertten Margarete Jangård and Elin Kamlert
Bitter Jester 2003 Maija Di Giorgio Kenneth Simmons
Black Chicks Talking 2001 Leah Purcell
Black Fox: The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler 1962 Louis Clyde Stoumen Louis Clyde Stoumen
Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street 1999 Steven Okazaki Steven Okazaki [65]
Blackfish 2013 Gabriela Cowperthwaite Gabriela Cowperthwaite [66]
Black Generation, The 1976 Zbenek Suchy Ivan Kral [67][68]
Blood of Yingzhou District, The 2006 Ruby Yang Thomas Lennon [69]
Blue Vinyl 2002 Daniel B. Gold and Judith Helfand Daniel B. Gold, Judith Helfand and Julia D. Parker [70]
Body of War 2007 Ellen Spiro and Phil Donahue Ellen Spiro and Phil Donahue [71]
Bomb, The (PBS film) 2015 Rushmore DeNooyer Lone Wolf Media
Bomb Harvest 2007 Kim Mordaunt Sylvia Wilczynski
Bonsai People - The Vision of Muhammad Yunus 2011 Holly Mosher Holly Mosher
Border 2007 Chris Burgard Jennifer Champagne
Born in the USSR: 21 Up 2005 Sergei Miroshnichenko Jemma Jupp
Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids 2004 Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman
Born Rich 2003 Jamie Johnson Jamie Johnson, Dirk Wittenborn and Nick Kurzon [72]
Bougainville – Our Island Our Fight 1998 Wayne Coles-Janess Wayne Coles-Janess
Bowling for Columbine 2002 Michael Moore Kathleen Glynn, Jim Czarnecki, Charles Bishop and Michael Donovan [73]
Boy Named Sue, A 2000 Julie Wyman N/A
Bra Boys: Blood is Thicker than Water 2007 Sunny Abberton Sunny Abberton
Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror 2003 John Pilger N/A
Bridge, The 2006 Eric Steel Eric Steel
Brief History of Time, A 1991 Errol Morris David Hickman
Bring on the Night 1985 Michael Apted David Manson
Britney: For the Record 2008 Phil Griffin Andrew Fried
Brooklyn Bridge 1981 Ken Burns Ken Burns, Roger M. Sherman, Buddy Squires and Amy Stechler
Buena Vista Social Club 1999 Wim Wenders
Bugs Bunny: Superstar 1975 Larry Jackson Larry Jackson [74]
Bukowski 1973 Taylor Hackford
Burden of Dreams 1982 Les Blank
Buried Country 2003 Andy Nehl Andy Nehl
Burma VJ 2008 Anders Østergaard
Bus 174 2002 Jose Padilha Jose Padilha and Marcos Prado
Buy Bye Beauty 2001 Pål Hollender Pål Hollender


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
California Reich, The 1975 Walter F. Parkes Walter F. Parkes [75]
Call + Response 2008 Justin Dillon Justin Dillon [76]
Call Me Kuchu 2012 Malika Zouhali-Worrall and Katherine Fairfax Wright Jeffrey Blitz, Malika Zouhali-Worrall
Call of the Wild 2007 Ron Lamothe Ron Lamothe [77]
Calle 54 2000 Fernando Trueba [78]
Cancer (PBS film) 2015 Barak Goodman Ken Burns
Cane Toads: An Unnatural History 1988 Mark Lewis
Cannibal Tours 1988 Dennis O'Rourke
Capitalism: A Love Story 2009 Michael Moore Michael Moore [79]
Captain Mike Across America 2007 Michael Moore
Capturing the Friedmans 2003 Andrew Jarecki
Casino Jack and the United States of Money 2010 Alex Gibney Mark Cuban
Castro Street 1966 Bruce Baillie Bruce Baillie [80]
Cats of Mirikitani, The 2006 Linda Hattendorf
Cave of Forgotten Dreams 2010 Werner Herzog
Celluloid Closet, The 1996 Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman
Celsius 41.11 2004 Kevin Knoblock Lionel Chetwynd
Chain Camera 2001 Kirby Dick
Chang 1927 Merian C. Cooper Ernest B. Schoedsack, Jesse Lasky and Adolph Zukor [81]
Cheat You Fair: The Story of Maxwell Street 2007 Phil Ranstrom Phil Ranstrom [82]
Chernobyl Heart 2003 Maryann DeLeo
Chicken Ranch 1983 Nick Broomfield and Sandi Sissel Nick Broomfield [83]
Chile: When Will It End? 1986 David Bradbury
China Blue 2005 Micha Peled
Chronicle of a Summer 1960 Edgar Morin
Cinerama Adventure 2002 David Strohmaier Randy Gitsch [84]
City of Water 2007 Jasper Goldman
City, The 1939 Ralph Steiner and Willard Van Dyke
Civil War, The 1990 Ken Burns
Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer 2010 Alex Gibney
Climb, The 2007 Mark Johnston
Closer Walk, A 2003 Robert Bilheimer
Cocksucker Blues 1972 Robert Frank and Daniel Seymour Marshall Chess [85]
Comandante 2003 Oliver Stone
Comic Book Confidential 1988 Ron Mann
Congo River, Beyond Darkness 2005 Thierry Michel Rosadel Varela and Hani Salama [86]
Conquest of Everest, The 1953 George Lowe
Control Room 2004 Jehane Noujaim
Corporation, The 2003 Jennifer Abbott and Mark Achbar
Cosmic Voyage 1996 Bayley Silleck
Cosmos: A Personal Voyage 1980 Adrian Malone
Courting Condi 2008 Sebastian Doggart
Cove, The 2009 Louie Psihoyos Paula DuPre'Pesmen and Fisher Stevens [87]
Crazy English 1999 Zhang Yuan
Crazy Love 2007 Dan Klores and Fisher Stevens Dan Klores
Creators, The 2011 Laura Gamse and Jacques de Villiers Thulani Nahum Deke [88]
Cruel and Unusual 2006 Janet Baus, Dan Hunt and Reid Williams
Crumb 1994 Terry Zwigoff


