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The following is a list of automobile driving/racing video games. The first of the genre were released in the mid-late 1970s.


Title Developer Publisher Platforms Release date
1nsane Invictus Games Codemasters Win 2000-11
2 Fast Driver[1] K-Tech Development Team Play Publishing Win 2005-12-01
2XL ATV Offroad 2XL Games 2XL Games iOS 2009-10-08
2XL Supercross 2XL Games 2XL Games iOS 2009-04-01
2XL TrophyLite Rally 2XL Games 2XL Games iOS 2010-06-10
2Xtreme 989 Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 1996-11-06
3D Deathchase Micromega Timex ZX 1983
3D Pixel Racing Vidia Microforum Games WiiWare, iOS 2011-07-14
3Xtreme 989 Sports Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 1999-04-21
4 Wheel Thunder Kalisto Entertainment Midway Games DC 2000-05-04
4x4 EVO 2 Terminal Reality Gathering of Developers
Universal Interactive
BAM! Entertainment
Win, Xbox, GCN, PS2 2001-10-30
4x4 Evolution Terminal Reality Gathering of Developers DC, PS2, Mac, Win 2000-10-29
4x4 Off-Road Racing Odan MicroDesign Epyx CPC, ST, Ami, DOS, C64, MSX, ZX 1988
5th Gear Fantastic Four Hewson Consultants AMI, ST, C64 1990
18 Wheeler Midway Games Midway Games Arcade 1979
18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker Sega AM2
Acclaim Studios Cheltenham
Acclaim Entertainment
Arcade, DC, PS2, GCN 2000-07-26
18 Wheels of Steel SCS Software ValuSoft WIN 2002-08-31
18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' SCS Software ValuSoft PC, WIN 2006-12-08
007 Racing Eutechnyx EA Games PS1 2000-11-20
187 Ride or Die Ubisoft Paris Ubisoft PS2, Xbox 2005-08-23
360: Three Sixty Smart Dog Cryo Interactive PS1 1999-07
500 GP Namco Namco Arcade 1999
500cc Grand Prix Microïds Microïds CPC, ST, C64, DOS, TO7 1987
750cc Grand Prix WASP Codemasters ZX, CPC 1989
1080° Avalanche Nintendo Software Technology Nintendo GCN 2003-11-28
1080° Snowboarding Nintendo EAD Nintendo N64 1998-09-28
A.B. Cop - Air Bike Aicom Sega Arcade 1990-12-11
A.B. Cop Aicom Sega Arcade 1990-12-11
A2 Racer Davilex Games Davilex Games WIN 1997
A2 Racer 2 Davilex Games Davilex Games WIN 1998
A2 Racer III - Europa Tour Davilex Games Davilex Games WIN 2000
A2 Racer: World Challenge Davilex Games Davilex Games WIN 2003-09-22
ABC Sports Indy Racing Shot Sports Software ABC Interactive WIN 1997
Absolute Drift Funselektor Labs Funselektor Labs Linux, OS X, WIN, PS4, XBO, iOS, Droid 2015-07-29
Ace Driver Namco Namco Arcade 1994-11
Ace Driver: Victory Lap Namco Namco Arcade 1996-11
Action Fighter Sega Sega Arcade, AMI, C64, CPC, ZX, SMS 1986
Action Girlz Racing Data Design Interactive Metro3D Europe PS2, Wii, WIN 2005-07-23
Adventures of Bayou Billy, The Konami Konami NES 1988-08-12
AeroGauge Locomotive Games ASCII Entertainment N64 1998-04-30
Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving Genki Absolute Entertainment SNES, GB 1992-07-14
Air Boarder 64 Human Entertainment ASCII Corporation N64 1998-03-27
AiRace QubicGames QubicGames NDS, DSiWare 2010-04-12
AiRace: Tunnel QubicGames QubicGames NDS, DSiWare 2010-01-25
Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing Mindscape Bordeaux Mindscape WIN, OS X 1995
Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top Radical Entertainment Mindscape SNES 1994-11
Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing Data East Data East NES 1990-03
Alex Kidd BMX Trial Sega Sega SMS 1987-11-15
Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano Milestone Valcon Games, Black Bean Games Win, PS2, Xbox 2005-06-24
All Star Racing 2 Mud Duck Productions Midas Interactive PS1 2003-04-24
Alley Rally[2] Exidy Exidy Arcade 1975
Alpine Racer Namco Namco Arcade, iP, iPT, Zeebo 1994-09-11
Alpine Racer 2 Namco Namco Arcade 1996-12-06
Alpine Racer 3 Namco Namco Arcade, PS2 2001
Alpine Surfer Namco Namco Arcade 1996-07-22
Altitude0: Lower & Faster Gugila Gugila Win 2014-09-10
American Chopper Activision Value Creat Studios PS2, PC, Xbox 2004-11-25
American Chopper 2: Full Throttle Activision Value Creat Studios GCN, PS2, Xbox 2005-11-20
American Speedway[3] Enerdyne Technologies Enerdyne Technologies Arcade 1987
American Truck Simulator SCS Software SCS Software WIN, MacOS, Linux 2016-02-02
Andretti Racing Stormfront Studios EA Sports SAT, PS1, PC, WIN 1994
Angry Birds Go! Rovio Entertainment, Exient Entertainment Rovio Entertainment iOS, Droid, WP, BB10 2013-12-11
Antarctic Adventure Konami Konami MSX, CV, Famicom, MP, iR, VC, WS 1983-12
Antigraviator Cybernetic Walrus Iceberg Interactive WIN, PS4, XBO 2018-06-06
Antz Extreme Racing Supersonic Software Empire Interactive WIN, Xbox, PS2, GBA 2002-07-26
Antz Racing RFX Interactive Light & Shadow Production
Club Acclaim
Electronic Arts
GBC 2001-06-01
A.P.B.[4] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade, AMI, ST, C64, Lynx, ZX 1987
APEX / Racing Evoluzione Milestone S.r.l. Infogrames Xbox 2003-02-18
Aqua Jet Namco Namco Arcade 1996
Aqua Moto Racing Resolution Interactive Resolution Interactive iOS 2009-03-07
Aqua Race Extreme Simuline Simuline Arcade 2009
Aqua Racer Fusence Simuline Arcade 2001
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am Creat Studios Midway PS2 2007-11-05
Arcade Driver[5] Atari Atari Arcade 1976
Arctic Thunder[6] Midway Games Midway Games Arcade, PS2, Xbox 2000-12-01
Arlington Horse Racing Incredible Technologies Strata Arcade 1990
Armadillo Racing Namco Namco Arcade 1997
Armageddon Riders Targem Games Targem Games PS3 2011-06-02
Armagetron Advanced Dave Fancella Codemasters WIN, OS X, Linux 2001
Arthur! Ready to Race Runecraft Mattel Interactive, The Learning Company PS1 2000-11-01
Asphalt 3: Street Rules Gameloft Shanghai Gameloft MP, JME, Sym, NGE 2.0 2006
Asphalt 3D Gameloft Ubisoft 3DS 2011-03-10
Asphalt 4: Elite Racing Gameloft Paris Gameloft BBOS, iOS, JME, SymOS, NGE 2.0., DSIWare 2008-08-28
Asphalt 5 Gameloft Bucharest Gameloft iOS, PP, Droid, Sym∧3, Bada, WP 7 2009-11-02
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline Gameloft Barcelona Gameloft iOS, OS X, Droid, Sym∧3, MP, WebOS, BBPB, Bada 2.0 2010-12-21
Asphalt 7: Heat Gameloft Montreal Gameloft iOS, Droid, BB10, WP 8, BBPB, Win 2012-06-21
Asphalt 8: Airborne Gameloft Barcelona Gameloft iOS, Droid, WP 8, BB10, Tizen, WIN, tvOS 2013-08-22
Asphalt 9: Legends Gameloft Barcelona Gameloft iOS, Droid, Win 2018-07-25
Asphalt: Injection Gameloft Ubisoft PSVita 2011-12-17
Asphalt Overdrive Gameloft Madrid Gameloft iOS, Droid, WP, Win 2014-09-24
Asphalt Urban GT Gameloft Paris Gameloft MP, NGE, NDS 2004-11-15
Asphalt: Urban GT 2 Gameloft Montreal, Virtuos, Game Source Gameloft MP, NGE, NDS, PSP 2005-11-30
Asphalt Xtreme Gameloft Madrid, Gameloft Barcelona Gameloft iOS, Droid, WIN 2016-10-27
Assetto Corsa Kunos Simulazioni Kunos Simulazioni Win, PS4, XBO 2013-11-08
Assetto Corsa Competizione Kunos Simulazioni Kunos Simulazioni Win 2018-09-12
Astro Race Taito Taito Arcade 1973-??
Atari Karts Miracle Designs Atari Corporation Jag 1995-12-15
ATR: All Terrain Racing Team17 Team17 AMI, CD32 1995
ATV Offroad Fury Rainbow Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2001-02-05
ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails Climax Studios Sony Computer Entertainment, SouthPeak Games PSP 2005-04-19
ATV Offroad Fury 2 Rainbow Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2002-11-09
ATV Offroad Fury 3 Climax Studios PS2 2004-11-02
ATV Offroad Fury 4 Climax Racing Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2006-10-31
ATV Offroad Fury Pro Climax Racing Sony Computer Entertainment PSP 2006-10-26
ATV: Quad Frenzy Skyworks Technologies Majesco Entertainment NDS 2005-11-14
ATV Quad Kings Beyond Reality Storm City Games Wii, NDS, DSiWare 2010-03-02
ATV: Quad Power Racing Climax Development
Acclaim Sports PS1, GBA 2000-08-23
ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 Climax Brighton AKA Acclaim GCN, PS2, Xbox 2003-01-13
ATV Simulator Codemasters Codemasters ZX, C64, CPC 1987
ATV Track: Quads on Amazon Gaelco Gaelco Arcade 2002
Audiosurf Dylan Fitterer Valve Corporation WIN, ZHD 2008-02-15
Audiosurf 2 Dylan Fitterer Dylan Fitterer WIN, OS X, Linux 2015-05-26
Auto Club Revolution Eutechnyx Eutechnyx WIN 2013-04
Auto Modellista Capcom Production Studio 1 Capcom PS2, GCN, Xbox 2002-08-22
Auto Racing APh Technological Consulting Mattel Electronics Int 1980
Auto Test[7] Capitol Projector Co. Capitol Projector Co. Arcade 1975
Autoduel Origin Systems Origin Systems ATR, ST, C64, APII, DOS, MAC, AMI 1985
Automobili Lamborghini Titus France Titus France N64 1997-11-30
Auxiliary Power's Demolition Derby and Figure 8 Race Auxiliary Power, John C. Ardussi Auxiliary Power Win 2001-10-01
AvaGlide Haiku Interactive Haiku Interactive X360, XBLA 2010-09-19
Avus 2 Video Games GmbH Video Games GmbH Arcade 1976
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II Sega Sega SMS, SMD, SGG 1992-07-17
Backfire! Data East Data East Arcade 1995
Badlands[8] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1989
Baja: Edge of Control 2XL Games THQ PS3, X360 2008-09-22
Bakuretsu Crash Race Video System Video System Arcade 1993
Ballistics Grin Xicat Interactive Arcade, Linux, WIN 2001-10-19
Bandits: Phoenix Rising Grin Pan Vision, Tri Synergy WIN 2002-10-04
Bang Bang Racing Playbox, Digital Reality Digital Reality Droid, WIN, PS3, PSN, X360, XBLA 2011-05-13
Banjo-Pilot Rare THQ GBA 2005-01-12
Barbie Horse Adventures Blitz Games Vivendi Universal Games, Activision GBA, NDS, PS2, PS3, PC, Wii, Xbox 2003-09-17
Barbie: Race & Ride Runecraft Mattel Media PS1 1999-11-09
Batman[9] Specular Interactive Raw Thrills Inc. Arcade 2013
Batman: Gotham City Racer Sinister Games Ubi Soft PS1 2001-04-19
Battle Cars Malibu Interactive Namco SNES 1993-10
Battle Cross A-Max Imagineer Super Famicom 1994-12-09
Battle Gear Taito Taito Arcade, PS1, PS2 1996
Battle Gear 2 Taito Taito PS2 2000
Battle Gear 3 Taito Taito Arcade, PS2 2002-11
Battle Gear 3 Tuned Taito Taito PS2, Arcade 2003-12-15
Battle Gear 4 Taito Taito Arcade 2005-07
Battle Gear 4 Tuned Taito Taito Arcade 2005-07
Battle Grand Prix KID Hudson Soft, Konami SNES 1992-03-27
Battle Out Run Sega, Arc System Works Sega SMS 1989-09-04
Battle Racers Banpresto Genki, Bandai Namco Holdings Super Famicom 1995-03-17
Battle-Road, The Irem Irem Arcade 1984
BC Racers Core Design Core Design SCD, 32X, PC, 3DO 1995
Beach Buggy Blitz Vector Unit Vector Unit Droid, iOS, BB10 2012
Beach Buggy Racing Vector Unit Vector Unit Droid, iOS, XBO, PS4, WP, NS 2014
Beach Buggy Simulator Sysoft Silverbird ZX, C64, CPC 1988
Beam Breakers Similis JoWooD Productions Win 2002-09-27
Beetle Adventure Racing Paradigm Entertainment Electronic Arts N64 1999-02-28
Beetle Crazy Cup Xpiral Infogrames WIN 2000-02
Ben 10: Galactic Racing Monkey Bar Games D3 Publisher PS3, X360, NDS, Wii, 3DS, PSVita 2011-10-18
Ben Hur Multimedia Content Multimedia Content Arcade 2000
Beverly Hills Cop Tynesoft Tynesoft AMI, CPC, ST, BBC, C64, DOS, ZX 1990
Big Air Freestyle Paradigm Entertainment Infogrames GCN 2002-09-13
Big Bumpin' Blitz Games King Games Xbox, X360 2006-11-19
Big Mountain 2000 Natsume SouthPeak Games N64 1998-12-26
Big Mutha Truckers Eutechnyx Empire Interactive
GCN, PS2, Xbox, Win, GBA, NDS 2002-11-27
Big Mutha Truckers 2: Truck Me Harder Eutechnyx Empire Interactive
PS2, Xbox, Win 2005-06-24
Big Red Racing Big Red Software Eidos Interactive DOS 1996-02-29
Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Stellar Stone GameMill Publishing Win 2003-11-20
Big Run Jaleco Jaleco Arcade, AMI, ST, SNES 1989
Big Scale Racing BumbleBeast Codemasters WIN 2002
Bigfoot Beam Software Company, Ltd. Acclaim Entertainment NES 1990-07
Bigfoot Bonkers Meadows Games Meadows Games Arcade 1976
Bigfoot: Collision Course Destination Software Zoo Games Win, NDS, Wii 2008-10-28
Biker Bash Slightly Mad Studios Slightly Mad Studios Wii U 2013
Biker Mice from Mars Konami Konami SNES 1994-12
Biker Mice from Mars Creat Studios The Game Factory PS2, NDS 2006-11-17
Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge Distinctive Software Konami DOS, Ami, Mac, NES, GB 1990
Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing Data Design Interactive Conspiracy Entertainment Wii, PS2, Win 2006-01-27
Blazerush Targem Games Targem Games PS3, PS4, WIN, macOS, Linux 2014-10-29
Blomby Car ABM, Gecas ABM, Gecas Arcade 1994
Blur Bizarre Creations Activision Blizzard Win, PS3, X360 2010-05-25
BMX Heat Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1991
BMX Simulator Codemasters Codemasters AMI, ATR, ST, CPC, C64, MSX, ZX 1986
BMX XXX Z-Axis AKA Acclaim Xbox, PS2, GCN 2002-11-12
Boat Race - Ocean Heats Sega Sega Arcade 2000
Bomberman Fantasy Race Graphic Research Inc. Atlus, Hudson Soft PS1 1998-08-06
Bomberman Kart Racjin Hudson Soft PS2 2001-12-20
Boss Rally Boss Game Studios SouthPeak Interactive Win 1999
Bravo Air Race Xing Entertainment THQ PS1 1997-07-31
BreakThru Data East Data East, U.S. Gold Arcade, CPC, NES, ZX, C64 1986-08
Būbū Mario Banpresto Banpresto Arcade 1993
Buggy Boy Tatsumi
Arcade, C64, ZX, CPC, Ami, ST 1985
Buggy Boy Junior Tatsumi Data East, Taito Arcade 1986
Buggy Challenge Taito Arcade 1984
Buggy Run SIMS Sega SMS 1993-12
Build 'n Race Icon Games Entertainment Zoo Games Wii 2009-08-04
Bump 'n' Jump Data East Data East, Bally Midway, Vic Tokai Arcade, ATR26, C64, CLV, Int, NES 1982
Bump 'n' Jump DECO Data East Data East Arcade 1982
Burnin' Rubber Nihon Bussan Nichibutsu Arcade 1982
Burnin' Rubber G1M2 G1M2 PSP, PS3 2010-06-22
Burning Road Toka Playmates Interactive PS1 1996-09-30
Burning Tires 3D Deep Silver Deep Silver Fishlabs iOS, Droid, SymOS 2009-01-13
Burnout Criterion Games Acclaim Entertainment PS2, GCN, Xbox 2001-11-01
Burnout 2: Point of Impact Criterion Games Acclaim Entertainment PS2, GCN, Xbox 2002-09-30
Burnout 3: Takedown Criterion Games Electronic Arts PS2, Xbox 2004-09-07
Burnout Crash! Criterion Games Electronic Arts PS3, X360, iOS 2011-09-20
Burnout Dominator EA UK Electronic Arts PS2, PSP 2007-03-06
Burnout Legends Criterion Games, Visual Impact Electronic Arts PSP, NDS 2005-09-13
Burnout Paradise Criterion Games Electronic Arts PS3, X360, Win 2008-01-22
Burnout Revenge Criterion Games Electronic Arts PS2, Xbox, X360 2005-09-13
Butt-Ugly Martians: Zoom or Doom Runecraft Vivendi Universal Games
Crave Entertainment
GCN, PS2 2002-12-06
Buzz! Junior: Ace Racers Cohort Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2008-10-24
C3 Racing Eutechnyx Infogrames PS1 1998
Cabela's 4x4 Off-Road Adventure Fun Labs Activision Value WIN 2001-02
California Chase Game Room Game Room Arcade 1999
California Speed[10] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1998
Car & Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing '98 Eutechnyx Activision PS1 1997-09-30
Car Action Bootleg Unknown Arcade 1983
Car and Driver (video game) Lerner Research Electronic Arts DOS 1992
Car Hunt Sega Sega Arcade 1979
Car Jack Streets Tag Games Tag Games MP, iP, NDS, PSP, VTV 2008
Car Jamboree Sony Omori Electronics Arcade, MSX 1983
Car Polo Exidy Exidy Arcade 1977
Car Race Taito Taito Arcade 1981
Car Town Cie Games Glu Mobile FMP, iOS 2010-07-27
Car Wars Texas Instruments Texas Instruments TI-99/4A 1981
Carmageddon Stainless Games Sales Curve Interactive, Interplay Productions DOS, Win, Mac, PS1, N64, GBC, iOS, Droid 1997-06-30
Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now Stainless Games Sales Curve Interactive, Interplay Entertainment Win, Mac 1998-11-30
Carmageddon: Reincarnation Stainless Games Stainless Games Win, Lin, Mac, PS4, XBO 2014-03-27
Carmageddon TDR 2000 Torus Games Sales Curve Interactive, Xicat Interactive Win 2000-09-01
Cars Locomotive Games, Rainbow Studios, Helixe, Beenox THQ GBA, Win, NDS, GCN, PS2, PSP, Xbox, X360, Wii, Mac 2006-06-06
Cars 2 Avalanche Software, Firebrand Games, Virtual Toys Disney Interactive Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment Mac, NDS, 3DS, PS3, PSP, Wii, iOS, Win, X360 2011-06-21
Cars 3: Driven to Win Avalanche Software Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment NS, PS3, PS4, Wii U, X360, XBO 2017-06-13
Cars: Fast as Lightning Gameloft The Walt Disney Company, Pixar Droid, iOS 2014-10-09
Cars: Hotshot Racing Gameloft The Walt Disney Company, Pixar Droid, iOS, Java, MP 2014
Cars Mater-National Championship Rainbow Studios THQ Wii, NDS, PS3, X360, GBA, PS2, WIN 2007-10-29
Cars Race-O-Rama Incinerator Studios, Tantalus Media THQ PS3, Wii, X360, PS2, PSP, NDS 2009-10-12
Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures AWE Games, Rainbow Studios THQ WIN, OS X 2006-06-06
CART Fury Championship Racing[11] Midway Games Midway Games Arcade, PS2 2000
CART Precision Racing Terminal Reality Microsoft Studios WIN 1997-11-20
CART World Series Sony Computer Entertainment SCEA PS1 1997-09-16
Cartoon Network Racing Eutechnyx The Game Factory NDS, PS2 2006-12-04
Cartoon Network Speedway DC Studios Majesco Sales GBA 2003-11-17
Carve Argonaut Games Global Star Software Xbox 2004-02-24
Castrol Honda Superbike 2000 Interactive Entertainment, Ltd. Midas Interactive Win 1999-07
Castrol Honda Superbike Racing Interactive Entertainment, Ltd. PS1 1999-04-30
