List of educational institutions in Indore

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Indore is home to educational institutions ranging from pre-primary through to post-graduate studies. In 2009 Indore became the first city in India to house both an Indian Institute of Management and an Indian Institute of Technology.[1]


Daly College, Indore
St.Paul H.S. School Indore
Gyankriti Preschool, An IIT alumni start-up

Schools for primary and higher secondary education in Indore include those listed below:



Engineering and Technology[edit]

PACL Campus,Indian Institute of Technology, Indore
Institute Of Engineering & Science IPS Academy
Administrative Block Institute Of Engineering & Science IPS Academy

Following is a list of institutions offering graduate and post-graduate courses in engineering and technology as of 2017:

Management Colleges[edit]

Medical Colleges[edit]

Academic block, IIM Indore

Professional Colleges[edit]