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List of economic crisis and depressions.

3rd century[edit]

14th century[edit]

17th century[edit]

18th century[edit]

  • South Sea Bubble (1720) (UK)
  • Mississippi Company (1720) (France)
  • Crisis of 1763 - started in Amsterdam, begun by the collapse of Leendert Pieter de Neufville, spread to Germany and Scandinavia
  • Crisis of 1772 - started in London and Amsterdam, begun by the collapse of the bankers Neal, James, Fordyce and Down.
  • Panic of 1785 - United States
  • Panic of 1792 - United States
  • Panic of 1796-1797 - Britain and United States

19th century[edit]

  • Panic of 1819, a U.S. recession with bank failures; culmination of U.S.'s first boom-to-bust economic cycle
  • Panic of 1825, a pervasive British recession in which many banks failed, nearly including the Bank of England
  • Panic of 1837, a U.S. recession with bank failures, followed by a 5-year depression
  • Panic of 1847, started as a collapse of British financial markets associated with the end of the 1840s railway industry boom
  • Panic of 1857, a U.S. recession with bank failures
  • Panic of 1866, was an international financial downturn that accompanied the failure of Overend, Gurney and Company in London

20th century[edit]

  • Panic of 1901, a U.S. economic recession that started a fight for financial control of the Northern Pacific Railway
  • Panic of 1907, a U.S. economic recession with bank failures

21st century[edit]

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