Castrol Honda SuperBike World Champions Interactive Entertainment, Ltd. Midas Interactive Win 1998-03-24
Castrol Honda VTR Interactive Entertainment Ltd. Bubble Boy, Midas Games PS1 2001-02-09
Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer Koei Tecmo Koei PS3, Wii, X360 2011-09-22
Championship Rally Human Entertainment HAL Laboratory NES 1992
Championship Sprint[12] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1986
Change Lanes Taito Taito Arcade, ATR26, VIC20, MSX 1983
Chariot Race Micro-Antics Micro-Antics VIC-20 1983
Chase H.Q. Taito Taito Arcade, Ami, CPC, ST, C64, FMT, GB, GBC, SGG, MSX, SMS, SMD, SNES, NES, PCE, ZX 1988-10
Chase H.Q. 2 Taito Square Enix Arcade 2007-12
Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver I-Imagine Interactive BAM! Entertainment Xbox 2002-09-25
Checkered Flag Atari Corporation Atari Corporation Lynx 1991
Checkered Flag Rebellion Developments Atari Corporation Jag 1994-11-28
Chequered Flag Psion Sinclair Research ZX 1983-11
Chicago 90 Microïds Microïds CPC, ST, Ami, DOS 1989
Chocobo Racing Square Square Electronic Arts PS1 1999-03-18
Choro Q 64 2: Hachamecha Grand Prix Race Locomotive Staff Takara N64 1999-12-24
ChoroQ Barnhouse Effect Atlus PS2 2003-11-27
Chrysler Classic Racing Extra Mile Studios Zoo Entertainment Wii, NDS 2008-11-18
Circuit Breakers Supersonic Software Mindscape PS1 1998-07
Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars Kodiak Interactive Encore, Inc. PS2, Xbox 2002-02-24
Cisco 400 Taito Taito Arcade 1977-04
Cisco Heat Jaleco Jaleco AMI, CPC, Arcade, ST, C64, DOS, ZX 1990-10
City Bomber Konami Konami Arcade 1987
City Connection Jaleco Jaleco Arcade, NES, MSX, ZX 1985
Classic British Motor Racing Data Design Interactive Bold Games Wii, PS2, WIN 2008-01-02
Classic Car Racing X-Bow Software 1C Company WIN 2011-01-22
Club Drive Atari Corporation Atari Corporation Jag 1994-11-28
Club Kart Sega Sega Arcade 2000-01
Club Kart - European Session Sega Sega Arcade 2000-01
Coaster Race Sony Interactive Entertainment Sony Interactive Entertainment MSX 1986
Cobra Triangle Rare Nintendo NES 1989-07
Cocoto Kart Racer Neko Entertainment BigBen Interactive, Conspiracy Entertainment GBA, GCN, NDS, PS2, Wii, WIN 2005
Code One Dispatch Konami Konami Arcade 2000
Colin McRae Rally Codemasters Codemasters, SCEA, Spike, THQ PS1, WIN, GBC 1998-01-01
Colin McRae Rally 2.0 Codemasters Codemasters WIN, PS1, GBA 2000-07-07
Colin McRae Rally 3 Codemasters Codemasters WIN, PS2, XBOX 2002-10-25
Colin McRae Rally 04 Codemasters Codemasters PS2, XBOX, WIN 2003-09-19
Colin McRae Rally 2005 Codemasters Codemasters WIN, PS2, XBOX, OS X, PSP 2004-09-28
Colin McRae: Dirt Codemasters Codemasters WIN, X360, PS3 2007-06-15
Colin McRae: Dirt 2 Codemasters, Sumo Digital, Firebrand Games, Feral Interactive Codemasters, SCEE, Namco Bandai, Feral Interactive NDS, PS3, PSP, Wii, X360, WIN, OS X, OnLive 2009-09-08
Combat Cars Accolade Accolade GEN 1994
Combo Racer Imagetic Design Gremlin Graphics ST, AMI 1990
Continental Circuit Taito Taito Arcade 1989
Continental Circus Taito Taito Arcade, AMI, CPC, ST, C64, MSX, ZX 1987
Cool Riders Sega AM1 Sega Arcade 1995-04
Cops 'n Robbers[13] Atari Atari Arcade 1976
Corvette Steel Monkeys, Visual Impact TDK Mediactive, Global Star Software GBA, WIN, PS2, XBOX 2003-11-11
Corvette Evolution GT Milestone Valcon Games, Black Bean Games PS2, NDS, WIN 2006-05-12
Cosmic Causeway: Trailblazer II Gremlin Interactive Magnetic Fields C64 1987
Cosmic Race Neorex Neorex PS1 1995-01-20
Cosmos Circuit Taito Taito Arcade 1984
Counter Run Sega Sega Arcade 1988
Crash Exidy Exidy Arcade 1979
Crash 'N' Burn Climax Racing Eidos Interactive PS2, Xbox 2004-11-15
Crash 'N Score[14] Atari Atari Arcade 1975
Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 Polarbit Activision MP 2010-05-27
Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D Polarbit Activision MP 2008-06-09
Crash-Course Domo NHK Nintendo NDS, DSiWare 2009-10-19
Crash N Burn Crystal Dynamics Crystal Dynamics 3DO 1993-10
Crash Nitro Kart Vicarious Visions Universal Interactive PS2, XBOX, GCN, GBA, NGE, MP 2003-11-11
Crash Race Video System Video System Arcade 1992
Crash Tag Team Racing Radical Entertainment Vivendi Universal Games PS2, XBOX, GCN, PSP 2005-10-19
Crash Team Racing Naughty Dog Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 1999-09-30
Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit Synetic GmbH WIN, X360 2007-11-07
Crash Time II Synetic GmbH RTL Interactive WIN, X360 2008-11-27
Crash Time III Synetic RTL WIN, X360 2009-11-27
Crash Time IV: The Syndicate Synetic PQube, dtp entertainment WIN, PS3, X360 2012-01-24
Crashday Replay Studios, Moonbyte Games Atari WIN 2006-02-23
Crashing Race Taito Taito Arcade 1976
Crazee Rider Kevin Edwards Superior Software, Acornsoft AE, BBC 1987
Crazy Cars: Hit the Road Little World Entertainment Anuman PC, iOS, Droid 2012
Crazy Frog Racer Neko Entertainment Digital Jesters PS2, NDS, WIN, GBA 2005
Crazy Frog Racer 2 Neko Entertainment Valcon Games PS2, WIN 2007-09-04
Crazy Rally[15] Tecfri Tecfri Arcade 1987
Crazy Speed Universal Space Universal Space Arcade 2010
Crazy Streets - Thrill Drive 4 Konami Konami Arcade 2007
Crazy Taxi Hitmaker, Acclaim Studios Cheltenham, Strangelite Sega, Acclaim Entertainment, Activision Value Arcade, DC, PS2, GCN, WIN, PSN, XBLA, OnLive, iOS, DROID 1999
Crazy Taxi 2 Hitmaker Sega DC, PSP 2001-05-28
Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller Hitmaker Sega XBOX, WIN, Arcade 2002-07-24
Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars Hitmaker, Sniper Studios Sega PSP 2007-08-07
Crazyracing Kartrider Nexon Nexon PC, WIN 2004-06-01
Crew, The Ivory Tower, Ubisoft Reflections Ubisoft WIN, PS4, X360, XBO 2014-12-02
Crew 2, The Ivory Tower Ubisoft WIN, PS4, XBO 2018-06-29
Cro-Mag Rally Pangea Software Aspyr OS 9, OS X, iOS, WP 7, X360, Droid 2000-10
Cross Racing Championship Extreme 2005 Invictus Games Invictus Games WIN 2005
Crosscountry Ingenuity Works Ingenuity Works APPII, DOS, MacOS, WIN, Linux 1985
Cruis'n Just Games Interactive Midway Games Wii 2007-11-27
Cruis'n Blast Raw Thrills Nintendo Arcade 2017-01
Cruis'n Exotica Midway Games Midway Games Arcade, N64, GBC 1999
Cruis'n USA Midway Games, Williams Interactive Nintendo Arcade, N64 1994-11
Cruis'n Velocity Graphic State Midway Games GBA 2001-11-30
Cruis'n World Midway Games, Eurocom Midway Games Arcade, N64 1996-11
Cruisin Kitcorp Kitcorp Arcade 1985
CSR Classics Boss Alien, Mad Atom Games NaturalMotion iOS, Droid 2013-10-17
CSR Racing Boss Alien NaturalMotion, Zynga iOS, OS X, Droid, WIN 2012-06-28
Cyber Cycles Namco Namco Arcade 1995
Cyber Speedway Nex Entertainment Sega Sat 1995
Cyber Spin Arc System Works Takara SNES 1992-03-19
Cyber Warriors Tatsumi Tatsumi Arcade 1991
CyberRace Cyberdreams Cyberdreams DOS 1993
CyberSpeed Mindscape Mindscape PS1, WIN 1995-09-15
Cycle Race: Road Man Advance Communication Company Tokyo Shoseki Famicom 1988-12-17
Cyclemania Compro Games Ltd. Accolade DOS 1994
Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing, The Distinctive Software Accolade AMI, C64, DOS, CPC, ZX 1989
D1GP Arcade Taito Taito, Yuke's Arcade 2008
Dakar 2: The World's Ultimate Rally Acclaim Studios Cheltenham Acclaim Entertainment PS2, GCN, Xbox 2003-03-07
Dakar 18 Bigmoon Entertainment Deep Silver WIN, PS4, XBO 2018-09-25
Danger Track Recel S.A. Petaco Arcade 1980
Danger Zone Three Fields Entertainment Three Fields Entertainment WIN, PS4, XBO 2017-05-30
Dangerous Curves Taito Taito Arcade 1995-07
Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat Rare Leland Corporation Arcade, NES, AMI, ST, C64 1991
Dark Horse Shoei Shoei Arcade 1982
Dark Horse Legend Konami Shoei Arcade 1998
Darkwind: War on Wheels Sam Redfern Psychic Software OS X, WIN, Linux 2007-04-05
Dash of Destruction NinjaBee Microsoft Game Studios X360 2008-12-17
Datsun 280 ZZZAP Dave Nutting Associates Midway Manufacturing Arcade 1976-11
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Z-Axis Acclaim Max Sports PS1, GBC, DC, WIN 2000-09-26
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 Z-Axis Acclaim Max Sports PS2, GCN, GBA, Xbox 2001-08-27
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3 Full Fat AKA Acclaim GBA 2002-11-26
Days of Thunder Argonaut Software Mindscape AMI, ST, C64, DOS, GB, NES, iOS, XBLA, PSN, ZX 1990
Days of Thunder Piranha Games Paramount Digital Entertainment PS3, X360, iOS, PSP 2009-02-05
Daytona USA Sega AM2 Sega Arcade, SAT, WIN, XBLA, PSN 1993
Daytona USA 2 Sega AM2 Sega Arcade 1998-06
Daytona USA 2: Power Edition Sega Sega Arcade 1998-12
Daytona USA 2001 Amusement Vision, Genki Sega, Hasbro Interactive, Infogrames DC 2000-12-21
Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition Sega AM3 Sega SAT, WIN 1996-11
Dead Heat Namco Bandai Namco Entertainment Arcade 2010-10-19
Dead Heat Scramble Copya System Electro Brain GB 1990-04-20
Dead in the Water Player 1 ASC Games PS1 1999-03-19
Death Race[16] Howell Ivy Exidy Arcade 1976-04-01
Death Race 98 Exidy Exidy Arcade 1998
Death Rally Remedy Entertainment Apogee Software DOS, WIN, iOS, FOS 1996-09-07
Death Track: Resurrection SkyFallen Entertainment 1C Company WIN, PS3, PSN 2008-02-22
Deathtrack Dynamix Activision DOS 1989
Delta Rally Delta Coin Delta Coin Arcade 2000-09
Delta V Bethesda Softworks Bethesda Softworks DOS 1994
Demolition Derby[17] Bally Midway Bally Midway Arcade 1985
Demolition Racer Pitbull Syndicate Infogrames, Atari PS1, WIN, DC 1999-08-31
Derby Owners Club Sega AM3 Sega Arcade, PC, iOS, Droid 2000
Derby Owners Club 2008 Feel the Rush Sega Sega Arcade 2008
Derby Owners Club: World Edition Sega Sega Arcade 2003
Derby Stallion ASCII Corporation Nintendo NES, PC, SNES, PS1, SAT, N64, GBA, PS2, DCM, PSP, NDS, PS3, 3DS, NS 1991-12-21
Derby Stallion II ASCII Corporation ASCII Corporation SNES 1994-02-18
Derby Stallion 64 Parity Bit Media Factory N64 2001-08-10
Derby Time Online SCEI SCEI PS3 2008-11-13
Derby Tsuku 4: Derby Uma o Tsukurō! Smilebit Sega PS2 2004-12-02
Desert Race Moppet Video Moppet Video Arcade 1982
Destruction Derby (1975 video game)[18] Howell Ivy Exidy Arcade 1975
Destruction Derby Reflections Interactive Psygnosis DOS, PS1, SAT, DOS, N64 1995-10-20
Destruction Derby 2 Reflections Interactive Psygnosis WIN, PS1 1996
Destruction Derby Arenas Studio 33 SCEE PS2 2004-01-09
Destruction Derby Raw Studio 33 SCEE, Midway Games PS1 2000-06-30
DethKarz Melbourne House Melbourne House WIN 1998
Dhaka Racing eSophers Ltd eSophers Ltd WIN 2002-03-02
Diamond Derby Entertainment Enterprises Entertainment Enterprises Arcade 1986
Diddy Kong Racing Rare Nintendo N64 1997-11-07
Die Hard Trilogy Probe Entertainment Fox Interactive PS1, WIN, SAT 1996-08-31
Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas N-Space Fox Interactive WIN, PS1 2000-02-29
Digimon Racing Griptonite Games Bandai GBA 2004-04-01
Dino Ferrari Bacchilega Video Games Bacchilega Video Games Arcade 1981
Dirt 3 Codemasters Southam Codemasters WIN, PS3, X360, OnLive 2011-05-24
Dirt 4 Codemasters Southam Codemasters WIN, PS4, XBO 2017-06-09
Dirt Dash Namco Namco Arcade 1995-12
Dirt Devils Sega Sega Arcade 1998
Dirt Fox Namco Namco Arcade 1989-06
Dirt Racer MotiveTime, Ltd. Elite Systems SNES 1995-05
Dirt Rally Codemasters Codemasters WIN, PS4, XBO, LIN 2015-12-07
Dirt: Showdown Codemasters Southam Codemasters WIN, PS3, X360 2012-05-25
Dirt Track Racing Ratbag Games WizardWorks Software WIN 2000
Dirt Track Racing 2 Ratbag Games Ratbag Games WIN 2002-09-01
Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars Ratbag Games WizardWorks WIN 2000
Dirt Trax FX Sculptured Software Acclaim Entertainment SNES 1995-06
Dirty Drivin'[19] Specular Interactive Raw Thrills Inc. Arcade 2011
Disc Drivin' Pixelocity Software Pixelocity Software iOS 2010-12-13
Disney Magicboard Online Shanda The Walt Disney Company WIN 2007-12-10
Disney's Herbie: Fully Loaded Climax Group Buena Vista Games GBA 2005-06-21
Dodge 'Em Atari Atari 2600 1980
Dodgem[20] Zaccaria Zaccaria Arcade 1979
Dogfight 1942 CI Games CI Games X360, XBLA 2012-09-05
DONKEY.BAS Bill Gates, Neil Konzen Microsoft MS-DOS 1981
Donkey Kong Barrel Blast Paon Nintendo Wii 2007-06-28
Dotstream Skip Ltd. Nintendo GBA 2006-07-13
Dottori Kun Sega Sega Arcade 1990
Double Axle Taito Taito Arcade 1991
Double Clutch BGS Development Sega SMD 1992
Downforce Smart Dog Titus Interactive GBA, PS2 2002-06-14
Downhill Bikers Namco Namco Arcade 1997
Downhill Domination Incognito Entertainment SCEA, Codemasters PS2 2003-07-22
Downtown Run Ubi Soft Romania Ubi Soft PS2, WIN, GCN, MP 2003-03-28
Drag Race[21] Kee Games Kee Games Arcade 1977
Drag Race Eliminator Family Software Hisense C64, IBM PC 1986
Drag Racer XMG Studio, Phantom Games XMG Studio, Phantom Games AF, iPT, iP, iP 2003
Dragster[22] Activision Activision A2600 1980
DrawRace RedLynx RedLynx iOS 2009
DrawRace 2 RedLynx Chillingo iOS 2011-09-01
DreamWorks Super Star Kartz Activision High Impact Games, Virtuos Wii, PS3, X360, NDS, 3DS 2011-11-15
Drift City NPluto NPluto WIN, iOS, Droid 2007-08-01
Drift Out Visco Corporation Visco Corporation Arcade 1991
Drift Out '94 - The Hard Order Visco Corporation Visco Corporation Arcade 1994
Drift Street Express Tantalus Media Tantalus Media NDS, DSiWare 2010-03-22
Drift Street International Tantalus Media Tantalus Media NDS, DSiWare 2010-03-22
Driift Mania Konami Konami WiiWare 2009-07-31
Driveclub Evolution Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS4 2014-10-07
Driven Crawfish Interactive BAM! Entertainment GCN, PS2, GBA 2001-11-06
Driver Reflections Interactive, Crawfish Interactive, Gameloft GT Interactive Software, Infogrames, Gameloft GBC, iOS, MAC, WIN, PS1, PSN 1999-06-30
Driver, The Kansai Seiki Seisakusho Co. Kasco Arcade, C64 1979
Driver 2 Reflections Interactive, Sennari Interactive Infogrames PS1, GBA 2000-11-13
Driver 3 Reflections Interactive Atari PS2, XBOX, WIN, GBA 2004-06-21
Driver 76 Sumo Digital, Ubisoft Reflections Ubisoft PSP 2007-05-8
Driver: LA Undercover Gameloft Montreal Ubisoft MP 2007-05-11
Driver: Parallel Lines Reflections Interactive Atari, Ubisoft PS2, XBOX, WIN, Wii 2006-03-14
Driver: Renegade 3D Velez & Dubail Ubisoft 3DS 2011-09-01
Driver: San Francisco Ubisoft Reflections Ubisoft OnLive, OSX, WIN, PS3, Wii, X360 2011-09-01
Driver: Vegas Gameloft Glu Mobile MP 2006
Driver's Edge[23] Incredible Technologies Strata Arcade 1993
Driver's Eyes Namco Namco NS21, Arcade 1990
Driving Emotion Type-S Escape Square Electronic Arts PS2 2000-03-30
Driving Force Shinkai Shinkai Arcade 1984
Driving Party Konami Konami Arcade 2000
Drome Racers Attention to Detail, Möbius Entertainment Electronic Arts, Lego Interactive, THQ WIN, GCN, GBA, PS2, XBOX 2002-11-20
DT Carnage Axis Entertainment Agetec PS2, PSP, Wii 2008-08-26
DT Racer Axis Entertainment XS Games PS2, PSP 2005-09-26
Ducati Challenge Digital Tales Digital Tales PSP, PS3 2011-07-13
Ducati Moto 4J Studios Bethesda Softworks NDS 2008-07-01
Ducati: 90th Anniversary Milestone Milestone WIN, PS4, XBO 2016-06-09
Duel: Test Drive II, The Distinctive Software Accolade APII, C64, AMI, ST, DOS 1989
The Dukes of Hazzard Coleco Elite Systems CV, CA, ZX 1984
The Dukes of Hazzard II: Daisy Dukes It Out Sinister Games SouthPeak Interactive PS1 2000-11-07
The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home Sinister Games SouthPeak Interactive GBC, Windows, PS1 1999-11-30
The Dukes of Hazzard: Return of the General Lee Ratbag Games Ubisoft PS2, Xbox 2004-09-28
Dust Racing 2D Jussi Lind Jussi Lind WIN, LIN 2012-06-01
Dyad Right Square Bracket Left Square Bracket Right Square Bracket Left Square Bracket PS3, WIN, OS X, Linux 2012-07-17
Dynamic Trial 7 Toaplan Toaplan Arcade 1993
E-racer Rage Software Rage Software WIN 2001-04-27
E-Type Gordon J. Key The Fourth Dimension BBCM, AE, AA 1989
E-Type 2 Gordon J. Key The Fourth Dimension AA, RISC OS, RISC PC 1994
EA Sports NASCAR Racing EA Tiburon Global VR Arcade 2007
Eagle Flight Ubisoft Montreal Ubisoft WIN, PS4 2016-10-18
Earache: Extreme Metal Racing Data Design Interactive Data Design Interactive PS2, Wii, PC 2006-10-27
Earn to Die 2 Toffee Games Not Doppler iOS, Droid, WIN 2014-11-20
Eastern Road GP[24] K-Tech Development Team Play Publishing WIN 2006-03-21
Eat My Dust Davidson & Associates, Inc. Sierra On-Line WIN 1996
Eighteen Wheeler Sega Sega Arcade 2003
El Chavo Kart Efecto Studios Televisa X360, PS3, Droid 2014-02-21
Elasto Mania Balázs Rózsa Independent WIN, BeOS, iOS 2000-01
Electronic Horse Racing Video Computer Systems, Ltd. Video Computer Systems, Ltd. Arcade 1976-08-01
Eliminator Boat Duel Sculptured Software Electro Brain NES 1991-11
Eliminator IV Electra Games, Inc. Electra Games, Inc. Arcade 1976
Emergency Call Ambulance Sega Sega Arcade 1999
Emergency Heroes Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Barcelona Ubisoft Wii 2008-05-27
Enduro[25] Activision Activision A2600 1983
Enduro Racer Sega AM2 Sega Arcade, SMS, C64, CPC, ZX, ST, VC, TC 1986-09-20
Enthusia Professional Racing Konami Konami PS2 2005-03-17
Escape Kids Konami Konami Arcade 1991-01
ESPN Extreme Games 989 Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS1, MS-DOS 1995-09-09