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Daddy of Rock 'N' Roll, The 2003 Daniel Bitton
Dalai Lama Renaissance 2007 Khashyar Darvich
Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World 2003 John Scagliotti
Darius Goes West 2007 Logan Smalley
Dark Star: HR Gigers Welt 2014 Belinda Sallin [89]
Darwin's Nightmare 2004 Hubert Sauper
Dave Chappelle's Block Party 2006 Michel Gondry
Day of the Fight 1951 Stanley Kubrick
Day the Universe Changed, The 1985 James Burke
Dead On: The Life and Cinema of George A. Romero 2008 Rusty Nails
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father 2008 Kurt Kuenne Kurt Kuenne
Death Faces 1988 Countess Victoria Bloodhart and Steve White
Death for Five Voices 1995 Werner Herzog Lucki Stipetic
Decline of Western Civilization, The, Part II: The Metal Years, Part III 19811998 Penelope Spheeris
Destination Hitchcock: The Making of North by Northwest 2000 Peter Fitzgerald
Devil and Daniel Johnston, The 2006 Jeff Feuerzeig
Devil Came on Horseback, The 2007 Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg
Diana's Hair Ego 1991 Ellen Spiro Ellen Spiro [90]
Diary for Timothy, A 1945 Humphrey Jennings
Divine Trash 1998 Steve Yeager
Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing 2006 Barbara Kopple and Cecilia Peck
Do I Sound Gay? 2014 David Thorpe
Dont Look Back 1967 D.A. Pennebaker
Down and Out in America 1986 Lee Grant
Down from the Mountain 2000 Nick Doob, Chris Hegedus, D. A. Pennebaker Bob Neuwirth
Drew: The Man Behind The Poster 2013 Erik Sharkey Greg Boas, Rick Law, Charles Ricciardi, and Erik Sharkey
Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11 2006 Heidi Dehncke Fisher


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Eames: The Architect and the Painter 2011 Jason Cohn and Bill Jersey Jason Cohn and Bill Jersey
Earthlings 2005 Shaun Monson
Echoes from a Somber Empire 1990 Werner Herzog
Eclipse of Reason 1987 Bernard Nathanson Bernard Nathanson and Adelle Roban Nathanson
Elephant in the Living Room, The 2010 Michael Webber
Emperor's Naked Army Marches On, The 1987 Kazuo Hara Sachiko Kobayashi [91]
Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio 1992 Ken Burns
Encounters at the End of the World 2008 Werner Herzog
End of America, The 2008 Anne Sundberg and Ricki Stern
End of Suburbia, The 2004 Gregory Greene
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 2005 Alex Gibney
Everything's Cool 2007 Daniel B. Gold and Judith Helfand
Expedition: Bismarck 2002 James Cameron and Gary Johnstone
Exploratorium 1974 Jon Boorstin Jon Boorstin [92]
Expo: Magic of the White City 2005 Mark Bussler
Exposing Homelessness 2006 Kerri Gawryn Kerri Gawryn [93]
Eyes and Ears Of God – Video surveillance of Sudan 2012 Tomo Križnar


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Faces of Death, II, III, IV, V, VI 19781996 Conan Le Cilaire, John Alan Schwartz, Susumu Saegusa and Andrew Theopolis John Alan Schwartz [94][95][96][97][98][99]
Facing Sudan 2007 Bruce David Janu
For Which We Stand 2014 Sean Robinson
Facing the Music 2001 Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson
Fagbug 2009 Erin Davies
Fahrenheit 9/11 2004 Michael Moore
FahrenHYPE 9/11 2004 Alan Peterson
Fairytale of Kathmandu 2007 Neasa Ní Chianáin
Fambul Tok 2011 Sara Terry Sara Terry, Rory Kennedy and Libby Hoffman [100]
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control 1997 Errol Morris
Favela Rising 2006 Jeff Zimbalist and Matt Mochary
Fear of a Black Republican 2011 Kevin Williams
Fearless Freaks, The 2005 Bradley Beesley
Feiyu Show 2014 Sun Hong [101]
Festival Express 2003 Bob Smeaton
Fig Trees 2009 John Greyson John Greyson
Fight for the Planet 2009 Colin Carter
Fighting Norway 1943 Sydney Newman National Film Board of Canada [102]
Film Unfinished, A 2010 Yael Hersonski Itai Ken-Tor, Philippa Kowarsky, Noemi Schory
Final Score 2007 Soraya Nagasuwan
Finding Kraftland 2006 Richard Kraft and Adam Shell
First Contact 1983 Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson
Fires Were Started 1943 Humphrey Jennings Ian Dalrymple [103]
The Five Obstructions 2003 Lars von Trier, Jørgen Leth Peter Aalbæk Jensen, Vibeke Windeløv
Flow: For Love of Water 2008 Irena Salina Steven Starr
Flying Padre 1951 Stanley Kubrick
Fog of War, The: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara 2003 Errol Morris
Food, Inc. 2008 Robert Kenner
Football Under Cover 2008 David Assmann and Ayat Najafi
For All Mankind 1989 Al Reinert
For the Bible Tells Me So 2007 Daniel G Karslake
Forbidden Fruit 2000 Sue Maluwa-Bruce
Forbidden Lie$ 2007 Anna Broinowski
Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives 1992 Lynne Fernie and Aerlyn Weissman
Freakonomics 2010 Heidi Ewing, Alex Gibney, Seth Gordon, Rachel Grady, Eugene Jarecki, Morgan Spurlock
Fred Ott's Sneeze 1894 William K.L. Dickson William K.L. Dickson [104]
Frida, en trotjänarinna 1999 Marianne Gillgren
Front Line 1981 David Bradbury
FUCK 2005 Steve Anderson Steve Anderson [105]
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon, A 2001 Bart Sibrel
Future of Food, The 2004 Deborah Koons


