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SingStar is a series of music video games developed by SCE London Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 video game consoles. Gameplay in the SingStar games requires players to sing along to music in order to score points, using SingStar-specific USB microphones which ship with the game. Over 70 different SingStar SKUs have been released worldwide,[1] featuring over 1,500 disc-based songs.[2]

Editions of SingStar for the PlayStation 3 support downloadable content in the form of additional songs for the game. Almost all songs are able to be purchased individually, although some songs can only be purchased in themed packs of five. Over 1600 songs have been made available as downloadable content, including a total of 569 English-language songs. Songs are made available worldwide where possible, although regional differences exist due to licensing and censorship restrictions.[3] The success of the SingStore exceeded the expectations of the game's developers,[4] with over 2.2 million songs purchased from the online service as of August 2008.[5]

Danish language songs[edit]

Year Artist Title DK UK US
2001 Blå Øjne "Fiskene I Havet" Yes Yes No
2000 Brødrene Olsen "Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud" Yes Yes No
1971 John Mogensen "Der Er Noget Galt I Danmark" Yes Yes Yes
2005 Johnny Deluxe "Drenge Som Mig" Yes Yes Yes
2004 Johnny Deluxe "Vi Vil Ha' Mer'" Yes Yes Yes
2004 Johnny Deluxe feat. Anna Nordell "Drømmer Jeg?" Yes Yes No
2009 Jooks "Hun vil ha' en rapper" Yes Yes No
2005 Magtens Korridorer "Picnic Pa Kastellet" Yes Yes No
2006 Nik & Jay "Boing" Yes Yes No
2002 Nik & Jay "Hot" Yes Yes No
2003 Nik & Jay "En Dag Tilbage" Yes Yes No
2003 Nik & Jay "Lækker" Yes Yes No
2006 Rasmus Nøhr "Sommer I Europa" Yes Yes Yes
2001 Rollo & King "Der Står Et Billed Af Dig På Mit Bord" Yes Yes Yes
2004 Swan Lee "I Don't Mind" Yes Yes Yes
2005 TV-2 "De Første Kærester På Månen" Yes Yes Yes
2007 TV-2 "Randers Station" Yes Yes Yes


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