ESPN Speed World Park Place Productions Sony Imagesoft SNES, GEN 1994
ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding 2002 Konami Konami PS2, Xbox 2002-01-17
Euro Truck Simulator SCS Software Meridian4 WIN, OS X 2008-08-06
Euro Truck Simulator 2 SCS Software SCS Software Linux, WIN, MacOS 2012-10-19
Excessive Speed Iridon Interactive AB Chaos Works, Ganymede Technologies WIN 1999
Excite Bike / Ice Climber Nintendo Nintendo Arcade 1985
Excite Truck Monster Games Nintendo Wii 2006-11-19
Excitebike Nintendo R&D1, Hudson Soft, Arika Nintendo, Hudson Soft NES, PC-8801, X1, Arcade, GBA, GCN, Wii, Wii U, 3DS 1984-11-30
Excitebike 64 Left Field Productions Nintendo N64, iQue Player, VC 2000-04-30
Excitebike: World Rally Monster Games, Nintendo SPD Nintendo Wii 2009-11-09
Excitebots: Trick Racing Monster Games Nintendo Wii 2009-04-20
Explosive Racing Funsoft Toka PS1 1997
Express Delivery[26] Leland Corporation Cinematronics Arcade 1984
Extreme-G Probe Entertainment Acclaim Entertainment N64 1997-09-30
Extreme-G 2 Probe Entertainment Acclaim Entertainment N64, WIN 1998-11-18
Extreme-G 3 Acclaim Studios Cheltenham Acclaim Entertainment PS2, GCN 2001-08-21
Extreme Downhill Sega Sammy Corporation Arcade 1995
F-1 Namco Atari Arcade 1976
F-1 Dream Capcom Romstar Arcade, PCE 1988
F-1 Grand Prix Video System Paradigm Entertainment Arcade, SNES, N64, DC, GBC, PS1, WIN 1991
F-1 Grand Prix Part II Video System Video System Arcade, SNES 1992-11
F-1 Grand Prix Part III Video System Video System SNES 1994-04-22
F-1 Hero MD System 3 Acclaim Entertainment GEN/SMD, GB, NES 1992-05-12
F-1 Race HAL Laboratory Nintendo Famicom, GB 1984-11-02
F-1 Sensation Konami Konami NES 1993-01-29
F-1 Super Battle Jaleco Jaleco Arcade 1994
F-1 World Grand Prix Paradigm Entertainment, Lankhor Eidos Interactive, Sega N64, DC, PS1, GBC, WIN 1998-07-31
F-1 World Grand Prix II Paradigm Entertainment Video System N64, GBC, DC 1999-09-30
F-Zero Nintendo EAD Nintendo SNES 1991-08-23
F-Zero X Nintendo EAD Nintendo N64 1998-07-14
F-Zero GX Amusement Vision Nintendo GCN 2003-07-25
F-Zero AX Amusement Vision Sega Arcade 2003-07
F-Zero Climax Suzak Nintendo GBA 2004-10-21
F-Zero: GP Legend Suzak Nintendo GBA 2003-11-28
F-Zero AC Sega Sega Arcade 2003
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Nd Cube Nintendo GBA 2001-03-21
F1 Lankhor Domark, Tengen ST, SMD/GEN, SMS, SGG, AMI 1993-01-01
F1 2000 Image Space Incorporated, Visual Sciences EA Sports PS1, WIN 2000-01-06
F1 2001 Studio 33, SCE Studio Liverpool Sony Computer Entertainment, 989 Studios PS1, PS2 2001-04-20
F1 2002 SCE Studio Liverpool SCEE PS2 2002-11-01
F1 2003 SCE Studio Liverpool SCEE PS2 2003-07-11
F1 2004 SCE Studio Liverpool SCEE PS2 2004-09-22
F1 2005 SCE Studio Liverpool SCEE PS2 2005-07-01
F1 2006 SCE Studio Liverpool SCEE PS2, PSP 2006-07-28
F1 2009 Sumo Digital Codemasters Wii, PSP, iOS 2009-11-17
F1 2010 Codemasters Birmingham Codemasters WIN, PS3, X360 2010-09-22
F1 2011 Codemaster Birmingham, Sumo Digital Codemasters WIN, PS3, X360, 3DS, PSVita, iOS 2011-09-20
F1 2012 Codemasters Birmingham, Feral Interactive Codemasters, Feral Interactive WIN, OS X, PS3, X360 2012-09-18
F1 2013 Codemasters Birmingham, Feral Interactive Codemasters, Feral Interactive, Bandai Namco Holdings WIN, PS3, X360, MAC 2013-10-04
F1 2014 Codemasters Birmingham Codemasters WIN, X360, PS3 2014-10-02
F1 2015 Codemasters Birmingham Codemasters WIN, PS4, XBO 2015-07-10
F1 2016 Codemasters Birmingham Codemasters WIN, PS4, XBO 2016-08-09
F1 2017 Codemasters Birmingham Codemasters WIN, PS4, XBO 2017-08-25
F1 2018 Codemasters Birmingham Codemasters WIN, PS4, XBO 2018-08-24
F1 Challenge Bell Corporation Sega, Virgin Interactive Entertainment SAT 1995-11-02
F1 Challenge '99-'02 Image Space Incorporated, Visual Science EA Sports Win, MAC, PS1, PS2, XBOX, GCN, GBA 2003-06-24
F1 Championship Season 2000 Image Space Incorporated, Visual Sciences EA Sports MAC, PS2, PS1, WIN, GBC 2000-09-30
F1 Circus Nihon Bussan Nichibutsu Famicom, PCE 1990-09-14
F1 Exhaust Note Sega Sega Arcade 1991-11-23
F1 Grand Prix Traveller's Tales Sony Computer Entertainment PSP 2005-09-01
F1 Grand Prix: Nakajima Satoru Varie Varie SMD 1991-12-20
F1 Grand Prix Star Jaleco Jaleco Arcade 1991
F1 Grand Prix Star II Jaleco Jaleco Arcade 1993
F1 Manager Intelligent Games EA Sports WIN 2000-10-13
F1 Pole Position Human Entertainment Ubisoft SNES 1992-10-20
F1 Pole Position 2 Human Entertainment Ubi Soft SNES 1993-12-24
F1 Pole Position 64 Human Entertainment Ubi Soft N64 1997-03-28
F1 Race Stars Codemasters Birmingham Codemasters WIN, PS3, X360, Wii U 2012-11-13
F1 Racing Simaction Simaction Arcade 2002
F1 Racing Championship Video System Ubi Soft DC, GBC, N64, PS1, PS2, WIN 2000-04
F1 Racing Simulation Ubisoft Ubisoft WIN 1997
F1 ROC: Race of Champions SETA Corporation SETA Corporation SNES 1992-02-21
F1 ROC II: Race of Champions SETA Corporation SETA Corporation SNES 1993-03-05
F1 Spirit Konami Konami MSX, GB 1987
F1 Super Battle Jaleco Jaleco Arcade 1994
F1 Super Lap Sega Sega Arcade 1992-11-04
F1 World Grand Prix 2000 Eutechnyx Eidos Interactive WIN, PS1 2001-03-08
F355 Challenge Sega AM2, CRI, Tose Co., Ltd. Sega, Acclaim Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Arcade, DC, PS2 1999-10-11
F355 Challenge 2 - International Course Edition Sega Sega Arcade 2000
Family Go-Kart Racing Arc System Works Aksys Games WiiWare 2010-02-22
Family Slot Car Racing Arc System Works Aksys Games WiiWare 2009-02-10
Fast & Furious: Showdown Firebrand Games Activision X360, PS3, Wii U, 3DS, WIN 2013-05-21
Fast & Furious SuperCars[27] Raw Thrills, Inc. Raw Thrills, Inc. Arcade 2010
Fast and the Furious, The Eutechnyx Namco Bandai Games PS2, PSP 2006-09-26
Fast and the Furious DRIFT, The Raw Thrills Raw Thrills Arcade 2007
Fast and the Furious: Super Bikes, The[28] Raw Thrills, Inc. Raw Thrills, Inc. Arcade 2006
Fast Beat Loop Racer Saint-Fun International UFO Interactive Games Arcade, WIN 2011
Fast Lane Konami Konami Arcade 1987
Fast Racing League Shin'en Multimedia Shin'en Multimedia Wii 2011-05-27
Fast Racing Neo Shin'en Multimedia Shin'en Multimedia Wii U 2015-12-10
Fast RMX Shin'en Multimedia Shin'en Multimedia, Nintendo NS 2017-03-03
Fast Tracks: The Computer Slot Car Construction Kit Activision Activision C64 1986
Faster Than Speed Sega Sammy Corporation Arcade 2004
Fastest 1 Human Entertainment Human Entertainment SMD 1991-06-28
Fatal Inertia Koei Koei X360, PS3 2007-09-30
Fatal Racing / Whiplash Gremlin Gremlin DOS 1996-01-31
Ferrari Famaresa Ferrari Arcade 1980
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli Eutechnyx, Firebrand Games System 3 PS3, PS2, Wii, NDS 2008-01-26
Ferrari GT: Evolution Gameloft Bucharest Gameloft iP, iPT, MP, NDSi, SymOS 2008
Ferrari: The Race Experience Eutechnyx Eutechnyx PS3, PSN, Wii 2010-10-06
Ferrari Virtual Academy Kunos Simulazioni Kunos Simulazioni WIN 2010-09-09
Fighting Gate Taito Taito Arcade 1993
Fighting Roller Taito Taito Arcade 1983
Final Furlong Namco Namco Arcade 1997
Final Furlong 2 Namco Namco Arcade 1999
Final Lap Namco Atari Games Arcade, NES 1987-12-05
Final Lap 2 Namco Namco Arcade 1990-08
Final Lap 3 Namco Namco Arcade 1992-09
Final Lap R Namco Namco Arcade 1993-12
Final Lap Twin Namco Namco, NEC TG-16, PCE 1989-07-07
Final Lap UR Namco Namco Arcade 1988
Final Stretch Genki LOZC G. Amusements Super Famicom 1993-11-12
Final Turn Namco Namco Arcade 2008
Fire & Forget II Titus France Sega, Amstrad SMS, GX4000 1990
Fire and Forget Titus Interactive Titus Interactive AMI, CPC, ST, DOS, ZX 1988
Fire Truck Atari Atari Arcade 1978
Firebugs Attention to Detail Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 2002-10-18
Fireburst exDream indiePub, Bigben Interactive WIN, PS3, X360 2012-04-25
Fired Up SCE London Studio Sony Computer Entertainment PSP 2005-09-01
Fisco 400 Taito Taito Arcade 1977
Flag to Flag Zoom Sega DC 1999-03-25
FlatOut Bugbear Entertainment Empire Interactive, Konami WIN, PS2, XBOX 2004-11-05
FlatOut 2 Bugbear Entertainment Empire Interactive, Konami WIN, OSX, PS2, XBOX, OnLive 2006-06-30
FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction Team6 Game Studios Strategy First WIN, DROID 2011-12-13
FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Bugbear Entertainment Empire Interactive X360, WIN, PSP 2007-07-22
FlatOut 4: Total Insanity Kylotonn Strategy First WIN, PS4, Xbox One 2017-03-17
Fonz / Moto-Cross Sega Gremlin Arcade 1976
Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives Eutechnyx 2K Games PS2, Xbox 2005-04-19
Ford Racing Elite Systems, HME Inc. Empire Interactive PS1, WIN, Arcade 2000-11-02
Ford Racing 2 Razorworks Empire Interactive, Gotham Games WIN, PS2, Xbox 2003-10-28
Ford Racing 3 Razorworks 2K Games, Empire Interactive PC, PS2, GBA, NDS, Xbox 2004-10-29
Ford Racing: Full Blown[29] Razorworks Sega Arcade 2006
Ford Racing Off Road Razorworks Xplosiv PC, PS2, PSP, Wii 2008-03-21
Ford Street Racing Razorworks Empire Interactive WIN, PS2, PSP, Xbox 2006-09-19
Ford vs. Chevy Eutechnyx Global Star Software, 2K Games PS2, Xbox 2005-11-09
Formula 1 Bizarre Creations Psygnosis WIN, PS1 1996-08-30
Formula 1 97 Bizarre Creations Psygnosis PS1, PC 1997-09-26
Formula 1 98 Visual Science Psygnosis PS1 1998-10-30
Formula Fusion R8 Games R8 Games WIN 2017-06-01
Formula K[30] Kee Games Kee Games Arcade 1974
Formula M Vrooom Mirco Games Mirco Games Arcade 1977
Formula One G.B. Munday CRL Group ZX, CPC 1985
Formula One 99 Studio 33 Psygnosis, Take-Two Interactive PS1, WIN 1999-10-20
Formula One 2000 Studio 33 Midway Games PS1, GBC 2000-10-04
Formula One Arcade Studio 33 Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 2002-07-19
Formula One: Built to Win Winky Soft SETA Corporation NES 1990-11
Formula One Championship Edition SCE Studio Liverpool SCEE PS3 2006-12-28
Formula One Grand Prix MicroProse MicroProse PC, DOS, AMI, ST 1992-01-09
Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit Sega Sega SCD 1994-04-23
Forza Horizon Playground Games, Turn 10 Studios Microsoft Studios X360, XBO 2012-10-23
Forza Horizon 2 Playground Games, Turn 10 Studios Microsoft Studios, Sumo Digital X360, XBO 2014-09-30
Forza Horizon 3 Playground Games Microsoft Studios WIN, XBO 2016-09-27
Forza Horizon 4 Playground Games Microsoft Studios WIN, XBO 2018-10-02
Forza Motorsport Turn 10 Studios Microsoft Game Studios XBOX 2005-05-03
Forza Motorsport 2 Turn 10 Studios Microsoft Game Studios X360 2007-05-24
Forza Motorsport 3 Turn 10 Studios Microsoft Game Studios X360 2009-10-22
Forza Motorsport 4 Turn 10 Studios Microsoft Studios X360 2011-10-11
Forza Motorsport 5 Turn 10 Studios Microsoft Studios XBO 2013-11-22
Forza Motorsport 6 Turn 10 Studios Microsoft Studios WIN, XBO 2015-09-15
Forza Motorsport 7 Turn 10 Studios Microsoft Studios WIN, XBO 2017-10-03
Four Trax Namco Namco Arcade 1989-11
Freaky Flyers Midway Games Midway Games GCN, PS2, Xbox 2003-08-05
Free Rider HD Kano/Apps One More Level WB, iOS, Droid 2013
Freefall Racers Smoking Gun Interactive Inc., Smoking Gun Interactive Inc., X360, XBLA 2013-09-06
Freekstyle Page 44 Studios EA Sports Big PS2, GCN, GBA 2002-06-17
Front Row Human Entertainment Human Entertainment Arcade 1992
Fuel Asobo Studio Codemasters WIN, PS3, X360 2009-06-02
Full Auto Pseudo Interactive Sega X360 2006-02-10
Full Auto 2: Battlelines Pseudo Interactive Sega PS3, PSP 2006-12-07
Full Throttle Mervyn J. Estcourt Micromega ZX, MSX 1984
Full Throttle Taito Romstar Arcade, X68000 1987-10
Full Throttle: All-American Racing Gremlin Interactive Cybersoft SNES 1994-12-16
Fury, The Creative Reality Martech Games CPC, ZX 1988
Future Racer D Cruise Midas Interactive Entertainment PS1 1997-05-23
G. G Series COSMO RALLY Goodvision Goodvision, Genterprise NDS, DSiWare 2015-06-04
G. G Series EXCITING RIVER Genterprise Genterprise NDS, DSiWare 2015-06-04
G-Surfers Blade Interactive Majesco Entertainment PS2 2002-01-25
G1 Jockey Koei Koei PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii 2001
Gadget Racers Takara Conspiracy Entertainment PS2, GCN, GBA 2002-12-12
Gaelco Championship Tuning Race Gaelco Gaelco Arcade 2005
Galaxy 5000 Activision Activision NES 1991-02
Gallop Racer Tecmo Tecmo Arcade, PS1, PS2, PC, PS3, X360, Wii, WIN, Droid, iOS 1996
Gallop Racer 2 Tecmo Tecmo Arcade 1997
Gas Guzzlers Extreme Gamepires Iceberg Interactive WIN 2013-10-08
Gear.Club Unlimited Eden Games Anuman NS 2017-11-21
Gee Bee Air Rally Activision Activision C64, AMI, CPC, ZX 1987
Gekitotsu Toma L'Arc: TomaRunner vs L'Arc-en-Ciel SCEI SCEI PS1 2000-07-19
GeneRally Hannu Räbinä, Jukka Räbinä, James Burgess and Markku Hannu Räbinä, Jukka Räbinä, James Burgess and Markku WIN 2002-05-16
GKART Tencent Garena WIN 2010-10-01
Gladiator 1984 SNK SNK Arcade 1984
Glimmerati Bugbear Entertainment Nokia NGE 2005-07-07
GLtron Codemasters OS X, OS 9, Linux, WIN, MorphOS, Sym, Droid 1999
GP Unknown2 Unknown2 Arcade 2002
GP-1 Genki Atlus, Sega SNES 1993-06-25
GP-1: Part II Genki Atlus, Sega SNES 1994-11-18
GP 500 Melbourne House Hasbro Interactive WIN 1999
GP Challenge Midas Interactive Entertainment Midas Interactive Entertainment PS1 2002-04-12
GP Rider Sega AM2 Sega Arcade, SMS, SGG 1990
GP World Sega Sega Arcade 1984
Grachten Racer Lost Boys Interactive Davilex Games PC, WIN 2000
Gran Trak 10 Atari Atari Arcade 1974
Gran Trak 20[31] Atari Atari Arcade 1974
Gran Turismo Polyphony Digital Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 1997-12-23
Gran Turismo 2 Polyphony Digital Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 1999-12-11
Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec Polyphony Digital Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2001-04-28
Gran Turismo 4 Polyphony Digital Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2004-12-28
Gran Turismo 5 Polyphony Digital Sony Computer Entertainment PS3 2010-11-24
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Polyphony Digital Sony Computer Entertainment PS3 2007-12-13
Gran Turismo 6 Polyphony Digital Sony Computer Entertainment PS3 2013-12-05
Gran Turismo Concept Polyphony Digital Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2002-01-01
Gran Turismo HD Concept Polyphony Digital Sony Computer Entertainment PS3 2006-12-24
Gran Turismo Portable Polyphony Digital Sony Computer Entertainment PSP 2009-10-01
Gran Turismo Sport Polyphony Digital Sony Interactive Entertainment PS4 2017-10-17
Grand Champion Taito Taito Arcade 1981
Grand Prix[32] Activision, Taito Activision A2600, Arcade 1982-03
Grand Prix 2 MicroProse MicroProse DOS 1996-08-30
Grand Prix 3 MicroProse Hasbro Interactive WIN 2000-06
Grand Prix 4 MicroProse Infogrames WIN 2002-06-21
Grand Prix Challenge Infogrames Melbourne House Infogrames PS2 2002-11-22
Grand Prix Circuit Distinctive Software Accolade APPII, CPC, C64, AMI, ST, DOS, ZX, Mac 1988
Grand Prix Construction Set Superior Software Acornsoft BBC 1987
Grand Prix Derby EOLITH EOLITH Arcade 1997
Grand Prix Legends Papyrus Design Group Sierra On-Line WIN 1998-10-31
Grand Prix Manager Silicon Joy Silicon Joy ZX 1984
Grand Prix Manager MicroProse MicroProse PC 1995
Grand Prix Manager 2 Edward Grabowski Communications Ltd MicroProse PC, WIN 1996
Grand Prix Simulator Codemasters Codemasters CPC, ATR, C64, ZX 1987
Grand Prix SMS SMS Manufacturing SMS Manufacturing Arcade 1983
Grand Prix Star Jaleco Jaleco Arcade 1991
Grand Prix Story Kairosoft Kairosoft Droid, iOS 2012-04
Grand Prix World MicroProse Hasbro Interactive WIN 1999
Grand Touring ValuSoft Elite Systems PC, WIN 2003-03-04
Grand Touring 1 Fusence Fusence Arcade 1999
Grand Touring 2 Fusence Fusence Arcade 2000
Gravel Milestone Milestone, Square Enix WIN, PS4, XBO 2018-02-27
Gravity Games Bike: Street Vert Dirt Midway Games Midway Games PS2, Xbox 2002-06-27
Great 1000 Miles Rally Kaneko Kaneko Arcade 1994
Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 Kaneko Kaneko Arcade 1995
Great American Cross-Country Road Race, The Activision Activision ATR, APPII, C64 1985
Grid 2 Codemasters Southam Codemasters WIN, PS3, X360 2013-05-27
GRID Autosport Codemasters Codemasters WIN, PS3, X360 2014-06-24
Grip: Combat Racing[33] Caged Element Wired Productions WIN, PS4, XBO, NS 2018-11-06
GripShift Sidhe Ubisoft PSP, PSN, X360, XBLA 2005-09-12
Grooverider: Slot Car Thunder King of the Jungle Encore, Inc. Xbox, GCN, PS2 2003-09-26
Ground Effects - Super Ground Effects Taito Taito Arcade 1992
Group S Challenge DigitalStudio Capcom Xbox 2003-08-28
GT 64: Championship Edition Imagineer Ocean of America N64 1998-04-14
GT Advance 2: Rally Racing MTO THQ GBA 2001-12-07
GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing MTO THQ GBA 2002-04-26
GT Advance Championship Racing MTO THQ GBA 2001-03-21
GT Cube MTO MTO GCN 2003-06-20
GT Legends SimBin Studios 10tacle Studios WIN 2005-10-15
GT Pro Series MTO Ubisoft Wii 2006-11-19
GT Racers Aqua Pacific Oxygen Interactive, Liquid Games PS2, WIN, GBA 2004-11-05
GT Racing: Motor Academy Gameloft Gameloft iOS, Droid, SymOS 2009
GT Roadster Ramtek Ramtek Arcade 1979
GTI Club Konami Konami Arcade 1996
GTI Club+: Rally Côte d'Azur Sumo Digital Konami PS3 2008-12-04
GTI Club - Corso Italiano Konami Konami Arcade 2000