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers 1980 Les Blank Les Blank [106]
Gasland 2010 Josh Fox David Roma
Gate of Heavenly Peace, The 1995 Richard Gordon and Carma Hinton
Gates of Heaven 1978 Errol Morris
Gay Sex in the 70s 2005 Joseph Lovett Joseph Lovett [107]
Gaza Strip 2002 James Longley
Genghis Blues 1999 Roko Belic
Gente di Roma 2003 Ettore Scola
Ghosts of the Abyss 2003 James Cameron
Gimme Shelter 1970 Albert Maysles, David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin Porter Bibb and Ronald Schneider [108]
Girl 27 2007 David Stenn
Giuliani Time 2006 Kevin Keating
Give Us Our Skeletons 1999 Paul-Anders Simma
Go Further 2003 Ron Mann
God On My Side 2006 Anita Jacoby Jon Casimir and Anita Jacoby [109][110]
God's Angry Man 1980 Werner Herzog
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson 2008 Alex Gibney
Good Hair 2009 Jeff Stilson Chris Rock Productions, HBO Films
Grand Canyon 1958 James Algar
Great Old Amusement Parks 1999 Rick Sebak WQED Pittsburgh [111]
Great West End Theatres 2011 Marc Sinden Jo Gilbert & Marc Sinden [112]
Greatest Silence, The: Rape in the Congo 2008 Lisa F. Jackson
Greetings from Out Here 1993 Ellen Spiro
Grey Gardens 1976 Albert and David Maysles
Grizzly Man 2005 Werner Herzog
Gunner Palace 2005 Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein
Gunnin' for That No. 1 Spot 2008 Adam Yauch


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Hacking Democracy 2006 Simon Ardizzone and Russell Michaels
Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll 1987 Taylor Hackford
Hands on a Hard Body: The Documentary 1997 S.R. Bindler
Harlan County, USA 1976 Barbara Kopple
Hearts and Minds 1974 Peter Davis
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse 1991 Fax Bahr and George Hickenlooper
Have You Seen Andy? 2001 Melanie Perkins
Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam 1996 Nick Broomfield
Heima 2007 Dean DeBlois
Here Is Always Somewhere Else 2006 Rene Daalder
High School 1968 Frederick Wiseman
Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes 2006 Byron Hurt
Hollywood Chinese: The Chinese in American Featured Films 2007 Arthur Dong
Home 2009 Yann Arthus-Bertrand Denis Carot and Luc Besson
Home of the Brave 2004 Paola di Florio
Hoop Dreams 1994 Steve James Steve James, Frederick Marx and Peter Gilbert [113]
Hope In Heaven 2006 Meredith Ralston
Honour Me 2008 Alex Tweddle
Huey Long 1986 Ken Burns


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
ID–WITHOUTCOLORS 2013 Riccardo Valsecchi Migrationsrat Berlin-Brandenburg [114]
Imagine: John Lennon 1988 Andrew Solt George Martin [115]
Importance of Being Icelandic, The 1998 Jon Einarsson Gustafsson and Marc Stephenson
In Bad Taste 2000 Steve Yeager
In the Basement 2014 Ulrich Seidl [116]
In Search of the Second Amendment 2006 David T. Hardy
In the Realm of the Hackers 2002 Kevin Anderson
In the Land of the Head Hunters 1914 Edward S. Curtis Edward S. Curtis [117]
In the Shadow of the Moon 2006 David Sington Dr. Duncan Copp [118]
Incident at Oglala 1992 Michael Apted Arthur Chobanian [119]
Innocence 2005 Areeya Chumsai and Nisa Kongsri
Inconvenient Truth, An 2006 Davis Guggenheim
Indian School 2007 Colin Cameron
Inside Deep Throat 2005 Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato
Inside Job 2010 Charles H. Ferguson
Invisible Children 2003 Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, and Laren Poole
I.O.U.S.A. 2008 Patrick Creadon Christine O'Malley
Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers 2006 Robert Greenwald
Iraq in Fragments 2007 James Longley
It Might Get Loud 2009 Davis Guggenheim Jimmy Page
Italy in a Day 2014 Gabriele Salvatores [120]


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Jabe Babe - A Heightened Life 2005 Janet Merewether
Jackass: The Movie, Number Two, 3D 2002 - 2010 Jeff Tremaine
Jesus Camp 2006 Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing
Jihad for Love, A 2007 Parvez Sharma Sandi DuBowski and Parvez Sharma [121]
Judge and the General, The 2008 Elizabeth Farnsworthe and Patricio Lanfranco Leverton
Junket Whore 1998 Debbie Melnyk
Just, Melvin: Just Evil 2000 James Ronald Whitney
Just Watch Me: Trudeau and the 70's Generation 1999 Catherine Annau


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Kid Stays in the Picture, The 2002 Nanette Burstein and Brett Morgen Brett Morgan and Nanette Burstein [122][123]
Killer's Paradise 2007 Giselle Portenier Giselle Portenier [124]
King of Kong, The: A Fistful of Quarters 2007 Seth Gordon Ed Cunningham [125][126]
King Gimp 1999 William Whiteford William Whiteford [127]
Know Your Mushrooms 2008 Ron Mann Ron Mann [128]
Kokoda Front Line 1942 Ken G. Hall and Damien Parer
Kon-Tiki 1950 Thor Heyerdahl Olle Nordemar [129]
Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance 1983 Godfrey Reggio
Kurt and Courtney 1998 Nick Broomfield


