List of encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII on the Rosary

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During his pontificate, Pope Leo XIII wrote twelve encyclicals on the Rosary.

The first such encyclical was Supremi apostolatus officio of September 1883. Most were issued in September in anticipation of October, which Leo would have dedicated to special devotion to Mary, in particular through the Rosary. The last one is Diuturni temporis.


The following 12 encyclicals of Leo XIII are about the Rosary:[1]

  1. Supremi apostolatus officio
  2. Superiore anno
  3. Quod auctoritate
  4. Vi è ben noto
  5. Octobri mense
  6. Magnae dei matris
  7. Laetitiae sanctae
  8. Iucunda Semper Expectatione
  9. Adiutricem populi
  10. Fidentem Piumque
  11. Augustissimae Virginis
  12. Diuturni temporis

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