GTI Club - To Italy! Konami Konami Arcade 2000
GTI Club Supermini Fiesta! Konami Konami Arcade 2009
GTI Racing Techland Deep Silver WIN 2006-03-10
GT-R 400 Kuju Entertainment Midas Interactive Entertainment PS2, WIN 2004
GTR – FIA GT Racing Game SimBin Studios 10tacle Studios, Atari PC 2005-03-11
GTR 2 – FIA GT Racing Game Blimey! Games Ltd. Atari PC 2006-09-29
GTR Evolution SimBin Studios Viva Media WIN 2008-09-01
Gun Beat Treasure Treasure Arcade Unreleased
H-Craft Championship Irrgheist Manifesto Games Droid, WIN, Linux 2007-05-24
H2Overdrive[34] Specular Interactive Raw Thrills, Inc. Arcade 2009
Halfbrick Rocket Racing Halfbrick Studios Halfbrick Studios X360, PSP, PS3 2009
Hang-On Sega Sega Arcade 1985-07
Hang-On GP Genki Sega SAT 1995-10-27
Hang-On Jr. Sega Sega Arcade 1985
Hanna Barbera's Turbo Toons Empire Interactive Empire Interactive SNES 1994-10
Hard Drivin'[35] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1989
Hard Drivin's Airborne Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1993
Hard Truck ValuSoft ValuSoft WIN 1998-04-20
Hard Truck 2: King of the Road JoWooD Productions JoWooD Productions, DreamCatcher Interactive WIN 2002-06-07
Hard Truck Apocalypse Targem Games Buka Entertainment WIN 2005-12-08
Hardcore 4X4 Gremlin Interactive ASC Games SAT, PS1, WIN 1996-11-30
Harlem Globetrotters: World Tour Full Fat, Destination Software Inc. Destination Software Inc., Zoo Digital Publishing GBA, NDS 2006-10-02
Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders Sega AM1 Sega Arcade 1997-12
Harley-Davidson: King of the Road Sega Sega Arcade 2008
Harley-Davidson: Race Across America Canopy Games WizardWorks Software WIN, GBC 1999
Harley Davidson: The Road to Sturgis Incredible Technologies, Inc. Mindscape AMI, ST, DOS 1989
Harley-Davidson: Wheels of Freedom Canopy Games Infogrames WIN 2000
Harms Way Bongfish GmbH Microsoft Game Studios X360 2010-12-08
Hashire Hebereke Sunsoft Sunsoft Super Famicom, WIN 1994-12-22
Hazard Run Artworx Dennis R. Zander ATR 1982
Head On Sega Gremlin Arcade, C64, MSX, AMI, GB 1979-04
Head On 2 Sega Sega Arcade 1979
Head On N Nintendo Nintendo Arcade 1979
Heavy Traffic Digital Games Incorporated Digital Games Incorporated Arcade 1976
Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue XPEC Entertainment Namco Xbox, GCN, PS2, WIN 2005-04-28
Heracles Chariot Racing Neko Entertainment Midas Interactive PS2, PSP, PSN, Wii, WiiWare 2007-07-06
Hi-Octane Bullfrog Productions Electronic Arts DOS, PS1, SAT 1995-08
Hi-way Atari Atari Arcade 1975
High Velocity Cave Atlus, Sega Sat 1995-11-10
High Voltage Hot Rod Show High Voltage Software High Voltage Software Wii, WiiWare 2009-01-19
High Way Race Taito Taito Arcade 1983
Highway Atari Atari Arcade 1975
Highway Patrol 2 Microids Microids ST, AMI, DOS 1991
Highway Pursuit Adam Dawes/Retrospec Adam Dawes/Retrospec WIN 2003-11-12
Hill Climb Racing Fingersoft Fingersoft iOS, DROID, WP, WIN 2012-09-22
Hill Climb Racing 2 Fingersoft Fingersoft Droid, iOS, WIN 2016-11-28
Honda ATV Fever Honda Storm City Games Wii, NDS, DSiWare 2010-10-01
Hooters Road Trip Hoplite Research Ubi Soft Win, PS1 2002-03-25
Horizon Chase Aquiris Game Studio Aquiris Game Studio iOS, Droid, PS4, PC, NS, XBO 2015-09-20
Horizon Riders Sabarasa Sabarasa Wii, WiiWare 2011-10-06
Horse Racing Mattel Mattel Int 1980
Horse Riders Konami Konami Arcade 2008
Hot Chase Konami Konami Arcade 1988-06
Hot Race Unknown Konami Arcade 1980
Hot Rod Sega Sega Arcade, ST, C64, AMI, ZX, CPC 1988
Hot Rod: American Street Drag Canopy Games ValuSoft WIN 2003-08-31
Hot Rod Rebels Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 2000
Hot Wheels A. Eddy Goldfarb & Associates Epyx C64 1984-09-10
Hot Wheels All Out Destination Software Zoo Digital Publishing GBA 2006-09-13
Hot Wheels: Bash Arena Micro Forté THQ WIN 2002-09-24
Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Sidhe Interactive Activision Wii, NDS 2009-11-10
Hot Wheels: Beat That! Eutechnyx, Human Soft Activision WIN, X360, PS2, Wii, NDS 2007-07-02
Hot Wheels: Burnin' Rubber Altron THQ GBA 2001-11-21
Hot Wheels Extreme Racing Atod THQ PS1 2001-09-30
Hot Wheels Micro Racers Unique Development Studios Mattel Interactive, THQ WIN 2000-04-28
How Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge Climax Racing, Destination Software THQ PS2, GBA, WIN, XBOX 2004-11-09
Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Mattel, Lucky Chicken Games THQ WIN, GBC 1998-10-15
Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver 2: Get'n Dirty Mattel Semi Logic WIN 2000
Hot Wheels Track Attack Firebrand Games THQ Wii, NDS 2010-11-23
Hot Wheels Turbo Racing Stormfront Studios Electronic Arts N64, PS1 1999-05-11
Hot Wheels: Ultimate Racing Destination Software Raylight Studios PSP 2007-08-09
Hot Wheels Velocity X Beyond Games THQ GCN, PS2, WIN, GBA 2002-10-16
Hot Wheels World Race Climax Group, Destination Software THQ PS2, GCN, WIN, GBA 2003-10-29
Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver Firebrand Games Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Chillingo Ltd. WIN, 3DS, PS3, Wii U, X360 2013-09-17
Hoverboard ASDF
HoverRace GrokkSoft GrokkSoft WIN 1996
HTR High Tech Racing QUByte Interactive QUByte Interactive WIN, Droid, iOS, 3DS 2010-06-24
Hummer (video game) Sega Sega, General Motors Sega Lindbergh, Arcade 2009
Hummer Badlands Eutechnyx Global Star Software PS2, Xbox 2006-04-13
Hummer Extreme Edition Sega Sega, General Motors Arcade 2009
Hydra[36] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1990
Hydro Thunder[37] Midway Games Midway Games Arcade 1999
Hydro Thunder Hurricane Vector Unit Microsoft Studios X360, XBLA, WIN 2010-07-28
Hyper Crash Konami Konami Arcade 1987
Hyper Rally Konami Konami MSX 1985
Hyperball Racing Gabitasoft Entertainment Gabitasoft Entertainment WIN 2006-09-18
Hyperdrive[38] Atari Games Midway Manufacturing Co. Arcade 1998
Ice Road Truckers Slitherine Software History PSP, PS3, PSVita 2010-03-11
Iggy's Reckin' Balls Iguana Entertainment Acclaim Entertainment N64 1998-07-31
Ignition Unique Development Studios Virgin Interactive DOS, WIN 1997
IHRA Drag Racing Bethesda Softworks Bethesda Softworks WIN, PS1, PS2, Xbox 2000
Imola Grand Prix Leante Games Leante Games Arcade 1981
Import Tuner Challenge Genki Ubisoft X360 2006-07-27
Indianapolis 500 Sonic! Software Planning Sega Arcade 1990
Indianapolis 500 Evolution Brain in a Jar Destineer X360 2009-09-30
Indianapolis 500 Legends Torus Games Destineer Wii, NDS 2007-12-18
Indianapolis 500: The Simulation Papyrus Design Group Electronic Arts DOS, AMI 1989
Indy 4 Atari Atari Arcade 1976
Indy 500[39] Atari Atari A2600 1977
Indy 500 Sega AM1 Sega Arcade, GCOM, RZ 1995-07-15
Indy 800 Atari Atari Arcade 1975
Indy Racing 2000 Paradigm Entertainment Infogrames N64 2000-06-09
IndyCar Racing Papyrus Design Group Virgin Interactive DOS 1993
IndyCar Racing II Papyrus Design Group Papyrus Design Group DOS, MAC, WIN 1995
IndyCar Series Codemasters Codemasters PS2, Xbox, WIN 2003-05-21
IndyCar Series 2005 Codemasters Codemasters PS2, Xbox 2004-06-22
Initial D Arcade Stage Sega Sega Arcade, PS2, PSP, PS3 2001
Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Sega Sega Arcade 2007-02-21
Initial D Extreme Stage Sega Sega PS3 2008-07-03
International Rally Championship Europress Europress, Interplay Entertainment, THQ WIN, PS1 1997-09-22
Interstate '76 Activision Activision WIN 1997-02-28 Motorsport Simulations Motorsport Simulations WIN, LIN, OSX 2008-08-26
Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Track Pak Leland Corporation Leland Corporation Arcade 1989
The Italian Job Pixelogic Rockstar Games, Sales Curve Interactive PS1, WIN 2001-10-05
The Italian Job Climax Brighton Eidos Interactive, Square Enix PS2, Xbox, GCN 2003-06-24
Jacked Empire Interactive DTP Entertainment, D3 Publisher PS2, Xbox, PC, WIN 2006-01-27
Jaguar XJ220 Core Design Core Design AMI, MCD 1992
Jak X: Combat Racing Naughty Dog Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2005-10-18
Jaleco Rally Big Run: The Supreme 4WD Challenge Jaleco Jaleco Arcade 1989
Jam City Rollergirls Frozen Codebase Frozen Codebase Wii, WiiWare 2011-01-24
Jambo! Safari Sega AM2, Sega AM3 Sega Arcade, Wii, NDS 1999
Jeep Command John Buckley Bug Byte C64, C128 1986
Jeep Jamboree: Off Road Adventure Gremlin Interactive Virgin Interactive GB 1992-07
Jeep Thrills Game Sauce DSI Games PS2, Wii 2008-08-05
Jeff Gordon XS Racing Natsume ASC Games WIN, GBC 1999-05-31
JellyCar Walaber Walaber, Microsoft iOS, X360 2008-02-20
JellyCar 2 Creature Feep Disney Interactive Studios iOS, PSP, Wii, NDSi 2009-11-07
JellyCar 3 Creature Feep Disney Interactive Studios iOS, Droid, WP 2011-02-10
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 98 Atod, Probe Entertainment Acclaim Sports PS1 1998-06-22
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City Acclaim Sports N64, PS1, DC, GBC 2000-02-29
Jeremy McGrath Supercross World Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City Acclaim Max Sports PS1, GCN 2001-11-15
Jeremy McGrath's Offroad 2XL Games D3 Publisher X360, XBLA 2012-06-27
Jet Car Stunts Grip Games BitComposer Entertainment PS3, VITA, X360, XBO, WIN, Droid 2014-05-06
Jet Moto SingleTrac Sony Computer Entertainment PS1, WIN, PSN 1996-10-31
Jet Moto 2 SingleTrac Sony Computer Entertainment PS1, PSN 1997-10-31
Jet Moto 3 Pacific Coast Power & Light 989 Sports PS1 1999-09-16
Jet Rider Sega Sega Arcade 1991
Jet Set Racing Numfum Advanced Mobile Solutions MP 2005
Jet Wave Konami Konami Arcade 1996
Jet X2O Killer Game Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2002-10-29
Jikkyō GI Stable Konami Konami N64 1999-04-28
Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine Isopod Labs Autumn Games, Konami PS3, Wii, X360 2011-11-01
Jissen Kyōtei Aisystem Tokyo Imagineer Super Famicom 1995-06-23
Jockey Grand Prix BreezaSoft Corp. BreezaSoft Corp. Arcade 2001
Joe Danger Hello Games Hello Games PS3, X360, WIN, iOS, Droid, PSVita 2010-06-08
Joe Danger 2: The Movie Hello Games Hello Games PS3, X360, OS X, Linux, PSVita 2012-09-14
Joe Danger Infinity Hello Games Hello Games iOS 2014-01-09
Joy Ride Turbo BigPark Microsoft Studios X360, XBLA 2012-05-23
Joyful Road SNK SNK Arcade 1983
Jugular Street Luge Racing nFusion Interactive HeadGames Publishing WIN, PS2 2000
Juiced Juice Games THQ WIN, PS2, XBOX, MP 2005-06-13
Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Juice Games, Paradigm Entertainment THQ X360, PS2, NDS, PSP, PS3, WIN 2007-09-17
Juiced: Eliminator Juice Games THQ PSP, MP 2006-06-28
Jump Car KetchApp KetchApp iOS 2014
Kamikaze Cabbie Data East Data East Arcade 1984
Kar Racing Webfoot Technologies Cosmi Corporation WIN 2003-04-18
Karnaaj Rally Infinite Dreams Inc. Jaleco GBA, SymOS 2003-01-02
Kart Duel Namco Namco Arcade 2000
Kat's Run: Zen-Nippon K Car Senshuken Atlus Sega Super Famicom 1995-07-14
Kawasaki ATV Powersports Monkey Byte Development Encore WIN, MAC 2000-10-27
Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge Park Place Productions GameTek SNES 1993-06
Kawasaki Jet Ski Data Design Interactive Bold Games Wii 2008-01-22
Kawasaki Quad Bikes Data Design Interactive Bold Games Wii 2007-10-26
Kawasaki Snowmobiles Data Design Interactive Bold Games Wii 2008-05-27
Kawasaki Superbike Challenge Lankhor Time Warner Interactive GEN, SNES, SGG 1994
Kick Rider Universal Entertainment Corporation Universal Entertainment Corporation Arcade 1984
Kick Star Wheelie King Taito Taito Arcade 1984
Kick Start Taito Taito Arcade 1984
Kikstart 2 Magnetic Fields Mastertronic AMI, CPC, C64, C128, ZX 1987
Killer Loop VCC Entertainment, Cybermind Crave Entertainment PS1, WIN, DC, Arcade 1999-02
Kinect Joy Ride BigPark Microsoft Game Studios X360 2010-11-04
Kinetica SCE Santa Monica Studio Sony Computer Entertainment America PS2 2001-10-14
King of Route 66, The Sega Sega AM2, Tose SN2, PS2 2002-02-03
Kingdom Grand Prix Raizing Eighting Arcade, SAT 1994-09
Kirby Air Ride HAL Laboratory Nintendo GCN 2003-07-11
Knight Rider Pack-In-Video Acclaim Entertainment NES 1988-09-30
Knight Rider Special Pack-In Video Co. LTD. Pack-In Video Co. LTD. PCE 1994-11-16
Knight Rider: The Game Davilex Games Tri Synergy PS2, WIN 2002-11-22
Konami GT Konami Konami Arcade 1985
Konami Krazy Racers KCEK Konami GBA, iOS, Droid, Wii U, VC 2001-03-21
Konami RF2 Red Fighter Konami Konami Arcade 1985
Kyle Petty's No Fear Racing Leland Interactive Media Williams Entertainment SNES 1995-04
L.A. Rush Midway Studios - Newcastle Midway Games PS2, Xbox, GZM, WIN, PSP 2005-10-10
LA Street Racing Invictus Games Groove Media Inc. PC 2006-12-01
Laguna Racer[40] Midway Manufacturing Co. Midway Manufacturing Co. Arcade 1977
Lamborghini Rage Software Majesco Entertainment PS2, Xbox, GCN, WIN 2003
Lamborghini American Challenge Titus France Titus France SNES, AMI, CD32, GB, PC, DOS 1994
Laser Grand Prix Taito Taito Arcade 1983
Last V8, The David Darling Mastertronic C64, C128, ATR, CPC 1985
Lawnmower Racing Mania 2007 EV Interactive Vivendi Universal Games WIN 2006-11-20
Le Grand Champs Isermatic France SA Isermatic France SA Arcade 1999
Le Grand Crash Jeutel Jeutel Arcade 1996
Le Grand Spectacle Sega Sega Arcade 1979
Le Mans 24 Sega Sega Arcade 1997-09
Le Mans 24 Hours Eutechnyx
Infogrames Melbourne House
Torus Games
Infogrames PS1, WIN, GBC, DC, PS2 1999-11-26
Leadfoot Ratbag Games WizardWorks WIN 2001-06-01
LED Storm Capcom Capcom Arcade 1988
Legend of Bishin, The Magifact Magifact Super Famicom 1993-12-25
Lego Legends of Chima: Speedorz Lego TT Games WIN, iOS 2013-01-03
Lego Racers High Voltage Software Lego Media WIN, N64, PS1, GBC 1999-07-31
Lego Racers 2 Attention to Detail Lego Software WIN, PS2, GBA 2001-09-27
Lego Stunt Rally Intelligent Games, Graphic State Lego Media WIN, GBC 2000-09-13
LeMans[41] Atari Atari Arcade 1976
Lethal Crash Race Video System Video System Arcade 1993
LightBike Pankaku Pankaku iOS, Droid 2009-01-29
Little Racers Milkstone Studios Milkstone Studios X360, XBLIG, CL, OL, WIN, OS X, Linux 2011-07-27
LittleBigPlanet Karting United Front Games, Media Molecule Sony Computer Entertainment PS3 2012-11-06
Live and Let Die Elite Systems International Domark AMI, ST, CPC, C64, ZX 1988
Live for Speed Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey and Victor van Vlaardingen Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey and Victor van Vlaardingen WIN 2003-07-13
LocoCycle Twisted Pixel Games Microsoft Studios WIN, X360, XBO 2013-11-22
Locus Zombie Studios Atari, Inc. WIN 1995
Lombard RAC Rally Red Rat Software Mandarin Software ST, AMI, DOS 1988
London Racer: Destruction Madness Davilex Games Davilex Games PS2, WIN 2005-10-14
London Racer: Police Madness Davilex Games Davilex Games PS2, WIN 2005-10-28
London Racer: World Challenge Davilex Games Davilex Games PS2, WIN 2003-09-15
London Taxi: Rush Hour Data Design Interactive Bold Games PS2, WIN, Wii 2006-06-23
Looney Tunes Racing Circus Freak Studios Infogrames PS1, GBC 2000-11-13
Looney Tunes: Space Race Infogrames Melbourne House Infogrames DC, PS2 2000-11-17
Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge Magnetic Fields Gremlin Graphics AMI, CD32, ST, DOS, GEN 1992
Lotus Challenge Kuju Entertainment UTV Ignition Entertainment PS2, GCN, WIN, MP, XBOX 2001-11-02
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Magnetic Fields Gremlin Graphics AMI, CD32, CPC, ST, C64, ZX 1990
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Magnetic Fields Gremlin Graphics AMI, CD32, ST, AA, GEN 1991
Lucky & Wild Namco Namco Arcade 1992-12
M&M's Kart Racing Frontline Studios DSI Games, Zoo Digital Publishing NDS, Wii 2007-10-25
Mach Rider Nintendo R&D2 Nintendo Arcade, NES, VC 1985-11-21
Mad Alien Data East Data East Arcade 1980
Mad Crasher SNK SNK Arcade 1984
Mad Dash Racing Crystal Dynamics Eidos Interactive Xbox 2001-11-15
Mad Gear Capcom Capcom Arcade 1989
Mad Motor Nihon Bussan Nichibutsu Arcade 1989
Mad Rally[42] TMReality Play Publishing WIN 2006-05-04
Mad Riders Techland Ubisoft PS3, X360, WIN, OS X 2012-05-29
Mad Tracks Load Inc. Micro Application, D3 Publisher WIN, X360 2006-02-27
Mad Trax RayLand Interactive Project Two Interactive BV WIN 1998
Madagascar Kartz Sidhe Interactive, Virtuos Activision NDS, PS3, Wii, X360 2009-10-23
Mancopter Datasoft Datasoft C64 1984
Manic Karts Manic Media Productions Virgin Interactive DOS 1995
Manx TT Sega Sega Arcade 1995
Manx TT Super Bike Sega AM3, Sega AM4 Sega Arcade, SAT, WIN 1995-11-28
Manx TT Superbike Twin Sega Sega Arcade 1995
Marble Madness Atari Games Atari Games Arcade, AMI, APPII, APPIIGS, ST, C64, GB, SGG, SMS, NES, PC, GEN, X68000, ZX 1984-12-15
Mario Andretti Racing Stormfront Studios EA Sports GEN 1994
Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge Distinctive Software Electronic Arts PC 1991
Mario Kart 64 Nintendo EAD Nintendo N64, IQP, VC 1996-12-14
Mario Kart 7 Nintendo EAD, Retro Studios Nintendo 3DS 2011-12-01
Mario Kart 8 Nintendo EAD, Bandai Namco Games Nintendo Wii U 2014-05-29
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo EAD, Bandai Namco Games Nintendo NS 2017-04-28
Mario Kart Arcade GP Namco Namco Arcade 2005
Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 Bandai Namco Games Namco Bandai Games Arcade 2007
Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Bandai Namco Games Namco Bandai Games Arcade 2013-07-25
Mario Kart DS Nintendo EAD Nintendo NDS 2005-11-14
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Nintendo EAD Nintendo GCN 2003-11-07
Mario Kart: Super Circuit / Mario Kart Advance Intelligent Systems Nintendo GBA, VC 2001-07-21
Mario Kart Wii Nintendo EAD Nintendo Wii 2008-04-10
Mario Sports Superstars Bandai Namco Studios, Camelot Software Planning Nintendo 3DS 2017-03-10
Mart Racer Joju Games Joju Games WiiWare 2009-09-14
Mashed Supersonic Software Empire Interactive PS2, Xbox, WIN 2004-06-18
Masked Riders Club Battle Race Banpresto Banpresto Arcade 1993
Matrix Marauders Psygnosis Psyclapse AMI, ST 1990
Mattel Auto Race Mattel Mattel MAR 1976
Max RPM[43] Bally Midway Bally Midway Arcade 1986
Maximum Chase Genki Majesco Entertainment Xbox 2002-09-36
Maximum Heat - 3D Max Namco Namco Arcade 2011
Maximum Speed Sega Sammy Corporation Arcade 2003
Maximum Tune Namco Namco Arcade 2004
Mayhem Left Field Productions Rombax Games PS3, X360 2011-03-25
Mega Man Battle & Chase Capcom Capcom
PS1 1997-03-20
MegaRace Cryo Interactive The Software Toolworks DOS, SCD, 3DO 1993
MegaRace 2 Cryo Interactive Mindscape DOS 1996-08-31
MegaRace 3 Cryo Interactive DreamCatcher Interactive WIN, PS2 2002-01-09
Melbourne Cup Challenge Sidhe Interactive Tru Blu Entertainment PS2, Xbox, WIN 2006-10-26
Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing Synetic GmbH THQ PC, WIN 2000
Mercedes-Benz World Racing Synetic Synetic WIN, PS2, Xbox, GCN 2003-09-30
MercRacer 3000 GreyStone Technology GreyStone Technology Arcade 2001
Metropolis Street Racer Bizarre Creations Sega DC 2000-11-03
Michael Andretti's Indy Car Challenge Genki Bullet Proof Software SNES 1994-09
Michael Andretti's World GP Human Entertainment Varie, Sammy Corporation NES 1990-06
Michael Schumacher Racing World Kart 2002 Radon Labs JoWooD Productions PS1, WIN 2002-09-18
Michelin Rally Masters: Race of Champions Digital Illusions CE Infogrames WIN, PS1 2000-07-25
Mickey's Racing Adventure Rare Nintendo GBC 1999-11-22
Mickey's Speedway USA Rare Nintendo GBC, N64 2000-11-13
Micro Machines Codemasters, Infogrames Sheffield House Codemasters, Infogrames NES, AMI, SGG, SMS, SMD, DOS, CD-i, SNES, GB, PS2, Xbox, GBA 1991
Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament Superior Software, Codemasters Codemasters SMD, DOS, SGG, SNES, GB 1994-11
Micro Machines V3 Codemasters Midway Games PS1, WIN, N64, GBC 1997-03
Micro Machines V4 Supersonic Software Codemasters WIN, PS2, PSP, NDS 2006-06-27
Micro Machines World Series Codemasters Codemasters Linux, WIN, OS X, PS4, XBO 2017-06-29
Micro Maniacs Codemasters Codemasters PS1, GBC 2000-10-05
Midnight Club II Rockstar San Diego Rockstar Games PS2, XBOX, WIN 2003-04-09
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar Leeds Rockstar Games PS2, XBOX, PSP 2005-04-12
Midnight Club: Los Angeles Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar London Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive, Spike PS3, X360, PSP 2008-10-20
Midnight Club: Street Racing Angel Studios, Rebellion Developments Rockstar Games, Destination Software PS2, GBA 2000-10-26
Midnight Run Konami Konami Arcade 1995
Midnight Run - Road Fighter 2 Konami Konami Arcade 1996
Midnite Racer Midway Games Midway Games Arcade 1976
Midtown Madness Angel Studios Microsoft WIN 1999-02-27
Midtown Madness 2 Angel Studios Microsoft WIN 2000-09-22
Midtown Madness 3 Digital Illusions Microsoft Game Studios XBOX 2003-06-17
Milk Race Icon Design Mastertronic ZX, C64, ATR, MSX, CPC 1987
Mille Miglia 2: Great 1000 Miles Rally Kaneko Kaneko Arcade 1995
Mini Desktop Racing Data Design Interactive Conspiracy Entertainment PS2, Wii, WIN 2005-07-20
Mini Motor Racing The Binary Mill Codemasters iOS, Droid, WIN 2011-12-08
Mini Racing Online Vicente Mas Morant Codemasters PC 2003
Mister Bumblebee Racing Champion h2f Games h2f Games Wii, WiiWare 2010-06-11
Mobil 1 Rally Championship Magnetic Fields, Creative Asylum Limited Actualize, Ubisoft, Europress Software WIN, PS1 1999-11-19
Mobius Drive Jorudan Co. Jorudan Co. Wii, WiiWare 2009-07-14
ModNation Racers United Front Games, SCE San Diego Studio Sony Computer Entertainment PS3, PSP 2010-05-19
ModNation Racers: Road Trip SCE San Diego Studio Sony Computer Entertainment PSVita 2012-02-22
Mole Kart Shanghai Shengran Information Technology Shanghai Shengran Information Technology iOS, Droid 2012-01-12
Monaco GP Sega Gremlin Arcade, SG1K 1979
Monaco Grand Prix Ubi Soft Paris Ubi Soft WIN, DC, N64, PS1 1999
Monochrome Racing Nordcurrent Nordcurrent PSP, PS3, Wii, WiiWare 2011-08-01
Monster Energy Supercross Milestone S.r.l. Milestone S.r.l. PC, WIN, PS4, XBO, NS 2018-02-13
Monster Truck Madness Terminal Reality Microsoft Game Studios WIN9X 1996-08-31
Monster Truck Madness 2 Terminal Reality Microsoft Games, Rockstar Games WIN, N64 1998-04-30
Monster Truck Rally Realtime Associates INTV Corporation NES 1991
Monster Trucks Nitro RedLynx Miniclip Flash, WIN, OS X, iOS 2008-12-19
Monster Trux: Arenas Data Design Interactive Conspiracy Entertainment Wii 2007-09-25
Monster Trux Extreme: Offroad Edition Data Design Interactive Bold Games PS2, WIN, Wii 2005
Monte Carlo[44] Atari Atari Arcade 1980
Monza GP Olympia Olympia Arcade 1981
Moscow Racer IRS IRS WIN 2009-03
Moto-Cross Sega Sega Arcade 1976
Moto eXtreme Chillingo Electronic Arts NDS, DSiWare 2011-06-30
Moto Frenzy[45] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1992
Moto Racer SK Software International Electronic Arts WIN, PS1 1997-08-31
Moto Racer 2 Delphine Software International Electronic Arts PS1, WIN 1998-07-21
Moto Racer 3 Delphine Software International Infogrames WIN 2001-12-07
Moto Racer 4 Microïds Anuman WIN, macOS, PS4, XBO 2016-11-03
Moto Racer Advance Adeline Software International, Delphine Software International Ubi Soft GBA 2002-10-04
Moto Racer DS Artefacts Studio SouthPeak Games NDS 2008-10-28
Moto Racer World Tour Delphine Software International Infogrames PS1 2000-09-29
Moto Roader NCS Konami TG-16, Wii, Wii U, VC 1989-02-23
Motocross Mattel Electronics Mattel Electronics Int 1983
Motocross Championship Artech Studios Sega 32X 1994
Motocross Go! Namco Namco Arcade 1998
Motocross Madness (1998) Rainbow Studios Microsoft Games WIN 1998-08-14
Motocross Madness (2013) Bongfish Microsoft Game Studios X360 2013-04-10
Motocross Madness 2 Rainbow Studios Microsoft Game Studios WIN 2000-05-25
Motocross Mania 3 Deibus Studios 2K Games PS2, Xbox 2005-04-22
Motocross Maniacs Konami Ultra Games GB 1989-09-20
MotoGP '06 Climax Racing THQ X360 2006-06-09
MotoGP '07 Climax Racing THQ X360, WIN, MP 2007-08-24
MotoGP '07 (PS2) Milestone Capcom PS2 2007-10-01
MotoGP '08 Milestone Capcom PS3, WIN, PS2, Wii, X360 2008-10-24
MotoGP Namco Namco PS2 2000-10-12
MotoGP Namco Bandai Games Namco Bandai Games PSP 2006-08-24
MotoGP 2 (PS2) Namco Namco PS2 2001-12-20
MotoGP 3 Namco Namco PS2 2003-02-27
MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology Climax Racing THQ MP, WIN, Xbox 2005-05
MotoGP 4 Namco Namco PS2 2005-05-27
MotoGP 09/10 Monumental Games Capcom PS3, X360 2010-03-16
MotoGP 10/11 Monumental Games Capcom PS3, X360 2011-03-15
MotoGP 13 Milestone Milestone PS3, WIN, PSVita, X360 2013-06-17
MotoGP 14 Milestone Milestone WIN, PS3, X360, PSVita, PS4 2014-06-20
MotoGP 15 Milestone S.r.l. Milestone S.r.l., Bandai Namco Entertainment WIN, PS3, PS4, X360, XBO 2015-06-24
MotoGP 17 Milestone S.r.l. Milestone S.r.l. WIN, PS4, XBO 2017-06-15
MotoGP 18 Milestone S.r.l. Milestone S.r.l. WIN, PS4, XBO, NS 2018-06-07
MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology Climax Brighton THQ Xbox, WIN, GBA 2002-03-08
MotoGP 2 Climax Brighton THQ Xbox, WIN, MP 2003-05-15
MotoHeroz RedLynx RedLynx Wii, WiiWare, iOS 2011-09-15
MotoRace USA Irem Williams Interactive Arcade, SAT, SG1K, NES 1983
MotoRodeo Atari Axlon 2600 1990
Mototour Comercial Electronica Comercial Electronica Arcade 1980
Motor City Online Electronic Arts Electronic Arts WIN 2001-10-29
Motor City Patrol Source Research & Development Matchbox NES 1992-01
Motor Mania UMI UMI C64 1982
Motor Raid Sega Sega Arcade 1997-10
Motor Toon Grand Prix Poly's Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 1994-12-16
Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 Polys Entertainment Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 1996-05-24
Motorhead EA Digital Illusions CE Gremlin Interactive, Fox Interactive PS2, WIN 1998-04
MotorHEAT Milkstone Studios Milkstone Studios WIN, X360 2010-02-26
MotorStorm Evolution Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS3 2006-12-14
MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Bigbig Studios, Virtuos Sony Computer Entertainment PSP, PS2 2009-09-17
MotorStorm: Apocalypse Evolution Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS3 2011-03-16
MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Evolution Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS3 2008-10-28
MotorStorm: RC Evolution Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS3, PSVita 2012-02-22
Mountain Bike Rally Radical Entertainment ASC Games SNES 1994-11
MRC: Multi-Racing Championship Genki Imagineer, Ocean Software N64 1997-07-18
MTX Mototrax Left Field Productions Activision PS2, Xbox, OS X, WIN, PSP 2004-03-02
MUD: FIM Motocross World Championship Milestone Black Bean Games WIN, PS3, PSVita, X360 2013-02-26
MunchMobile SNK Corporation Centuri Arcade, TI-99/4A 1983
Muppet RaceMania Traveller's Tales Midway Games PS1 2000-04-19
MXGP The Official Motocross Videogame Milestone Milestone WIN, PS3, PS4, PSVita, X360, XBO 2014-11-18
MX Rider Paradigm Entertainment Infogrames PS2 2001-10-26
MX Superfly Pacific Coast Power & Light THQ Xbox, PS2, GCN 2002-06-17
MX Unleashed Rainbow Studios THQ Xbox, PS2 2004-02-17
MX vs. ATV Alive Rainbow Studios THQ PS3, X360 2011-05-10
MX vs. ATV Reflex THQ Digital Phoenix, Tantalus Studios THQ NDS, PS3, PSP, X360, WIN, OnLive 2009-12-01
MX vs. ATV Supercross Rainbow Studios Nordic Games PS3, X360, WIN, PS4, XBO 2014-10-28
MX vs. ATV Unleashed Rainbow Studios THQ PS2, WIN, Xbox 2005-03-16
MX vs. ATV: Untamed Rainbow Studios, Incinerator Studios, Tantalus Media THQ NDS, PS2, PS3, PSP, X360, Wii 2007-12-17
My Horse & Me 2 Tate Interactive Atari X360, PS2, Wii, WIN, NDS 2008-10-31
MyControl Speedway
MySims Racing Artificial Mind and Movement Electronic Arts Wii, NDS 2009-06-08
MySims SkyHeroes Behaviour Interactive Electronic Arts NDS, PS3, Wii, X360 2010-09-28
Mystic Marathon[46] Williams Electronics Williams Electronics Arcade 1984
Myth Makers: Super Kart GP Data Design Interactive Conspiracy Entertainment Wii, PS2, WIN 2006-01-01
Nail'd Techland Deep Silver WIN, PS3, X360 2010-11-30
Nakajima Satoru F-1 Hero '94 Varie Varie Super Famicom 1994-09-22
Nakajima Satoru Kanshū F1 Super License Varie Varie SMD 1992-12-11
NASCAR 06: Total Team Control EA Tiburon EA Sports PS2, Xbox 2005-08-30
NASCAR 07 EA Tiburon EA Sports PS2, PSP, Xbox 2006-09-06
NASCAR 08 EA Tiburon EA Sports PS2, PS3, X360 2007-07-23
NASCAR '14 Eutechnyx Deep Silver PS3, X360, WIN 2014-02-18
NASCAR '15 Eutechnyx Dusenberry Martin Racing PS3, X360, WIN 2015-05-22
NASCAR 98 EA Sports EA Sports SAT, PS1 1997-11-13
NASCAR 99 EA Sports, Stormfront Studios EA Sports N64, PS1 1998-09-11
NASCAR 2000 EA Sports, Stormfront Studios, Software Creations EA Sports, THQ WIN, N64, GBC, PS1 2000
NASCAR 2001 EA Sports EA Sports PS1, PS2 2000
NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup EA Tiburon EA Sports PS2, GCN, Xbox 2004-08-31
NASCAR Arcade Sega AM-3 Sega Arcade 2000
NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona Monster Games Infogrames GCN, PS2 2002-11-11
NASCAR Heat Monster Games Hasbro Interactive PS1, WIN, GBC 2000-09-27
NASCAR Heat 2 Monster Games 704Games WIN, PS4, Xbox One 2017-09-12
NASCAR Heat 3 Monster Games 704Games WIN, PS4, Xbox One 2018-09-7
NASCAR Heat 2002 Monster Games Infogrames GBA, PS2, Xbox 2001-11-14
NASCAR Heat Evolution Monster Games Dusenberry Martin Racing WIN, PS4, Xbox One 2016-09-13
NASCAR Kart Racing Electronic Arts EA Sports Wii 2009-02-10
NASCAR Legends Papyrus Design Group Sierra Sports WIN 1999
NASCAR Racers Majesco Entertainment Majesco Entertainment GBC 2000
NASCAR Racing Papyrus Design Group Papyrus Design Group, Sierra DOS, PS1, MAC 1994
NASCAR Racing 2 Papyrus Design Group Papyrus Design Group WIN, DOS, MAC 1996
NASCAR Racing 3 Papyrus Design Group Sierra Entertainment WIN 1999-10-12
NASCAR Racing 4 Papyrus Design Group Sierra Entertainment WIN 2001-02-06
NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition Papyrus Design Group Sierra Sports WIN 1999
NASCAR Racing 2002 Season Papyrus Design Group Sierra Entertainment WIN, MAC 2002-02-14
NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Papyrus Design Group Sierra Entertainment WIN, MAC 2003-02-13
NASCAR Revolution Stormfront Studios EA Sports, Electronic Arts WIN 1999-01-31
NASCAR Rumble EA Redwood Shores Electronic Arts PS1 2000-01-31
NASCAR SimRacing EA Tiburon EA Sports WIN 2005-02-15
NASCAR Team Racing Global VR Global VR Arcade 2010
NASCAR The Game: 2011 Eutechnyx Activision PS3, X360, Wii 2011-03-29
NASCAR The Game: 2013 Eutechnyx Activision PS3, Wii, X360, WIN 2012-01-06
NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Eutechnyx Activision WIN, PS3, Wii, X360 2012-11-06
NASCAR Thunder 2002 EA Tiburon Electronic Arts Xbox, PS2, PS1 2001-10-02
NASCAR Thunder 2003 EA Sports, Budcat Creations, ISI Electronic Arts WIN, GCN, Xbox, PS1, PS2 2002-09-19
NASCAR Thunder 2004 ISI, EA Tiburon, Budcat Creations EA Sports WIN, PS1, PS2, Xbox 2003-09-16
NASCAR Unleashed Firebrand Games Activision Wii, PS3, X360, 3DS 2011-11-01
Neck-n-Neck Bundra Bundra Arcade 1992
Need for Speed, The Pioneer Productions Electronic Arts 3DO, DOS, PS1, SAT 1994-08-31
Need for Speed II Electronic Arts Electronic Arts WIN, PS1 1997-03-31
Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit Electronic Arts Electronic Arts WIN, PS1 1998-09-30
Need for Speed: High Stakes EA Canada, EA Seattle Electronic Arts WIN, PS1 1999-03-18
Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed Eden Studios, EA Canada, Pocketeers Electronic Arts, Destination Software, ZOO Digital Publishing WIN, PS1, GBA 2000-02-29
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 EA Black Box, EA Seattle Electronic Arts WIN, GCN, PS2, Xbox 2002-09-30
Need for Speed GT Global VR Electronic Arts Arcade 2003
Need for Speed: Underground EA Black Box EA Games WIN, PS2, Xbox, GCN, GBA 2003-11-17
Need for Speed: Underground 2 EA Canada, Pocketeers Electronic Arts WIN, PS2, PSP, Xbox, GCN, GBA, NDS 2004-11-09
Need for Speed: Most Wanted EA Black Box, EA Redwood Shores Electronic Arts WIN, NDS, PS2, PSP, Xbox, GCN, GBA, X360 2005-11-11
Need for Speed: Carbon EA Canada, EA Black Box, Rovio Mobile Electronic Arts WIN, OS X, PS3, X360, Wii, PS2, Xbox, GCN, GBA, NDS, PSP, MP, Zeebo, Arcade 2006-10-31
Need for Speed: ProStreet EA Black Box, Exient Entertainment Electronic Arts, EA Mobile WIN, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, NDS, X360, MP 2007-11-14
Need for Speed: Undercover EA Black Box, Exient Entertainment, Firebrand Games Electronic Arts WIN, NDS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, X360, BBTOS, iOS, SYB, webOS, WP 2008-11-18
Need for Speed: Shift Slightly Mad Studios, EA Bright Light Electronic Arts WIN, PS3, X360, PSP, iOS, iPad, DROID, SYB, WM, MeeGo 2009-09-15
Need for Speed: Nitro Firebrand Games, EA Montreal Electronic Arts NDS, Wii 2009-11-03
Need for Speed: World EA Black Box Electronic Arts WIN 2010-07-27
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Criterion Games Electronic Arts WIN, PS3, Wii, X360, iOS, DROID, webOS, WP, JME 2010-11-16
Need for Speed: The Run EA Black Box, Firebrand Games Electronic Arts WIN, X360, PS3, Wii, 3DS, JME 2011-11-15
Need for Speed: Most Wanted Criterion Games, Firemonkeys Studios Electronic Arts WIN, PS3, PSVita, X360, iOS, DROID, KF, Wii U 2012-10-30
Need for Speed: Rivals Ghost Games Electronic Arts WIN, PS3, PS4, X360, XBO 2013-11-15
Need for Speed Ghost Games Electronic Arts WIN, PS4, XBO 2015-11-03
Need for Speed Payback Ghost Games Electronic Arts WIN, PS4, XBO 2017-11-10
Neo Drift Out: New Technology Visco Corporation SNK Arcade, NeoCD 1996-03-28
NetKar Pro Kunos Simulazioni Kunos Simulazioni WIN 2006-04-10
Network Q RAC Rally Pixelcraft Accolade DOS, FMT, PC-98 1993
Network Q RAC Rally Championship Magnetic Fields Europress DOS, WIN 1996-07-06
NeuroRacer University of California, San Francisco University of California, San Francisco Various 2013
New Rally-X Namco Midway Games Arcade, MP, X360, XBLA 1981-02
New York Race Kalisto Entertainment Wanadoo Edition PS2, PC, GBC 2001-11-17
Newman/Haas IndyCar featuring Nigel Mansell Gremlin Interactive Acclaim Entertainment SNES, SMD/GEN 1994-11
Nickelodeon Kart Racers Bamtang Games GameMill Entertainment NS, PS4, XBO 2018-10-23
Nicktoons Nitro Raw Thrills Raw Thrills Arcade 2009-11-10
Nicktoons Nitro Racing[47] Raw Thrills, Inc. Raw Thrills, Inc. Arcade 2008