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Lake of Fire 2006 Tony Kaye
LaLee's Kin: The Legacy of Cotton 2001 Deborah Dickson, Susan Frömke and Albert Maysles
Land of Silence and Darkness 1971 Werner Herzog Werner Herzog Filmproduktion
Last Days In Vietnam 2014 Rory Kennedy American Experience
Last Days of Left Eye, The 2007 Lauren Lazin
Last Party, The 1993 Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin
Leading to War 2008 Barry J. Hershey
Let It Be 1970 Michael Lindsay-Hogg Neil Aspinall, The Beatles
Let's Get Lost 1988 Bruce Weber
Licensed to Kill 1997 Arthur Dong
Life After People 2008 David de Vries
Life and Times of Hank Greenberg, The 1998 Aviva Kempner
Life in the Death of Joe Meek, A 2008 Howard S. Berger and Susan Stahmann
Sir David Attenboroughs' Life... Life on Earth, The Living Planet, The Trials of Life, Life in the Freezer, The Private Life of Plants, The Life of Birds, The Life of Mammals, Life in the Undergrowth, Life in Cold Blood 19792008 David Attenborough, Ian Calvert, Richard Matthews and Alastair Fothergill Alastair Fothergill, Richard Brock, Christopher Parsons and John Sparks [130][131][132]
Listen to Britain 1942 Humphrey Jennings and Stewart McAllister
Little Dieter Needs to Fly 1997 Werner Herzog Werner Herzog Filmproduktion
Little Man 2005 Nicole Conn
Living in A Perfect World 2006 Diego D'Innocenzo, Marco Leopardi and Roberta Cortella
Living Desert, The 1953 James Algar
London Can Take It! 1940 Harry Watt
Loot 2008 Darius Marder Misha Collins, Dan Campbell, Zebidiah Millett
Looking for Richard 1996 Al Pacino Al Pacino and William Teitler [133]
Loose Change 2007 Dylan Avery Korey Rowe and Matthew Brown [134]
Lord of the Universe 1974 Michael Shamberg
Los Lonely Boys: Cottonfields and Crossroads 2006 Hector Galán
Lost in La Mancha 2002 Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe
Louisiana Story 1948 Robert J. Flaherty
Love The Beast 2009 Eric Bana


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Madonna: Truth or Dare 1991 Alek Keshishian Jim Clawson, Steve Golin, Lisa Hollingshead, Madonna, Daniel Radford, Jay Roewe and Sigurjón Sighvatsson [135]
Mad Hot Ballroom 2005 Marilyn Agrelo Marilyn Agrelo and Amy Sewell [136]
Making North America 2015 Peter Oxley; Gwyn Williams Peter Oxley [137]
Malcolm X: Make It Plain 1994 Orlando Bagwell Orlando Bagwell [138]
Man Called Brian, A 2005 Mahmoud Shoolizadeh Neda Armian [139]
Man from Plains 2007 Jonathan Demme
Man of Aran 1934 Robert J. Flaherty
Man on Wire 2008 James Marsh Simon Chinn [140]
Man Who Skied Down Everest, The 1975 Bruce Nyznik and Lawrence Schiller
Man with a Movie Camera 1929 Dziga Vertov
Mandela 1996 Angus Gibson, Jo Menell Jonathan Demme
Manifestations of Shiva 1980 Malcolm Leigh
Manson 1973 Robert Hendrickson
Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media 1992 Mark Achbar and Peter Wintonick
March of the Penguins 2005 Luc Jacquet Yves Darondeau, Christophe Lioud and Emmanuel Priou [141]
Marjoe 1972 Howard Smith, Sarah Kernochan
Mark of the Maker, The 1991 David McGowan
Mark Twain 2001 Ken Burns Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan [142]
Marlene 1984 Maximilian Schell
Married in America 2002 Michael Apted
Marx Reloaded 2011 Jason Barker Medea Film [143]
Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision 1994 Freida Lee Mock Terry Sanders
Meeting Resistance 2007 Molly Bingham and Steve Connors Daniel J.Chalfen [144]
Memory of Justice, The 1976 Marcel Ophüls
The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress 1944 William Wyler William Wyler [145]
Metal: A Headbanger's Journey 2005 Sam Dunn, Scot McFadyen and Jessica Joy Wise Sam Dunn, Scot McFadyen and Sam Feldman [146]
Metal Evolution 2011 Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen Banger Films
Michael Jackson's This Is It 2009 Kenny Ortega
Michael Moore Hates America 2004 Michael Wilson
Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream 2005 Stuart Samuels
Million Calorie March: The Movie 2008 Gary Marino
Moana 1926 Robert J. Flaherty
Mojados: Through the Night 2004 Tommy Davis Tommy Davis [147]
Monster Camp 2007 Cullen Hoback
Morning Sun 2003 Carma Hinton, Geremie Barmé and Richard Gordon
Mosuo Sisters, The 2012 Marlo Poras
Mouth of the Wolf, The 2009 Pietro Marcello
Mr. Big 2007 Tiffany Burns
Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. 1999 Errol Morris
Murder of Fred Hampton, The 1971 Howard Alk
Murder on a Sunday Morning 2001 Jean-Xavier de Lestrade
Murderball 2005 Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro Jeff Mandel [148]
Music for the Movies: Bernard Herrmann 1992 Joshua Waletzky
My Architect 2003 Nathaniel Kahn
My Best Fiend 1999 Werner Herzog Lucki Stipetic
My Flesh and Blood 2003 Jonathan Karsh
My Generation 2000 Barbara Kopple
My Kid Could Paint That 2007 Amir Bar-Lev
Mysterious Castles of Clay 1978 Alan Root, Joan Root
Mystery of Matter, The (PBS film) 2014 Stephen Lyons, Muffie Meyer Stephen Lyons [149]


