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Duos and trios are a family of mixed drinks. A duo contains a spirit and a liqueur; a trio additionally contains a creamy ingredient, commonly cream or Irish cream.

This family of drinks is named in Gary Regan's The Joy of Mixology. There is much variation in their ingredients, but their defining feature is that they are sweet due to their liqueur content.


A Stinger cocktail
A Black Russian cocktail
B and B
Cognac and Bénédictine
Black Nail
Irish whisky and Irish Mist[1]
Black Russian
vodka and Kahlúa (coffee liqueur)
Brave Bull
Tequila and Kahlúa
Dirty Mother
Brandy and Kahlúa
Dubonnet Cocktail
Gin and red Dubonnet
French Connection
Amaretto and Cognac
Amaretto and scotch
Amaretto and vodka
Green Hornet
Brandy and green crème de menthe
Royal Widow
Crown Royal (Canadian whisky) and amaretto
Rusty Nail
Scotch and Drambuie
Brandy and white crème de menthe
Vodka Stinger
vodka and white crème de menthe
Widow's Cork
Jameson Whiskey and amaretto

B and B[edit]

B and B
ServedWith or without ice
Standard drinkware
Snifter Glass (Brandy).svg
Commonly used ingredients
PreparationCombine and stir.

A "B and B" is made from equal parts of cognac (brandy) and Bénédictine. It is typically served on the rocks, but may also be served straight. The producers of Bénédictine market this cocktail ready-mixed under the label "B & B."

Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes mentions "B & B and a little weed" in the song "Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye."

Brave Bull[edit]

Brave Bull
Base spirit
ServedOn the rocks: poured over ice
Standard drinkware
Rocks Glass (Standard).svg
Rocks glass
Commonly used ingredients
PreparationFill rocks glass with ice. Pour 1½ oz tequila and 1/2 oz Kahlúa. Serve.

A Brave Bull is made by mixing tequila and Kahlúa.

Rusty Nail[edit]

Rusty Nail
IBA official cocktail
Base spirit
ServedOn the rocks: poured over ice
Standard drinkware"old-fashioned" glass, stemmed glass "martini-style"
IBA specified
  • 4.5 cl (9 parts) Scotch or rye whisky
  • 2.5 cl (5 parts) Drambuie
PreparationFirst fill a 16 oz glass with crushed ice until it is overflowing. Pour in 5 parts Drambuie and 9 parts scotch. Stir gently, as to not bruise the ice. Keep stirring until a thick frost develops on the side of the glass. Garnish with a lemon twist. Serve.

A Rusty Nail is made by mixing Drambuie and Scotch. Many prefer less Drambuie to decrease the sweetness of the drink. Scotch has a fairly biting and hot taste that is counterbalanced by the honeyed, herbal overtones of the Drambuie. A Rusty Nail can be served in an old-fashioned glass on the rocks, neat, or "up" in a stemmed glass. It is most commonly served over ice. A Rusty Nail served without ice is sometimes called a Straight Up Nail. The Canadian version of this drink is called a "Donald Sutherland"[2] and substitutes rye whiskey for Scotch.


A Brandy Alexander served on the rocks
A White Russian cocktail
Amaretto, Bailey's, and cognac.
Equal parts gin, crème de cacao, and half and half, mixed in a cocktail shaker with ice, and poured into a cocktail glass and sometimes topped with grated nutmeg or cinnamon. The Alexander is the ancestor of the Brandy Alexander.
Bloody Aztec
Tequila, crème de cacao, cream and red food coloring
Brandy Alexander
Cognac, dark crème de cacao and cream or half and half.
Chocolate Martini
Vodka, crème de cacao, and cream or half and half
Colorado Bulldog / .357 / Bev Dog
Vodka, coffee liqueur, cream, and a splash of cola, optionally garnished with hazelnuts
Dirty White Mother
Brandy, coffee liqueur, and cream.
Duck Fart
Whiskey, coffee liqueur and Irish cream.
Godchild / Goddaughter
Vodka, amaretto and cream or half and half
Muddy Water / Mudslide / Blind Russian
Vodka, coffee liqueur and Irish cream. Some recipes add cream to the Mudslide.
Cognac, white crème de cacao and cream; garnish with nutmeg if desired. The drink was popular during the early 20th century.[3][4] It is sometimes confused with the Brandy Alexander, which is made with dark instead of white crème de cacao.
White Russian
Vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream

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