Nicktoons Racing Software Creations Hasbro Interactive, Infogrames GBC, WIN, PS1, Arcade, GBA 2000
Nicktoons Winners Cup Racing Pronto Games ValuSoft, THQ Win, OG 2006-02-15
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing Gremlin Graphics GameTek Ami, CD32, CPC, ST, GB, DOS, NES, GEN, SNES, ZX 1992
Night Driver Atari Atari Arcade, ATR26, C64, MSX 1976-10
Night Racer Digital Games Micronetics Inc. Arcade 1976-12
Nirin Namco Bandai Namco Entertainment Arcade 2009
Nitro Psygnosis Psygnosis AMI, ST 1990
Nitro Racers Torque The 3DO Company PC 2008
Nitro Stunt Racing GameSeed GameSeed WIN 2007-12-28
Nitrobike Left Field Productions Ubisoft Wii, PS2 2008-01-15
No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking Unique Development Studios Codemasters PS1, GBC 1999
Novadrome Stainless Games Buena Vista Games X360 2006-12-20
Nürburgring 1[48] Rainer Foerst GmbH Rainer Foerst GmbH Arcade 1975
Nürburgring 3[49] Rainer Foerst GmbH Rainer Foerst GmbH Arcade 1976
Off Road Challenge[50] Midway Games Midway Games Arcade 1997
Offroad Extreme! Phoenix Games Phoenix Games PS2, WIN 2007-12-31
Offroad Legends DogByte Games DogByte Games iOS, Droid, XP 2012-06
Offroad Thunder[51] Midway Games Midway Games Arcade, PS2, Xbox GCN 1999-09-21
Off-World Interceptor Crystal Dynamics Crystal Dynamics 3DO, SAT, PS1 1994
One Two Boat Racing SCEJ Sony Interactive Entertainment PSP, PSVita 2010-05-04
Onrush Codemasters Deep Silver PS4, XBO, WIN 2018-06-05
Out Run Sega AM2 Sega Arcade, SMS, C64, AMI, ST, CPC, MSX, ZX, DOS, PCE 1986-09-20
OutRun 2 Sega AM2, Sumo Digital Sega, Microsoft Game Studios Arcade, Xbox 2003-12-13
Out Run 2 - Special Tours Sega Sega Arcade 2004
Out Run 2 SP Special Deluxe Sega Sega Arcade 2007
Out-Run 3-D Sega Sega SMS 1988
OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast Sumo Digital Sega Xbox, PS2, PSP, WIN 2006-03-17
OutRun 2019 SIMS Co., Ltd. Sega SMD/GEN 1993-03-26
Out Run Europa Sega Probe Software, U.S. Gold Ami, CPC, ST, C64, SGG, SMS, ZX 1991
OutRun Online Arcade Sumo Digital Sega X360, PS3 2009
OutRunners Sega AM1 Sega Arcade, GEN 1992-05-15
Over Drive Konami Konami Arcade 1990
Over Rev Jaleco Jaleco Arcade 1997
Over Top ADK ADK Arcade 1996
Overdrive Superior Software Superior Software AE, BBC 1984
Overtake Zoom Zoom X68000 1992-11-13
Pac-Man World Rally Smart Bomb Interactive Bandai Namco Games PS2, PSP, GCN, WIN 2006-08-22
Pace Car Pro[52] Allied Leisure Allied Leisure Arcade 1975
Pako Tree Men Games Tree Men Games Droid, iOS, WP, TVOS, AFTV, PC, WIN, MAC, Steam 2014-05-14
Pako 2 Tree Men Games Tree Men Games MacOS, WIN, iOS, Droid 2017-11-26
Paperboy[53] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1984
Paris-Dakar Rally Broadsword Interactive Acclaim Entertainment PS2, WIN 2001-10-09
Payload Nokia Tantalus Media NGE 2005-11-14
Peak Performance Cave Atlus, Sega PS1 1997-01-22
Pen Pen TriIcelon Land Ho!, General Entertainment Infogrames North America DC 1998-11-27
Penguin Adventure Konami Konami MSX, MP, WIN 1986-10-28
Penny Racers Locomotive Games THQ N64 1998-07-17
Pimp My Ride Eutechnyx Activision X360, PS2, PSP, Wii 2006-11-21
Pit Run Taito Taito Arcade 1984
Pitstop Epyx Epyx C64, 800, CLV, CA 1983
Pitstop II Epyx Epyx C64, PC, TRS-80 CC, 800, APPII, VC 1984
PixelJunk Racers Q-Games Sony Computer Entertainment PS3 2007-09-13
Plane Crazy Inner Workings Europress WIN, PS1 1998-09-30
Planet Hot Wheels Mattel, Hot Wheels Mattel WIN, MAC 2001
Pocket Racer Namco Namco NS11 1996
Pocket Racers Konami Konami PSP 2006-11-14
PocketBike Racer Blitz Games King Games Xbox, X360 2006-11-19
POD: Planet of Death Ubisoft Ubisoft WIN 1997-02-28
POD 2 Ubisoft Ubisoft DC 2000
Pokémon Dash Ambrella Nintendo, The Pokémon Company NDS 2004-12-02
Pokosuka Racing Recom Recom Wii, WiiWare 2010-03-16
Polaris SnoCross Vicarious Visions Vatical Entertainment N64, PS1, GBC, PC 2000-02
Pole Position Namco Namco, Atari Arcade, BBC, C64, VIC20, PC, ZX 1982-09-01
Pole Position II Namco Namco, Atari Arcade, BBC, C64, VIC20, PC, ZX, ATR78, ESCV, DOS 1983-12
Pop Island ODENIS Studio ODENIS Studio NDSi, DSiWare 2009-12-07
Pop Island - Paperfield ODENIS Studio ODENIS Studio NDSi, DSiWare 2010-07-15
Porsche Challenge SIE London Studio Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 1997-04
Power Drift Sega AM2 Sega, Asmik, Activision Arcade, AMI, CPC, ST, C64, DC, DOS, MSX, PCE, SAT, ZX, 3DS 1988
Power Drive[54] Bally Midway Bally Midway Arcade 1987
Power Drive Rage Software -U.S. Gold AMI, CD32, SGG, DOS, SMD, SNES 1994
Power Drive Rally Rage Software Time Warner Interactive Jag 1995-06
Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers Natsume Bandai SNES 1996-09-17
Power Sled Sega Sega Arcade 1996
Power Truck - Special IGS IGS Arcade 2014
Power Wheels Taito Taito Arcade 1991
Powerband Gordon J. Key The Fourth Dimension AA, RISC OS 1990
Powerboat Racing Stricor Stricor Arcade 1998
Powerdrome Michael Powell Electronic Arts ST, AMI, DOS, PS2, Xbox, WIN 1988
Powerslide Ratbag Games GT Interactive WIN 1998-10
Pro Cycling Manager Season 2010: Le Tour de France Cyanide Focus Home Interactive WIN, PSP 2010-06-16
Pro Monaco GP Sega Sega Arcade 1980
Pro Racer Sega Sega Arcade 1978
Pro Rally 2001 Ubisoft Ubi Soft Barcelona WIN 2000-01-02
Pro Rally 2002 Ubi Soft Barcelona Ubi Soft PS2, GCN 2002-03-28
Project CARS Slightly Mad Studios Bandai Namco Games WIN, SteamOS, PS4, Wii U, XBO 2015-05-08
Project CARS 2 Slightly Mad Studios Bandai Namco Games WIN, SteamOS, PS4, Wii U, XBO 2017-09-22
Project Gotham Racing Bizarre Creations Microsoft Xbox 2001-11-15
Project Gotham Racing 2 Bizarre Creations Microsoft Game Studios Xbox 2003-11-17
Project Gotham Racing 3 Bizarre Creations Microsoft Game Studios Xbox 2005-11-22
Project Gotham Racing 4 Bizarre Creations Microsoft Game Studios X360 2007-10-02
Project Gotham Racing Mobile Glu Mobile Glu Mobile MP 2007-02-14
Project Torque Invictus Games Aeria Games WIN 2008-04-30
Prop Cycle Namco Namco Arcade 1996
Puffins: Let's Race! Other Ocean Interactive Other Ocean Interactive NDS, DSiWare 2010-07-26
Pulse Racer Jaleco Jaleco Xbox 2003-01-02
Pure Black Rock Studio Disney Interactive Studios PS3, WIN, X360, OnLive 2008-09-16
Pursuit Force Bigbig Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PSP 2005-11-18
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice Bigbig Studios SCEE, SCEA PSP 2007-12-07
Pyongyang Racer Nosotek Koryo Tours WIN, AF 2012-12-18
Pyroblazer Eipix Entertainment Candella Software WIN 2008-11-13
Quad Challenge Now Production Namco GEN 1991-08-06
Quantum Redshift Curly Monsters Microsoft Game Studios Xbox 2002-09-17
Quarantine Imagexcel GameTek DOS 1994
Quarter Horse Electro Sport Electro Sport Arcade 1981
Quarter Horse II Electro Sport Electro Sport Arcade 1984
Quattro Dizzy Adventures Codemasters Megastar Joystick CPC 1990
Quattro Power Machines Codemasters, Optimus Software Codemasters AMI, ST 1993
R.C. Grand Prix Absolute Entertainment Absolute Entertainment SMS 1990
R.C. Pro-Am Rare Nintendo, Rare, Tradewest NES, PC-10, GEN 1987
R.C. Pro-Am II Rare Tradewest NES 1992-12
R.P.M. Red Konami Konami Arcade 2003
R-Tuned : Ultimate Street Racing Sega AM2 Sega Arcade 2008-10-23
R: Racing Evolution Namco Namco GCN, PS2, Xbox 2003-11-27
R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 Namco Namco PS1, PSC 1998-12-01
Race Fun Games Inc. Fun Games Inc. Arcade 1976
Race - Spin-out - Cryptogram Philips Magnavox VP, MO2 1978
Race - The Official WTCC Game SimBin Studios Eidos Interactive WIN 2006-11-24
Race 07 SimBin Studios SimBin Studios WIN 2007-10-12
Race America Imagineering Absolute Entertainment NES 1990
Race Days Gremlin Interactive GameTek GB 1994-11
Race Driver 2006 Sumo Digital Codemasters PSP 2006-06-06
Race Driver: Create & Race Firebrand Games Codemasters NDS 2007-09-28
Race Driver: Grid Codemasters, Feral Interactive Codemasters, Sega, Feral Interactive WIN, OS X, PS3, X360, Arcade 2008-05-30
Race Drivin Panorama Atari Atari Arcade 1991-09-03
Race Drivin'[55] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1990
Race On SimBin bitComposer Games WIN 2009-10-16
Race or Die The Godfather Codemasters, Spike iOS 2009-10-05
Race Pro SimBin Atari X360 2009-02-17
Racer Midway Games Midway Games Arcade 1975
Racer Ruud van Gaal Ruud van Gaal WIN, Linux, OS X 2012-08-09
Racer Mini Yonku: Japan Cup Konami Konami Famicom 1989-08-25
RaceRoom Sector3 Studios RaceRoom Entertainment AG WIN 2013-02-12
Racin' Force Konami Konami Arcade 1994
Racing Beat Taito Taito Arcade 1991
Racing Damashii Irem Irem GB, PCE 1991-02-28
Racing Destruction Set Electronic Arts Electronic Arts C64, ATR 1985
Racing Gears Advance Orbital Media Orbital Media GBA 2004-12-17
Racing Hero Sega Sega Arcade 1989
Racing Jam Konami Konami Arcade 1998
Racing Jam Chapter 2 Konami Konami Arcade 1999-09
Racing Lagoon Square Enix Square PS1 1999-06-10
Racing Simulation 2 Ubisoft Ubisoft WIN, DC, N64, PS1 1998
Rad Mobile Sega AM2 Sega Arcade, SAT 1991
Rad Racer Square Nintendo, Mattel, Square NES, PC-10, Arcade 1987-08-07
Rad Racer II Square Nintendo Arcade 1990
Rad Rally Sega Sega Arcade 1991
Radar Cross Model Racing Model Racing Arcade 1981
Radial-G: Racing Revolved Tammeka Games Tammeka Games OR, HTCV, PS4, PSVR, SGVR, GD, ROSVR 2016-03-28
Radikal Bikers[56] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade, PS1 1998-05-18
Rage Racer Namco Namco PS1 1996-11-03
RalliSport Challenge Digital Illusions Microsoft Game Studios Xbox 2002-03-04
RalliSport Challenge 2 Digital Illusions Microsoft Game Studios Xbox 2004-05-04
Rally-X Namco Namco, Midway Games Arcade, MSX, NES, O-1, OA 1980-10-03
Rally '99 Genki Imagineer N64 1999-08-06
Rally 2011 Led Storm Capcom Capcom Arcade 1989
Rally Bike Toaplan Taito Arcade, NES, X68000 1988
Rally Challenge 2000 Genki, Xicat Interactive SouthPeak Games N64 1999-08-06
Rally Championship Warthog Games Conspiracy Entertainment PS2, GCN 2002-05-31
Rally Championship Xtreme Warthog Games SCi Games PC, WIN 2001-11-01
Rally Cross Sony Computer Entertainment Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 1997-01-31
Rally Cross 2 Idol Minds, Cherry Leisure 989 Studios PS1, Arcade 1998-10-31
Rally Fusion: Race of Champions Climax Brighton Activision PS2, Xbox, GCN 2002-11-11
Rally Speedway Adventure International Adventure International Atari 8-bit, C64 1983
Rally Trophy Bugbear Entertainment JoWooD Productions WIN 2001-11-20
Rapid Racer Sony Computer Entertainment Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 1997-10
Rave Racer Namco Namco Arcade 1995-07-16
Ray Tracers Taito THQ PS1, PSN 1997-01-17
Rayman Rush Ubi Soft Shanghai Ubi Soft PS1 2002-03-08
RC de Go! Taito Acclaim Entertainment PS1 2000
RC Go! Taito Taito Arcade 1999
RC Revenge Acclaim Studios Cheltenham Acclaim Entertainment PS1 2000-08-16
RC Revenge Pro Acclaim Studios Cheltenham Acclaim Entertainment PS2 2000-12-01
RC Squared Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Arcade 1994
Re-Volt Acclaim Studios London, Big Bit Ltd, WeGo Interactive Co., Ltd Acclaim Entertainment, Throwback Entertainment, Big Bit Ltd, WeGo Interactive Co., Ltd PS1, WIN, N64, DC, iOS, DROID, Arcade 1999-03-09
Real Racing Firemint Firemint iOS 2009-06-08
Real Racing 2 Firemint Firemint iOS, DROID, OSX, WP 8 2010-12-16
Real Racing 3 Firemonkeys Studios EA Games iOS, DROID, NS, BB10 2013-02-28
Rebel Trucker 3 Romans Global Star Software WIN 2003-11-25
Red Bull Air Race: The Game Slightly Mad Studios Wing Racers Sports Games WIN 2016
Red Line Racer[57] Tradewest Tradewest Arcade 1987
Redline Ambrosia Software Ambrosia Software OS X 2006-09-21
Redline Racer / Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing Criterion Games Ubisoft WIN, DC, GBC 1998-07-31
Redline Rampage Gas Guzzlers[58] Global VR, Inc. Global VR, Inc. Arcade 2014
Redout 34BigThings 34BigThings, Nicalis, 505 Games WIN, NS, PS4, XBO 2016-09-02
Remote Racers QubicGames QubicGames NDS, DSiWare 2011-05-13
Revs Geoff Crammond Acornsoft, Telecomsoft, Superior Software BBCM, C64 1984
rFactor Image Space Incorporated Image Space Incorporated WIN 2005-08-31
rFactor 2 Image Space Incorporated Image Space Incorporated WIN 2013
Richard Burns Rally Warthog Games SCi GZM, PS2, WIN, Xbox 2004-07-09
Richard Petty's Talladega Cosmi Electronic Arts, Ariolasoft Arcade, C64, ATR26, AMI, NES 1985
Ride Milestone S.r.l. Milestone S.r.l. WIN, PS3, PS4, X360, XBO 2015-03-27
Ride 2 Milestone S.r.l. Milestone S.r.l. PS4, XBO, PC, WIN 2016-10-07
Ride 3 Milestone S.r.l. Milestone S.r.l. XBO, PS4, WIN, PC 2018-11-30
Ridge Racer Namco Namco Arcade, PS1, PSP, MP, Zeebo 1993-10-30
Ridge Racer (PSP) Namco Namco PSP 2004-12-12
Ridge Racer (Vita) Cellius Namco PSVita 2011-12-17
Ridge Racer 2 Namco Namco Arcade, PS1 1994-06-08
Ridge Racer 2 (PSP) Namco Bandai Games Namco Bandai Games PSP 2006-09-14
Ridge Racer 3D Namco Bandai Games Namco 3DS 2011-02-26
Ridge Racer 6 Namco Namco X360 2005-11-22
Ridge Racer 7 Namco Bandai Games Namco Bandai Games PS3 2006-11-11
Ridge Racer 64 Nintendo Software Technology Nintendo N64 2000-02-14
Ridge Racer Accelerated Namco Networks Namco Networks iOS 2009-12-15
Ridge Racer DS Nintendo Software Technology Namco NDS 2004-12-07
Ridge Racer R Namco Namco Arcade 2010
Ridge Racer Unbounded Bugbear Entertainment Bandai Namco Games WIN, PS3, X360 2012-03-27
Ridge Racer V Namco Namco PS2, Arcade 2000-03-04
Riding Fight Taito Taito Arcade 1992
Riding Hero SNK SNK Arcade, Neo, NeoCD 1990-07-24
Rig 'n' Roll SoftLab-NSK THQ WIN 2009-11-27
Rigs of Rods Rigs of Rods Contributors Rigs of Rods Contributors Linux, OS X, WIN 2005-08-11
Ring Riders[59] Gaelco Namco Arcade 2004
Road Burners[60] Atari Games Midway Games Arcade 1999
Road Champion Taito, Williams Electronics, Inc. Taito Arcade, MSX 1978
Road Fighter Konami Konami Arcade, MSX, NES 1984-12
Road Race Sega Sega Arcade 1976
Road Rage Konami Konami Arcade 1995
Road Rage Team 6 Studios Maximum Games WIN, PS4, XBO 2017-11-14
Road Rash Papyrus Design Group Electronic Arts GEN 1991-09
Road Rash II Electronic Arts Electronic Arts GEN 1993
Road Rash 3 Electronic Arts Electronic Arts GEN 1995-05-15
Road Rash 3D Electronic Arts Electronic Arts PS1 1998-05-31
Road Rash 64 Pacific Coast Power and Light THQ N64 1999-08-31
Road Rash: Jailbreak EA Redwood Shores Electronic Arts PS1, GBA 2000-02-01
Road Rebel Roxor Games Roxor Games Arcade 2006
Road Redemption Pixel Dash Studios EQ Games WIN, macOS, Linux, NS, PS4, XBO 2017-10-04
Road Riot Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1993
Road Riot 4WD[61] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1991
Road Runner Atari Games Atari Games Arcade, CPC, 2600, ST, C64, MS-DOS, ZX, NES 1985
Road Trip Adventure E-game Conspiracy Entertainment PS2, PS3 2002-01-10
Road Trip: The Arcade Edition Hudson Soft Takara, Conspiracy Entertainment, Zoo Digital Publishing GCN 2002-12-19
Road Wars Warcry Corp, Arcadia Systems Phenom Productions Arcade, WIN 1988-01-02
RoadBlasters Atari Atari, U.S. Gold Arcade, GEN, LYX, CPC, C64, AMI, ZX, ST, NES 1987
RoadKill Terminal Reality Midway Games GCN, Xbox, PS2 2003-10-13
Roads Edge SNK SNK Arcade 1997
Roadsters Titus Interactive Titus Interactive N64, PS1, DC, GBC 1999-10-30
Rock n' Roll Racing Silicon & Synapse Interplay Entertainment SNES, SMD/GEN, GBA 1993-06-04
Rock of Ages ACE Team Atlus, Sega WIN, PS3, X360 2011-08-31
Rock of Ages II: Bigger & Boulder ACE Team Atlus, Sega WIN, PS4, XBO 2017-08-28
Rocket League Psyonix Psyonix WIN, PS4, XBO, macOS, Linux, NS 2015-07-07
Rocket Racer Rock-Ola Mfg. Corp. Rock-Ola Mfg. Corp. Arcade 1983
Rollcage Attention to Detail Psygnosis PS1, WIN 1999-03-24
Rollcage Stage II Attention to Detail Midway Games, Psygnosis, Take-Two Interactive PS1, WIN 2000-03-08
Roller Aces Williams Electronic, Inc. Williams Electronic. Inc. Arcade 1983
Rolling Crash Nihon Bussan Nichibutsu Arcade 1979
Rough Racer Sega Sega Arcade 1990
Round Up 5 Super Delta Force Date East Tatsumi Arcade 1988-09-08
Roundabout No Goblin LLC No Goblin LLC WIN, OS X, Linux, XBO, PS4, PSVita 2014-09-18
Route-16 Tehkan, Sun Electronics Centuri Arcade, NES, A2001 1981
Route-16 Turbo Sunsoft Sunsoft Famicom 1985-10-04
Royal Derby Jaleco Jaleco Arcade 1990
RPM Racing Silicon & Synapse Interplay Entertainment SNES 1991-10
RPM Tuning Babylon Software Wanadoo Edition PS2, WIN, Xbox 2004-11-19
RS3: Racing Simulation 3 Ubi Soft Paris Ubi Soft PS2, WIN 2003-10-30
Rumble Racing EA Redwood Shores Electronic Arts PS2 2001-04-23
Rumble Trucks Playerthree Playerthree PSP 2011-11-15
Runabout Climax Entertainment Media Rings PS1, PS2, DC, 3DS 1997
Runabout 2 Climax Entertainment Media Rings PS1 2000-05-19
Runbow 13AM Games 13AM Games Wii U, WIN, 3DS, NS, XBO, PS4 2015-08-27
Running Wild Blue Shift Inc. 989 Studios PS1 1998-10-07
Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA Atari Games Midway Games N64 1998-10-10
Rush'n Crash Capcom Capcom Arcade 1986
Rush Rush Rally Racing Senile Team RedSpotGames DC, Wii, WiiWare 2009-10-04
S.C.A.R.S. Vivid Image Ubisoft WIN, PS1, N64 1998-08-31
S.T.U.N. Runner[62] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1989
S40 Racing Digital Illusions CE Volvo Cars PC 1997-10
Safari Rally Taito Taito Arcade 1980
