List of economic and technological development zones in Beijing

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This article is a list of Economic and Technological Development Zones in Beijing.

Municipality-level development zones[edit]

  • Beijing Badaling Development Area
  • Beijing Daxing Industrial Development Area
  • Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area
  • Beijing Liangxiang Industrial Development Area
  • Beijing Linhe Industrial Development Area
  • Beijing Miyun Development Area
  • Beijing Shilong Industrial Development Area
  • Beijing Tongzhou Industrial Development Area
  • Beijing Xinggu Development Area
  • Beijing central business district CBD
  • Beijing Financial Street
  • Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone
  • Yongle Economic Development Area (Chinese Version)
  • Zhongguancun Science Park

County-level development Zones[edit]

  • Changping Beijing International Information Area
  • Daxing Caiyu Industrial Area
  • Daxing Huangcun Industrial Area
  • Daxing Jiugong Industrial Area
  • Daxing Penggezhuang Industrial Area
  • Daxing Qingyun Industrial Area
  • Daxing Yizhuang Industrial Area (Eastern and Southern Sections)
  • Daxing Yufa Industrial Area
  • Fangshan Beijing Yanfang Industrial Area
  • Fangshan Lianggong Industrial Area
  • Fangshan Science and Technology Industrial Area
  • Fangshan Yanshan Dongliushui Industrial Area
  • Fengtai Baipengyao Industrial Warehousing Area
  • Fengtai Changxindian Industrial Area
  • Fengtai materials Transport Area
  • Huairou Beifang Town Jingwei Industrial Development Area
  • Huairou Fengxiang Science and Technology Development Area
  • Miyun Binghe Industrial Development Area
  • Miyun Jinhu Industrial Development Area
  • Miyun Julong Industrial Development Area
  • Miyun Longyuan Industrial Development Area
  • Miyun Luzhou Industrial Development Area
  • Miyun Huadu Industrial Development Area
  • Miyun Huayun Industrial Development Area
  • Miyun Shanqu Industrial Development Area
  • Miyun Yunxi Industrial Development Area
  • Pinggu Binghe Industrial Development Area
  • Pinggu Mafang Industrial Area
  • PingguYukou Economic Development Area
  • Shijingshan Badachu Hi-Tech Development Area
  • Shunyi Caiyuan Industrial Area
  • Shunyi Chengguan Industrial Area
  • Shunyi Fulida Industrial Area
  • Shunyi Hongda Industrial Area
  • Shunyi Jinma Industrial Area
  • Shunyi Juyuan Industrial Area
  • Shunyi Niulanshan Industrial Area
  • Tongzhou Green Food Development Area
  • Tongzhou Houxian Town Industrial Area
  • Tongzhou Jufuyuan Nationalities Industrial Area
  • Tongzhou Light Industrial Garments and Garment Decoration Area
  • Tongzhou Majuqiao Xinghuo Intensive Industrial Area
  • Tongzhou Yongle Economic Development Area
  • Yanqing Economic and Technological Development Area

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