List of emergency special sessions of the United Nations General Assembly

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An emergency special session is an unscheduled meeting of the United Nations General Assembly to make urgent recommendations on a particular issue. They are typically rare—a fact reflected in there being only 10 in the history of the United Nations.[1] Most emergency special sessions run for a single "meeting", which itself can run over a number of days—the Tenth, however, is the only emergency special session to be resumed more than once (the Seventh emergency special session of the United Nations General Assembly was resumed once), meaning that that Session has spanned across a number of "meetings".

The UN General Assembly's 'Uniting for Peace' resolution (A/RES/377 A)[2] demands a majority—procedural—vote of the Security Council, or a request by a majority of UN Member states being received by the Secretary-General, for the convocation of an emergency special session, within 24 hours.

Emergency special session Topic Convened by Date Resolution
First Suez Crisis Emblem of the United Nations.svg United Nations Security Council 1–10 November 1956 A/3354
Second Soviet invasion of Hungary 4–10 November 1956 A/3355
Third Lebanon crisis 8–21 August 1958 A/3905
Fourth Congo Crisis 17–19 September 1960 A/4510
Fifth Six-Day War  Soviet Union 17 June – 18 September 1967 A/6798
Sixth Soviet invasion of Afghanistan Emblem of the United Nations.svg United Nations Security Council 10–14 January 1980 ES-6/1, 2
Seventh Israeli–Palestinian conflict  Senegal

22–29 July 1980
20–28 April 1982
25–26 June 1982
16–19 August 1982
24 September 1982

ES-7/1, 2, 3

Eighth South African occupation of Namibia (South West Africa)  Zimbabwe 3–14 September 1981 ES-8/1, 2
Ninth Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights (Golan Heights Law) Emblem of the United Nations.svg United Nations Security Council 29 January-5 February 1982 ES-9/1
Tenth Israeli-Palestinian conflict (East Jerusalem and Israeli-occupied territories) Various

24–25 April 1997
15 July 1997
13 November 1997
17 March 1998
5, 8 and 9 February 1999
18 and 20 October 2000
20 December 2001
7 May 2002
5 August 2002
19 September 2003
20–21 October 2003
3 December 2003
20 July 2004
24 January 2007
4 April 2007
23 January 2009
21 December 2017
13 June 2018

ES-10/1, 2
ES-10/8, 9
ES-10/L.22 (draft)


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