San Francisco Rush[63] Atari Games Midway Games Arcade 1996
San Francisco Rush 2049[64] Midway Games Midway Games Arcade 1999
San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing Atari Games Midway Games Arcade, N64, PS1, WIN, PS2, Xbox, GCN 1996-12-24
San Francisco Rush: The Rock Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1996
Satoru Nakajima F-1 Hero 2 Human Entertainment Varie Famicom 1991-09-27
Satoru Nakajima F-1 Hero GB World Championship '91 Natsu System Varie GB 1991-12-27
SBK-07: Superbike World Championship Milestone Valcon Games PS2, PSP 2007-05-18
SBK-08: Superbike World Championship Black Bean Games Milestone PS2, PS3, PSP, X360, PC 2008-08-01
SBK-09: Superbike World Championship Milestone Black Bean Games PS2, PS3, PSP, WIN, X360 2009-05-29
SBK 2011 Milestone Black Bean Games WIN, PS3, X360 2011-05-13
SBK Generations Milestone S.r.l. Black Bean Games PS3, X360, PC 2012-05-01
SBK X: Superbike World Championship Milestone Black Bean Games WIN, PS3, X360 2010-10-19
Scorcher Reto-Moto Acclaim Entertainment, Scavenger, Inc. DOS, WIN, SAT 1996-11-30
SCORE International Baja 1000 Left Field Productions Activision PS2, PS3, X360, Wii, WIN 2008-10-28
Scrap Metal Slick Entertainment Microsoft Game Studios X360 2010-03-10
Screamer Graffiti Virgin Interactive, Interplay DOS, MAC, WIN 1995-10-31
Screamer 2 Milestone Virgin Interactive Entertainment WIN, DOS 1996-09-30
Screamer 4x4 Clever's Development Titus Software, Virgin Interactive WIN 2000-12-22
Screamer Rally Milestone S.r.l. Virgin Interactive WIN, DOS 1997
SCUD Race Sega AM2 Sega Arcade 1996-01
Scud Race Plus Sega Sega Arcade 1997
SD F-1 Grand Prix Video System Video System Super Famicom 1995-10-27
Sea-Doo Hydrocross Vicarious Visions, Engine Software Vatical Entertainment PS1 2001-06-06
Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo Milestone Milestone WIN, PS4, XBO 2016-01-29
Sega Driving Simulator Sega Sega SN2 2002
Sega Fast Lane Sega Sega Arcade 2002
Sega Game Pack 4 in 1 Sega Sega SGG 1991
Sega GT Wow Entertainment/TOSE Sega DC, WIN 2000-02-17
Sega GT 2002 Wow Entertainment Sega Xbox 2002-09-02
Sega GT Online Wow Entertainment Sega Xbox 2003-12-25
Sega Race TV Sega AM Plus Sega Arcade 2008-02-19
Sega Racing Classic Sega Sega Arcade 2009
Sega Rally 2 Sega AM5 Sega Arcade, DC 1998-02-28
Sega Rally 3 Sega Racing Studio Sega Arcade, XBLA, PSN 2008-06-30
Sega Rally 2006 Sega Sega PS2 2006-01-12
Sega Rally Championship Sega AM5 Sega Arcade, SAT, WIN, NGE, GBA 1994-10-11
Sega Rally Pro Drivin Sega Kyle Hodgetts Arcade 1992
Sega Rally Revo Sega Racing Studio Sega X360, PS3, PSP, WIN 2007-09-27
Sega Ski Super G Sega Sega Arcade 1996-12
Sega Super GT Sega Sega Arcade 1997
Sega Touring Car Championship Sega AM Annex Sega Arcade, SAT, PC 1996-09-08
Sega Water Ski Sega Sega Arcade 1997-12-21
Seicross Nihon Bussan Nichibutsu Arcade, NES 1984
Shift 2: Unleashed Slightly Mad Studios, Straight Right Electronic Arts WIN, PS3, X360, iOS 2011-03-29
Shot Rider Seibu Kaihatsu Seibu Kaihatsu Arcade 1985
Showdown Sega Sega Arcade 2015
Shox Electronic Arts (Chertsey) Electronic Arts PS2 2002-09-23
Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing Torus Games Activision GBA, NDS, GCN, PS2, PSP 2006-11-14
Sibak Al Fursan Kuma Reality Games Kuma Reality Games WIN 2010-12-17
Side By Side Taito Taito Arcade 1996
Side By Side 2 Taito Taito Arcade 1997
SimDrive Namco Namco Arcade 1992-08-27
Simpsons: Road Rage, The Radical Entertainment Electronic Arts, Fox Interactive PS2, Xbox, GCN, GBA 2001-11-24
Simraceway Ignite Game Technologies Ignite Game Technologies WIN 2011-11
Ski-Doo: Snowmobile Challenge ColdWood Interactive Valcon Games PS3, Wii, X360 2009-03-10
Ski Champ Sega Sega Arcade 1998
Skitchin' Electronic Arts Electronic Arts GEN 1994
Sky Jinks[65] Activision Activision A2600 1982
Sky Punks Fathom Interactive Rovio Stars iOS, Droid 2015-04-09
SkyDrift Digital Reality Digital Reality PS3, PSN, X360, XBLA, WIN 2011-09-06
Skylanders: SuperChargers Vicarious Visions, Beenox Activision PS3, X360, PS4, XBO, Wii U, iOS, 3DS, Wii 2015-09-20
SkyRoads Bluemoon Creative Dimensions DOS 1993
Slalom Rare Nintendo VSS, NES 1986
Sled Storm EA Canada Electronic Arts PS1 1999-07-31
Slip Stream Capcom Capcom Arcade 1995
Slipstream 5000 The Software Refinery Gremlin Interactive DOS 1995
Slot Racers Atari, Inc. Atari, Inc. Atari 2600 1978
Smash Cars Creat Studios Metro3D, Inc. PS2, PSN, WIN, Steam 2003-08-13
Smashing Drive[66] Gaelco Gaelco Arcade, GCN, Xbox, GBA 2000-12-10
Smokey Joe Atari Atari Arcade 1978
Smuggler's Run Angel Studios Rockstar Games PS2, GBA 2000-10-26
Smuggler's Run 2 Angel Studios Rockstar Games PS2, GCN 2001-10-30
Smuggler's Run: Warzones Angel Studios Rockstar Games GCN 2002-08-07
Smurf Racer! Artificial Mind and Movement Infogrames PS1 2001-04-01
Snail Mail Sandlot Games Sandlot Games Wii, WIN, OS X, iOS, Droid 2004-12-03
Sno-Cross Championship Racing Unique Development Studios Crave Entertainment PS1, DC 2000
Snowboard Kids Racjin Atlus, Sega N64, PS1 1997-12-12
Snowboard Kids 2 Racjin Atlus, Sega N64 1999-02-19
Snuggle Truck Owlchemy Labs Owlchemy Labs iOS, OS X, WIN, BBPB, NN9, Linux, Flash, Droid 2011-04-28
SODA Off-Road Racing Software Allies Sierra WIN9X, DOS, WIN 1997
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Sumo Digital Sega PS3, X360, Wii U, WIN, PSVita, 3DS, iOS, DROID 2012-11-16
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Sumo Digital, Gameloft, Feral Interactive Sega, Feral Interactive X360, Wii, PS3, NDS, WIN, OS X, SRW, iOS, DROID, BB, JME 2010-02-23
Sonic Drift Sega Sega SGG 1994-03-18
Sonic Drift 2 Sega Sega SGG 1995-03-17
Sonic Free Riders Sonic Team Sega X360 2010-11-04
Sonic Kart 3D X Sega Sonic Team MP 2005-10-20
Sonic Le Mans 24 Konami Konami Arcade 1986
Sonic R Traveller's Tales, Sonic Team Sega SAT, WIN, GCN, PS2 1997-11-18
Sonic Racing Kart Sega Sonic Team MP 2003-07-28
Sonic Racing Shift Up Sega Sonic Team MP 2002-11-18
Sonic Riders Sonic Team, Now Production, United Game Artists Sega GCN, PS2, Xbox, WIN 2006-02-21
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Sonic Team, Now Production, United Game Artists Sega Wii, PS2 2008-01-08
Sonic Rivals Backbone Entertainment Sega Studio USA, Sega PSP 2006-11-16
Sonic Rivals 2 Backbone Entertainment Sega Studio USA, Sega PSP 2007-11-13
South Park Rally Tantalus Media Acclaim Entertainment PS1, WIN, N64, DC 1999-12-13
Space Position Sega Nasco Arcade 1986
Space Race Atari Atari Arcade 1973-07-16
Special Criminal Investigation Taito Taito Arcade, AMI, CPC, ST, C64, DOS, SMS, PCE, ZX 1989
Speed Buggy Buggy Boy Tatsumi Tatsumi Arcade 1986
Speed Busters Ubisoft Ubisoft WIN 1998-11-30
Speed Challenge: Jacques Villeneuve's Racing Vision Ubisoft Ubisoft WIN, PS2, GCN 2002-10-03
Speed Demons EMG Microïds WIN, PC 1999
Speed Devils Ubi Soft Montreal Ubi Soft WIN, DC, MP 1998
Speed Dreams The Speed Dreams Team Microsoft Linux, WIN, AMIOS 4, AROS, MorphOS, Haiku 2010-03-27
Speed Freak Vectorbeam Vectorbeam Arcade 1979-03
Speed Freaks Funcom Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 1999-09-15
Speed Haste NoriaWorks Entertainment Friendware DOS 1995
Speed King Konami Konami Arcade 1995
Speed Kings Climax London Acclaim Entertainment GCN, Xbox, PS2 2003-05-23
Speed Power Gunbike Inti Creates Sony Music Entertainment Japan PS1 1998-04-23
Speed Race / Wheels Taito Arcade, N64 1974
Speed Race CL-5 Taito Taito Arcade 1980
Speed Race DX / Wheels DX Taito Arcade, AMI 1975
Speed Race GP-5 Taito Taito Arcade, C64, AMI 1980
Speed Race Twin / Wheels Twin Taito Arcade 1976
Speed Racer Namco Namco Arcade 1995-10-07
Speed Racer Graphic Research Jaleco, Tomy PS1 1996-09-27
Speed Racer in My Most Dangerous Adventures Radical Entertainment Accolade SNES 1994-11
Speed Racer in The Challenge of Racer X Accolade Accolade DOS, GEN 1992
Speed Racer: The Videogame Sidhe Interactive, Virtuos Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Wii, NDS, PS2 2008-05-06
Speed Rider Feiloli Electronic Co., Ltd. Taito Arcade 2010-04
Speed Up[67] Gaelco Gaelco Arcade 1996
SpeedRunners DoubleDutch Games tinyBuild WIN, OS X, Linux, XBO, PS4 2016-04-19
Spinout Icon Games Ghostlight PSP, PS2 2008-03-20
Spintires Pavel Zagrebelnyj Oovee Game Studios WIN 2014-06-13
Spintires: MudRunner Saber Interactive Focus Home Interactive WIN, PS4, XBO, NS 2017-10-31
Spirit of Speed 1937 Broadsword Interactive Hasbro Interactive, LJN WIN, DC 2000-06-09
Splash Atari Atari Arcade 1979
Splashdown Rainbow Studios Infogrames PS2, Xbox 2001-11-05
Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild Rainbow Studios THQ PS2, MP 2003-08-05
Split/Second: Velocity Black Rock Studio, Sumo Digital Disney Interactive Studios WIN, PS3, X360, iOS, JME, PSP, OnLive 2010-05-18
SPOGS Racing Pronto Games D2CspoG Wii, WiiWare 2008-07-07
SpongeBob's Boating Bash ImPulse Games THQ Wii, NDS 2010-03-02
Sports Car GT Image Space, Westwood Studios Electronic Arts WIN 1999-04-30
Sports Collection Tose Tonkin House GB 1996-09-27
Sprint 1 Atari Atari Arcade 1978
Sprint 2[68] Atari Atari Arcade 1976
Sprint 4 Atari Atari Arcade 1977
Sprint 8 Atari Atari Arcade 1977
Sprint One Kee Games Kee Games Arcade 1978
Spy Hunter[69] Midway Games Midway Games Arcade 1983
Spy Hunter TT Fusion Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment 3DS, PSVita 2012-10-09
Spy Hunter II[70] Bally Midway Bally Midway Arcade 1987
SpyHunter: Nowhere to Run Terminal Reality Midway Games PS2, Xbox, PC 2006-09-05
SR Sega Racing Classic Sega Sega Arcade 2009
SSX 3 EA Canada EA Sports Big GCN, PS2, Xbox, GBA, GZM 2003-10-20
Stadium Cross Sega Sega Arcade 1992
Stadium Mud Buggies[71] Realtime Associates INTV Corporation Int 1989
Stakes Winner Saurus Saurus Arcade 1995
Stakes Winner 2 Saurus Saurus Arcade 1996
Star Rider[72] Computer Creations Williams Electronics Arcade 1983
Star Wars Episode I: Racer LucasArts LucasArts WIN, N64, GBC, Mac OS, DC 1999-05-18
Star Wars: Racer Arcade Sega AM3 LucasArts, Sega Arcade 2000
Star Wars Racer Revenge Rainbow Studios LucasArts PS2 2002-02-11
Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing Lucas Learning LucasArts PS2 2001-04-23
Starsky & Hutch Mind's Eye Productions Empire Interactive, Gotham Games WIN, PS2, Xbox, GBA, GCN 2003-06-20
Starwinder Mindscape Mindscape, J-Wing PS1 1996-10-31
STCC - The Game SimBin Studios Atari WIN 2008
Steeplechase[73] Atari Atari Arcade 1975
Stock Car A. W. Halse Micro Power AE, BBCM, C64 1984
Stocker[74] Bally Sente Bally Sente Arcade 1984
Storm Racer Gravity PrimeTime Amusements PrimeTime Amusements Arcade 2017
Storm Rider Sega Sega Arcade 2010
Street Burners Allied Leisure Industries Allied Leisure Industries Arcade 1975
Street Heat Cardinal Amusement Products Cardinal Amusement Products Arcade 1985
Street Legal Invictus Games Activision Value PC 2002
Street Legal Racing: Redline Invictus Games Activision Value PC 2003-07-18
Street Racer[75] Atari Atari A2600 1977
Street Racer Vivid Image Ubi Soft SNES, SMD, GB, SAT, PS1, AMI, CD32, PC 1994-11
Street Racing Syndicate Eutechnyx Namco PS2, GCN, Xbox, WIN, GBA 2004-08-17
Street Riders Ubisoft, Virtuos Ubisoft PSP 2006-03-31
Street Rod P.Z.Karen Co. Development Group, Logical Design Works California Dreams AMI, C64, DOS 1989
Street Rod 2 P.Z.Karen Co. Development Group, Logical Design Works California Dreams AMI, C64, DOS 1991
Street Trace NYC Gaia Industries Microsoft X360, XBLA 2007
Street Viper Nova Games Ltd. Nova Games Ltd. Arcade 1993
Streets of Moscow Gaijin Entertainment 1C Company WIN 2010-01-22
Streets of SimCity Maxis Maxis WIN 1997
Stunt Car Racer MicroStyle, The Creative Assembly MicroProse, MicroPlay AMI, CPC, ST, C64, DOS, ZX 1989
Stunt Cars Icon Games Entertainment Icon Games Entertainment Wii, WiiWare 2009-12-14
Stunt Cycle[76] Atari Atari Arcade 1976
Stunt Driver Sphere, Inc. Spectrum HoloByte DOS 1990
Stunt GP Team17 Titus Interactive WIN, DC, PS2 2001-04-06
Stunt Race FX Nintendo EAD, Argonaut Games Nintendo SNES 1994-06-04
Stunt Racer 64 Boss Game Studios Midway Games N64 2000-10-01
Stunt Typhoon Taito Taito Arcade 2000
Stunt Typhoon Plus Taito Taito Arcade 2001
Stuntman Reflections Interactive Infogrames PS2, GBA 2002-06-23
Stuntman: Ignition Paradigm Entertainment THQ PS2, PS3, X360 2007-09-17
Stunts Distinctive Software Mindscape, Broderbund DOS, Ami, PC98 1990
Super-Bikes: Riding Challenge Milestone Milestone PC, PS2 2006-09-15
Super Alpine Racer Bandai Namco Games Raw Thrills Arcade 2014
Super Bikes 2[77] Raw Thrills, Inc. Raw Thrills, Inc. Arcade 2010
Super Bug Atari Atari Arcade 1977-09
Super Burnout Shen Technologies SARL Atari Corporation Jaguar 1995-07-05
Super Cars Magnetic Fields Gremlin Graphics AMI, ST, CPC, C64, MSX, NES, ZX 1990
Super Cars II Magnetic Fields Gremlin Graphics ST, AMI, DOS 1991
Super Chase: Criminal Termination Taito Square Enix Arcade 1992
Super Circuit Jaleco Jaleco Arcade 1995
Super Dead Heat Taito Taito Arcade 1985
Super Death Chase[78] Howell Ivy Exidy Arcade 1977
Super Delta Force Tatsumi Tatsumi Arcade 1989
Super Drift Out Dragnet Visco Corporation Super Famicom 1995-02-24
Super Formula Video System Video System Arcade 1989
Super GT 24 Jaleco Jaleco Arcade 1996
Super Hang-On Sega AM2 Sega Arcade, GEN, GBA, AMI, ST, MAC, ZX, CPC, C64, 3DS, PS4 1987
Super High-Way Taito Taito Arcade 1977
Super Kyotei Nichibutsu Nihon Bussan Super Famicom 1995-06-30
Super Mad Champ Givro Tsukuda Original Super Famicom 1995-03-04
Super Mario Kart Nintendo EAD Nintendo SNES 1992-09-01
Super Monaco GP Sega U.S. Gold, Sega Arcade, GEN/SMD, AMI, CPC, ST, C64, SGG, SMS, ZX 1989-05-19
Super Off Road[79] Leland Corporation Leland Corporation Arcade 1989
Super PickUps Milestone S.r.l. XS Games PS2, Wii 2007-09-26
Super R.C. Pro-Am Rare Nintendo GB 1991-06
Super Rider Venture Line Taito Arcade 1983
Super Road Champions Model Racing Model Racing Arcade 1978
Super Shifter Allied Leisure Industries Unknown2 Arcade 1974
Super Skidmarks Acid Software, Codemasters Acid Software, CDS Software AMI, CD32, SMD 1995
Super Speed Race Taito Taito Arcade, AMI 1977
Super Speed Race CL5 Taito Taito Arcade 1978
Super Speed Race Jr. Taito Taito Arcade 1985
Super Speed Race GP-V Taito Taito Arcade, C64 1980
Super Speed Race V Taito Taito Arcade, AMI 1978
Super Speed Racer Unknown2 Midway Games Arcade 1979
Super Sprint[80] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1986
Super Street: The Game Lion Castle Lion Castle, Team6 Game Studios WIN, PS4, XBO 2018-09-11
Super Trucks Racing Jester Interactive XS Games PS2 2002-07-28
Superbike 2000 Milestone Electronic Arts PC, PS1 2000-03-01
Superbike 2001 Milestone Electronic Arts WIN 2000-10-06
Superbike Racing IncaGold IncaGold WIN 2004-02-14
Superbike World Championship Milestone Electronic Arts PC, WIN 1999-04-10
SuperCar Challenge Eutechnyx System 3 PS3 2009-09-04
SuperCars[81] Raw Thrills, Inc. Raw Thrills, Inc. Arcade 2014
Supercross 3D Tiertex Design Studios Atari Corporation Jag 1995-12-15
Supercross 2000 MBL Research Electronic Arts N64, PS1 1999-10-31
SuperKarts Manic Media Virgin Interactive DOS 1995
Superleague Formula 2009: The Game Image Space Incorporated Image Space Incorporated WIN 2009-10-31
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars Psyonix Psyonix PS3 2008-10-09
Supersonic Racers Supersonic Software Mindscape PS1 1996-10-31
Superstars V8 Next Challenge Milestone Deep Silver, Black Bean Games X360, PS3, PSN, WIN 2010-02-26
Superstars V8 Racing Milestone Black Bean Games, Codemasters Arcade, X360, PS3, WIN 2009-06-26
SuperTuxKart[82] Joerg Henrichs, Marianne Gagnon Joerg Henrichs, Marianne Gagnon WIN, MAC, LIN, AMI, AROS, MorphOS, CROSS 2006-09-22
Surf's Up Ubisoft Montreal Ubisoft GBA, GCN, OS X, WIN, NDS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, X360 2007-05-30
Suzuka 8 Hours Namco Arc System Works Arcade, SNES 1992-10-10
Suzuka 8 Hours 2 Namco Arc System Works Arcade 1993-11-04
Suzuki Super-Bikes II: Riding Challenge Milestone S.r.l. Valcon Games PS2, NDS 2006-11-07
Suzuki TT Superbikes Jester Interactive Jester Interactive, Valcon Games PS2 2005-04-29
Suzuki's RM 250 Motocross Dynamix Gamestar DOS 1989
Swamp Buggy Racing Daylight Productions WizardWorks WIN 2000-01
Swing Racers Morepork Games Limited Morepork Games Limited iP, iP, iP 2015-06-17
Swypeout Spin Master Spin Master WIN 2007
SX Superstar Climax Solent AKA Acclaim Xbox, GCN, PS2 2003-06-26
System Rush Ideaworks Game Studio Nokia NGE 2005-09
Table Top Racing Playrise Digital Playrise Digital WIN, iOS, Droid, PS4, PSVita, XBO 2013-01-31
Tail to Nose Video System Video System Arcade 1989
Tail to Nose - Great Championship Video System Video System Arcade 1989
Taito Grand Prix: Eikou heno License Now Production Taito FDS 1987-12-18
TalesRunner RHAON OGPlanet WIN 2005
Tank Racer Square Enix Europe Grolier, R&P Electronic Media WIN, PS1 1999-03-30
Taxi 2 Ubisoft Blue Sphere Games WIN, PS1, DC, GBC 2000-06-22
Taxi 3 Ubisoft Nemosoft PS2, GCN, GBA, GBC 2003-01-30
Taxi Racer London 2 Team6 Game Studios Xing Interactive, magnussoft, Koch Media WIN 2004-01-08
TD Overdrive: The Brotherhood of Speed Pitbull Syndicate Infogrames PS2, Xbox, WIN 2002-05-27
Techno Cop Gray Matter, Imagexcel U.S. Gold AMI, CPC, APPII, ST, C64, DOS, GEN, ZX 1988
