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Notable earthquakes in the history of El Salvador include the following:

Name Date Epicentre M MM Depth Notes Deaths
1576 El Salvador earthquake 1576052300001576-05-23 Central El Salvador Epicentre located between San Marcos, Santo Tomás and San Salvador. Heavy damage in San Salvador.[1]
1593 El Salvador earthquake 1583000000001593 San Salvador Heavy damage in San Salvador.[1]
1625 El Salvador earthquake 1625000000001625 San Salvador Heavy damage in San Salvador.[1]
1650 El Salvador earthquake 1650000000001650 San Salvador Damage reported in San Salvador.[1]
1678 El Salvador earthquake 1678 Morazán Slight damage reported in what is now El Rosario
1707 El Salvador earthquake 1707000000001707 San Salvador Complete destruction of San Salvador.[1]
1719 El Salvador earthquake 1719050500001719-05-05 13°18′N 89°07′W / 13.30°N 89.12°W / 13.30; -89.12 San Salvador, San Vicente Destruction in San Salvador, San Vicente and surrounding areas.[1]
1776 El Salvador earthquake 1776053000001776-05-30 El Salvador 7.9 Mi Magnitude estimated at 7.9 Mi ±0.2. Destruction from central El Salvador to south-eastern Guatemala.[2]
1859 El Salvador earthquake 1859120800001859-12-08 Western El Salvador 7.6 Mi Magnitude estimated at 7.6 Mi ±0.3. Also caused a Tsunami. Destruction reported in western El Salvador and eastern Guatemala.[2]
1862 El Salvador earthquake 1862121900001862-12-19 Western El Salvador 8.0 Mi Magnitude estimated at 8.0 Mi ±0.2. 2 minutes shaking duration. Severe destruction in western El Salvador, heavy damage (MM VII) from central El Salvador to central Guatemala. Destroyed Also caused a Tsunami.[2]
1951 El Salvador earthquake 1951050600001951-05-06
13°31′N 88°24′W / 13.52°N 88.40°W / 13.52; -88.40 Jucuapa, Chinameca[1][3] 6.2 10 400
1965 El Salvador earthquake 1965050300001965-05-03
10:01 UTC
La Libertad 6.3 VII 15 According to USGS: "125 people dead, about 500 injured and an estimated 48,000 homeless. Many of the victims were from the town of Ilopango which was almost completely destroyed. Several buildings were wrecked in San Marcos, San Salvador and Santo Tomas."[4] 125
1982 El Salvador earthquake 1982061900001982-06-19
13°19′N 89°20′W / 13.31°N 89.34°W / 13.31; -89.34 offshore 7.2 82 km 8
1986 San Salvador earthquake 1986101000001986-10-10
13°49′37″N 89°07′05″W / 13.827°N 89.118°W / 13.827; -89.118 San Salvador 5.7 VIII–IX 7 km Intensity VIII–IX in San Salvador, 1,000–1,500 people killed, 10,000 injured, 60,000 houses destroyed or severely damaged, 200,000 homeless. San Salvador area severely affected.[1] 1000–1500
2001 El Salvador earthquake 2001011300002001-01-13
13°02′N 88°40′W / 13.04°N 88.66°W / 13.04; -88.66 offshore 7.7 VII 60 km According to USGS:"At least 844 people killed, 4,723 injured, 108,226 houses destroyed and more than 150,000 buildings damaged in El Salvador. About 585 of the deaths were caused by large landslides in Nueva San Salvador and Comasagua. Utilities and roads damaged by more than 16,000 landslides. Damage and injuries occurred in every department of El Salvador. Eight people killed in Guatemala. Felt from Mexico City to Colombia."[3] 944
2001 El Salvador earthquake 2001021300002001-02-13
13°40′N 88°56′W / 13.67°N 88.93°W / 13.67; -88.93 Cojutepeque 6.6 VI 10 km Intensity VI in San Salvador. 315


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