List of earthquakes in Armenia

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This is an incomplete list of earthquakes in Armenia.

Region Time Mag. I Epicenter Depth (km) Fatalities Ref
1988-12-07 Spitak, Leninakan 07:41 UTC 6.8 Ms X 40°59′N 44°11′W / 40.99°N 44.19°W / 40.99; -44.19 5 25,000–50,000
1931-04-27 Zangezur 16:50 UTC 6.4 VIII–IX 39°24′N 46°00′W / 39.4°N 46.0°W / 39.4; -46.0 300–2,890 [1]
1679 Garni, Erivan, Kanaker Unknown 7.0 VIII 40°4′12″N,44°25′48″E N/A 7,600+
1268 Ilkhanate, Antioch[2] Unknown 7.0 VIII 37°30′0″N,35°30′0″E N/A 60,000+
893-12-27 Dvin, Artashat midnight 5.3–7 IX–X 40°0′0″N,44°24′0″E 30,000
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  2. ^ Principality of Antioch, at the time under Armenian rule.