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Nanking 2007 Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman Bill Guttentag, Michael Jacobsand and Ted Leonsis [150]
Nanook of the North: A Story Of Life and Love In the Actual Arctic 1922 Robert J. Flaherty Robert J. Flaherty [151]
Nalini by Day, Nancy by Night 2005 Sonali Gulati Sonali Gulati [152]
NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience (3D) 2004 Simon Wincer NASCAR [153]
Naushad Ali 1975 Vishwanath Ayengar Doordarshan Bombay Television Center [154]
Nefarious: Merchant of Souls 2011 Benjamin Nolot Benjamin Nolot [155]
Neil Young: Heart of Gold 2006 Jonathan Demme Ilona Herzberg
Neil Young Trunk Show 2009 Jonathan Demme
Nema Aviona Za Zagreb 2012 Louis van Gasteren Louis van Gasteren, Joke Meerman, and Ilja Lammers
Nerdcore Rising 2008 Negin Farsad Negin Farsad, Kimmy Gatewood and Andrew Mendelson [156]
Nicaragua Was Our Home 1986 Lee Shapiro Lee Shapiro [157]
Night and Fog 1955 Alain Resnais
Night Mail 1936 Harry Watt Harry Watt and Basil Wright [158]
Nitrate Kisses 1992 Barbara Hammer Barbara Hammer [159]
No Direction Home: Bob Dylan 2005 Martin Scorsese Spitfire Pictures, Grey Water Park Productions, Thirteen/WNET and New York and Sikelia Productions [160]
No End in Sight 2007 Charles Ferguson Jennie Amias, Charles Ferguson, Audrey Marrs and Jessie Vogelson [161]
No Impact Man 2009 Laura Gabbert, Justin Schein
No Place Like Home 2006 Courtney Fathom Sell Courtney Fathom Sell [162]
Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography 1981 Bonnie Sherr Klein Dorothy Todd Hénaut [163]
Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037 2007 Ben Niles Ben Niles [164]
N.Y.H.C. 1999 Frank Pavich Frank Pavich and Stephen Scarlata [165]


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Occupation: Dreamland 2005 Ian Olds and Garrett Scott Selina Lewis Davidson, Nancy Roth and Garrett Scott [166]
Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States 2012 Oliver Stone Oliver Stone, Tara Tremaine, and Rob Wilson [167]
Olympia 1938 Leni Riefenstahl Leni Riefenstahl [168]
ONE: The Movie 2005 Ward Powers Diane Powers and Ward Powers [169]
One Big Hapa Family 2010 Jeff Chiba Stearns Jeff Chiba Stearns [170]
One Minute to Nine 2007 Tommy Davis Jaime Davila [171]
One Percent, The 2006 Jamie Johnson Jamie Johnson and Nick Kurzon [172]
One Six Right: The Romance of Flying 2005 Brian J. Terwilliger Brian J. Terwilliger [173]
One Small Step: The Story of the Space Chimps 2003 David Cassidy and Kristin Davy David Cassidy and Kristin Davy [174]
Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience 2007 Richard Robbins Richard Robbins [175]
Original Kings of Comedy, The 2000 Spike Lee David Gale, Walter Latham and Spike Lee [176]
Otaku Unite! 2004 Eric Bresler Movies of My Dreams [177]
Other Side of AIDS, The 2004 Robin Scovill Robin Scovill and Eric E. Paulson [178]
Out of Place 2009 Scott Ditzenberger and Darrin McDonald [179]
Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism 2004 Robert Greenwald Robert Greenwald [180]


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Panama Deception, The 1992 Barbara Trent Joanne Doroshow, David Kasper, Nico Panigutti and Barbara Trent [181]
Paperback Dreams 2008 Alex Beckstead Alex Beckstead [182]
Paper Clips 2004 Elliot Berlin and Joe Fab The Johnson Group [183]
Patti Smith: Dream of Life 2008 Steven Sebring Margaret Smilow and Scott Vogel [184]
Persona Non Grata 2003 Oliver Stone
Place Between, A - The Story of an Adoption 2007 Curtis Kaltenbaugh Joe MacDonald [185]
Place Called Chiapas, A 1998 Nettie Wild Betsy Carson, Kirk Tougas and Nettie Wild [186]
Place to Live, A 1941 Irving Lerner N/A [187]
Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea 2004 Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer Chris Metzler [188]
Plow That Broke the Plains, The 1936 Pare Lorentz Resettlement Administration [189]
Poetry in Motion 1982 Ron Mann Ron Mann [190]
Point of Order 1964 Emile de Antonio Emile de Antonio and Dan Talbot [191]
Pola Negri: Life is a Dream in Cinema 2006 Mariusz Kotowski Bright Shining City Productions [192]
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Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy 2001 Scott J. Gill Kirt Eftekhar [194]
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Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation 1988 Godfrey Reggio Mel Lawrence, Godfrey Reggio and Lawrence Taub [195]
Pray for Japan 2012 Stu Levy Toru Kajio, Ray Klein, Stu Levy, and Kazunori Noguchi
Pray the Devil Back to Hell 2008 Gini Reticker Abigail E. Disney [196]
Predictions of Fire 1996 Michael Benson Michael Benson and Milan Blazin [197]
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Primary 1960 Robert Drew Robert Drew [199]
Prodigal Sons 2008 Kimberly Reed Kimberly Reed [200]
Project Grizzly 1996 Peter Lynch Michael Allder [201]
Protected: The Truth About Palm Island 1975 Carolyn Strachan Alessandro Cavadini [202]
Pumping Iron 1977 George Butler Jerome Gary [203]
Pumping Iron II: The Women 1985 George Butler George Butler [204]
Punk's Not Dead 2007 Susan Dynner Susan Dynner and Todd Traina [205]
The Punk Singer 2013 Sini Anderson Sini Anderson and Tamra Davis [206]


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Quantum Hoops 2007 Rick Greenwald Rick Greenwald [207][208]
Queens of Comedy, The 2001 Steve Purcell Walter Latham [209]
Quinceañera, La 2007 Adam Taub Adam Taub


