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This is a list of documentary channels, including channels that have been affected by "channel drift".[1] It also contains channels accused of a biased point of view.

Name Launch Country Language Content focus Change of content/bias Examples of content in original focus (past and present)
PBS America 2011 United Kingdom English History, Science, Current Affairs and Arts & Culture Available on Sky, Virgin Media, Freeview and Freesat
A&E 1984 United States English Documentaries, biographies and crime dramas (originally) Reality shows, stereotypes (Southerners) The First 48, Criminal Minds, CSI:Miami
ABC 1956 Australia English Mass media, United States cable Live broadcasts (sports), tv shows (television programs), reality shows
Al Jazeera Documentary Channel 2007 Qatar Arabic Documentary films Al Jazeera has been criticized for being state media owned by Qatar and assailed as anti-Semitic, anti-American bias.
AMC 1984 USA English Classic movies TV shows, reality shows The Three Stooges
American Heroes Channel 1999 USA English World War II, U.S. war documentaries
Animal Planet 1996 USA English Wildlife, animals, relation between humans and animals Speculative fiction and pseudo-documentaries (mermaids, dragons), non-animal shows[2][3][4][5] Cats 101, Dogs 101
APTN 1992 Canada English Programs and news about Aboriginal peoples in Canada Some non-Aboriginal programming[6] APTN National News, Blackstone, Cooking With the Wolfman
Arte 1992 France, Germany French, German Arts, culture
BBC 1922 UK English Mass media, public broadcasting
BBC Four 1999 UK English Culture, current affairs
BBC Knowledge 2007 UK English Non-interrupted documentaries
BBC Parliament 1992 UK English Parliamentary and legislative programs
Bravo 1995 Canada English Television dramas, films, art-related programming Film-dramas, non-art TV shows[7][8] Inside the Actors Studio, Blue Bloods, 19-2, Dallas, Criminal Minds
C-SPAN 1979 USA English Government proceedings and public affairs
C-SPAN 2 1986 USA English Government proceedings and public affairs
C-SPAN 3 2001 USA English Government proceedings and public affairs
C.A.F. Tv 2016 Egypt Arabic Sports Champions, news Sports doc.[9]
Canal D 1995 Canada French Crime, biographies, nature, and science
CBS (originally as United Independent Broadcasters) 1927 USA English United States cable news
CCTV-9 2011 China It has two editions: one in Chinese for mainland China, one in English for international broadcasting. Documentary shows
Challenge (formerly Family Channel UK) 1993 UK English Sitcoms, game shows, dramas, general entertainment Only game shows
CMT (Canada) 1995 Canada English Country music, country music videos Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Canadian Country Music Awards, CMT Music Awards
CNBC 1989 USA English Business news, stocks
CNN 1980 USA English United States cable news, documentaries Accused of both conservative and liberal bias in news[10] News covering both conservative and liberal topics
Comedy Network 1997 Canada English Comedy programming
Crime and Investigation Network 2004 USA English Crime-related
Da Vinci Learning 2007 Germany English History, sociology, biology, physics
DD National 1957 India Hindi
DD Bharati 1985 India Hindi History
Destination America 1996 USA English Traveling, how-to travel, hotel and cities touring, lifestyle, history Speculative fiction[11] Hidden in America
Discovery Channel 1985 USA English Popular science, technology and history Reality shows, speculative fiction (time-travel, alternate universes, the paranormal, etc.), speculative fiction[12][13][14][15][16] Mythbusters, Daily Planet, Curiosity, The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius, Frozen Planet, Life
Discovery Historia 2006 Poland Polish History
Discovery History 1999 UK English History
Discovery Life 2011 USA English Fitness and health
Discovery World 1998 USA English Travel, culture and history Replaced by DTX in Europe
Documentary Channel 2001 Canada English Documentary films
DTour 1997 Canada English Travel, lifestyle
Encore 1991 USA English Theatrically released feature films (older to more recent), TV shows (on some channels)
Encuentro 2007 Argentina Spanish History, science and general culture
Food Food 2006 India Hindi Food, Cooking
Food Network 1993 USA English Food, cooking, cuisine, the food industry
Food Network (Canada) 2000 Canada English Food, cooking, cuisine, the food industry
Fox News Channel 1996 USA English United States cable news Accused of conservative bias[17][18][19] in news although this has been stated as unsubstantiated by members of Fox News[20][21][22][18][23][24]
France 5 1994 France French Documentaries, educational programming
Focus 2012[25][better source needed] Italy Italian Documentaries, programming
FYI 1999 USA English Biographical shows Reality shows, speculative fiction (curses, alien and ghost encounters)[26] Biography
HGTV 1994 USA English How-to shows with a focus on home improvement, gardening, remodeling and crafts
Historia 2000 Canada French Historic dramas, documentaries, movies, human interests programs
History 1995 USA English Documentary and historical fiction series Reality shows, speculative documentaries (Ancient Aliens), apocalypse shows, US-biased history, non-historic reality shows, stereotypes (Southerners), bias in program topics (World War II, Nazis)[27][28][29][30][31][16] Museum Secrets, Ancients Behaving Badly
History (Canada) 1997 Canada English Documentary and historical fiction series Reality shows, apocalypse shows, speculative fiction[32]
HLN 1984 USA English 30-minute newscast Tabloid, Crime, opinion,[33][34][35] and entertainment news-related programming[36] Morning Express with Robin Meade
Investigation Discovery 1996 USA English Crime-related
Knowledge Network 1981 Canada English Politics, culture, history, arts, music, health, parenting, and science
KTN LEO 2014 Kenya EACU Swahili News, educational Today shows jicho pevu


