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This is a list of dragons from works of fiction. For dragons from legends and mythology, see List of dragons in mythology and folklore.

Dragons in literature[edit]

Western literature tends either to affirm or pointedly subvert the traditional portrait of dragons from Western myth and folklore, as evil and greedy.

Dragons in film and television[edit]

Dragons have been portrayed in film and television in many different forms. They may terrorize human towns, or save human lives, even taking the role of passionate protectors.

Dragons in radio[edit]

Dragons in online audiovisual media[edit]

Dragons in comics and puppetry[edit]

Dragons in songs[edit]

  • Albi, from the Flight of the Conchords song "Albi the Racist Dragon"
  • "Puff, the Magic Dragon" is best known from the hit single by Peter, Paul and Mary, but has been performed by countless other artists. "Puff the Magic Dragon" was first a poem by Leonard Lipton and adapted by Peter Yarrow. The poem tells of an ageless dragon who befriends a young boy, only to be abandoned as the boy ages and forgets him. This is sometimes suspected of being riddled with references to marijuana, though the authors have publicly ridiculed this notion. The dragon in the song is most likely a reference to children's imagination and innocence.
  • Tharos, from the Emerald Sword Saga, a collection of five albums by the symphonic metal band Rhapsody

Dragons in games[edit]

Dragons in toys[edit]

Dragons in sport[edit]

Dragons in theme parks and shows[edit]

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