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Radiant City 2006 Gary Burns and Jim Brown Bonnie Thompson and Shirley Vercruysse
Race to Nowhere 2009 Vicki Abeles and Jessica Congdon Vicki Abeles
Rape of Europa, The 2007 Richard Berge, Bonni Cohen and Nicole Newnham Richard Berge, Bonni Cohen and Nicole Newnham
Rats & Bullies: The Dawn-Marie Wesley Story 2004 Ray Buffer and Roberta McMillan Ray Buffer and Roberta McMillan
Raw Opium 2011 Peter Findlay Robert Lang
Reagan 2011 Eugene Jarecki
Real Dirt on Farmer John, The 2005 Taggart Siegel Taggart Siegel and Teri Lang [210]
Red State 2006 Michael Shea Matthew F. Leonetti Jr., Lisa Lettunich and Michael Shea
Recovered: Journeys Through the Autism Spectrum and Back 2008 Michele Jaquis and Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh
Red String, The 2004 Elizabeth Pearson Elizabeth Pearson
Refusenik 2008 Laura Bialis Laura Bialis and Stephanie Howard
Religulous 2008 Larry Charles Bill Maher, Jonah Smith and Palmer West
Remembering Arthur 2006 Martin Lavut Dennis Mohr
Restrepo 2010 Tim Hetherington, Sebastian Junger Sebastian Junger, Tim Hetherington
Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles 2011 Jon Foy Jon Foy and Colin Smith
Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping 2002 Dietmar Post and Lucia Palacios Dietmar Post and Lucia Palacios
Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel 2007 Nigel Simpkiss Ben Devlin
Rien que les heures 1926 Alberto Cavalcanti Alberto Cavalcanti [211][212]
Ring of Fire 1991 George Casey George Casey and Paul Novros
River, The 1938 Pare Lorentz Farm Security Administration
Roam Sweet Home 1996 Ellen Spiro Ellen Spiro
Roger & Me 1989 Michael Moore Michael Moore [213]
Roosevelts, The (PBS film) 2014 Ken Burns Ken Burns
Root of All Evil?, The 2006 Russell Barnes Alan Clements
Rose Kennedy: A Life to Remember 1990 Terry Sanders Freida Lee Mock and Terry Sanders
Round Eyes in the Middle Kingdom 1995 Ronald Levaco Ronald Levaco [214]


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
S&Man 2006 J.T. Petty Jason Kliot, Lawrence Mattis and Joana Vicente
Sacred Planet 2004 Jon Long Jon Long and Karen Fernandez Long [215]
Sacro GRA 2013 Gianfranco Rosi [216]
Saimaa Gesture, The 1981 Aki and Mika Kaurismäki Aki and Mika Kaurismäki
Saigon, U.S.A. 2004 Lindsey Jang and Robert C. Winn Lindsey Jang and Robert C. Winn [217]
SAMA, Muslim Mystic Music of India 2013 Shaziya Khan Shaziya Khan
Salesman 1969 Albert Maysles, David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin Albert Maysles and David Maysles
Satanis: The Devil's Mass 1970 Ray Laurent Ray Laurent
Scared Straight! 1978 Arnold Shapiro Arnold Shapiro
Scenes of a Crime 2012 Blue Hadaegh Grover Babcock
Scottsboro: An American Tragedy 2001 Daniel Anker and Barak Goodman Daniel Anker and Barak Goodman
Scott Walker: 30 Century Man 2006 Stephen Kijak
Seafarers, The 1953 Stanley Kubrick Lester Cooper
Seal Island 1948 James Algar The Walt Disney Company [218]
Second Skin 2008 Juan Carlos Pineiro-Escoriaza Peter Schieffelin Brauer and Victor M. Piñeiro III
Seine Meets Paris, The 1957 Joris Ivens Jacques Prévert
Seoul Train 2005 Jim Butterworth, Aaron Lubarsky and Lisa Sleeth Jim Butterworth and Lisa Sleeth
September Issue, The 2009 R.J. Cutler Sadia Shepard
Sex Slaves 2005 Ric Esther Bienstock Ric Esther Bienstock, Felix Golubev and Simcha Jacobovici
Seymour: An Introduction 2014 Ethan Hawke
Shame of a City, The 2006 Tigre Hill Tigre Hill and Omar Williams
Shark is Still Working, The 2006 Erik Hollander James Gelet, Jake Gove, Erik Hollander and Michael Roddy
Sharkwater 2007 Rob Stewart Rob Stewart
Shikashika 2008 Stephen James Hyde Stephen James Hyde
Shoah 1985 Claude Lanzmann Historia Films, Les Films Aleph and Ministère de la Culture de la Republique Française
Shore Things 1996 Rick Sebak Rick Sebak
Sicko 2007 Michael Moore Michael Moore and Meghan O'Hara [219]
Silent Scream, The 1984 Bernard Nathanson National Right to Life Committee
Silent World, The 1956 Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Louis Malle FSJYC Production
Sinister Saga of Making "The Stunt Man", The 2001 Richard Rush Richard Rush and Bart Pierce
Sketches of Frank Gehry 2005 Sydney Pollack Ultan Guilfoyle
Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War 1993 Shari Cookson Shari Cookson
SlamNation 1998 Paul Devlin Tom Poole and Michael Shaw
Slasher: an IFC Original 2004 John Landis Chris Kobin, Stephen Cantor and Daniel Laikind
Smashing Machine, The: The Life and Times of Extreme Fighter Mark Kerr 2002 John Hyams John Greenhalgh
So Goes the Nation 2006 Adam Del Deo and James D. Stern Adam Del Deo and James D. Stern
Soldier Girls 1981 Nick Broomfield Nick Broomfield
Song of Ceylon 1934 Basil Wright John Grierson
Sorrow and the Pity, The 1971 Marcel Ophuls André Harris and Alain de Sedouy
South of the Border 2009 Oliver Stone
South Of The Border With Disney 1942 Norman Ferguson Walt Disney Company, under the auspices of the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs
Speaking in Strings 1999 Paola di Florio Paola di Florio and Lilibet Foster [220]
Spellbound 2002 Jeffrey Blitz Jeffrey Blitz and Sean Welch
Spencer Halpin's Moral Kombat 2007 Spencer Halpin Spencer Halpin and Ramy Katrib
Square, The 1994 Zhang Yuan Zhang Yuan
Standard Operating Procedure 2008 Errol Morris Julie Ahlberg
Standing in the Shadows of Motown 2002 Paul Justman Paul Justman, Sandford Passman and Allan Slutsky [221]
State of Fear: The Truth about Terrorism 2005 Pamela Yates Skylight Pictures
Staten Island Catapult 2005 Gregorio Smith Gregorio Smith
Stations of the Elevated 1981 Manfred Kirchheimer Manfred Kirchheimer
Station 58 2008 Azfar Rizvi Azfar Rizvi
Statue of Liberty, The 1985 Ken Burns Ken Burns and Buddy Squires
Stevie 2002 Steve James Steve James
Still Kicking: Six Artistic Women of Project Arts & Longevity 2006 Greg Young Golden Bear Casting
Still We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Movie 2004 Paul Doyle Jr. Daniel Carey, Peter Frechette, Michael Meyer and Bob Potter
Stolen Honor 2004 Carlton Sherwood Carlton Sherwood
Story of Healing, A 1997 Donna Dewey Donna Dewey and Carol Pasternak
Streetwise 1984 Martin Bell Cheryl McCall
Summer in the Cage, A 2007 Ben Selkow Ben Selkow [222]
Sundown: The Future of Children and Drugs 1991 Shane Salerno Shane Salerno
Super High Me 2007 Michael Blieden Alex Campbell
Super Size Me 2004 Morgan Spurlock Morgan Spurlock [223]
Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw 2006 Jenna Norwood Jenna Norwood
Surplus 2003 Erik Gandini Erik Gandini
Sweet Crude 2008 Sandy Cioffi Sandy Cioffi and Laurie Hicks