Kunskapskanalen 2004 Sweden Swedish Government proceedings, Educational
MCM 1989 France French Music videos (popular music, French music) Reality shows, horror series, anime shows[38] Top 50 hebdo, MCM sur le dancefloor, Top 50 quotidien
Military History 1999 USA English World War II, wars, generals
IRIB Mostanad 2011 Iran Persian Culture, arts, society, politics, history, wilderness, nature and the Iran–Iraq War
MTV India (previously MTV3 Fakta) 2006 India Hindi Documentaries
Nat Geo 1997 USA English Nature, culture, science, engineering & technology, history & society Reality shows/stereotypes (Navajo, Southerners shows, the Amish and other minority groups) and apocalypse shows[39][16][40] Explorer, Taboo
Nat Geo Music 2007 Italy, India English Documentaries about cultures and music around the world
Nat Geo Wild 2010 Hong Kong, India English Wildlife, natural history
National Geographic Abu Dhabi 2009 United Arab Emirates Arabic Documentaries
National Geographic Adventure 1994 Singapore English Outdoor, travel and exploration
NBC 1926 USA English United States cable news, commercial broadcast television and radio network
OLN 1997 Canada English Fact-based outdoor adventure shows Speculative fiction (aliens, ghosts, monsters, paranormal), reality shows, conspiracy theories[41] Departures, Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, Descending, Duck Commander, Python Hunters, Survivorman, Mantracker
PBS 1970 USA English Non-profit television, fine arts, drama, science, history, music, public affairs, independent films, home improvement, interviews Accused of anti-Communist and liberal point-of-view[42][43]
Phoenix 1997 Germany German Documentaries, news broadcasts, special events, discussion programmes
Planète+ 1988 France French Documentaries
Rai Scuola 2009 Italy Italian Educational
Rai Storia 2009 Italy Italian Historical events, occasionally with current relevance
RT Documentary 2011 Russia English, Russian Russia
Russian Travel Guide 2009 Russia English, Russian, Turkish Nature, science, culture, and history of the Russian Federation
Science 1996 USA English Space, technology and science Speculative fiction, non- science shows[44][16] The Challenger Disaster, How Do They Do It?, How It's Made, Futurescape, What Is That?, How The Universe Works, Wonders of Life
Showcase 1995 Canada English Canadian and worldwide independent films, drama, comedy, mini-series American shows and movies
Space 1997 Canada English Science fiction, space-related programming Reality shows, fantasy, horror, paranormal[45] InnerSPACE, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate Universe, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Doctor Who
Spektrum 1995 Hungary, Czech Republic Hungarian, Czech
Spike (formerly the Nashville Network) 1983 USA English Originally country music videos, now male-oriented programming Reality shows, speculative fiction[46]
Syfy (formerly Sci Fi Channel) 1996 USA English Classic science fiction shows Supernatural, drama, fantasy, reality, paranormal, wrestling, horror
Teletoon 1997 Canada English Cartoons Cartoon-based live action movies
TPA 2016 Angola Portugues Political, national, social Livestream TPA Internacional,[47] Quem quer ser milionário?
Travel Channel 1987 USA English Traveling, how-to travel, hotel and cities touring Paranormal (haunted places, ghosts)[48] Marianela's Best Beaches, Edge of America, No Reservations, Samantha Brown, Best of the Road, Off Limits, Top 5
TruTV 1991 USA English Legal programming Reality shows[49]
TCM 1994 USA English Classic movies
TV4 Fakta 2005 Sweden Swedish Science
TVC 2017 Nigeria Pidgen Continental

Your link to Entertainment|| [50]

TVZ 2017 Eacu Swahili


VH1 Indi 1985 India English Music videos, adult contemporary TV shows, reality tv The Greatest
Viasat Explorer 2002 Sweden English Wild animals, extreme sports, adventure, travel and technology
Viasat History 2004 Sweden English History, culture and society
Viasat Nature 1994 Sweden Swedish, Danish, Norwegian Nature and wildlife
W Network 1995 Canada English Women-oriented feminist programming[51] Primetime movies
WBS 2016 Eacu English-pidgen, Luganda, Swahili Life and talk Livestream Our-Africa[52]
The Weather Channel 1982 USA English Weather news and information Documentary programs[53]
The Weather Network 1988 Canada English Weather news and information
Zee Documentary 2001 India English, Hindi Learning, culture and sciences
Zing 2006 India Hindi Indian Music

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