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Battery manufacturer Carmaker Type of battery
Jofemar Electromobility Velantur, Special type vehicles, golf buggies[1] Lithium ion
A123Systems Killacycle motorcycle, General Motors (Chevrolet Spark EV), Fisker Automotive (Karma PHEV), Daimler Buses North America (Orion VII), Smith Electric Vehicles electric trucks,Chery Auto, Kandi, Navistar electric trucks, ALTe Powertrain Technologies extended-range EV powertrains, VIA Motors extended-range VTRUX, three cars with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.'s Roewe brand (an EV, a PHEV and an HEV), BMW (ActiveHybrid 3 and ActiveHybrid 5 hybrid electric vehicles), Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines (Formula One racing kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), Buckeye Bullet land-speed racer lithium ion (lithium iron phosphate)
The Lithium Battery Company ARGOATV (ATV, Advanced RV, Motorhome/RV), Bradley Automotive (Bradley GT Electric Car), Carbon Craft (watercraft), General Dynamics (land drone vehicle), Solar Knights (electric hybrid car project, batteries customized for all vehicle types) lithium ion (lithium iron phosphate)
Altairnano Phoenix Motorcars, Lightning Car Company, Proterra[2] lithium titanate
Axeon[3] Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Modec, Allied Vehicles, RUF Automobile, Jaguar Cars, Land Rover, Electric Car Corporation lithium iron phosphate
Axion Power International[4] Epower Engine Systems[5] lead carbon
Bosch/Samsung Fiat 500e[6] lithium-ion
Concorde Battery Kewet City-jet and Buddy models (Chairman) lead-acid batteries
Panasonic Tesla Motors [7] lithium-ion
Boston Power [8] Beijing Automotive Group,[9] Saab Automobile [10] lithium-ion
E-One Moli Energy BMW Mini-E [11] Lithium-ion
Electrovaya Scheduled to provide batteries for future Tata motors vehicles and Chrysler plug-ins.[12] lithium-ion battery (Li-ion)
EnerDel Preproduction and prototype batteries for Think Global[13] lithium-ion battery (Li-ion)
Johnson Controls Batteries for Daimler AG, Ford; scheduled to provide batteries for XL Hybrid [14] lithium-ion battery (Li-ion)
Li-Tec Battery GmbH Batteries for Daimler AG and others[15] lithium-ion battery (Li-ion)
NEC Produced prototype batteries for Nissan;[16] Automotive Energy Supply (AESC) is Nissan’s joint venture with NEC [17]
Primearth EV Energy Co, a joint venture between Toyota and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Future Toyota products[18]
Sanyo Provides NiMH batteries for Honda and Ford hybrid vehicles[19] and Suzuki Swift NiMH
Thunder Sky [20] For the Tazzari Zero
K2 Energy Solutions[21] lithium iron phosphate (LFP)
Valence Technology[22] lithium ion (lithium iron phosphate)
LG Chem General Motors Chevrolet Volt Gen 1, Gen 2, Chevy Spark, Chevy Bolt, Cadillac ELR, Renault ZOE, Renault Twizy, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, Ford Focus Electric, Volvo S60 (SPA) lithium-ion
SB LiMotive lithium-ion
GS Yuasa Joint ventures with Mitsubishi Motors, and Mitsubishi Corp.; provides batteries for Mitsubishi[23] lithium-ion
XALT Energy[24] Electric buses and marine batteries lithium-ion

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