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Tall: The American Skyscraper and Louis Sullivan 2006 Manfred Kirchheimer Manfred Kirchheimer [224]
Tar Creek 2009 Matt Myers Tanya Beer [225]
Target for Tonight 1941 Harry Watt Crown Film Unit [226]
Tarnation 2003 Jonathan Caouette Stephen Winter [227]
Taste of China 2015 Huang Yinghao, Zhang Wei, Wang Bing and Jin Ying [228]
Taxi to the Dark Side 2007 Alex Gibney Alex Gibney, Susannah Shipman and Eva Orner [229]
Ten-Year Lunch, The 1987 Aviva Slesin
Tender Fictions 1996 Barbara Hammer
That's Dancing! 1985 Jack Haley Jr. Jack Haley Jr. and David Niven Jr.
The King – Jari Litmanen 2012 Arto Koskinen Mika Kaurismäki
Thin 2006 Lauren Greenfield R.J. Cutler, Lauren Greenfield, Amanda Micheli and Ted Skillman [230]
Thin Blue Line, The 1988 Errol Morris Mark Lipson
Thinking XXX 2004 Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Timothy Greenfield-Sanders [231]
This Divided State 2005 Steven Greenstreet Phil Gordon, Steven Greenstreet and Kristi Haycock
This Film Is Not Yet Rated 2006 Kirby Dick Eddie Schmidt
This Is Elvis 1982 Malcolm Leo and Andrew Salt Malcolm Leo and Andrew Salt
Thorn in the Heart, The 2009 Michel Gondry Georges Bermann
Through a Blue Lens 1999 Veronica Alice Mannix Gillian Darling-Kovanic and Graydon McCrea for the National Film Board of Canada
Tillman Story, The 2010 Amir Bar-Lev
Time Bombs 2008 Guylaine Maroist and Éric Ruel Guylaine Maroist and Éric Ruel
Times of Harvey Milk, The 1984 Rob Epstein Richard Schmiechen and Rob Epstein
Titan, The: Story of Michelangelo 1950 Robert J. Flaherty, Richard Lyford, Curt Oertel Ralph Alswang
Titanic: The Complete Story 1994 Edith Beckler and Melissa Peltier A&E Television Networks
Titicut Follies 1967 Frederick Wiseman Frederick Wiseman
To Shoot an Elephant 2009 Alberto Arce, Mohammad Rujailahk
Touching the Void 2003 Kevin Macdonald John Smithson
Train Life 2006 Calixto Flores Calixto Flores
Transparent 2005 Jules Rosskam Jules Rosskam
Tree That Remembers, The 2002 Masoud Raouf Mark Goodwin and Eric Lemoyne
Trembling Before G-d 2001 Sandi Simcha DuBowski Sandi Simcha DuBowski and Marc Smolowitz
Trials of Henry Kissinger, The 2002 Eugene Jarecki Alex Gibney and Eugene Jarecki
Trinidad 2008 Jay Hodges, PJ Raval Matt Dentler
Triumph of the Will 1935 Leni Riefenstahl Leni Riefenstahl
Troop 1500 2005 Ellen Spiro Karen Bernstein
Troublesome Creek: A Midwestern 1995 Jeanne Jordan and Steven Ascher Rick Groleau and Jeanne Jordan
True Glory, The 1945 Garson Kanin and Carol Reed Office of War Information and Ministry of Information [232]
Tupac: Assassination 2007 Richard Bond Frank Alexander and Richard Bond
Tupac: Resurrection 2003 Lauren Lazin Karolyn Ali, Preston L. Holmes and Lauren Lazin
Tunisian Victory 1944 Frank Capra, Hugh Stewart and John Huston British Service Units and U.S. Army Signal Corps
Twist of Faith 2005 Kirby Dick Eddie Schmidt [233]
Tyson 2008 James Toback Damon Bingham, James Toback, Mike Tyson and Harlan Werner
The Hacker Wars 2014 Vivien Lesnik Weisman Vivien Lesnik Weisman, Rico Hernandez, Joe Fionda