Test Drive Distinctive Software Accolade APPII, C64, AMI, ST, DOS 1987-06-06
Test Drive III: The Passion Accolade Accolade DOS 1990-04
Test Drive 4 Pitbull Syndicate Accolade PS1, WIN 1997-09-30
Test Drive 5 Pitbull Syndicate Accolade WIN, PS1 1998-09-30
Test Drive 6 Pitbull Syndicate Infogrames North America, Cryo Interactive PS1, GBC, WIN, DC 1999-10-31
Test Drive Cycles Xantera Infogrames GBC 2000-07-26
Test Drive: Eve of Destruction Monster Games Atari PS2, Xbox 2004-08-25
Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Slightly Mad Studios Rombax Games WIN, PS3, X360 2012-07-03
Test Drive: Off-Road Elite Systems Accolade, Eidos Interactive WIN, PS1 1997-02
Test Drive: Off-Road 2 Pitbull Syndicate Accolade, Electronic Arts WIN, PS1 1998-09-30
Test Drive: Off-Road 3 Infogrames North America, Xantera Infogrames North America, Infogrames Multimedia WIN, PS1, GBC 1999-10-31
Test Drive: Off-Road Wide Open Angel Studios Infogrames PS2, Xbox 2001-08-24
Test Drive Unlimited Eden Games, Atari Melbourne House Atari X360, PS2, WIN, PSP 2006-09-05
Test Drive Unlimited 2 Eden Games Atari WIN, PS3, X360 2011-02-08
Things on Wheels Load Inc. Focus Home Interactive X360, WIN 2010-05-12
Thoroughbred Breeder Hect Hect Super Famicom, PS1 1993
Thrash Rally ADK ADK Arcade, Neo, NeoCD, NS, PS4, XBO 1991-11-08
Thrill Drive Konami Konami Arcade 1998
Thrill Drive 2 Konami Konami Arcade 2003
Thrill Drive 3 Konami Polygon Magic Arcade 2005
Thumb Drift SMG Studios SMG Studios iOS, Droid 2016
Thunder Truck Rally Reflections Interactive Psygnosis PS1, WIN 1997-05-31
Thunderboats Perception Perception Arcade 1999
Time Road Racing Fusence Fusence Arcade 2000
TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat CRI ASC Games DC 1999-08-07
TNT Racers DTP Entertainment dtp entertainment Wii, PSP, PS3, X360, Wii U 2010-12-01
TOCA 2 Touring Cars Codemasters Codemasters PS1, WIN 1998-12
TOCA Race Driver Codemasters Codemasters PS2, WIN, Xbox 2002-09-23
TOCA Race Driver 2 Codemasters Codemasters WIN, Xbox, PS2, MP, PSP 2004-04-13
TOCA Race Driver 3 Codemasters Codemasters WIN, PS2, Xbox, PSP, OS X, NDS 2006-02-22
TOCA Touring Car Championship Codemasters 3DO PS1, WIN, GBC 1997-11
TOCA World Touring Cars Codemasters Codemasters PS1, GBA 2000-09-25
Tokyo Bus Tour Sega Sega Arcade 2000
Tokyo Cop Gaelco Namco Arcade 2003
Tokyo Highway Battle Genki Jaleco PS1, SAT 1996-05-03
Tokyo Road Race
Tokyo Xtreme Racer Genki Crave Entertainment DC, PSP 1999-06-24
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 Genki Crave Entertainment DC 2000-06-22
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 Genki Crave Entertainment PS2 2003-07-24
Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Drift Genki Crave Entertainment PS2 2003-02-27
Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Drift 2 Genki Crave Entertainment PS2 2005-07-28
Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero Genki Crave Entertainment PS2 2001-03-15
Toobin'[83] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1988
Top Gear Gremlin Kemco SNES 1992-04-16
Top Gear 2 Gremlin Interactive Kemco SNES, GEN, AMI, CD32 1993-08-08
Top Gear 3000 Gremlin Kemco SNES 1995-02
Top Gear: Dare Devil Papaya Studio Kemco PS2 2000-12-19
Top Gear GT Championship Kemco Kemco GBA 2001-03-21
Top Gear Hyper Bike Snowblind Studios Kemco N64 2000-03-17
Top Gear Overdrive Snowblind Studios Kemco N64 1998-11-23
Top Gear Rally Boss Game Studios Midway Games N64, GBC, GBA 1997-10
Top Gear Rally 2 Saffire Corporation Kemco N64, GBC 1999-12-03
Top Racer Taito Konami, Unknown Arcade 1984
Top Roller Jaleco Jaleco Arcade 1983
Top Runner Sega Sega Arcade 1978
Top Secret[84] Exidy Exidy Arcade 1986
Top Skater Sega AM3 Sega Arcade 1997-05
Top Speed Taito Taito Arcade 1987
TORCS Bernhard Wymann Microsoft Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, AMIOS 4, AROS, MorphOS, WIN 1997
Total Drivin Eutechnyx Activision PS1 1997-09-30
Total Immersion Racing Razorworks Empire Interactive, Feral Interactive WIN, MAC, PS2, Xbox 2002-11-01
Totaled! Rage Software Majesco Entertainment Xbox, PS2 2002-06-07
Touch Racing Nitro Bravo Bravo PSP, iOS 2011-03-23
Tourist Trophy Polyphony Digital Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2006-02-02
Toy Home Game Republic Sony Computer Entertainment PS3 2007-12-20
Toy Racer No cliche Sega DC 2000-12-22
Toy Story Racer Traveller's Tales Activision GBC, PS1 2001-02-28
Toybox Turbos Codemasters Codemasters Racing WIN, PS3, X360 2014-11-12
Toyota Celica GT Gremlin Interactive Gremlin Interactive AMI, CPC, DOS, ZX 1990
TrackMania Nadeo Digital Jesters, Focus Home Interactive, Enlight Software, Buk Entertainment WIN, NDS, Wii 2003-11-28
TrackMania 2: Canyon Nadeo Ubisoft WIN 2011-09-14
TrackMania Turbo Nadeo Ubisoft WIN, PS4, XBO 2016-03-22
Trailblazer Magnetic Fields Gremlin Graphics, Mindscape, Gizmondo ATR, CPC, C64, AMI, ST, GZM, PSP, MSX, ZX, C16, plus/4 1986
Transworld Snowboarding Housemarque Infogrames Xbox 2002-10-15
Tranz Am Tim and Chris Stamper Ultimate Play the Game ZX 1983-07
Traverse USA Irem Irem Arcade 1983
Tread Marks Longbow Digital Arts LucasArts WIN 2000-01-14
Trials RedLynx Ubisoft Java, Flash, WIN, X360, XBO, PS4, NS, Droid, iOS 2000
Trials 2: Second Edition RedLynx RedLynx WIN 2008-03-01
Trials Evolution RedLynx Ubisoft, [[Microsoft Studios X360, XBLA, WIN 2012-04-18
Trials Fusion RedLynx Ubisoft WIN, PS4, X360, XBO 2014-04-15
Trials HD RedLynx Microsoft Game Studios X360, XBLA 2009-08-12
TrickStyle Criterion Games Acclaim Entertainment DC, WIN 1999
Trollboarder Enjoy Gaming Ltd. Enjoy Gaming Ltd. NDS, DSiWare 2011-07-21
Truck Kyosoukyoku Metro Games Namco PS2, Arcade 2000-06-01
Truck Simulator SCS Software SCS Software WIN, MacOS, Linux 2008-08-06
Tube Slider NDcube NEC Interchannel GCN 2003-04-17
Tuning Race Gaelco Gaelco Arcade 2005
Tunnel Racer Genna Group Genna Group Arcade 2009
Tunnels of Armageddon Logical Design Works California Dreams PC, APPII GS, AMI 1989
Turbo Sega Sega Arcade, CLV, INT 1981
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Turbo Outrun Sega AM2 Sega Arcade, ST, C64, AMI, ZX, CPC, PC, DOS, FMT, SMD 1989-02-11
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Tux Racer Sunspire Studios Sunspire Studios Linux, Mac OS, WIN, AMI, Droid, UT 2000-10-02
Twin Course T.T. Sega Sega Arcade 1977
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Twisted: Nitro Stunt Racing[86] Global VR, Inc. Global VR, Inc. Arcade 2009
TX-1 Tatsumi Namco, Atari Arcade, C64, ATR78, ZX 1983-12
TX-1 V8 Tatsumi Namco Arcade 1984-03
Tyco R/C: Assault with a Battery Lucky Chicken Games Mattel Interactive PS1 2000-09
Uchuu Race: Astro Go! Go! KAZe Meldac Super Famicom 1994-02-25
Ultimate Arctic Thunder Midway Games Midway Games Arcade 2001
Ultimate Race Pro Kalisto Entertainment MicroProse WIN 1997
Uniracers DMA Design Nintendo SNES 1994-12
Up'n Down Sega Sega Arcade, A2600, ATR, CLV, C64 1983
Urban Jungle Urban Development Autoklub Rijeka WIN 2005-12-06
Urban Trial Freestyle Tate Interactive Tate Interactive 3DS, iOS, PC, PS3, PSVita 2013-02-19
USA Racer Davilex Games Davilex Games, Atari GBA, PS1, PS2, WIN 2002
V-Rally Infogrames, Inskor Electronic Arts PS1, WIN, GBC, N64 1997-07
V-Rally 2 Eden Studios Infogrames, Electronic Arts, Spike PS1, WIN, DC 1999-06-30
V-Rally 3 Velez & Dubail, Eden Games Atari GBA, PS2, Xbox, GCN, WIN 2002-06-21
V-Rally 4 Kylotonn Bigben Interactive WIN, PS4, XBO 2018-09-06
Vakantie Racer Davilex Games Davilex Games PC, WIN 2000
Valentino Rossi: The Game Milestone Milestone WIN, PS4, XBO 2016-06-16
Valve Limit R Avranches Automatic Atari Arcade 2004
Vangers K-D Lab Interactive Magic WIN, OS X, Linux, FBSD 1998-06
Vanishing Point Clockwork Games Acclaim Entertainment DC, PS1 2001-01-04
Vapor TRX[87] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1998
VDrift Joe Venzon Texas Instruments Linux, FBSD, OS X, WIN 2005-03-29
Vette! Sphere Spectrum HoloByte DOS, MAC, PC-98 1989
Vic Viper Konami Konami Arcade 1995
Vice: Project Doom Aicom Sammy Corporation NES 1991-04-26
Victory Run Hudson Soft Hudson Soft PCE, TG-16, VC, PSN 1987-12-28
Video Speedway Status Philips Interactive Media CD-i 1992
Viper Racing Monster Games Sierra Entertainment WIN 1998
Virtua Racing Sega AM2 Sega Arcade, GEN, 32X, SAT, WIN, PS2 1992-08
Virtua Racing Deluxe Sega AM2 Sega, Sega Sports 32X 1994
Virtual Karts MPS Labs MicroProse DOS 1995
Virtual RC Virtual Racing Industries Virtual Racing Industries WIN 2004
Virtual Skipper 5: 32nd America's Cup: The Game Nadeo Focus WIN 2007
Viz: The Game Virgin Interactive Virgin Interactive C64, ZX, AMI, CPC, ST, PC 1991
VR Sports Powerboat Racing Promethean Designs Ltd. VR Sports PS1, WIN 1998
VRC Pro Virtual Racing Industries Virtual Racing Industries WIN 2011
Vroom Lankhor Lankhor AMI, Various 1991
VS. Excite Bike Nintendo Nintendo Arcade 1985
VS. Mach Rider Nintendo Nintendo Arcade 1985
VS. Racing Maciek Drejak Labs Maciek Drejak Labs iOS 2011-10-11
VS. Racing 2 Maciek Drejak Labs Maciek Drejak Labs iOS 2012-09-06
Wacky Races Appaloosa Interactive Infogrames GBC, WIN, PS1 2000-06-30
Wacky Races: Crash and Dash Square Enix Europe Eidos Interactive NDS, Wii 2008-06-17
Wacky Races: Mad Motors Coyote Console, Banpresto Blast! Entertainment PS2 2007-06-21
Wacky Races: Starring Dastardly and Muttley Infogrames Sheffield House Infogrames DC, PS2 2000-06-26
Wacky Wheels Beavis Soft Apogee Software DOS 1994-10-17
Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car Sega Sega Arcade 1991-12
Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour Crystal Dynamics Eidos Interactive DC, GBC, WIN, PS1 2000-03-23
Wangan Midnight Genki Genki PS3 2007-07-05
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune Namco Polygon Magic Arcade 2003-07-04
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 Namco Polygon Magic Arcade 2004-04-05
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 Namco Namco Arcade 2007-07-01
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX Namco Namco Arcade 2008-12-16
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX Plus Namco Namco Arcade 2008-12-16
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 Bandai Namco Entertainment Bandai Namco Entertainment Arcade 2011-12-15
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 Bandai Namco Entertainment Bandai Namco Entertainment Arcade 2014-03-12
War Tracks CoviArcade S.L. CoviArcade S.L. Arcade 2000-09
Warm Up! Lankhor Microids PS1, WIN 2000-11-16
Wasteland Racers 2071 Triotech Triotech Arcade 2006-11-20
Water Ski Taito Taito Arcade 1983
WaterRace French Touch, SàRL French Touch, SàRL MacOS 2000-12-23
Wave Race Nintendo EAD Nintendo GB 1992-07
Wave Race 64 Nintendo EAD Nintendo N64, iQue Player 1996-09-27
Wave Race: Blue Storm Nintendo Software Technology Nintendo GCN 2001-09-14
Wave Rally Opus Studio Inc. Eidos Interactive PS2 2001-11-26
Wave Runner Sega Sega Arcade 1996
Wave Runner GP Sega Sega Arcade 2003
Wave Shark Konami Konami Arcade 1996
WEC Le Mans Konami, Banpresto ADK, Imagine Software Arcade, CPC, C64, MSX, ZX 1986-09
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WGP 2 Taito Taito Arcade 1990
Wheels[88] Midway Manufacturing Co. Midway Manufacturing Co. Arcade 1975
Wheels II[89] Midway Manufacturing Co. Midway Manufacturing Co. Arcade 1975
Wheels Runner I G Spa I G Spa Arcade 1982
Wheelspin Awesome Play Detn8 Games Ltd Wii 2009-08-18
Wild Riders Sega Sega Arcade 2001
Wild Wild Racing Rage Software Interplay Entertainment PS2 2000-09-14
Williams F1 Team Driver KnowWonder THQ WIN 2001
Winding Heat Konami Konami Arcade 1995
Winning Post Koei Tecmo Koei Tecmo SNES, MCD, PC98, 3DO, PS1, SAT, GBA, DC, PS2, WIN, PSP, PS3, Wii, PSVita, X360, NS, PS4 1993
Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007 Koei Koei PS3, PS2 2007-03-29
Winning Post 7 Maximum 2008 Koei Koei PS3, PS2, Wii, WIN 2008-03-13
Winning Run Namco Namco Arcade 1988-12
Winning Run 3 Namco Namco Arcade 1989
Winning Run '91 Namco Namco Arcade 1991-01-09
Winning Run Suzuka GP Namco Namco Arcade 1989-19
Winter X Games: Snocross[90] Raw Thrills, Inc. Raw Thrills, Inc Arcade 2012
Wipe Out XL Thrillseekers Thrillseekers Arcade 2001
Wipeout Psygnosis Psygnosis PS1, DOS, WIN, Sat 1995-09-29
Wipeout 3 Psygnosis Psygnosis PS1 1999-09-08
Wipeout 64 Psygnosis Midway Games N64 1998-11-10
Wipeout 2048 Psygnosis Sony Computer Entertainment PSVita 2012-01-19
Wipeout 2097 Psygnosis Psygnosis PS1, WIN, Sat, WarpOS, Mac OS, AMI 1996-09-30
Wipeout Fusion Psygnosis BAM! Entertainment PS2 2002-02-08
Wipeout HD Psygnosis Sony Computer Entertainment PS3 2008-09-25
Wipeout Omega Collection EPOS Game Studios Sony Interactive Entertainment PS4 2017-06-06
Wipeout Pulse Psygnosis Sony Computer Entertainment PSP, PS2 2007-12-13
Wipeout Pure Psygnosis Sony Computer Entertainment PSP 2005-03-24
Woody Woodpecker Racing Syrox Developments Konami PS1, WIN, GBC 2000-12-15
World Driver Championship Boss Game Studios Midway N64 1999-05-31
World Grand Prix Sega Sega SMS 1986-09-21
World of Cars Online, The Disney Interactive Media Group The Walt Disney Company WIN, OSX 2010-03-01
World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars Big Ant Studios THQ PS3, X360 2010-02-09
World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars 2002 Ratbag Games Infogrames PS2, WIN 2002-03-26
World of Speed Saber Interactive Mad Dog Games LLC WIN, Steam 2017-09-22
World Racing 2 Synetic GmbH TDK PS2, WIN, Xbox 2005
World Rally[91] Atari Games Atari Games Arcade 1990
World Rally 2 Gaelco Gaelco Arcade 1995
World Rally Championship Evolution Studios Sony Computer Entertainment, BAM! Entertainment PS2 2001-11-30
World Rally Fever Team17 Ocean Software PC, DOS 1996
World Tour Racing Krisalis Software Telegames JagCD 1997-06
WRC II Extreme Evolution Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2002-11-29
WRC 3 Evolution Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2003-11-21
WRC 4 Evolution Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2004-10-22
WRC: FIA World Rally Championship Milestone Black Bean Games WIN, PS3, X360 2010-10-07
WRC: FIA World Rally Championship Arcade Unique Development Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS1 2002-08-11
WRC 2: FIA World Rally Championship Milestone Black Bean Games, CyberFront WIN, PS3, X360 2011-10-14
WRC 3: FIA World Rally Championship Milestone Black Bean Games WIN, PS3, PSVita, X360, OnLive 2012-10-12
WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship Milestone Black Bean Games WIN, PS3, X360, PSVita 2013-10-25
WRC 5 Kylotonn Bigben Interactive WIN, PS3, PS4, X360, XBO, PSVita 2015-10-13
WRC 6 Kylotonn Bigben Interactive WIN, PS4, XBO 2016-10-07
WRC 7 Kylotonn Bigben Interactive WIN, PS4, XBO 2017-09-15
WRC: Rally Evolved Evolution Studios Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 2005-10-28
Wrecked: Revenge Revisited Supersonic Software 505 Games PSN, XBLA 2012-03-28
Wreckfest Bugbear Entertainment Bugbear Entertainment WIN 2018-06-14
Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions Bunkasha Activision GCN, PS2, Xbox 2002-02-04
WWE Crush Hour Pacific Coast Power & Light THQ PS2, GCN 2003-03-17
X Games SnoCross 2XL Games ESPN iOS 2010-01-18
X Motor Racing Exotypos Exotypos WIN 2013-12-30
X-Moto Nicolas Adenis-Lamarre Independent Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, WIN 2005
X-treme Express Syscom Entertainment Midas Interactive Entertainment PS2 2001-02-21
XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association Acclaim Studios Cheltenham Acclaim Entertainment Xbox, PS2, GCN 2003-09-11
Xpand Rally Techland Deep Silver, Techland, TopWare Interactive, Micro Application WIN 2004-09-24
XS Airboat Racing Miracle Designs XS Games PS1, PS3, PSP 2003
XsG GreyStone GreyStone Arcade 1998
Xtreme Racing Tuna Technologies Black Magic Software AMI 1995
Xtreme Rally SNK SNK Arcade 1998
Xtreme Rally Racing Nanotech Entertainment Nanotech Entertainment Arcade 2009
Xtrial Racing Konami Namco Arcade 2002
Yamaha Supercross Aurona Games, Coyote Console
Wii, NDS, PS2, WIN 2008-11-25
Yaris Castaway Entertainment, Backbone Emeryville Microsoft XBLA 2007-10-10
Yerevan Drive
Zeebo Extreme Tectoy Tectoy, Zeebo Zeebo 2009-08-15
Zeebo Extreme Baja Tectoy Tectoy, Zeebo Zeebo 2009-10-31
Zeebo Extreme Bóia Cross Tectoy Tectoy, Zeebo Zeebo 2009-12-21
Zeebo Extreme Corrida Aérea Tectoy Tectoy, Zeebo Zeebo 2009-09-29
Zeebo Extreme Jetboard Tectoy Tectoy, Zeebo Zeebo 2009-12-21
Zeebo Extreme Rolimã (Ruleman) Tectoy Tectoy, Zeebo Zeebo 2009-08-15
Zero Gear NimbleBit NimbleBit WIN 2010-01-12
Zero4 Champ DooZy-J Type-R Media Rings Media Rings PS1, WIN, PS3, PSP, PSVita, PSN 1997-06-20
Zero4 Champ RR Media Rings Media Rings Super Famicom 1994-07-22
Zero4 Champ RR-Z Media Rings Media Rings Super Famicom 1995-11-25
Zippy Race Irem Irem Arcade 1983
Zombie Racers Big Head Games Big Head Games PSP, PS3, X360, iOS 2011-06-07
Zone Raiders Image Space Incorporated Virgin Interactive DOS, Mac 1995-11-30
Zoom, Zoom American Alpha American Alpha Arcade 2001
Zusar Vasar Real Vision, Inc. Real Vision, Inc. DC 2000-07-27


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