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
U2 3D 2007 Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington Jon Shapiro, Peter Shapiro, John Modell and Catherine Owens
U2: Rattle and Hum 1988 Phil Joanou Michael Hamlyn
Über Goober: A Film about Gamers 2004 Steve Metze Steve Metze
Umbrella 2007 Du Haibin Ben Tsiang, Du Haibin and Hsu Hsiao-Ming
Uncovered: The War on Iraq 2004 Robert Greenwald Philippe Diaz, Robert Greenwald, Kathryn McArdle and Devin Smith
Undefeated 2011 Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin Rich Middlemas, Daniel Lindsay and Seth Gordon [234]
Unfinished Symphony: Democracy and Dissent 2001 Bestor Cram and Mike Majoros Bestor Cram
Unmistaken Child 2008 Nati Baratz
The Up Series 19642005 Michael Apted Granada Television, Tim Hewat, Michael Apted, Margaret Bottomley and Claire Lewis [235][236][237][238][239][240][241][242]


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
V-Day: Until the Violence Stops 2003 Abby Epstein Vincent Farrell
Vanishing of the Bees 2009 George Langworthy and Maryam Henein
Vanishing Prairie, The 1954 James Algar Ben Sharpsteen [243]
Vernon, Florida 1981 Errol Morris Errol Morris
Victory Through Air Power 1943 Perce Pearce Walt Disney
Voices of Iraq 2004 People of Iraq (Martin Kunert uncredited) Eric Manes
Volcanic Sprint 2007 Steve Dorst Dan Evans and Steve Dorst
Voyage that Shook the World, The 2009 Steve Murray Ben Suter, Carl Wieland [244]


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price 2005 Robert Greenwald Jim Gilliam
Walking with...: Dinosaurs, Beasts, Caveman, Monsters 19992005 Nigel Paterson and Andrew Wilks Chloe Leland, Tim Haines and Jasper James
Walt Disney 2015 Sarah Colt Sarah Colt
War/Dance 2007 Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine Albie Hecht
War at Home, The 1979 Glenn Silber Barry Alexander Brown and Glenn Silber
War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death 2007 Loretta Alper and Jeremy Earp Loretta Alper
Warrendale 1967 Allan King Allan King
Waste Land 2010 Lucy Walker, João Jardim and Karen Harley
We Were So Beloved 1985 Manfred Kirchheimer Manfred Kirchheimer
Welcome to Durham, USA 2007 Christopher Martin Teddy Jacobs
Welcome to Macintosh 2008 Robert Baca and Josh Rizzo Baca Productions
Welcome to Nollywood 2007 Jamie Meltzer Michael Cayce Lindner
Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe 1980 Les Blank
What Remains of Us 2004 Hugo Latulippe and François Prévost Yves Bisaillon and François Prévost
What Would Jesus Buy? 2007 Rob VanAlkemade Peter Hutchison, Stacey Offman and Morgan Spurlock
Wheel of Time 2003 Werner Herzog Werner Herzog Filmproduktion
When I Came Home 2006 Dan Lohaus Lohaus Films
When Brummies Met Sindhis 2008 Azfar Rizvi Azfar Rizvi
When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts 2006 Spike Lee Spike Lee and Samuel D. Pollard
When We Were Kings 1996 Leon Gast David Sonenberg, Leon Gast and Taylor Hackford [245]
Where Have All the Flowers Gone? 2008 Arturo Perez Jr. Arturo Perez Jr., Joel Sadler and Billy Troy
Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? 2008 Morgan Spurlock Non Linear Films
White Diamond, The 2004 Werner Herzog Marco Polo Film AG
White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 2007 Steven Okazaki Steven Okazaki
Who Are the DeBolts? And Where Did They Get Nineteen Kids? 1977 John Korty John Korty
Who Killed the Electric Car? 2006 Chris Paine Jessie Deeter
Why Wal-Mart Works; and Why That Drives Some People C-R-A-Z-Y 2005 Ron Galloway Ron Galloway
Why We Fight 2005 Eugene Jarecki Susannah Shipman
Wiener Takes All: A Dogumentary 2007 Shane MacDougall Marion Law and Shane MacDougall
Wild Man Blues 1998 Barbara Kopple Jean Doumanian
Winter Soldier 1972 the Winterfilm Collective Vietnam Veterans Against the War and the Winterfilm Collective
Without the King 2007 Michael Skolnik Michael Skolnik
Winged Migration 2001 Jacques Perrin Christophe Barratier and Jacques Perrin
Woodstock 1970 Michael Wadleigh Bob Maurice
Wordplay 2006 Patrick Creadon Christine O'Malley
World Before Her, The 2012 Nisha Pahuja Ed Barreveld, Nisha Pahuja, Mike Chamberlain, Andy Cohen, Cornelia Principe
World's Best Prom, The 2006 Ari Vena and Chris Talbott Ian Rosenberg and Chris Talbott
World of Charlie Company, The 1970 John Laurence Russ Bensley [246]
World Without US, The 2008 Mitch Anderson and Jason J. Tomaric Jason J. Tomaric
Wrath of Gods 2007 Jon Gustafsson Jon Einarsson Gustafsson and Karolina Lewicka
Woubi Chéri 1998 Laurent Bocahut and Philip Brooks Philip Brooks and Laurent Bocahut [247]


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica, A 1992 Adam Dubin Juliana Roberts [248]
Year at Danger 2007 Steve Metze and Don Swaynos Steve Metze
Young, Jewish, and Left 2006 Michael Konnie Chameides and Irit Reinheimer Michael Konnie Chameides and Irit Reinheimer
Your Mommy Kills Animals 2007 Curt Johnson Indie Genius Productions
Youth in Crisis 1943 N/A Louis De Rochemont


† = Series
Title Year Director(s) Producer(s) Ref
Zeitgeist: the Movie, Addendum, Moving Forward 20072011 Peter Joseph Peter Joseph [249][250][251]
Zielen Van Napels 2005 Vincent Monnikendam Sherman De Jesus and Cécile van Eijk [252]
Zoo 2007 Robinson Devore Peggy Case and Alexis Ferris [253]

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